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     Smartphone saves someone, p.3

       hardik patel
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I missed my parents badly today. I wanted them to be here, wanted them to guide me. To give me strength to decide what to do. My mom always kept on repeating same stories every day every year: how to deal with strangers? How to cross a road? What to eat and what not to? What to wear? And my dad, a totally opposite personality: make friends, help anyone when they need, never hesitate, do what you feel right and so on. Today one half was telling me to follow my mom and the other to follow my dad. A huge dilemma. I prayed to God to guide me, to choose the best way and to give me strength to overcome my worries.
At 10:30 the next reminder buzzed. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 1.’ It described:
‘Go out and buy a fedora hat, black in color.’
A hat? For what? Let’s find it out, I thought. I choose my dad. I called Vini and postponed our meeting and rescheduled it at 9 p.m. Positioned my shoes, checked my wallet and kept in the pocket of my blue denim safely, belted the wrist watch and locked the hotel room from outside.
Let’s get out and render some help.
Yeah, I am with you. Be determined.
Thank you buddy..
In the reception of Hotel Delmaro, I asked the beautiful lady in red uniform, as from where I can buy a nice hat for me from nearby stall. She guided me and I followed her words. I managed a taxi and went to the hat shop. It was a 20 minutes ride to Citymade Hats, Houston Street. I was welcomed at the entrance and my eyes went bigger to capture all varieties of hat that was hanged on the walls of the shop in one snapshot. Beautiful hats in different shapes, colors, sizes and types amazed me a bit.
‘Good Morning Sir. How can I help you?’ asked the girl on my entry.
‘Umm. . I am searching for a black fedora hat that suits me.’ I replied still my eyes hovering the entire shop.
‘Please follow me Sir.’ guided the girl.
I followed her. She showed me a huge collection of fedora hats. I fumbled across the whole collection to find out a nice one from it. I selected one matte black colored hat with thin silver outline covering the diameter of the hat. I paid for the hat and placed it on my head wandering why Mr. Wilson asked me to do so. I went outside on the foot path and waited for the next reminder.
You look great.
Don’t bluff. How can you see me as you are inside the hat? Blind.
I can do many things. By the way, I imagined you in this hat.
Thank you.

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