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           Glisto Rice
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  By Glisto Rice

  Copyright 2013 Glisto Rice

  All rights reserved. This license allows for alterations, tweaks, and build, upon this work non-commercially, as long as credit is given to the original author. New creations are to be licensed under the identical terms.

  * * *

  As he sat at his desk, bent over writing a paper, the young man heard a knock at his door. He looked up from his work and turned to the door.

  “Come on in.” he said

  The door opened and his friend entered the room.

  “What brings you around?” he asked.

  His friend shrugged, “Same thing that always does.”

  “Hmm,” He paused for a moment before saying with a smile, “What if I told you I had a story that would make you gain a new outlook on your life?”

  The friend looked upon him, brow raised, “I’d say you’ve got my attention for a minute or two.”

  He pulls up a seat across from his host, who clears his throat and begins the tale.

  Falodar, Adreark

  The evening sun shone through the window upon which his head now rested. Its beams warming the side of his face against the glass as he slipped into a soft slumber, the book he had been reading slid from his grasp.


  Kokazai came about with a start, the rise from a half-sleep addled his head as he looked around through glassy eyes, unsure if he had actually heard someone, or if it had been another of those dreams. Not wanting to think too much on the latter, he resolved to go and check. Following where he believed the source of the call came from, he found himself at the front door; his aunt and uncle standing there, looking upon the person who had just walked into their home. His white robes bellowing in the evening wind, while his long sleek hair seemed to remain still. The Dominu, flanked by a white-masked Veldt guard on either side, looked down at Kokazai with interest, while Kokazai could only think that the white robes in between the dark purple cloaked guards made for an easy target. He turned from the Dominu, looking to his aunt and uncle as the silence stretched, wondering why he had been called. His aunt and uncle looked to be wondering this as well, but knew to wait for the moment when the Dominu decided to speak again.

  “This is Kokazai?” he asked, addressing the other two but still looking at Koka

  “Yes, this is him,” his uncle answered.

  “Is there a problem Lord Dominu?” his aunt, knowing it had to be something important to warrant a visit from the Dominu himself.

  The Dominu turned his gaze from Kokazai at last, looking upon the one who had spoken to him.

  “Alas, I admit. I do not come bringing joyous news.” He replied, “It’s about your Heads of House.”

  “What’s happened to my brother?” the uncle asked, looking uneasily at Kokazai

  The Dominu said nothing, looking from each of the members in the household in turn.

  “Spit it out then,” demanded the uncle.

  The Dominu ignored the misconduct of the man and let out a sigh.

  “They’re dead.”

  Koka’s aunt feints, falling back against the wall as her husband bends down to check on her. The Dominu pays no mind to that, turning to Koka once more.

  “We don’t have all the details at the moment,” he said, “But I will return tomorrow morning and give you all the information we have gathered.” He turned to leave, pausing in the threshold, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

  He walked out into the closing day, his white figure against the setting sun.


  The next day…

  The smell of breakfast was in the air as his aunt busied herself in the kitchen, while Kokazai sat within his room, the Dominu standing across from him. Two Veldt stood guard, a sound barrier between them and the light sniffles that came from the room. Kokazai sat upon his bed, looking to the floor; his tears darkening the wood as they fell. Kokazai brought his sleeve to his face, wiping it as the Dominu looked on.

  “I know this is hard for you to handle, but I have news on your parents’ murder,” the Dominu said at last

  Kokazai’s head jerked a bit, his hair over his face, “Murder?”

  “From what we’ve gathered, it would seem that your parents were assassinated,” the Dominu stated, “Initially it had seemed like an accident, but it upon further analysis, we found a few loose screws in the carriage.”

  “Who would hurt my parents?” Kokazai asked, “I thought everyone loved them.”

  “They call themselves, The Five.” The Dominu states, “A group of rogues who are occasionally soldiers for hire.”

  “Who hired them?”

  “We believe that it was the Fire Kingdom,” the Dominu replied. After a short pause he asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

  Kokazai continued looking down at the floor, his eyes closed, the only way to keep the tears inside. His throat was constricted but he managed to croak out.

  “What can I do?”

  The Dominu, assuming Kokazai misheard him, replied “No, I asked what can I —”

  “What can I do” he repeated, “to avenge my parents’ murders?”

  The Dominu was taken aback for a moment, opening his mouth but no words escaped him. He closed it again, settling to continue his gaze upon Kokazai. The young boy shut his eyes tighter; though the tears still seeped through. He clenched his teeth as his hands clasped upon the bedsheets.

  “I can’t just sit here as my parents lay dead and their killers continue to breathe.” His voice deep with emotion as he looked up, his tear streaked face meeting the eyes of the Dominu.

  The Dominu’s face had regained its impassive expression, “Well what are you going to do about it?”

  “I want justice,” Kokazai said.

  “What you want is revenge,” the Dominu clarified.

  “I want that too!” Kokazai said, “I don’t care what you call it; I just want to get my hands on the people who took my parents away.”

  “And then what, go after The Five?” the Dominu asked, “You think you can do what our most highly skilled magikos could not?”

  “Then teach me.” Koka demanded, “Teach me what I need to know so that I may be able to avenge my parents!”

  The Dominu nodded, “Alright. I’ll train you, so that one day you may get your revenge.”

  He turned and began to exit the room, stopping in the doorway.

  “Oh and Kokazai…” he said.

  Kokazai, having put his head down again, looked up at the back of the Dominu.

  “Don’t ever let me see you cry again.”

  With that, he made his exit, the Veldt in tow as he removed himself from the home.

  Flazca, Kingdom of Fire

  “Where do you little punks think you’re going!?”

  “Come on hurry up, they’re getting away!”

  “I’m gonna kill those two!”

  Running away from the angry voices, the two boys, Ascerane and Devygon, hurried through the busy streets of the capital. The thugs were not far behind as they pushed through people in their effort to catch up the boys. This did not go unnoticed as it caught the attention of a pair of policemen who glanced at each other before rushing after the lot of them. The two boys turn a corner and run into a dead end.

  “Nowhere to run.”

  Ascer and Devygon turned around and see that they were trapped, the three thugs blocking the only way out of the alley. The police finally caught up and one opens his mouth to stop the likely beating.

  “Hey you gu—”

  He was stopped mid-sentence as he is put into stunned silence at what he saw next. Cornered though they are, Ascerane bends down while Devygon leaps off of his back, flying high into the air at the thugs with a fist covered in
flames. Distracted by Devygon, the thugs don’t pay attention as Ascer rushed forward and sends a blast of fire whirling at one of the thugs, sending him flying backwards into another, with both of them slamming into the trash as Devygon landed a hard fiery punch to the face of the last, sending him hard to the ground. The police stood silent for a moment, blinking multiple times before either was able to utter a word. Still in awe, the second policeman was able to speak.

  “Good job.”

  The boys finally register that the officers are even there, turning to them, not sure what to do.

  Snapping back to his senses the first policeman stepped forward, smiling and said, “How would you boys like a job?”

  Ascer and Vygon looked at each other and cracked big toothy grins as Ascer put his arm behind him and scratched the back of his head.

  9 Years Later…


  Ascerane slowly rose to his feet defiantly, holding his left side, nursing bruised ribs. His hair lay matted across his battered and bleeding face, as he looked onward at his opponent. His breathing came in shallow heaves from a bloody mouth. Bent over slightly, his left arm hung uselessly by his side. Ascerane readied himself for another attack.

  “It’s time we end this.” Kokazai said, his voice emotionless

  Kokazai raised his wand for a final attack.

  “Don’t…count me out…just…yet”

  A smirk appeared of Ascerane’s face as he turned slightly, guarding his left side, preparing to attack.—Kokazai tightened his grip on the wand.—Ascerane charged forward with a final burst of energy, a flaming streak.


  Ascerane leaped—spins—and sent out a powerful burst of fire.


  Kokazai’s wand tip emitted a purplish glow, as if collecting energy, growing brighter, spreading a purple glow around the scene, before shooting out, rushing forward, fast—faster—

  “He’s dead.”

  The Dominu walked over, hands clasped together behind his back, and looked down at the fallen Veldt deserter, then at Kokazai, who despite his previous composure, was breathing heavily.

  “You pass.” the Dominu stated, “But that Killing Curse cost you far too much energy than what need be. You exhausted nearly half of your mana on it; you should have it down to a fourth.”

  “Yes my lord.” Kokazai said, bowing to the Dominu

  “Otherwise…good job,” the Dominu gave a half smile

  Ascerane stood over his opponent, his arm extended, waiting for the order.


  The lights came on and Ascerane stood back upright, extending his arm again, this time, helping his comrade to his feet. The par-level visart gave a small smile.

  “I’m impressed.” he said, “You surprised me with that last attack, I thought I had you beat.”

  “Thank you,” Ascerane said as he steadied his breathing.

  The two men turned as the door opened and three evaluators stepped into the room. Ascerane straightened up, though he felt like he could fall out any second. A woman stepped forward.

  “We’ve analyzed your progress, rated your intelligence, and seen your fighting ability.” she stated, “After brief discussion we’ve come to our final judgment.”

  Ascerane listened intently, hoping that he hears the news he’d trained all these years for, yet prepared for disappointment all the same.

  “Welcome to the King’s Legion.”

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