The Wolf Pack : Power, Money, Corruption

       Gerald Sathiyasiva / Thrillers & Crime
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The Wolf Pack : Power, Money, Corruption

The Wolf-Pack
Power, Money, Corruption.

Gerald Sathiyasiva

THE WOLF-PACK Copyright © 2015 by Gerald Sathiyasiva.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations em- bodied in critical articles or reviews.

Names, characters, businesses, organiza- tions, places, events and incidents are purely fictional and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead, resemblance of any Kind is purely coincidental.

For information contact; 006-182-2931359

First Edition: Jan 2016

This book is dedicated to the misfits, the underdogs and one’s fighting against all odds. Keep going, Your Victory is close.


What is this book about?
Everyone has a story
The other guy
The Fall of One and the rise of another
This is Gotti Here
The Beginning of War
All is fair in life
The City on Fire
From the Ashes
5 Years is a long time
Remember Kingmakers
The King is Back
The Second Term
Making a King
The Making of Gotti
The Finale
In 5 Years Time

What is this book about?
Most books have an antagonist and a protagonist, in this book there are just two characters fighting for what they believe in, don’t worry it’s not justice and peace or a war between good and evil. This book is about a war between two humans, the way humans are. This is about Politics, Money, Power, Corruption, Betrayal and Hatred.
Both characters have their flaws, reasons and motives to do what they do, it’s up to you, The Reader to decide who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist, My Job as the author is to make sure you have the hardest time deciding so. Even if you don’t decide that, it is still an enjoyable book. This book tries to highlight the real world situation and how all human beings have a set of motives and reasoning behind their actions no matter how disturbing they are, but these reasons make sense only to the individual.

Everyone Has a Story

Do you see this? Everything I built lying in ruins, even the dust hasn’t settled yet. But they are already here to pick up the pieces, to take a share of the prize like vultures. You would be a fool if you believed me when I say I didn’t care much for this material possessions and that I cared only for the job. How could I not? I built this with my own two hands for 40 years.

Who am I to have built all this? I wasn't a king or a president, I wasn't a politician or a businessman, and I wasn't in the armed forces or a gangster. Because when I was 5 my father told me 
'Don't be king, Be a Kingmaker. They stay in power longer'

We didn't have much growing up, in Stalin’s Russia. Communism ruled. I lived in a communal flat sharing it with two other families. I chased around cockroaches with a stick to pass time. You know why I'm ruthless? Because the last person I got emotional with was shot to death in the purge. My father though no fault of his own, but just because of a matter of birth was a 2nd cousin of one of Stalin’s enemies, who was persecuted earlier. But according to Stalin’s paranoia my father might have been a threat in the future during the purge, so my father shipped me off to here. I wrote to him every week while surviving here, doing small odd jobs they would give any 8 year old. After a few months the letters stopped coming, he told me he will join me here, but he didn't. 

Why did I want to be a kingmaker? I never wanted to be under someone's control ever again. Tell me, would you?

So How did I become this?
You see power lies in 3 things Money, Persuasion and Ruthlessness. 
Money you can earn, Persuasion you can learn but ruthlessness you have to be born with. There's no room for emotions in this game, no place for the imitator, no place for second place or crybabies. You either have it or you don't. 

My first partner or right hand guy or whatever you want to call it (Let's call him Anwar) was the guy who wanted to destroy the first company I built with my two hands. Instead the next day there was a very embarrassing secret about the company he was working for leaked in the papers. The public went crazy, the stocks plummeted ( the very stocks I shorted) lawsuits ensued and the company went under, 500 people lost their jobs and of course yours truly took over that market share as well. But I wanted to know who was this person crazy enough to challenge me, so I made a call, out popped his name. I gave him a call, to my surprise in his voice there was no sense of guilt or shame, there only was the 'nothing to lose attitude' I had used to build my first company.  At first I wanted to squash him, but then I realized I could use him and I needed that attitude back in my life so I offered a job to my surprise he took it when I offered him a higher pay than his former company, to be honest it was just money motivating him to take me out so I paid him more. 

A lot of people assume the way to get power or riches is to attack your rivals and competitors, it is not. If that were true only gangsters would be successful. No, I befriend my competitors and rivals. First my right hand offers them the gift of friendship, the opportunity to work with me and we both get richer and my left hand is empty looking for something I can use against him in case he denies my request for friendship or goes against me in the future. 

You must think I'm a terrible person now, or even a Machiavellian villain; unmistakably I have learnt not to care. 

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