Smartphone saves someone

       hardik patel
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I entered my room at 07:30 p.m. I rested for some time on the sofa. The whole story from morning till now kept on playing somewhere in my mind. I couldn’t get out it. Mr. Wilson killed the kidnappers. I was involved in his plan and it could led me to imprisonment. I was too nervous. I was in no condition to describe this story of mines to anyone.
Are you there?
Ya, I am shaking. I am frightened.
Same here. What to do now?
No idea.
I committed a crime today. There is no way to escape now. Is there any?
I wanted to help Mr. Wilson. But I had no idea it will led to this mess.
Don’t panic. Let me think.
The smartphone buzzed again. It displayed ‘READ TASK 8.’ It described:
‘Hey, we won. I have organized a party at my place. Come let’s enjoy. Hope you will come. And don’t forget to bring your partner with you and your kids too. 9, Nender Hills at 09:00 p.m.’
There it goes. Task 8. Party? Is he a fool? After killing kidnappers? Is he joking? He can’t do this now. A shame.
You should go there and find out why he created such a plan.
For my novel? I don’t want to write this story or even describe it to anyone. You think I will manage to write a novel from the jail? WHY I WENT TO PRISON?
No, you may find out the exact details of his plan. The story from his point of view.
That’s good enough. But I am feeling down. I don’t want to party.
Just go there to ask Mr. Wilson the whole plan. And take Vini with you. Let her enjoy the party.
Ok, as you say Sir.
I informed Vini about our meeting place and time. She told that the place was near her home, so she will meet me directly at Mr. Wilsons’ home. I got ready and went to meet Mr. Wilson before the mentioned time. I reached his place at 08:45 p.m. The same mansion as displayed in the wallpaper of that smartphone. Lots of luxurious cars outside the mansion and inside too which belonged to Mr. Wilson. I entered the party. Asked one of the attendant about Mr. Wilson, he guided me through.
‘Hello Mr. Wilson.’ I wished.
‘Hello. Sorry?’ he said shaking my hands firmly and holding a glass of champagne in one hand.
‘I am Mr. Hardy, here is your smartphone.’ I replied.
He looked at the phone. Kept in his pocket. ‘You are Mr. J for me. Anyway, thank you for your help Mr. Hardy. Thank you for showing up here. I know you might be full of unanswered questions. I will reveal everything after sometime.’ he said.
‘It’s my pleasure.’ I said.
‘Enjoy the party.’ Mr. Wilson said and went away to meet other people there.
I waited for Vini as I was not interested in drinking or eating anything there. Soon Mr. Wilson took the stage with his wife. Made an announcement. Everybody silenced and faced the stage.
‘Hello ladies and gentlemen. I thank each one present here as each one among you directly or indirectly helped me rescue my wife from the rivals today. On Wednesday, my wife got kidnapped. I came to know when kidnappers called me. I was not present in the city. I flew to back to NY without wasting any time. I kept my cool, micro planned every steps to overcome this situation. I wanted to handle this panicking stuff without taking any help from NY police department. On Thursday, I went out to mock my plan. I saw some cars following me, keeping an eye on my moves. I made some minor changes to my plan, ordered some of my employees to park cars at particular places with a gift wrapped box and containing drones with a gun attached to it. On Friday, I bought 15 smartphones, entered the reminders and the video that kidnappers had sent to me. On Saturday morning I dropped all the smartphones at different places. And rest you know. You might be thinking why I killed the kidnappers? The answer, the drone guns were equipped with injection and drug in it. A drug that make anyone unconscious. The gang is still alive and in the police custody. They had their lesson and I my wife. Thank you once again. Let’s party.’
Everyone applauded. Everyone seemed happy. Me too. Vini came late. I explained her everything that had happened that day. Next day after I penned down the whole story, I received a mail from Mr. Wilson. It goes:
‘Hello Mr. Hardy. I want you to come at my place to receive your prize in the evening. Thank you.’
Under that was the auto signature.
Mr. Willis
DroneJet Co.
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