The canterbury tales, p.179
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.179

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1010 bihinde left behind

  1013 naite deny wratthe him become angry amonestinge admonishment leve abandon

  1015 as Caim such as Cain

  1016 witen blame

  1017 estaat social position agregged increased pleinly completely

  1019 lesinges lies

  1021 be woxe have become

  1022 peinte embellish bigilestow you deceive

  1023 conseille counsel doute fear heele health

  1024 lightly frivolously avisely with forethought

  1026 lightly easily relessing forgiveness

  1027 ben housled receive the Eucharist renovellen are renewed

  1029 stant… in consists in almesse alms-giving peine suffering

  1030 defaute lack goostly spiritual

  1031 herberwe shelter maladye sickness sepulture burial

  1034 hastily without delay prively secretly

  1035 forbere refrain from thank praise

  1037 lighten shine

  1038 orisons prayers

  1039 pitous devout redresseth it in directs itself to

  1040 digne worthy

  1041 koud learned lightly easily withholden keep

  1043 bitake consign agilten do wrong

  1044 amenuseth reduces aperteneth is fitting

  1045 ordinatly methodically

  1046 honestly reverently ben continued with be accompanied by

  1048 wakinge vigil Waketh watch

  1049 forberinge of abstinence from jolitee pleasure

  1050 apertenen are connected

  1051 largenesse liberality grucche grumble by mesure in moderation in untime at an improper time

  1052 discipline teaching (n.) heires hair-shirts stamin coarse worsted cloth haubergeons mail-coats

  1053 anoyed of irritated with

  1054 debonairetee gentleness suffraunce forbearance apaied pleased hauberkes mail-coats

  1055 discipline mortification of the flesh yerdes rods

  1056 suffraunce endurance lesinge loss catel possessions

  1057 destourben hinder wanhope despair

  1059 theragains against that at regard of in comparison with

  1060 again with regard to

  1061 by wey of according to

  1064 apertly openly

  1066 purchacen acquire timely soon

  1067 surquidrye over-confidence

  1068 sikernesse security ben in aventure are at risk

  1069 hir thankes voluntarily peine punishment

  1070 that oother the second

  1071 demeth believes

  1074 suffren allow

  1075 if him list (= listeth) if it pleases him

  1077 contrarioustee contrary grevaunce sorrow sikernesse security

  1078 freele frail apeiren harm

  1079 replenissed filled knowinge knowledge

  1080 regne kingdom purchace obtain lowenesse humility

  1081 tretis treatise liketh pleases therof for it

  1082 arrette it to blame it on unkonninge lack of skill

  1085 enditinges compositions

  1086 sownen into conduce to

  1088 omelies homilies

  1089 blisful blessed

  1090 studye to take thought for

  1092 day of doome Day of Judgement Qui cum patre etc. who with the Father (and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns as God for ever and ever. Amen)



  Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

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