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Through Troubled Waters

  Through Troubled Waters

  Georgia Davenport McCain

  Copyright 2016 Ron McCain

  Thank you downloading this ebook. You are welcome to share it with your friends. This book may be reproduced, copied, and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form. If you enjoyed this book, please return to your favorite ebook retailer to discover other books by this author. Thanks you for your support.

  Originally printed 1979 by Old Paths Tract Society, Inc., Shoals, Indiana, 47581


  To my husband, Carl,


  To my children Ronald and Dolores, Danny and Mary, Donna and Ken, Jackie, Kenny, Randy, and Barry.

  To my grandchildren Allison, Ryan, Carmen and Kimberly.

  Also, dedicated to the memory of my grand-baby, Nathaniel Keith McCain who departed this life at the tender age of four months.

  And to the memory of my beloved parents, Bill and Artie Davenport. The publishing of this book was made possible through the money inherited from my parents.


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  Letters From Readers of Georgia McCain Books


  I would like to tell the world what God and your book has done for me. Praise the Lord! It made me stop and realize there is a God and He truly loves me, regardless of the sins I had committed and the wrong I had done. God was calling me for one of His children. Before I read this book, I had so much hatred and bitterness in my heart, at times I even hated myself. Just as I put the book down, I had a strong urge to fall on my knees and ask the Lord to forgive my sins and to take the hatred and bitterness out of my heart. Praise the Lord, He immediately answered my prayer. He has, also, given me a great burden for lost souls.--La.

  Surprised and happy to receive your book. The Lord certainly used you in writing it. It is an interesting, emotional, and evangelistic book, very well written, and I am sure it is a blessing to all who read it. I am interested in ordering some more copies. -- Alaska

  A wonderful message for both young and old. Sure it will be a blessing to many people. -- Tenn.

  My grandmother taught me you could live above sin in this life. Your book has enlightened me in this matter.--La.

  Unless you truly loved the Saviour, you couldn't have done such a book. How we enjoyed it.--Fla.

  Have read your book twice and found it very enlightening.--Wyoming

  We all have our problems and I am no exception. Your book came to me at a time I was depressed and so unhappy. I received a real blessing from it.--Okla.

  Enjoyed your book thoroughly. I want five more copies.--La.

  The teaching on holiness is excellent.--Ind.

  Believe God has ordained the writing of this book for his people who are in troubled waters.--Ohio

  I sat up late to finish your book. I cried, prayed and shouted as I read it.--La.

  Your book was really good. Has a good lesson in it and I'm sure that everyone who reads it will get some benefit from it.--S.C.

  The true message of salvation is in this book. I want to see it promoted.--Fla.

  I did so appreciate your book. I only laid it down twice before I read it all. How did the Lord give you strength to write such a good book after raising such a large family? It is amazing. I could see myself in several of Dave's affairs. You didn't have me in mind when you wrote this book, did you?--Texas

  Very profitable reading.--Calif.

  A very swell book and gets a message across very nicely.--Okla.

  What a blessing your book was to me and my husband! We are interested in getting more copies for our unsaved loved ones.--La.

  Thanks for the copy of your book for our church library. My son and a friend have read it and they really liked it. I'm so thankful for the message.--Ark.

  I've heard many good remarks about your book. God is really using it.--Fla.

  Presents the plan of salvation clear.--S. C.

  Read your book through in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll try to promote it among the families in our church.--Okla.

  My husband never reads fiction but he sat up late and read this one. He's really promoting it.--Pa.

  Could not put it down until I finished it. Real good.-La.

  We agreed to use your book for a part of our yearly youth Reading Course. Each year we recommend four or five books for the spiritual edification of our youth and sell them as a package to each youth society. I am heartily recommending it to our youth for two reasons, one is the danger of not obtaining holiness of heart and the other is the need of more personal workers on a one-to-one basis. The book is well written and I'm sure will continue to bless many lives."--Pa.

  Finished reading your fine book. It has an evangelistic message that is up to date and practical. Its message is desperately needed by thousands today, a 10,000 or more circulation among the various holiness churches.--Ariz.

  The story is so true to life. It holds you in suspense all the time. I really enjoyed reading it. The clear guidance into sanctification is the best I've read and helped me a lot. My copy will be passed on to others as the Lord guides, and pray with me that many will be brought to a better understanding and to the blessing of sanctification."--Florida

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