The canterbury tales, p.177
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.177

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  47 feste entertainment

  48 wit intellectual capacity

  52 vouchesauf agree

  54 avis opinion

  57 textuel learned

  58 sentence content

  61 word speech

  62 for to doone a fit thing to do

  64 space time

  68 faire yow bifalle good luck to you

  69 what yow list what pleases you

  73 fructuous fruitful, edifying

  Rubric Ier. 6° Jeremiah 6 (n.)

  75 wole perisse will perish wole that wishes that perdurable everlasting

  76 amonesteth admonishes

  77 sentences teachings

  80 covenable suitable

  81 cleped called

  82 wite know whennes why accions performances

  83 spices sorts apertenen belong bihoven to are fitting for

  84 pleininge bewailing

  85 som a certain waimentinge lamentation pineth tortures

  86 verray true

  87 shrift confession

  89 japere trifler gabbere idle talker eftsoone again

  90 stinte cease

  92 unnethe with difficulty charged weighed down

  93 forlete renounce siker sure

  94 in his laste at his death

  97 but unless clene pure

  102 solempne ritual commune public privee private

  104 fame report destreineth constrains

  106 shrive us confess

  109 benignely patiently

  110 again for wrathe anger

  111 recchelesnesse carelessness

  115 digne worthy

  117 sikernesse security egre pungent

  118 dome judgement

  121 dooth him causes him to

  122 norice nurse

  124 sadly steadfastly

  127 after according to

  129 sad steadfast

  130 poinaunt piercing

  131 agilt offended against

  136 Apocalips Apocalypse, Book of Revelation limes members

  137 ben woxen have become thral enslaved hate object of hatred

  138 spewing vomit

  139 continuinge continuance

  144 Though I wiste even if I knew

  151 Take reward of have regard to

  152 soore bitterly

  153 heele health

  154 unkindely ungratefully vileinsly vilely

  156 Likneth compare groin snout

  157 wroteth grubs about

  162 sete throne

  164 essoine excuse for non-appearance in court at the appointed time

  166 sleighte cunning

  167 corrupt corrupted mede bribery

  170 moot biknowen must confess

  171 harye drag

  172 withoute-forth outside

  177 misese suffering

  178 o one

  179 acquite himself make amends

  180 at regard of in comparison with

  182 defaute lack

  185 destourben him to see prevent him from seeing

  186 miseise misery

  187 confusioun disgrace

  188 knave commoner

  190 heighnesse high rank fortroden of trampled by

  191 hevedes heads abated degraded

  193 oneden united

  196 forther over in addition

  197 smale fine-spun

  198 strawed strewn covertures coverlets

  201 everich each

  202 whilom formerly flesshly in the flesh

  206 solas comfort

  207 delices luxuries after according to savoringe tasting

  208 grintinge gnashing

  209 nosethirles nostrils

  211 wene believe

  213 peineth tortures

  214 wrecche kaitives miserable wretches

  217 rewle rule

  218 creat created nombred numbered

  224 lorn lost

  225 halwes saints

  228 bithinke him recollect talent desire

  229 science knowledge

  230 waimente lament, wail

  233 mortefied deprived of life astoned rendered lifeless

  235 in charitee in a state of grace quiken come to life

  239 reherce enumerate

  243 abregge shorten

  244 enlumine and lightne illuminate and enlighten

  245 usen accustom

  246 ne wole does not wish

  248 J’ay tout perdu… labour I have completely wasted my time and my effort

  250 fareth acts forleteth leaves off

  251 bihight promised

  254 moment (in medieval reckoning) the fortieth or fiftieth part of an hour rekeninge account

  257 wakinges vigils

  258 mowes grimaces repreves insults

  259 nothing not at all

  264 obeisaunt obedient

  267 desordinaunce flouting of order aboghte paid for

  269 bitraysed betrayed destreined tied up brast burst

  270 daunte subdue

  271 caitif wretched

  273 forfeted sinned shendshipe disgrace

  275 disordinaunces violations of order

  276 bispet spat upon

  278 biscorned scoffed at

  279 seyn seen vileinsly shamefully

  280 nothing hadde agilt had done no wrong

  283 gerdone reward

  284 soverein bountee supreme generosity

  287 yeve given

  290 soupe eat supper

  291 regne kingdom biheteth promises

  294 refreineth restrains talent desire apertly plainly

  295 dwelleth lasts al be it never so lite however little it is

  296 again against

  298 shriven hem are confessed

  299 bigileres deceivers

  304 anguissous anxious pleinly fully

  305 amende him of correct

  306 at his power to the best of his ability

  308 wherof availeth of what benefit is

  309 relessedest forgave

  310 sad firm

  311 waik weak

  312 servage bondage goodes benefits

  314 sette his entente to set his heart on were would be corage inclination therof with them

  315 debonairly gently

  316 partie part

  317 convenable appropriate

  319 condiciouns circumstances

  320 moot must forwrapped covered up avaunte him boast

  321 whennes whence

  322 springinge origin

  325 nothing not at all

  329 eet ate

  330 membres genitals

  331 by as regards naddre adder

  332 deffended forbidden

  334 contract incurred erst before

  335 perdurable everlasting if it nere were it not for binimeth takes away from culpe guilt

  336 heynesse high rank

  337 after according to

  338 desobeisaunt disobedient norissinge nourishing

  341 quenche be quenched refreided cooled malefice witchcraft

  342 again against

  343 penaunce suffering clothlees without clothes

  344 kaitif wretched

  345 woned lived ney almost

  347 sikerly assuredly

  348 everich each

  350 wexeth grows

  351 bely bellows

  352 bithinketh him considers

  353 waive reject flawmbe flame delit pleasure

  354 kepe him guard himself

  355 by concerning chace harass hente catch departe single out prise booty lust desire

  356 departeth divides dede the act

  357 actuel committed by one’s own act (as opposed to original sin)

  358 outher either

  359 amenuseth diminishes

  360 charge burden but if so be unless descharge him rid himself lightly easily

  361 skippeth passes

  363 wawe wave drencheth sinks crevace crack thurrok bilge

  364 dreint sunk

  365 anoyouse harmful

  366 biset fixed

  367 weyeth… as muche is of as much weight

  368 flitte vary

  369 bireveth takes away

  371 sith since covenable appropriate

  372 suffiseth to is sufficient for

  373 benignly graciously

  374 heele health by thilke encheson for the same reason

  375 useth has sexual intercourse with soverein supreme engendrure procreation entente purpose

  376 blandise blandish

  377 almesse alms apparaileth his mete prepares his food deliciously sumptuously likerousnesse gluttony

  378 tale vanitees tells idle tales of vileinye shameful

  379 biheteth promises lightnesse frivolousness misseyeth speaks ill of

  380 ther when soothfastnesse truth

  382 eschewe avoid refreine him restrain himself greve harm

  384 anoyeth harms

  386 almes-dede alms-giving Confiteor see n. complin compline (g.)

  387 bihovely necessary chieftaines leaders renne in o lees run on one leash spring source

  388 accidie laziness slewthe sloth

  390 outrely completely

  391 inobedience disobedience avauntinge boastfulness despit disdain elacioun self-esteem contumacye rebelliousness pertinacye obstinacy

  392 for despit out of spite goostly spiritual

  393 bountee good

  395 Despitous contemptuous evene Cristen fellow Christians

  396 demeth believes

  399 as to regard of with reference to konninge intelligence beringe behaviour

  400 Elacioun arrogance suffre endure

  401 undernome of reproved for werreyeth attacks witingly knowingly

  402 Contumax contumacious indignacioun arrogance

  403 emprise enterprise surquidye over-ambition theras where waiten expect

  405 temporel heynesse worldly rank

  406 Janglinge chattering clappeth as a mille clacks like a mill

  407 waiteth expects salewed greeted pax pax-board (n.) encensed censed offringe the Offertory

  408 semblable similar agains his duetee contrary to what is due to him

  411 levesel bunch of leaves (used as a tavern sign)

  412 contenaunce behaviour outrageous extravagant

  414 cowpable blameworthy derthe costliness his its straungenesse rarity degisynesse elaborateness inordinat excessive

  415 costlewe expensive to desordinat excessive

  417 embrawdinge embroidering degise fancy endentinge indentation barringe ornamenting with stripes owndinge ornamenting with waved lines palinge decoration with vertical stripes windinge twining (with thread or silk) bendinge decorating with stripes

  418 pownsoninge punching chisel pointed blade dagginge ornamenting clothing with pointed edges sheris scissors

  419 forth with together with

  421 convenient suitable estaat rank beete relieve distemperance inclemency

  422 disordinat inordinate kutted shortened sloppes loose tunics hanselins very short jackets

  423 boce bulge hirnia hernia wrappinge folds

  424 hindre part rear

  425 degisinge fancy clothing departinge dividing flayn flayed

  427 corrupt infected fir of Seint Antony skin disease (e.g. erysipelas) cancre spreading ulcer

  429 in despit of honestetee in contempt of decency

  430 debonaire meek atir fine clothing likerousnesse lecherousness

  431 honestetee beauty uncovenable unfitting scantitee scantiness reprevable blameworthy

  432 aornement adornment apertenen to are connected with delicat fine

  433 to curious over-elaborate crouperes cruppers peitrels breast-plates

  435 taken litel reward of have little concern for

  437 notified made known meinee retinue

  438 felonous cruel damageous harmful hardinesse arrogance

  439 sustenen support

  441 careine carrion

  442 God yeve may God grant

  443 benisoun blessing malisoun curse but unless

  444 cleped invited rebuked repelled

  445 bakemetes pies dissh-metes food cooked in dishes wilde fir artificial flames castelled with papir decorated with paper towers (n.) abusioun perversion

  446 curiositee elaborateness delices of luxurye self-indulgent pleasures

  448 especes species sourden of arise from imagined, avised, and forncast plotted, planned, and premeditated of usage from habit

  449 freletee frailty unavised without premeditation

  451 stonden… in consist in

  452 delivernesse agility gentrice nobility of birth franchise being free-born

  453 wit intelligence engin inventiveness vertu naturel natural ability

  454 preisinges praises

  455 science knowledge

  458 heele health enchesoun cause

  459 coveiteth desires again against sorier more wretched

  460 hardinesse boldness

  461 gentrye nobility binimeth takes away

  462 apparailleth furnishes corage heart

  463 cherl bondsman

  464 eschewinge avoidance servage bondage contenaunce behaviour

  465 large by mesure generous in moderation

  467 covenable fit debonairetee kindness

  468 flies insects

  470 goodes blessings turned him to goodnesse been beneficial to him

  471 kaitif captive

  473 brotel brittle

  477 holdeth of himself no pris ne deintee sets no store or value by himself as in regard of with respect to

  479 naught worth worth nothing

  480 rekketh nat does not care

  481 atempree moderate biknoweth acknowledges bountee virtue amenuseth diminishes

  482 chese choose conseil advice

  483 stonde… to submit to award judgement

  484 wele prosperity

  485 platly directly

  487 werreyeth attacks grace good fortune yeve given

  489 bountees virtues divers different

  490 wel unnethe hardly

  491 kindely natural kinde nature

  493 bakbitinge slander

  494 digne worthy

  495 shrewed entente wicked purpose

  498 fifte fifth ay continually after in proportion to

  499 grucchinge grumbling murmuracioun murmuring

  500 pine suffering catel property shrewes wicked people

  501 ordinaunce decree

  502 enointe anointed heved head

  503 murmure grumbling of hire owene catel with their own property

  504 weep wept

  505 bereth him on hond accuses him of

  506 leveful lawful

  507 verray despit pure resentment

  508 lewed folk uneducated people

  511 al do he never so wel however well he does

  512 waiteth lies in wait

  514 wante be lacking

  517 wilne wish

  518 amonestinge admonishment anoyes troubles

  520 catel property

  525 bountee good

  526 chacen afflict pursuen persecute

  529 grevous difficult perfourne put into action confounded destroyed

  530 disconfited defeated

  532 paas see n. largely fully

  533 finde him a matere of find a reason for

  534 lightly easily wrooth angry

  536 fervent hot yquiked kindled

  537 eschawfinge heating moevinge agitation trouble disturbed

  539 jalousye of zeal for

  540 debonairetee mildness Irascimini et nolite peccare Be ye angry, and sin not

  541 avisement reflection

  543 avised deliberate cast biforn premeditated

  544 wasteth destroys

  545 put (= putteth) puts binimeth takes away

  546 forneis furnace eschawfed heated

  548 gleedes embers quike kindle brimstoon sulphur everemo always

  549 but if unless
r />
  550 matere cause norice nurse kepere guardian

  551 a manere tree a kind of tree

  552 Estre day Easter Sunday

  554 shrewes villains

  555 toonges tongs

  556 cheeste quarreling reprevinges reproaches

  557 anoyeth… to harms

  558 outrageous excessive

  559 of Crist towards Christ halwes saints

  560 debonaire humble

  561 alday continually reveth him deprives him of

  564 in diverse wise in different ways

  565 homicide a murderer

  567 conseil advice areisen levy custumes customary services taillages taxes

  568 abregginge reduction shepe wages

  571 justice judge dampneth condemns coupable guilty kepinge preservation

  572 in his defendaunt in self-defence

  574 caas or aventure chance or accident shete shoots

  575 overlieth lies on

  576 outher either secree places private parts

  577 unkindely unnatural shedeth hire nature emit their seminal fluid

  579 approcheth to assembles with (sexually) is perissed perishes leseth loses

  580 arretteth upon attributes to hasardours gamblers

  582 unreverently irreverently auter altar releessed forgiven

  583 attry venomous amonested admonished forleten renounce

  584 hokerly scornfully unstedefastnesse frailty

  585 compleccioun temperament (g.) corageous spirited, ardent

  586 delivere release biknoweth confesses

  589 in alle manere in any way

  592 rule yow after be guided by quarto capitulo chapter 4 swere… in doom take an oath in court

  593 unleveful unlawful

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