The canterbury tales, p.176
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.176

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1136 Voideth send away theroute outside

  1137 shette shut

  1138 privetee secret business

  1141 yede went

  1148 wherof of what

  1149 outher… outher either… or

  1150 was which was

  1151 hie make haste

  1152 couchen lay

  1153 in tokening I thee love as a token that I love you

  1155 do done

  1156 Graunt merci thank you

  1158 feendly fiendish

  1160 bechen cole piece of charcoal made from beech-wood

  1161 subtilly cunningly

  1162 limaille filings

  1163 withouten faille truly

  1165 gin contrivance

  1169 bigile deceive thoghte intended

  1170 wente atwinne separated

  1171 terved fleeced blinne cease

  1172 dulleth vexes

  1173 me wreke avenge myself

  1175 He is so changeable that he doesn’t settle anywhere

  1178 baar carried prively secretly

  1184 therwith with it but a while only for a short space of time

  1187 wete moisture

  1189 with sory grace bad luck to him

  1190 middeward middle

  1192 gonne faste brenne were burning vigorously

  1194 As swithe in a trice

  1199 nedes of necessity

  1200 evene above exactly above

  1202 iliche equally

  1203 sleighte trick

  1204 alkamistre alchemist

  1207 Go out and bring back a piece of chalk

  1209 han hap have good fortune

  1210 bolle bowl

  1212 thrive prosper preve succeed

  1213 for so that misbileve mistrust

  1214 conceite notion

  1221 What why

  1222 shoop formed wise fashion

  1223 devise tell

  1225 teine rod ivele moot he cheve bad luck to him

  1228 brede breadth

  1229 drede doubt

  1230 nat espide did not notice

  1233 mirye cheere a cheerful expression

  1235 When it pleased him, and immediately ordered the priest

  1242 sey saw

  1244 halwes saints

  1245 hir malisoun their curse

  1246–8 But… I wol be youre if I am not yours and ye vouchesauf if you agree

  1249 assay trial

  1251 expert of trained in

  1253 discipline craft crafty learned

  1260 faste vigorously

  1263 eft a second time

  1264 for a countenance as a pretence

  1265 holwe hollow taak keep take note

  1268 weel well

  1269 every deel every bit

  1270 in his bisinesse occupied

  1271 gan him dresse went

  1273 er before

  1274 terve flay

  1277 ordeined prepared get contrivance

  1278 relente melt

  1279 again the fir under the effect of the fire

  1280 Unless he is a fool, knows well that it necessarily must

  1281 yede came

  1283 what wol ye bet than wel what more do you want

  1288 profred offered eftsone again

  1289 good wealth sone straightway

  1290 crafty skilful

  1291 warne tell bihinde to follow

  1292 herinne in the house

  1294 bye buy as swithe without delay

  1295 hie the make haste

  1297 nam took

  1299 pronounce tell

  1300 wit understanding doublenesse duplicity

  1303 feendly fiendish

  1304 werieth wearies

  1306 To th’entente that in order that

  1309 as swithe at once

  1311 stoupe stoop

  1312 jape trick

  1313 made his ape duped

  1318 teine rod

  1319 heine rogue

  1320 Unwiting not knowing

  1321 laft left

  1322 rumbled made a rumbling noise

  1323 wonder prively very secretly

  1325 hente seized

  1326 in his game jocularly

  1328 whil-er a while before

  1333 wite find out oght worth anything

  1334 nolde would not wish for min hood by my hood

  1338 putte… in assay tested

  1339 seye nay deny

  1341 sotted stupid

  1345 lustier more eager carolinge singing in a round-dance

  1347 hardy brave

  1348 grace favour

  1349 sory wretched leere learn

  1352 unto from

  1353 receit formula

  1355 save except frere friar

  1357 No fors no matter

  1360 at o word in a word thee list it pleases you

  1362 nere were it not for

  1364 somme sum

  1365 fette fetched took gave

  1368–9 kepe han no loos Of do not wish to have any fame because of cloos secret

  1371 and if soutiltee skill

  1374 were would be

  1376 hadde I levere I would rather

  1377 wexe I wood may I go mad

  1378 mescheef misfortune

  1379 good preef success

  1381 sy saw

  1383 wolde wished

  1385 bijaped tricked

  1386 introduccioun preparation

  1388 estaat rank of society

  1389 debaat strife

  1390 So ferforth to such an extent unnethes hardly

  1391 blent (= blendeth) blinds

  1393 scarsetee scarcity

  1394 mistily figuratively

  1395 come therby grasp it

  1396 wit cleverness

  1397 chiteren jabber

  1398 And revel in their jargon and take trouble over it

  1400 lightly easily aught anything

  1401 good wealth

  1402 lucre profit lusty pleasant

  1403 grame sorrow

  1404 empten empty

  1405 purchasen obtain

  1406 Of from

  1407 brent burned

  1409 I advise you who practise it to abandon it

  1410 lese lose bet than nevere is late better late than never

  1411 date time

  1412 prolle ay search for ever

  1414 blondreth blunders casteth perceives

  1415 renne run

  1416 bisides aside

  1420 brode with eyes wide open

  1421 on that chaffare in that trade

  1422 rape and renne seize and make off with

  1423 to faste too vigorously

  1425 thrift prosperity ful clene completely

  1426 right as swithe right away

  1428 Newe Toun Villanova (n.)

  1431 mortifye harden (n.)

  1432 Unless it is with his brother’s co-operation

  1433 How be that although

  1435 dragon mercury (n.)

  1439 brimstoon sulphur

  1440 Sol sun (gold) Luna moon (silver) (n.)

  1441 sawe saying

  1442 bisy him exert himself

  1445 lewed stupid

  1446 konning skill

  1447 secree secret

  1451 soothfastnesse truth

  1452 privee secret

  1457 ignotum per ignocius see n.

  1461 tho then

  1463 nille will not

  1465 discovere reveal

  1467 leef precious

  1469 liketh pleases his deitee him

  1470 enspire enlighten defende prohibit

  1473 nevene speak of

  1475rede advise lat it goon let it pass

  1477anything at all

  1478thrive succeed

  1480point full stop

  1481boote of his bale remedy for his tribulations

  1 Woot know stant (= standeth) stands

  2 ycleped called

nbsp; 4 jape joke

  5 Dun is in the mire see n.

  6 hire money (n.)

  7 al bihinde at the rear

  9 nappeth sleeps cokkes bones a euphemistic substitution for ‘Goddes bones’

  10 atones any minute

  11 with meschaunce curse him

  12 Do him com forth make him come forward

  14 botel hey bundle of hay

  16 by the morwe in the morning

  17 fleen fleas

  18 quene trollop yswonke laboured

  20 nothing not at all

  22 hevinesse drowsiness

  23 Noot I nat I do not know me were levere I would rather

  24 galoun win gallon of wine

  31 daswen grow dim

  33 wel disposed in good health

  34 yglosed flattered

  35 ganeth yawns wight creature

  36 swolwe swallow

  40 Foule moot thee falle I hope you come to a bad end

  41 lusty gallant

  42 justen atte fan joust at the quintain (n.)

  43 yshape prepared

  44 dronken han win-ape have drunk yourself stupid

  46 wax wrooth and wraw grew angry

  47 on… gan nodde shook his head at faste vigorously

  48 caste threw

  49 Wheras where

  50 chivachee feat of horsemanship

  52 were was

  53 showving shoving

  54 care and wo trouble and distress

  55 So helpless was this wretched feeble soul

  59 lewedly incompetently

  60 moisty new

  62 fneseth wheezes the pose a cold in the head

  63 inow enough

  64 capul horse slow mire

  65 eftsoone a second time

  66 inow to doone our hands full

  67 cors body

  68 make I no fors I do not care about

  69 to nice too foolish

  70 repreve him of reprove him for

  72 Reclaime thee cut short your flight lure see n.

  73 smale trivial

  74–5 Such as finding fault with your accounts, which would not be to your credit, if it came to the crunch

  76 mescheef misfortune

  77 lightly easily

  79 rit (= rideth) rides

  80 wrathe anger also mote I thrive as I may prosper

  81 in my bourde jokingly

  82 gourde flask

  88 faste heartily

  90 pouped tooted

  91 took… again gave back

  92 fain glad

  94 wonder wonderfully

  96 Where that wherever

  97 disese vexation

  98 appese appease

  99 Bacus Bacchus, god of wine

  101 Worship honour thy deitee you

  103 I the preye I beg you

  105 Phebus Phoebus Apollo, god of the sun

  107 mooste lusty bachiler most gallant knight

  110 again the sonne in the sun

  112 wroghte performed

  113 minstralcye musical instruments

  114 that so that

  119 Therto in addition semelieste most handsome

  121 fetures features discrive describe

  122 on live alive

  123 therwith besides

  124 parfit worthinesse perfect nobility

  125 bachelrye knighthood

  126 fredom magnanimity

  127 desport recreation

  132 speke to speak

  134 countrefete imitate

  137 by an hondred thousand deel a hundred thousandth part

  138 mirily sweetly

  141 dide evere his diligence always endeavoured

  142 doon hire reverence show her respect

  143 sothe truth

  144 wolde han kept hire fain would gladly have kept her confined

  145 For he was unwilling to be deceived

  146 swich degree such a position

  147 in idel in vain

  148 clene of pure in

  149 kept in… await watched suspiciously

  151 shrewe bad woman

  152 verray nicetee true folly

  153 spille waste

  154 writen wrote in hir lives while they were alive

  157 weninge believing plesaunce attentiveness

  158 manhode courtesy governaunce behaviour

  159 grace favour

  160 embrace bring it about

  161 destreine restrain

  164 And give your whole mind and attention

  166 bithinke imagine

  167 clenly neatly

  168 gay fine

  170 Levere rather

  171 wrecchednesse vile things

  172 doon his bisinesse do his best

  175 Lat take suppose one were to take

  178 weiveth abandons

  181 lust desire

  182 flemeth banishes discrecioun judgement

  183 vileins kinde base nature

  184 lewedeste coarsest

  186 hir lust she wants make mate

  187 by concerning

  188 nothing not at all

  189 likerous lecherous

  190 parforme hir delit take their pleasure

  192 debonaire meek

  193 newefangel fond of novelty with meschaunce curse it

  194 konne can

  195 sowneth into is consistent with

  197 jolitee handsomeness

  198 under him behind his back

  201 moore greater

  204 lemman lover

  205 knavissh speche vulgar expression

  208 moot nede acorde with must necessarily match

  210 The word must be akin to the action

  211 boistous straightforward

  213 degree rank

  214 dishoneste unchaste

  215 povre poor

  217 gentile high-born lady

  218 cleped called

  223 titlelees having no title, usurping

  224 theef erraunt bandit

  226 sentence saying

  227 for because

  228 meinee troops dounright out of hand

  229 make al plain level everything

  231 but only

  233 meschief affliction

  235 textuel learned

  236 never a del not a bit

  239 wroghten performed lust volage wanton pleasure

  240 ay all the time

  245 mirily sweetly

  248 amis wrongly

  249 for in spite of

  251 minstralcye musical ability

  252 waiting watching blered is thin eye you have been hoodwinked

  255 montaunce value so moot I thrive as I may prosper

  256 sey saw swive fuck

  258 sadde toknes reliable signs

  260 To his great shame and dishonour

  262 gan aweyward for to wryen turned away

  263 brast atwo would break in two

  264 flo arrow

  266 th’effect all there is to say

  267 minstralcye musical instruments

  268 giterne gittern (g.) sawtrye psaltery (g.)

  272 confusioun ruin

  273 nere I should I not be

  274 lustihed delight

  275 sad constant

  276 listow you lie

  277 dorste I I dare

  278 rakel rash

  279 trouble wit disturbed mind recchelees heedless

  280 unavised thoughtlessly

  281 wantrust mistrust

  282 wit reason discrecioun judgement

  283 rakelnesse rashness

  285 witen know

  286 beth avised take thought

  290 fordoon destroyed

  293 thee quite pay you back for

  294 whilom formerly

  295 forgon lose

  298 awreke avenged

  301 again at the approach of

  302 In tokeninge as a sign

  303 stirte sprang anon without delay

  304 pulled plucked out

  305 rafte took away

  306 slong slung

  307 bitake consign to

  308 for this cas because of this incident

  310 Beth war take note taketh kepe be careful

  312 dight had it off with

  320 feend devil

  321 hem blesse guard themselves

  324 him avise consider speeke says

  326 spilt ruined

  327 avisely with forethought

  328 shent destroyed

  330 but except doost thy peine endeavour

  332 leere learn

  335 ivele avised ill-considered

  336 Where less speech would have been quite sufficient

  338 wanteth naught is not lacking

  339 Do you know what a rash tongue is good for

  340 forkutteth cuts forkerveth slices

  343 janglere gossip

  346 bekke nod

  347 Dissimule as pretend

  349 if thee leste if it please you

  350 jangling chattering

  352 You need not fear to be betrayed

  353 misseid said something wrong

  354 clepe… again call back

  356 be him leef or looth whether he likes it or not

  358 ivel apaid sorry

  359 auctour newe originator

  361 Wherso wherever

  1 By that by the time that

  2 the south line meridian (n.)

  7 as there in that place

  8 lengthe height

  10 see n.

  12 thropes of a village

  13 gye govern

  14 joly gay

  18 of ech degree from each social rank

  19 ordinaunce plan

  20 good chaunce good luck

  21 lustily entertainingly

  22 vicary vicar (n.)

  23 person parson

  24 Whatever you are, do not put a stop to our fun

  26 Unbokele unbuckle male bag (of stories)

  27 cheere appearance

  29 cokkes bones a euphemistic substitution for ‘Goddes bones’

  31 for by

  33 weiven soothfastnesse reject truth

  35 draf chaff fest fist

  36 if that me lest if it pleases me

  39 that if (n.) audience a hearing

  40 fain gladly at Cristes reverence in honour of Christ

  41 leefful lawful

  42 southren southern

  43 geste recite alliterative verse

  45 glose use fine words

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