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The Biovantic Bear


  The Biovantic Bear


  George Thomson

  Copyright 2017 George Thomson

  Published by George Thomson


  Chapter One - Shock

  Chapter Two - The Before

  Chapter Three - The Loss of the Beautiful One

  Chapter Four - The Speaking Begins

  Chapter Five - Bear's Surprise

  Chapter Six - Visit by Alias

  Chapter Seven - A Kingdom is Lost

  Chapter Eight - New Friends

  Chapter Nine - Bear sees the Impossible

  Chapter Ten - Three Years Later

  Chapter Eleven - Duncan finds a new Friend

  Chapter Twelve - The Happy Lame Man

  Chapter Thirteen - Big Trouble for Peter

  Chapter Fourteen - Big Trouble for Bear

  Chapter Fifteen - A Job for Duncan

  Chapter Sixteen - Peter Prepares for Trouble

  Chapter Seventeen - Another Job for Duncan

  Chapter Eighteen - Free Again

  Chapter Nineteen - Peter Tells His Story

  Chapter Twenty - An Enemy Makes Trouble

  Chapter Twenty-one - Disaster

  Chapter Twenty-two - Flight

  Chapter Twenty-three - Duncan and Bear

  Chapter Twenty-four - Enemy or Friend?

  Chapter Twenty-five - What Bailey Understood

  Chapter Twenty Six Duncan in Love

  Chapter Twenty-seven - Another Journey for Bailey

  Chapter Twenty-eight - How The Great One Provided

  Chapter Twenty-nine - Duncan Smells Gum Leaves

  Chapter Thirty - Ten Years Later

  Chapter Thirty-one - Departures

  Chapter Thirty-two - The Men on the Plane

  Chapter Thirty-three - New Things

  Chapter Thirty-four - Scrivs and the Temple Site

  Chapter Thirty-five - Yana

  Chapter Thirty-six - Those Two Men Again

  Chapter Thirty-seven - An Important Moment

  Chapter Thirty-eight - Invitation

  Chapter Thirty-nine - Embarrassing Reality

  Chapter Forty - In Dharwad's Secret Place

  Chapter Forty-one - Reality

  Chapter Forty-two - Unrest in Jerusalem

  Chapter Forty-three - Ifficus

  Chapter Forty-four - The Dance of Ifficus

  Chapter Forty-five - Focus on Jerusalem

  Chapter Forty-six - Big Bang?

  Chapter Forty-seven - Conclusion


  The story of the Biovantic Bear has been written in true biovantic style. The author understands that many readers will not be familiar with this style of writing or its purpose so the following is a brief introduction to the world of biovantics.

  The history of storytelling in most cultures has its roots in the telling, or acting out, of what we would now consider children's stories. About five hundred years before the birth of Christ, a man by the name of Aesop was born. He became one of the greatest teachers of moral values the world has ever known. His teaching lives on today and forms part of our present day common knowledge of reality data bases. This teaching has survived simply because he used simple, fantasy stories which appealed to children and adults alike.

  About half a millennium after Aesop, another world- renowned teacher emerged by the name of Jesus. He too, taught in the area of moral and spiritual reality. The stories he told are still remembered today.

  It is from this tradition of story telling that the biovantic method of writing has emerged. We are all aware that within every adult a child still exists. The child remains adventurous and eager for new experiences, able to learn just as rapidly as before the adult emerged. The adult, on the other hand, likes to be in control and often inhibits the ability of the inner child to experience new things. He believes that his organised world of known things must be protected.

  In this book the author invites the reader to allow the inner child to go back to being a nine- year- old and join Bailey and her friends in their adventure of discovery. The reader will then be able to grow with her from childhood, through puberty and eventually into adulthood. For those who wish to do so, opportunities have been provided to pause and allow the internal child to live with Bailey through some of the events in the story. As you experience the events you have shared with Bailey you will find that memories and emotions of your own are awakened. You will then be able to allow your adult mind to process those memories and make sense of any new discoveries that you have made about yourself.


  The scene outside the window brought a joy to Bailey's heart that was almost too much to bear. An added aspect of anticipation took her close to elation. Dharwad, her husband, would be home tomorrow. She not only looked forward to that reunion but also to hearing what he had to say about the last few days he had spent away.

  He had been given great honour by being sent on this mission. It took him a step closer to being a part of the royal household. What could be a greater honour than that? She was immensely proud of him.

  With all these thoughts going through her mind she watched the scene outside. The girl was playing contentedly under the trees. What a joy that girl was, Merrinda, her daughter, perfection, just nine years old. She watched, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen, able to experience the joy without hindrance.

  Merrinda was chatting away to Bear as if he could understand every word she said and every now and then the dog would wander over and join the conversation. She thought back to her own childhood and remembered doing exactly what Merrinda was doing now. Bear had been hers then, only the dog had been different.

  Just then a tremor ran through the house. She turned and looked at the display cabinet which contained her most precious and fragile possessions. Nothing had moved.

  The tremor had been so slight that she had no fear for Merrinda. She returned her gaze to the scene outside and froze in shock. Merrinda had gone. She knew that it was impossible but that did not alter the fact. Merrinda was gone. Nobody could disappear so quickly. Then she realised that Bear and the dog had gone too. She let out a long piercing scream, followed immediately by another scream that ended in a sob. Her whole being cried out, “No!”

  She stood in shock. Then, in the midst of her distress she heard a voice. It said just one word, “Bailey.”

  She knew that voice. It was a voice from her past. Turning, she recognised her friend, Alias. He was one friend she knew she could trust. He came to her now, sat beside her and said, “Will you trust me with your fears?”

  She relaxed a little. His voice instilled calm into her troubled spirit. He had authority to work miracles.

  He said, “Bailey, did you feel the tremor?”


  “Did you feel it with your feet? Did anything move or rattle?”

  She thought for a moment and said, “No, nothing moved. The tremor was in the air.” Then memories of her own childhood came flooding back. “You mean it was the rippling?”

  Alias nodded.

  She was thrown back into childhood with a vivid recollection of how she and her dog, Duncan, along with Bear, had been taken on that first journey into the unknown. Excitement and fear fought for supremacy within her. She turned to Alias. “Please watch over her. There is so much danger.”

  Alias looked at her and smiled. She knew what he was thinking. She remembered the intensity of her own excitement. She could not deny her daughter an experience like that. She gave Alias a nod of approval and was immediately lost again in her own memories.


  Her first recollection was a vivid recall of fear. She would never forget that moment when she had opened her eyes and found herself in a strange place. She had known that she was lost but she also knew she must not panic. Even then, as a child she knew she had to stop and think. She must be brave. She had her friends to look after.

  It was so dark that she knew she would gain nothing by looking around so she stopped and listened. At first there was nothing to hear and then, close by, there was a slight whimpering sound. She knew what that was; it was Duncan. It was comforting to know that she was not alone. She did not feel so lost now and called softly, “Duncan?" Duncan would know where they were. He never got lost.

  A cold, wet nose pressed against her leg and she put her hand on his head. “Where are we? I am so lost," Duncan said, "but we'll be alright now that we are together." He was more worried about Bear. He knew that Bear could not find his way very well in the dark. "Where's Bear?" he asked.

  “I don’t know,” said Bailey. “Let’s call out together.”

  “BEAR!” they yelled, “where are you?”

  A little way out in the dark a voice came back to them, “I’m here. I’m coming but keep talking so I can hear where you are. I can’t see. I’ve never known it so dark before.” Then there was silence.

  “Hey, don’t stop talking. I need to know where you are.”

  Suddenly they were all together again. They linked hands and said loudly together,

  “Paw to paw, hand to hand

  Together we will stand.

  We are not afraid.

  We are the Bailey Bunch.”

  “Does anyone know where we are?” Bailey asked. She looked at Duncan. He was often the first to know things. Duncan shook his head. “I don’t know. I can’t smell anything, nothing at all.” He found that even harder to take than not being able to see. His whole world was made up of the scents around him.

  Suddenly Bailey had an idea. She didn’t quite know where the idea came from, or how she knew; it was as if someone had told her from deep within herself.

  “We are in The Before.”

  “The where?” said Duncan and Bear together.

  “The time before there was anything,” Bailey said. “Before anything had been made. I don’t know how we got here, but that’s where we are.”

  They sat for a while in the middle of total nothingness, holding tightly onto each other. Suddenly Duncan’s nose twitched. He gave a little yelp and said, “There is something out there.” He was always the first one to sense things. “I’m scenting something,” he said. “It’s strange. I’m not smelling it with my nose. I’m scenting it from inside of myself.”

  They all stood and listened with what was inside of them. After a little while they became aware that they were not alone.

  “There are lots of them,” said Bailey.

  “Millions,” said Bear.

  They began to see that there was an endless number of beings that could best be described as energy, or spirit.

  “They are all one,” Duncan said.

  “No,” said Bear. Bear was very wise------sometimes. “They are all different but they act like one.” Together they became aware that one of these beings stood out from the rest. The effect on the Bailey Bunch was astonishing.

  Immediately, Duncan lay down in the particular way that said so clearly, “I will do whatever you want. Just give me a pat, or maybe a biscuit.”

  Bear had his paws over his eyes as if what he was seeing was just too much for him to be able to look at.

  Bailey fell flat on the floor, for the simple reason that she could no longer stand. “The Great One!” The words caught in her throat, “The Mighty, The Always, The Too Big to Understand, The God.”

  They watched and listened. As they listened, this world of 'energy beings' became so real that it filled their whole awareness. Together these beings were creating a sound, like the most beautiful music they had ever heard. What made it so beautiful was that all the music, the action and everything that was done was moving in exactly the same direction as The Great One was thinking. “I would like that kind of music to be in my life all the time,” exclaimed Duncan, not quite sure what he was saying.

  Bear's attention was caught by something that was happening a little further on. He drew their attention to another being in the group who stood out from the rest. “So beautiful,” they all said together.

  Then they noticed that something very special was happening. The one they saw as The Beautiful One was able to know exactly what was in the mind of The Great One. Like the leader of a great music band he directed the music, the action, and everything that was done so that it all blended together with the mind and intent of The Great One. That is how it all became so beautiful.


  Duncan often seemed to know things before the others. It was like that now. He said he smelt them and got his knowledge that way. It was a mystery to the rest of them. He looked at Bailey and said, “The Beautiful One; his name is Lucifer. He is the angel of light and the director of music.”

  “Duncan,” said Bear in his silliest voice, “I most humbly bow to the knowledge of your most noble nose. I freely admit that I do not have a nose of your quality. I believe I did once, further back than I can remember, but now it’s stuffed!”

  In fact, we know that Bear had been stuffed completely and sewn back together again. It is amazing that he can do the things he does and be so wise.

  Bear continued, “Right now, stuffed nose or not, I smell a rat. In case you don’t know, Duncan, that means something is wrong.”

  They all stopped and went totally silent. What could be wrong in such a perfect place? Then Bailey spoke. She was beginning to sense things before they happened, but not with her nose like Duncan. Her knowing came from somewhere deep within herself. Later, she came to understand that this knowing came from The Great One himself. She said, “It’s Lucifer, the one who controls all the harmony and togetherness. He is going to steal some of the music for himself. He wants to become the same as The Great One.”

  As they watched, that is exactly what began to happen. As Lucifer began to create some of the music for himself it all became awful. It was as if two different pieces of music were being played at once. There was no harmony, no togetherness. It was very like the day when Duncan and Bear had a fight. They had been standing real close, facing each other, both shouting awful things but not listening to anything that was being said.

  The Great One wasted no time. He acted. He looked directly at Lucifer and slowly lifted his right hand from his lap. For a moment he pointed, leaving no doubt that it was Lucifer who was receiving his attention. Then, with a flick of the finger he motioned away to the left and downwards.

  For a moment there was a stunned silence, then came a blinding light, like the biggest lightning flash you ever saw. That flash took Lucifer and those who had supported him away, out of sight, down below.

  The Great One took his place again in the kingdom where peace and unity had once more been established. He looked over the whole kingdom and pronounced, “The time of The Before is finished. The new worlds have been brought into being. In darkness and despair, they have been made. The one who, in his time here, was known as Lucifer, Prince of Light, has become the Prince of Darkness, the ruler of the new worlds.”

  When Bailey turned toward The Great One she saw that he was filled with great sadness. He had lost many friends, perhaps for ever.

  Bear, Duncan and Bailey looked at each other and knew that this adventure was over. But they also knew that it would not end here. The Great One would have plans for the future. They were confident that somehow he would bring them back to show them what he would do next.

  The scene began to fade.

  They were home.


  This is the time
when the child within can commune with the adult and make sense of what is happening. It is best to shut your eyes and exclude the rest of the world. Take yourself back into the brief story you have read or listened to and identify the moment when you felt the strongest emotion, (or one such moment).

  Become Bailey (or Duncan or Bear) and put yourself into that moment; live it.

  If you are in a group share what you experienced as you became part of the story. If you are by yourself remember any real- life situations in which you experienced something similar, either in circumstance or emotional content.

  Invite The Great One to be with you and talk to him about it.

  If you want to follow a more intellectual exercise -

  turn to the back of the book and read the authors comments on Chapter One, entitled simply About Chapter One.

  Click here to go to 'About Chapter One.'


  They all felt it, something like spinning, a swirling motion. They knew they were being taken on a journey again.

  “We’ve arrived,” Bailey announced as the spinning stopped.

  “We’re somewhere,” said Duncan. His nose was twitching violently. He didn’t like what he was smelling.

  They stood quietly, listening. Everything was silent. But wait. There was something, a slight snuffling sound. It was Bear. Bear was crying. “I want to go home. I’m frightened. Its dark, very, very, very dark, and everything is squooshy.”

  They could see that everything Bear said was true. It was squooshy. Whatever they were standing on was, well, just as Bear had said, squooshy.

  Suddenly Bailey knew what to do. She whispered to Bear and Duncan, “Hold my hands and make a circle.” Then they all said loudly

  “Paw to paw, hand to hand

  Together we will stand.

  We will not be afraid

  We are the Bailey Bunch.”

  Bear squeezed Bailey’s hand and Duncan’s paw and said, “That was good. I don’t feel frightened anymore. It’s good to belong together.”

  Duncan knew that he was the only one who had a chance of exploring in the dark. He pointed his nose to the ground and sniffed. He turned slowly in a complete circle. Nothing. How could it be so completely without scent? It was. He held his nose higher to pick up any scent from further away and did a circle again. It was the same, nothing! He reached up, put his front paws on Bear’s chest, and pointed his nose up as high as he could stretch. He sniffed. He sniffed again.

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