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       Lizzie's Tale, p.1

           Graham Wilson
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Lizzie's Tale


  Old Balmain House Series

  Book 2

  Graham Wilson


  Lizzie’s Tale

  Graham Wilson

  Copyright Graham Wilson 2017

  Old Balmain House Series Second Edition

  Published by BeyondBeyond Books

  ISBN: 9781370585236

  Book Cover designed by Nada Backovic

  using an image supplied by Arcangel Images

  All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior approval of the author. For permission to use contact Graham Wilson by email at

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  Reader Reviews of Old Balmain House Series

  Great Read

  This is the story of three houses and the people who built them and lived in them from the mid-1800s to the present day. Told in a rather quaint and old-fashioned manner, it is a wonderful portrayal of a multi-generational family who lived through good times and bad, but always retained a strong family bond. The growth of this area seen through their eyes is fascinating. And, the mystery of Sophie's disappearance is enough to keep one reading

  Wonderful books

  I'm so glad I got all these books in a set. Each book reached further into the story, always going forward, but also bringing the past as the story unfolded. Well-written characters, and such detail that I felt I was walking alongside them as I read. No imagination is needed to see the people and places in your mind. Vivid descriptions brought the time and place to mind easily. Kindle said it would take more than 9 hours to read it. I did it over two days...I could not put it down! I've always dreamed of visiting Australia, and these books just increased that dream. Well worth reading!!!

  Absolutely loved this series

  Absolutely loved this series. I could not put it down, it has held me riveted to each story and looking for more. I could vividly imagine each tale and description of the places even though I haven't been there. I would recommend this collection to anyone who wants to read about the settlers in Australia passing through generations and the fast paced tale that goes with all the books in the collection. Well Done Graham Wilson. Can't wait to read the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming books now I have purchased them.

  Really enjoyed this story

  Really enjoyed this story. Not so much historical Australian fiction out there. Made me go looking up the area online to see where they were talking about. It was sad and moved a bit quick through the characters at times but I thought it recreated the time period really well. Hard to imagine Sydney with that few people.

  I absolutely loved both stories

  I highly recommend you get to read. Definitely looking forward to reading more by this author. Awesome!!!! Held my attention to the very end

  A truly inspiring story, brought teams to my eyes


  A beautiful story that will stay with me. Loved it and wanted it to continue. One of the best I have read lately.

  Lizzy’s story

  An amazing story, couldn’t put it down. The author has written one of the best books I have read of this type. I was critical of the series he wrote at first but he had grown to be a favourite of mine. A dramatic, fast paced, loving and exciting story.

  If I could give it 6 stars I would!!!

  It is not often a book will bring actual tears to my eyes but this one did as well as kept me up well past bedtime. If it does not touch you similarly I would be very surprised!!!

  Old Balmain House Book Series

  Wonderful I couldn’t bear to put them down.......wishing there were more in the series. The people were so real it’s almost like I’ve met them.

  Lizzies’s tale

  If we all had just some of Lizzies courage our world would be a much better place to live in. Such a nice story so interesting. Great read

  A moving delight

  A great story about a courageous young girl who triumphs despite adversity. The world needs more stories like this


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