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Smartphone saves someone














  I was running as a part of my daily routine, on an empty street of New York one fine morning. A pleasant weather at 7 a.m. on Saturday forced me to run some more miles. Songs from my playlist kept on shuffling in my ears on which I wasn’t able to concentrate, as my mind kept on displaying the remedies to solve some of my major financial problems. Just then a luxurious black car passed ahead of me, slowing a bit and suddenly a strange thing popped out from the half opened window of the driver seat. I quickly ran and shouted to make the driver notice about his belongings but the car zoomed and vanished from my eyesight in no time. I dragged myself in the middle of the road to pick up that thing which happened to be a costly smartphone. Bit puzzled, my eyes scanned around but it found nothing significant to handle this situation. Questions began to hover in my mind. Whose phone it was? Did the driver dropped it intentionally or by mistake? What to do now? Should I report it to nearby police station or to wait for a call from its owner? After a while the phone made a mesmerizing tune in my hand. I noticed that it was a reminder displaying ‘GO HOME.’ Well I don’t had a home here, I stayed in a company provided hotel. I turned the reminder off and was shocked to notice that there was no security kept to unlock the phone. I unlocked the phone and in no time I found out that the phone belonged to a billionaire. The same car in front of a lavish mansion and a couple posing for a photo, kept as a wallpaper made my quest easier. Another reminder flashed when I was searching for the profile and phone number of the owner, this time displaying ‘IT’S URGENT.’ Was it for me? Why should I follow the reminders? But I followed and that day became the turning point of my life…


  I kept the smartphone in the left pocket of my sweatpants and made a U turn to my hotel. Another reminder ‘GET READY.’ My mind replied to the smartphone: ready for what? Be patient dude, let me unlock my door first.

  I sat on the burgundy colored sofa, panting heavily and my whole body sweating from everywhere including my brain. It kept on bombarding questions. I removed the headphones from my ears and kept my phone on the wooden tripod in front of my sofa and readied myself to reply to the bombardment.

  You are moms’ boy, aren’t you?

  Yes I am so what?

  Why you picked up that phone which belonged to a stranger?

  I will return it to its owner today itself.

  You should have left it on the road only.

  Any car could have crashed it. It’s better to return to the owner in good condition. What u say?

  That’s good. But will you stop following the reminders?

  Yeah sure. Please leave me alone now. I want to bathe and have breakfast. And I have many plans today. Stop following me. Bye..

  I went to take bathe. Dressed myself, prepared some toast breads and had it with some juice. I again knocked the door of my brain, so that it can show me a way to return the smartphone to its owner.

  Hi. How can I help you?

  Don’t be so formal. You already know what I want from you now.

  The same mesmerizing tune interrupted. Now displaying ‘OPEN MY NOTES APP AND READ NOTE 1.’ I followed. It read:

  ‘Good morning my friend. I am Mr. Wilson. If you are reading this note, then I want your help. It’s a very serious matter. My lovely wife has been kidnapped on this Wednesday. I know the kidnapper, he is my business rival. He will kill my wife if his demand not followed. Well I can effortlessly complete his demand of a huge amount of money, but I am planning to teach him a lesson so that he never repeats the same with me or with others. If you accept to help me rescue my wife and be a part of my plan, I will give you 1 million dollar in cash. I once again beg you to help me. If you are in, then follow the reminders one by one or else throw this phone into dustbin. And don’t panic, even I am in my cool and so as my plan. Thank you..’

  No, no, no, you can’t fall in this trap. Throw this phone now. Let him took help from police department.

  Let me decide. Thanks for your opinion.

  It’s a trap. Fraud. If he is telling you the truth, then too it’s a serious matter. Don’t be a victim or a criminal.

  May be you are right. But before deciding what I should do, let me create an algorithm. If I help, I will receive 1 million. That’s a huge amount. I can forget my financial worries, can buy a new car, owe a home and marry my girlfriend. Again I wanted to become an author of a bestselling novel, may this day help me to pen it down the superb story if it comes out to be. If not then as usual, same hard life, worries and all.

  Don’t try to tempt me. I am warning you. Do not help.

  Okay. I am done. A middle way to this situation. It exists every time. I will not throw this smartphone and will follow the reminders on certain conditions. Yeah, conditions apply. If his wife is really kidnapped, then I think I should help him. Anyone could have done so.

  But you are new in the city. Just 5 months in New York. You should not trust anyone here. You don’t even know who that Mr. Wilson is? Don’t act foolish please.

  Whatever. I have decided anyway.





  I dedicated my mind on my girlfriend. Our relationship only 3 months old. She is my colleague at EASY LIFE BANK, where I am doing my paid internship after completing my MBA from INDIA. The first time I saw Vini in the office she was wearing a grey colored formal suit and a matching black stripped tie, at five feet six, one inch taller than me, no bit of a fat on her body, seemed on strict diet to maintain her physique, nimble pinky lips and enveloped in chocolaty silky charming skin. My heart beats higher whenever I think of Vini. This time higher than before as a part of it kept beating due to the morning saga. The same flashback I kept on repeating with my eyes open everyday till she said yes to my proposal. I thought I should share the morning incident with her and get some suggestions from her. I picked my phone to call her and to wake her up to pass on the incident of the smartphone which was disturbing me.

  ‘Good morning dear.’

  ‘Good morning my darlo.’

  ‘Are we meeting today? I want to share with you something.’

  ‘Yes, sure. I will catch you at your place after one hour or so.’

  ‘Ok. Bye.. Cya..’


  Abruptly the same tune of the reminder rang. It displayed ‘OPEN NOTE 2.’ I followed. It read:

  ‘If you are reading this than thanks for becoming a part of my plan. Before I describe you the whole matter, promise yourself not to tell about this to anyone. It may affect that person, you, me or the plan. First of all you check the video in the gallery of the phone to assure yourself about the authenticity of what I am asking for from you. And wait for the next reminder.’

  The video showed her wife sitting on a chair. Her hands and legs tied with the chair, bleeding form the cuts made by the rope bounded tightly. Her mouth sealed with tape. The scene as shown in many movies. Two mask men standing behind her holding her hairs and moving her haphazardly. The victim crying and shouting. The main villain, the kidnapper asking for money and giving 3 days to arrange for that large amount and not to inform police else he may kill his wife to pieces.

  Hey are you watching?

  Yup, I saw the same. It seems true.

  Should I tell this stuff to Vini?

  Wait for the next reminder. Don’t rush blindly.

  So you agree I have made a right decision?

  Time will tell. Don’t be over confident. It’s too early.

  Shut up.

  Next reminder went up after 15 minutes. It read:

  ‘Thanks for checking the video. It is 10:00 a.m. now. The meeting with the kidnapper is at 6 p.m. today. In between you need to get out and finish the 8 tasks in 8 hours as prompted by the reminders from time to time.’



  I missed my parents badly today. I wanted them to be here, wanted them to guide me. To give me strength to decide what to do. My mom always kept on repeating same stories every day every year: how to deal with strangers? How to cross a road? What to eat and what not to? What to wear? And my dad, a totally opposite personality: make friends, help anyone when they need, never hesitate, do what you feel right and so on. Today one half was telling me to follow my mom and the other to follow my dad. A huge dilemma. I prayed to God to guide me, to choose the best way and to give me strength to overcome my worries.

  At 10:30 the next reminder buzzed. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 1.’ It described:

  ‘Go out and buy a fedora hat, black in color.’

  A hat? For what? Let’s find it out, I thought. I choose my dad. I called Vini and postponed our meeting and rescheduled it at 9 p.m. Positioned my shoes, checked my wallet and kept in the pocket of my blue denim safely, belted the wrist watch and locked the hotel room from outside.

  Let’s get out and render some help.

  Yeah, I am with you. Be determined.

  Thank you buddy..

  In the reception of Hotel Delmaro, I asked the beautiful lady in red uniform, as from where I can buy a nice hat for me from nearby stall. She guided me and I followed her words. I managed a taxi and went to the hat shop. It was a 20 minutes ride to Citymade Hats, Houston Street. I was welcomed at the entrance and my eyes went bigger to capture all varieties of hat that was hanged on the walls of the shop in one snapshot. Beautiful hats in different shapes, colors, sizes and types amazed me a bit.

  ‘Good Morning Sir. How can I help you?’ asked the girl on my entry.

  ‘Umm. . I am searching for a black fedora hat that suits me.’ I replied still my eyes hovering the entire shop.

  ‘Please follow me Sir.’ guided the girl.

  I followed her. She showed me a huge collection of fedora hats. I fumbled across the whole collection to find out a nice one from it. I selected one matte black colored hat with thin silver outline covering the diameter of the hat. I paid for the hat and placed it on my head wandering why Mr. Wilson asked me to do so. I went outside on the foot path and waited for the next reminder.

  You look great.

  Don’t bluff. How can you see me as you are inside the hat? Blind.

  I can do many things. By the way, I imagined you in this hat.

  Thank you.



  The next reminder buzzed at 11:30 a.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 2.’ It described:

  ‘By this time you might have bought a black fedora hat for you. Thank you for doing so. The second thing I want you to buy is a pair of binoculars.’

  I went inside the same shop and asked if they are selling binoculars too. The same girl denied. I asked again if they knew any such shop nearby who sells the same. The girl guided me. I wished her thanks and managed a taxi to buy a pair of binoculars. The ride I thought seemed longer than I thought. I was checking my mails in the phone and just then Vini called me.

  ‘Hey, what are you doing? Where are you? I miss you.’

  ‘I am on the streets of NY, Vini. I am sorry for postponing our meeting. I am bit busy buying something. I will narrate you everything when we hook up at night. Let it be a secret. I miss you too.’

  ‘Okay. I am feeling lonely here. Wind up your work as early as possible.’

  ‘Sure baby. Bye. Take care.’


  Our taxi got stuck in a traffic jam after sometime. It worried me. What if I got late in doing the tasks. Will it cause any harm to Mr. Wilson? How all this gonna help him? What is his master plan? Should I read all the notes at once? My brain interrupted my thought process.

  Don’t do that.


  Reading all the notes.

  But why? It is killing me.

  Have patience dude.

  I have kept till now. But it is scaring me. What if I found out something that I could not do or couldn’t handle in the middle of this mess?

  Everything will be okay. Sit back and relax.

  How you can be so sure?

  My gut feeling man.

  Ha ha ha… So funny.

  Thank you.

  Soon the traffic jam was cleared. The taxi stopped after some time on the given address outside the DC Gadgets Sore, 69 E 9TH Street. I paid for my drive and entered the shop. I purchased a pair of binoculars from there and waited for the next reminder.




  The next one buzzed at 12:30 p.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 3.’ It described:

  ‘By this time you might have bought a pair of binoculars too. Now have some food. After that I want you to visit a gift shop and buy anything from there which can fit in a box with the dimension of 2 ft length, 2 ft width and 1 ft height. And don’t forget to gift wrap it.’

  I searched for a good restaurant nearby. I found out one after roving on the streets of NY. Mapiano Restaurant, 110 University Pl. I ordered carbonara pizza and death by chocolate desserts. I ate slowly. Started conversation with my funny brain.

  Hey, are you there. Having rest or what?

  I want some if you can provide.

  Not possible right now.

  Then when?

  Tomorrow, may be.


  Hey, don’t be sad.

  I am not.

  You sound low.


  Hey, I want your help.

  Yeah tell me.

  Mr. Wilson seems caring. And Vini seems disappointed by my behavior. What can I do to please her?

  You are going to buy a gift after having your food. Buy something for her too. You to care for her.

  Sounds great. Thank you buddy.

  After having my food and paying the bill, I went outside and searched for a gift shop. I couldn’t found any nearby. I googled on my phone. It showed one, Patels Gift Store, 2 St Marks Pl, a 5 minute walk. I walked through the streets, searching for it. I found the store. Entered it and started the quest to find an article which can feet in the given dimensions. This task proved really confusing to me. I kept on searching for that thing and imagining whether that thing could fit in the box of that dimension. I finalized a green colored stone statue of a couple dancing. The store assistant found out a box in which it can be stored and later gift wrapped. I assumed the dimensions of that box matching the dimensions of my task. I once again searched for another article which I wanted to give to my darling. I found a small but beautiful crystal ball encased in it a boy and a girl waving hands and filled with water with many glittering stars. I made it gift wrapped too. I paid for em and waited outside the store for the next reminder.



  The next one buzzed at 02:30 p.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 4.’ It described:

  ‘By this time you might be having a gift wrapped box of the above mentioned dimension after having some food and rest. After that I want you to visit Imp Parking LC, East 10th Street. On the first floor you will find a black Mercedes Benz E class with no number plate, parked at the end of the east block. Open the driver seat door and keep the gift box in the driver’s seat. Open the back door and take the other box already placed in the car with you. Don’t be afraid as it contains nothing dangerous inside.’

  I once again googled the new place. It happened to be a mere 5 minute walk. I reached the first floor, found out the black
Mercedes in the east block, placed the gift box with me on the driver’s seat and lifted out the other box, which was gift wrapped too and closed the door. I walk outside the parking lot and waited on the street for the next reminder to buzz.

  Hey, I think I am blindly following the instructions from a stranger.

  Me too.

  This is getting worse now. Should I abort this mission or carry on, trusting the words of Mr. Wilson?

  Your wish. If this task is not meeting the requirements of your ‘conditions apply’ then abort or else carry on.

  Please help me find a way out of this puzzle.

  Ok. You should see first what the new box contains and then decide.

  No I can’t open it. It’s not at all a part of this task.

  Then you only decide what to do.

  The box weighs less. May be something important for next task. But it may too be carrying a bomb or anything harmful. May be something for the kidnappers or his wife. Or some chemical weapon. Or any such things.

  Yeah, may be. But Mr. Wilson too informed you not to worry about the box and its contents. Then we should not be worried.

  Yes, you are right. Let’s leave this matter and wait for the next reminder. Thank you for your company. You are working alright today, my champ.

  Thanks for the compliment.

  My brain blushed. Yeah it does so sometimes. A call from my mom, from India shocked me. At this time. Should I respond or not? I picked up the phone.

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