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           H. Lee Morgan, Jr
Balancer's Soul
Balancer’s Soul

  Copyright 2012 H. Lee Morgan

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  ISBN 978-1-4661-6271-6

  Stop and Go

  An ancient and powerful race known as Balancer’s have lived among humanity for many millennia and rarely been noticed. They are human in most physical aspects, but are truly different in others. Our ancestors called them at one time or another; Witches, Sorcerers, Wizards, Demons, Monsters and so on. In reality they bring balance back to anything that they deem needs it, with the use of their abilities. That also includes balancing themselves.

  All true balancer’s are born female, and are innately immortal. The power of a female Balancer is not in harmony, being single, so they require male mates to regulate their imbalanced energies. When an unbreakable pact is made, their mate also becomes a Balancer as well as gaining supernatural attributes themselves.


  “Welcome to our new home.” Jack confirmed stoically to his daughter over the hand held radio that linked the two vehicles. Sarah had been following behind him in her little blue car as he drove the moving truck to their new residence for nearly two mind-numbing days. Jack left a few weeks earlier to come and get things setup beforehand for their new life, in a new town and recently returned to retrieve his daughter. Now it’s Sarah’s turn to get settled in. Not that there isn’t much choice. He bought an old cabin home that had been on the market for a few years, but in the economy and area it wasn’t appearing to sell anytime soon. Finding such a place seemed perfect for them so he bought the property outright, after looking it over. The electricity and phone lines had previously been installed and supposedly from what he explained it had been built sturdy. After the paperwork had been finalized the phone lines and power was reactivated. Jack had even found Sarah the ideal job that would suit her for the time being. She hadn’t protested.

  The sun had just begun to set as the small convoy of father and daughter arrived, with no city lights lining the road it became dark rather quickly. Just the way she liked it. The calm and quiet of rural areas suited her nature.

  Pulling into the driveway just after her father, Sarah thought about the drive over here. They left Washington State early yesterday morning, well before the sun came up. It took well over twenty hours to drive the distance and they had no more than an hour or so of sleep. Jack was in a perpetual snit and wanted the long drive to take his mind off of a particular matter, thereby forcing Sarah to keep pace or be left behind. The Brandersons’ new home is now in Minnesota, in a small town that has a name that she’ll hopefully forget one day. Jillian, her mother, will catch up to them in a month or so to because she forgot to tie up a few loose ends. Sarah’s parents loved the city life, but for her they always move to quiet and small towns, but were always no more than an hour from a large city. To Sarah, nature is more beautiful to her than an environment of concrete, crowds and annoying noises at all hours. Plus crime is lower in less populated areas and easier to deal without outside interference or law enforcement.

  Before moving to this small town, they had work to do. Sarah and her family and had to create new identities and legitimate references. Those were easy to make or bribe. They kept their normal names, but had to change the year of their births to a more recent and believable date. Three elaborate backgrounds were also created so that they could remain inconspicuous to some level of scrutiny, but if need be they had enough pull to keep someone off their trail, if someone caught on to their secret. They like privacy like so many others, but they have other backups just incase and even create last minute exit strategies to get out of any local danger.

  Getting out of the car and looking around at the scenery of the new cottage, it reminded Sarah of her thirtieth home. Wild and uncut grass wrapped itself around the house and the entire property. Small pine saplings peeked over some of the hip high grass, almost as a welcome sign. The single story dwelling connected to an open two car garage that stood before her. She closed the door of her small blue car, that her father built a few years ago. Growing up without any modern conveniences was not a pleasant time for anyone and she adored her personal mode of transportation. Still, Sarah couldn’t wait to take the burden of travel out of the vehicle and spend some time soaking in a bathtub of hot, bubbly water.

  Jack opened up the house like he had been living there for years, after turning off the Do-it-yourself rental truck, and turned on all of the lights. She sighed thinking how boring this move has been, like all the others. “Couldn’t there be one place I would feel content to live?” Sarah though hopelessly and opened the back door. Grabbing her luggage out of the back seat of the car she casually walked through the front door of the house.

  Firstly she began to look for her new room for the next few dreaded years.

  There were three bedrooms, one bath, a fully stocked kitchen, a living room and an empty study, which her mother already claimed. All of the walls were painted a bland and ancient color that was peeling off the old surfaces. The living room needed new carpeting and the ceiling fans all need to be dusted as well and every window in every room needed to be scrubbed clean. It was easy to tell that this residence has been vacant for quite some time. Word is, the previous residents moved south to a warmer climate. The floor had been crafted all from hardwood, but it needed to be swept and refinished. The first bedroom room Sarah opened was the largest, so she knew her parents would occupy it and she didn’t want to cause a disturbance. The next room held far too much light, when the sun would come up in the morning, so that wasn’t an option. And the last room felt perfect for her. It is isolated from the rest of the house and doesn’t need too much work. The air tasted slightly stale, but it wasn’t musty thankfully. She opened the window to allow fresh air to circulate and a smile barely touched the corner of her mouth as she peered into the failing light. The bonus to this residence for her was that it felt really dark and it pointed to a wild, natural tree line. What new wonders did those trees hold?

  In the new room sat a new single size bed, an antique dresser and a full length mirror. She sighed thinking: “It’s just perfect for my plain and inconspicuous looks.” Sarah looked in the mirror and thought “How could anyone would want to have a boring woman like me. My looks are bland and my mirrored wardrobe matches my outlook. The chipped paint has more personality than I do.”

  Knowing how little sleep she received during this trip and her first day of school started in the morning, she took that heavenly bath and quickly went to sleep on her new bed mattress that hadn’t been broken in.

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