The canterbury tales, p.178
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.178

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  594 domesman judge

  595 mede reward worship honour

  597 Actuum quarto Acts 4

  598 Take kepe take note ad Philipenses secundo Philippians 2 heigh exalted worshipful honourable ynempned named

  600 heighly solemnly deffended forbidden forswering perjury

  601 deliten hem take pleasure gentrye mark of breeding

  602 avisement reflection

  603 adjuracioun exorcism conjuracioun conjuration, the invocation of spirits nigromanciens necromancers

  605 divinailes divination sort casting of lots geomancye geomancy (n.) chirkinge creaking crakkinge creaking

  607 suffreth allows for in order that

  608 lesinges lies significacioun meaning evene Cristene fellow Christians

  610 catel property peinten embellish with alle circumstaunces with full details

  611 sustene back up

  612 gladly customarily

  613 losengerye flattery

  614 hautein proud enhauncen his herte and his contenaunce become overbearing

  615 wene of himself be think himself to be

  617 Placebo I shall please (n.)

  618 sustene support querele quarrel

  619 Malisoun cursing bireveth… fro deprives of

  621 over above eschewe refrain from as ferforth as far

  622 unsowen unsew

  623 unnethes with difficulty pleinly ben accorded be fully reconciled disclaundred slandered

  624 mesel leper harlot rogue

  625 rightwis sonde just dispensation suffrance permission meselrye leprosy maime maiming

  626 holour lecher dronkelewe drunken

  627 vileins wicked

  628 by any wey at all costs reprevinge taunting quiken kindle

  629 deslavee unbridled

  630 bihoveth nat it is not fitting for

  631 how that although uncovenable unfitting

  634 Ad Colossenses tertio Colossians 3

  636 tode toad

  637 parting-felawes partners

  639 ut Achitofel ad Absolonem as Achitofel (did) to Absalon (n.) again himself to his own disadvantage

  640 livinge way of life anoye harm

  641 grevous hostile specially in particular

  642 outrely utterly

  643 is aboute to maken is intent on making

  644 maken semblant pretend

  645 biwreying disclosure conseil secrets unnethe with difficulty restore repair

  646 threteth threatens

  647 idel frivolous naturel normal

  649 jangling gossiping apert open

  651 japeres buffoons japerye buffoonery gawdes tricks

  652 conforten encourage travaillen labour vileins shameful knakkes tricks

  654 mansuetude meekness debonairetee gentleness suffraunce forbearance

  655 refreineth curbs moevinges impulses corage inclination

  657 eschawfeth nat does not become inflamed

  658 quik living tretable inclinable enformed of perfected by

  660 outrages injuries

  661 disconfiteth defeats venquisse conquer

  662 grevances injuries

  663 repreved taunted

  664 algate in either case

  665 catel property nas but was only

  667 outrageous excessive travaillen labour haly dayes holy days

  668 Heeragains in response to this despitous cruel

  669 gerdoun reward pardurable everlasting

  670 trespas offence amoeved incensed yerde rod scoure beat

  676 parfourne the doctrine practise the teaching

  677 accidie sloth troubleth disturbs thoghtful moody wrawe peevish

  678 binimeth him takes away from him anoy of vexation at

  680 anoy irritation wrawnesse peevishness unlust slothfulness

  682 holden obliged heryinge praise adowringe worship

  684 bisinesse activity

  685 liflode sustenance purveaunce provision temporel worldly forsleweth is sluggish about forsluggeth neglects

  686 hevinesse sluggishness bounde constrained

  687 is anoyed is reluctant encombred hindered

  688 hardnesse hardship penaunce distress delicat sensitive shendeth ruins

  689 cacchen corage get the courage quiteth repays

  690 Usage the exercise sinwes sinews

  691 emprise enterprise

  692 casteth reflects circumstaunces conditions chargeaunt burdensome

  693 wanhope despair outrageous unrestrained wolde were willing

  695 in against

  696 douteth fears

  698 recreant faint-hearted seyth ‘creant’ surrenders

  700 bithinke him on recollect

  702 regne kingdom

  705 large generous

  706 sompnolence somnolence sloggy slombringe sluggish slumber

  707 by wey of resoun according to reason

  708 morwe-tide morning covenable suitable almesse alms

  710 rekketh of cares about how that although

  711 ne doth no fors does not care

  713 doon diligence do his utmost abaundone devote

  714 yate gate sheten shoot at discovert in an exposed position

  715 thurrok bilge jangles idle chatter trufles yarns

  718 tarditas tardiness laterede dilatory

  720 lachesse laziness forleten abandon stinten leave off governe control ne taken of him namoore kepe are no longer concerned about him contrarye difficulty anoy hardship

  721 witingly knowingly breres briars governaunce control

  722 freseth freezes

  723 undevocioun lack of devotion blent blinded apalled lack-lustre

  724 slough slow slombry sleepy

  725 tristicia sadness

  726 anoyed of irritated by

  727 by wey of kinde in the course of nature

  728 affeccioun movement of the spirit

  730 enhaunceth elevates enforceth fortifies abateth weakens long-suffraunce long-suffering travailles labours

  731 magnanimitee fortitude corage spirit bihoveth is necessary swolwe swallow

  733 queintise cunning sleighte trickery

  735 seuretee confidence sikernesse security ne douteth does not fear

  736 magnificence stout-heartedness gerdoun reward

  737 stablenesse steadfastness beringe behaviour cheere demeanour

  739 Ad Thimotheum sexto (1) Timothy 6

  740 confounded perplexed idel solas vain comfort

  741 likerousnesse greed

  742 purchacen acquire

  743 ne stant nat does not consist in catel property science learning outrageous superfluous

  744 withholde retain

  747 dooth moore observance takes greater care

  748 ad Ephesios quinto Ephesians 5

  749 idolastre idolater mawmet idol

  750 mawmettrie idolatry Exodi capitulo vicesimo Exodus 20

  751 grave thing graven object

  752 distreined oppressed tailages forced levies custumes customary services cariages taxes (g.) than hire duetee or resoun is than they owe or than is reasonable amercimentz fines

  753 raunsoninge of exacting payment from bonde-men serfs

  754 bireven take away from Augustinus de civitate libro nono Augustine, City of God, Book IX (n.)

  755 Genesis nono Genesis 9

  758 reven plunder

  760 contubernial familiar

  762 rede advise plit situation

  764 degree rank skile is it is reasonable devoir duty despit humiliation

  766 kouth known

  767 pilen plunder

  769 wombe stomach stinteth ceases

  771 lough low served in his estaat treated according to his rank

  772 byen buy

  773 but if if… not

  774 as ferforth as as far as lith lies confounde harass

  775 mesure moderation

  776 mesured measured out but if unless

  777 marchandise trade goostly spiritual honeste honourable leveful law
ful deshoneste dishonourable

  778 suffisaunt to himself self-sufficient

  779 marchandises goods

  781 simonye see g. ententif earnest seintuarye sanctuary, church cure care

  782 do his diligence does his best ordred in religious orders irreguler see n.

  783 cleped of named after temporel catel worldly wealth

  784 simonials simoniacs procuringe solicitation

  786 avauncen promote

  787 honeste honourable bargaininge making deals

  788 at regard of in comparison with

  789 forleseth loses utterly digne worthy

  790 patrimoine patrimony

  791 lewed lay yeveres of chirches patrons of churches

  792 han part of have a share in

  793 hasardrye gambling as tables such as backgammon rafles a game of chance, played with three dice chidinges quarrels ravines thefts reneyinge denial

  794 haunte indulge in

  795 lesinges lies

  796 bireve take away mede bribery

  797 questemongeres jurymen

  799 sleighte trickery by met or by mesure by (false) measuring

  800 enditementz indictments

  801 chirche-hawes churchyards

  802 vileins shameful

  803 reven take away

  804 relevinge of remedy for largely taken broadly understood misericorde mercy

  805 rescowinge rescuing evene Cristene fellow Christians

  806 corage heart misese distress

  809 amenused reduced

  810 lene lend

  811 resonable largesse moderate generosity bihoveth is necessary perdurables everlasting

  812 noot (= ne woot) does not know forgoon lose

  813 unmesurable immoderate fool-largesse prodigality

  816 drovy dirty trouble muddy

  817 aperteneth belongs

  818 desordeinee inordinate

  819 corrumped corrupted

  820 wombe belly confusioun destruction savouren relish

  821 usaunt to given to servage of bondage to hoord store

  822 sepulture burial

  823 wont accustomed travailled been labouring

  824 wexeth al trouble becomes confused

  825 mete food

  826 humours bodily fluids (g.) destempred unbalanced

  827 foryetelnesse forgetfulness

  828 gete him procures for himself delicat rich

  829 curiositee elaborateness apparaillen prepare

  831 meritorye meritorious hele health

  832 enforced strengthened

  833 attemperaunce temperance the mene the golden mean eschueth shuns deshonestee dishonour suffisance sufficiency dooth no fors of does not bother about

  834 deslavee unbridled outrage excess

  835 sparinge abstemiousness

  836 ny cosins close relations departe separate

  837 peines punishments

  838 staves sticks

  839 dreinte drowned diluge flood thonder-leit lightning

  840 avowtrye adultery

  841 stank lake

  842 lete leave taken him to devote himself to

  843 bitokneth signifies

  845 heste commandment alle manere every kind of

  847 anoyeth is harmful to haunten indulge in obligeth binds perdurable everlasting

  848 dreyeth dries up shent (= shendeth) destroys

  849 dispenden spend

  851 deliteth him moost takes most pleasure chaffare trade avantage profit

  852 cacche incite vileinye wickedness

  853 fool lecherous basilicok basilisk (n.)

  854 pich pitch shent injures

  856 fourneis furnace

  857 holours lechers do perform the act smatre beslobber

  858 roser rose-bush make a contenaunce make as if

  859 likerousnesse lechery

  861 by discrecioun in moderation atemprely moderately

  863 wombe stomach gripeth grasps reines loins

  864 grimnesse horribleness totrede trample down

  867 regne kingdom dewe due

  868 bireve deprive maidenhede virginity

  870 vileinyes wickednesses closure fence

  871 wexe grow

  873 longen belong

  874 tho that those who whilom formerly

  876 lorn destroyed stant vein is worthless

  877 reve take away from

  878 holour lover

  880 douted was afraid preyed him of vileinye asked him to do wrong take given warde guardianship

  882 matrimoine matrimony

  883 digne worthy

  885 unwar unwittingly harlotes lechers bordels brothels fool wommen prostitutes gonge latrine purgen evacuate

  886 putours pimps puterye prostitution bawdes procurers

  887 gladly customarily

  888 kerveth atwo cuts in two

  889 hir their

  891 religious in a religious order entred into ordre in orders subdekne subdeacon dekne deacon hospitaliers Knights Hospitallers (n.)

  892 agreggen increase

  894 ordred folk people in orders titled dedicated meignee company liven of live off

  895 misterye ministry Sathanas Satan, the devil

  896 haunteth indulges in

  897 Helie Eli sheweth appears

  898 juge see n. free bole see n. liketh pleases

  899 faren… by act towards

  900 ne konne nat are incapable of apaid satisfied soden boiled

  901 shrewes rascals

  902 harlotrye lechery halwes saints

  903 lemmanes mistresses malisoun curse court Cristien ecclesiastical court

  904 reward regard

  905 ne rekken of do not care about

  906 Thobie Tobias

  907 affinitee group of people related by marriage (n.) deled participated taken no kepe pay no attention

  908 parentele kinship goostly spiritual delen have sexual intercourse godsibbes relations by baptism (g.)

  911 mixne dunghill

  912 maidenes virgins corrupt sexually experienced

  913 langwissinge infirmity humours bodily fluids (g.) ranke luxuriant vertu retentif natural faculty to retain bodily effluents phisik medical science surfeet surfeit

  914 vileins shameful kepen hem control themselves

  915 desordeinee moevinges inordinate impulses talentes desires

  916 eschawfinges inflammations widwehode widowhood

  917 leefful lawful departed separated

  918 wolde wished

  919 halwen sanctify

  921 point state o one

  922 figured symbolized heved head algate at any rate by ordinaunce according to the principle of order

  924 engendrure offspring conjoint to united with

  925 bere him behave suffraunce forbearance

  927 the maistrye the upper hand desray trouble

  928 holden kept

  931 decree canon law (n.) leve permission

  932 attempree restrained array clothing setten hire entente to take care to queintise elaboration

  933 purpre purple

  936 mesurable restrained beringe behaviour

  938 perfit perfect

  939 engendrure procreation

  940 eschewe avoid

  941 merite of credit for lust wish

  943 rekke nevere do not care

  945 forgoon lost releved rescued

  946 agilte should do wrong

  947 contenaunce behaviour boiste jar

  948 bihoveth is necessary

  949 preisinge glory as… in egalitee on a par with

  951 ese comfort

  954 stikinge fastening leit flame

  955 but he be unless he is

  957 heigh lofty lete leave divines theologians

  958 stant in consists in

  959 coveiten desire

  960 agreggeth increase

  961 gentil or thral nobly-born or a serf ordred in religious orders

  963 maiden virgin in manere of in the nature

  964 chirche-hawe churchyard dedicat consecrated

  965 halwed consecrated spille his kinde emits seminal fluid entredited interdicted

  966 to terme of al his lif for the rest of his life

  967 consentement consent

  968 eggen incite parteners accomplices

  970 unkinde ungrateful wexeth becomes

  971 latter later eschew loath shriven him be confessed

  972 forleten abandon al outrely completely departen divide shrift confession

  973 excitinge urging

  974 maugree hir heed in spite of all she could do afforced forced harneis details

  975 suffred allowed

  976 with alle circumstaunces with full details bordel-wommen prostitutes

  977 latter more recent

  978 conseil advice

  979 after that according as engreggen burden ben avised of reflect on

  984 agilt offended against

  985 therof about this travailleth suffers

  986 publican tax-collector heven lift

  987 next nearest to

  990 meene intermediary

  991 but if maladye destourbe it unless sickness prevents it taken kepe pay any attention to sit (= sitteth) sits

  992 trespased done wrong maken his accord be reconciled outrageous impudent

  995 ne lette nat should not delay

  996 biknowe confess

  998 warisshe cure

  999 unshewed undisclosed

  1000 certein certainty drecchinge continuance

  1003 purveyed prepared avised thought about

  1005 drede fear countrewaite guard fle avoid

  1006 parcel part departe divide

  1007 never a deel not at all

  1008 penitauncer assigner of penance curaat parish priest but if it like to thee unless it pleases you

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