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       Teen Vampires 1: The Red Claws Gang (Bella Shade Paranormal Romance), p.1

           Hannah Hill
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Teen Vampires 1: The Red Claws Gang (Bella Shade Paranormal Romance)

  Bella Shade Paranormal Romance



  H a n n a h H i l l


  Grapevine Books


  All Rights Reserved


  By Hannah Hill


  The Red Claws Gang


  When Blood Calls (Coming soon!)


  Vampire Slayers (Coming soon!)


  Grapevine Books

  THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher


  Hannah Hill


  Grapevine Books/Ediciones De La Parra

  Copyright © 2017 Hannah Hill/Grapevine Books

  Edited by Grapevine Books/Ediciones De La Parra















  “Kill a man and you're a murderer. Kill many and you're a conqueror. Kill them all, you're a god.”

  Jean Rostand

  THE SKY LOOKED RATHER GLOOMY just outside the view of the Manhattan Journal´s presidential office.

  The strong wind rattled the thick glass walls in constant hassle, making a nuisance of itself as it threatened to blow past the glass walls that made up the entire building.

  It was the promise of things to follow, as a few minutes passed before the rain came hammering down in tiny droplets; the heavens shedding its tears in slow trickles before eventually letting down its emotions in a heavy pour.

  The sight of the sky was a beauty to behold from the topmost office of the twenty storey building, giving an expansive view of everything ahead and anything in view.

  It was the perfect spot to play God and look down on the lowly humans running helter-skelter in a tiny, ant-like fashion while cars sped along, almost as if they hoped to avoid the rain.

  After all, it was Friday afternoon and everyone was busy working on the newspaper’s next edition. In my case, I hoped to leave the building within a few minutes if my father allowed it, having kept me confined in his office for almost an hour awaiting his return.

  The beauty of having been adopted by a rich family like mine was having it all, and being able to enjoy what others could not. This included swinging in the expensive leather armchair my father had in his office, which gave a perfect 360 view of things around the glass-encased building.

  Staring out the window, I noticed the rain had stopped. I stared at the clearing heavens, seemingly not far away, before glancing upon those struggling little humans which looked like insects down on the ground.

  I was only 17 and felt I had it all. And I was pretty much glad I did, as I glanced around with boredom at the office I’d grown familiar with after visiting my father times without count.

  A sudden knock came at the half-closed office door and Dad’s secretary, Ophelia Morris, poked her head in.

  She was a chubby journalism student in her early twenties, with light milk chocolate skin and short, bushy hair. She was so charming everyone in the office loved her.

  “Bella, dear, your father just called me from the conference room,” she announced with her usual sweet voice before entering the office. “He said he wants you to wait for him a few more minutes.”

  “Is he and Uncle Rupert still interviewing Chief O’Neill?”

  “Yes, but your father said he won’t be long.”

  “Wow, it’s been such a long wait,” I said, glancing at the ebony clock on the wall. “It’s almost five … I´m afraid I need to go. Please tell Dad I waited for him for almost an hour; that I have an important appointment I can’t miss and that I’ll call him later …”

  “Sure, dear. If there’s anything else you need just let me know.”

  “Thanks, Ophelia. I’ll only stay a few more minutes. I’m fine.”

  “You’re welcome, Bella.” She kindly grinned before popping back out the door and pulling it shut behind her.

  “I´ll give him five minutes,” I mumbled to myself, glancing at my diamond encrusted wristwatch.

  I knew I was probably going to be late for my meeting with detective Mike Ross, the private investigator I had secretly hired to help me find out about my unknown past. Dad wasn’t aware of this and would remain in the dark about the fact I had sought to pursue such knowledge about my origins. I had an in-depth desire to learn more about myself and how I came to acquire such a life of luxury, fame, and opportunities when I was only a child, after being adopted by one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan—who just happened to own one of New York´s most successful daily newspapers.

  Taking out my compact mirror from my purse, I gave a quick look at the pale pink lipstick on my thick lips, checked the light makeup on my large blue eyes, and briefly smoothed my long, golden hair. I was ready to go.

  I was just about to leave when the office door sprang open and in came my apologetic father, wearing the face I was all too familiar with.

  “Bella! You look stunning!” he said, giving me a hug, a wide smile on his face. “Ophelia says you need to go.”

  “Yes, Dad. Beth and Lulu are expecting me and I don’t want to be late. You know I’m having dinner with them and that I’m probably staying there for the night. But first we need to pick up a few things.”

  “I’m sorry I kept you waiting, darling,” Dad said, a fatherly smile across his face. He lit up from ear to ear with a wild smile which spoke volumes that something was up.

  “Don´t worry, I know you´re a busy guy,” I said sitting in his expensive chair, as I whirled around enjoying the feeling.

  “Thanks for understanding, baby. We came up with new information on the pesky damned Red Claw Gang. I needed to make certain it went through the right channels,” he explained. “I know I should have gotten back here sooner instead of leaving you stranded,” he apologized, nodding his head in agreement to being unfair.

  The mention of the Red Claw Vampire Gang made me uneasy.

  Ever since Mom had been murdered by those evil vampires Dad had never been the same. I knew it was the one aspect of his life that gave him more headaches and less sleep than most. Since Mom´s death, a few months back, Dad had devoted his life to trying to bring the vampires to justice and pay for their multiple crimes.

  I never quite understood why those evil creatures of the night, moving about in the shadows, had gone after Mom and brutally killed her like they did. All I know is that six months ago Mom had been kidnapped by those evil beasts while driving back home after having lunch wit
h Dad on their last wedding anniversary. Her corpse was found three days later, with bite marks on her neck. There was little blood left in her body and most of her vital organs had been surgically removed. As the police informed us, she had obviously been the victim of the dreaded Red Claw Gang.

  That unforgettable day marked the beginning of my father’s hunt for those vampires, after promising to grant them a deserved end for their crimes.

  “Here,” he said, handing me a sheet of paper. “I want you to read what I wrote about the vampire gang´s latest crime.”

  “Another murder?”

  “I’m afraid so, honey. Chief O’Neill just gave me the details. It´s front page material for tomorrow’s edition.”

  “Sure, Dad” I said, taking the paper before silently reading it:

  Vampire Gang Slaughters Teenage Student


  NEW YORK — New York Police Department Chief James P. O'Neill just announced that the dead body of another young female was found in the Hudson Canal, her neck totally ripped out. The autopsy revealed that her body had been entirely drained of blood and that several of her organs had been surgically removed, including her heart, brain, eyeballs, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

  As Chief O'Neill explained, a passer-by alerted the police around 8:15 a.m. An hour later a team of police and firefighters recovered the corpse, which was partially submerged in the canal.

  Investigators identified the victim as 18-year-old Harvard student Lucinda Horton, of Upper East Side. She was reported missing last week and a news release about her disappearance was issued that same day.

  Chief O’Neill also stated that this horrendous crime was evidently committed by the dreaded Red Claws vampire gang, responsible for over twenty similar murders in Manhattan over the last six months and linked to selling body parts to underground doctors both locally and abroad.

  The FBI, which is also involved in investigating their crimes, revealed that the organs sold on the black market by the Red Claws have been secretly sold for up to $300,000 to desperate patients for transplants in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Recent investigations have shown that some surgeons either don't know or don't care where the organs come from. And always, at the end of the chain, is a wealthy recipient, willing to pay big bucks—no questions asked.

  Although organ donation is strictly regulated in the US, the black market is alive and well. There are presently over 120,000 people in this country waiting for an organ, and 18 die each day whilst waiting. For the wealthy, money seems to be no objection when it comes to a vitally needed body part.

  In spite of the investigations carried out by both the FBI and the NYPD, to date the identities of the members of the vampire gang are still a complete mystery, except for the fact that they are allegedly in their late teens and their bodies are marked with red claw tattoos.

  Chief O’Neill also announced that the NYPD has decided to raise its reward from $10,000 to $20,000 for any information leading to their capture.

  “How horrible, Dad!” I uttered once I had finished reading his story.

  “That poor girl was only a year older than you Bella.

  “I know!”

  “Please promise you’ll always take care.”

  “I will Dad, I promise.”

  “So, tell me, are you still having dinner with your friends tonight?”

  “Yes Dad, I am. But it isn’t far off from here, so I’ll definitely get there before sundown.”

  “I’d never forgive myself if something ever happens to you Bella. You know you’re all I have left in the world.”

  “I know Daddy. Please don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

  “I’m so sorry we still haven’t been able to bring those wicked criminals to justice. But I promise that they will soon pay for their crimes!” he boasted in prideful words brought forth from a grieving heart. “Something tells me that we’re closer than ever to ruining their organization and hammering their clan.”

  I knew he missed Mom dearly and that with each passing second he only hated the evil gang more.

  I could no longer be angry with him so gently springing up from the chair, I gave him a warm hug. I loved so him much, and never enjoyed seeing him in pain.

  “I trust you Daddy. I know you’ll help to nail them soon,” I whispered into his ear, holding him close.

  A wave of emotion engulfed us both as we stood in his office locked in one another’s arms, tears forming in our eyes. “It’s just a matter of time …”

  As we hugged I stared at the gold watch around his wrist that Mom had given him on their last anniversary, causing the tears that could no longer remain in my eyes to roll down my cheeks.

  “You’d better go now dear,” he sniffed, before pulling away from me with a genuine smile across his face. “I don’t want you to be late.”

  “Thanks, Dad.”

  “And tell Joshua to chauffeur you if you don’t want to drive. I´ll see you tonight,” he added giving me a warm goodbye kiss before returning to his chair.

  “Sure Dad, take care!” I said with a wide grin before blowing him a kiss and whizzing out of his office, not imagining the perils of the evil nightmare that fate had in store for me.


  “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

  Tony Robbins

  THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPENED and out came Lulu Kennedy, a tall computer nerd with a lovely face, long ebony hair, and deep caramel eyes hidden behind retro gold-rimmed glasses. She was also seventeen and for years she and her cousin Beth had been my closest friends at the Collegiate School of New York, where the three of us had recently graduated from.

  “Bella! What a surprise!” Lulu said giving me a quick, warm hug.

  “Hi Lulu! What’s up? I didn’t expect to see you here at the paper.”

  “Well, I just came by to drop off my weekly column. Beth´s waiting for me in the car. We’re kind of in a hurry and need to run. Do you know if your dad is in his office?

  “Yeah, I just saw him there. So, what did you write this week?”

  “Wow! You won´t believe it! I finally got to interview Yale Professor Bill Diamond. He just launched his new bestseller you know, Genetic Genesis of Vampire Clans.

  “Isn´t he the guy who claims that vampire behavior is mostly determined by their genes?”

  “Same one. In fact, Diamond was the first scientist to methodically study the genetic mutation suffered by humans when turned into vampires. After long years of research he identified a series of vampire genes that identically resembles part of the genetic chain of vampire bats, constituting what he calls a “genetic mirror image”. According to him, this organic similarity seems to determine why both species share similar natural traits, like feeding on the blood of large mammals as well as resting during the day and feeding at night.”

  “How interesting!”

  “But that’s not all. Diamond also concluded that this genetic pattern determines why both species have patriarchal societies. You see, just like other mammals, including wolves, wild dogs and elephants to name a few, vampire bats as well as human vampires both share hierarchical social systems led by alpha males, which are the original founders or breeders of the colony or clan as well as their natural leaders.

  “Their genes, Diamond asserts, determine why both species conform to societies based on two main social classes: A high class constituted by a few dominant alpha males that lead the rest of the colony or clan, and a low class integrated by subordinate males and females, which constitute the majority of the family group.

  “In all cases, the social cohesion of the vampire clan is determined by what Diamond calls “class loyalty,” which he defines as “the voluntary dependence of the submissive clan to their respective Master or Masters.” This loyalty shapes their societies and is genetically determined to guarantee success in the hard struggle for the existence of the species. And it also explains why those who follow do so eag
erly, seeking guidance and stability from their clan leaders, whilst always accepting their role with natural submission.

  “In the last section of his book Diamond describes why both species exhibit little or no aggression within their own colony but attack members of foreign colonies, always defending their communal foraging grounds against intruders. And that’s it. That basically covers all I wrote in my weekly column. What do you think?”

  “I think it’s fabulous! You know I´m your hugest fan!”

  “You’re not only saying it just because we’re good friends, are you?”

  “No, Lulu! How can you say that. Dad loves your work! Everyone does! You wrote a great column like always and all your readers will definitely love it!”

  “Thanks, Bella. You know how much this means to me. In any case, please tell your dad I came by. I really need to go now. It’s getting late and Beth’s waiting, you know. I guess I´ll see you tonight.”

  I cleared my throat.

  “About tonight, Lulu, there´s something I need to tell you. Remember that detective I contacted last week?”

  “The one who’s investigating who your real parents are?”

  “Yeah. The guy called me about an hour ago and said he wants to see me later today.”

  “You think he found something?”

  “I’m sure he did!”

  “How cool!”

  “Yeah, really cool. But I don’t want Dad to know. That’s why I want you to cover for me. I told Dad I was going to your place for dinner tonight.”

  “Sure, that’s what we agreed …”

  “Only that first I need to see the detective. So please, if Dad calls you before I get there tell him I’m busy or something and that I’ll call him back. I’ll only be gone around an hour, so I’ll probably get there before he even calls. Can I count on you?”

  “All right, Bella. You can count on us. But only if you promise to tell me everything the private eye found. Geez, I´m so thrilled that you’re finally going to find out who your biological parents really are!”

  “So am I, Lulu. I’ve been waiting to know the truth ever since the day I found out I was adopted! You can’t imagine how I feel.”

  “Just take care and don’t be too late. Don’t forget that with those damned vampires out there it’s not safe for a pretty young girl like you to be driving around alone at night.”

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