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       Gods and Monsters: The Scientific Method Applied to the Human Condition - Book II, p.1

Gods and Monsters: The Scientific Method Applied to the Human Condition - Book II
Gods and Monsters

  The Scientific Method Applied to the Human Condition

  Book II

  Giano Rocca

  Table of Contents:

  The Prologue:

  Part I: Cosmic nature, biological nature, human nature, sociability, society and historical structures

  Chapter 1: Cosmic evolution, biological evolution and human evolution

  Chapter 2: Origin of the need of sociality

  Chapter 3: Social progress and progress of the need of sociality

  Chapter 4: Human nature and its specific sociality

  Chapter 5: Evolution and progress of historical structures and human progress

  Part II: Philosophy of the being between historical reality and human nature

  Chapter 6: Be, Essence and degrees of manifestation of the Essence

  Chapter 7: Conception of the rationality and of the irrationality of human nature and artificiality of reality structural historical

  Chapter 8: The Search of the good of the individuals and his relationship with the search of the social good

  Chapter 9: The Potential Universality, Universality of Knowledge, Universality of Structural Reality Historical and the Universality of the Human Spirit

  Part III: Philosophy of history

  Chapter 10: Adumbrations of conception of the cyclical nature of the universe structural statual

  Chapter 11: Structural reality historical, the universes structural, and the various social systems

  Chapter 12: Multiplicity of theories on the historical reality and on its evolution

  Chapter 13: Classification of structural universes, in the evolution of reality structural historical, and of the joints of the aforementioned structural universes

  Chapter 14: Determinisms various or several theories of the factors determinants

  Chapter 15: Cyclic trend of the universe structural statual, with the transition periods and the partitions of the two historical cycles

  Part IV : Essence of science and of the ideologies

  Chapter 16: Definition of the various types of science

  Chapter 17: Science and concepts of causal principle and of purpose

  Chapter 18: Knowledge and human purpose of the self-consciousness and of the consciousness of nature, in general

  Chapter 19: Sciences: in the reality structural historical and for the overcoming this reality

  Chapter 20: Essence of ideologies

  Part V: Branches of science of structural reality historical and their relationship with the ideologies

  Chapter 21: Metaphysic ideologized at base of the ideologies, and metaphysic scientific at basis of the scientific knowledge: of human nature and of structural reality historic

  Chapter 22: Philosophy: its transformation, with scientific method, or persistence of function and of the ideological content

  Chapter 23: Definition of the economy such as: the Study of structural reality historic and of its relationship with the material base of this reality (or structural economy)

  Chapter 24: Official historians, and awareness of the necessity of the birth of the science of history

  Chapter 25: Sociology and other “social sciences”: the their ideological elements and attempts embodiment of the science of reality historical structural

  Part VI: The sciences of the reality structural historical, and of the human nature

  Chapter 26: Distinction between the sciences of cosmic nature and the sciences of reality structural historical

  Chapter 27: Psychology inherent: to human nature and to the humanity submissive to the contingent structural reality

  Chapter 28: The degree of development of the sciences of structural reality historical and human nature

  Chapter 29: Historiography and analysis of the history of structural reality historic

  Part VII: Knowledge and Conscience

  Chapter 30: Nature of the self-consciousness or awareness of self

  Chapter 31: The Collective Consciousness and its consequences on the historical reality



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