The canterbury tales, p.172
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.172

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1301 soverein greatest

  1304 in idel waketh watches in vain

  1308 have… in suspect be suspicious of

  1309 but if so be unless

  1310 paraventure by chance

  1311 conversacioun conduct feine thy wey conceal where you are going

  1312 hoold thee keep

  1313 eschewe shun

  1315 accompte consider lite little lete abandon keping protection

  1317 Weleful fortunate

  1318 hardinesse boldness

  1319 everemo countrewaite continually guard against emboissementz ambushes espiaille spying

  1322 siker safe

  1324 well avised wise

  1325 wesele weasel bole bull

  1326 holde bring to bay

  1327 doute fear

  1328 lust desire

  1329 kepe the abstain from

  1330 make no compaignye do not associate

  1333 artelries ballistic engines

  1335 aperteneth… to is connected with

  1336 costages expense stree straw

  1337 garnisoun defence

  1339 discomfite defeat

  1342 purveyen and apparailen yow make provision and prepare yourself

  1348 avised thought about

  1349 acorded agreed

  1354 inow repreved sufficiently reproved

  1355 descende to the special get down to detail after the doctrine according to the advice

  1357 trespas offence vileinye injury

  1358 trespassours offenders

  1360 put (= putteth) puts

  1361 wilfulnesse determination

  1368 cosins germains first cousins ny kinrede near relations

  1369 wherfore on whose account stinte to plede with yow abandon a law-suit against you

  1370 moten must dispended distributed

  1371 take but litel reward have little concern

  1373 so were it were the case

  1374 siker trusty

  1375 fer distant litel sib distantly related

  1377 acorde to is compatible with

  1380 attemprely with restraint

  1382 consente be consistent with suffise to be adequate for

  1387 consequent consequence

  1389 waar aware

  1395 fer cause remote cause ny cause immediate cause

  1398 accidental contingent (n.)

  1400 cause formal see n. werkinge action clomben climbed

  1401 it letted nat inasmuche as in hem was there was no holding back on their part

  1402 deme judge conjectinge conjecture supposinge supposition

  1405 suffred allowed as for no soothfastnesse in truth

  1406 depe mysterious

  1407 serchen explore suffisantly adequately

  1414 ytaken kepe paid attention

  1415 sleeth slays

  1416 that what

  1417 out of mesure immoderately

  1418 hath… in despit despises eris ears misericorde mercy

  1424 five wittes five senses

  1425 wold willed

  1427 enforce yow try

  1429 sewe of follow from

  1430 were harm would be a pity

  1431 dissevered separated

  1432 trespassours offenders

  1435 singuler persone private individual

  1437 preveth finds out

  1438 do outrages commit crimes

  1444 liketh me nothing does not please me at all

  1445 bithenke me recollect passe many a strong paas get out of many a tight corner

  1447 assaye make trial of

  1448 lene bend

  1449 folily foolishly

  1450 cleer bright brotil brittle

  1452 seur sure siker certain

  1454 in so muchel to that extent

  1458 soverein juge supreme judge (i.e. God) vileinyes injuries

  1462 somne encourage warne invite

  1464 suffrance forbearance

  1465 holden over lowe kept too low

  1466 mowe be able to

  1469 longeth belongs

  1472 al oonly only

  1475 wexen grow

  1476 lese lose

  1477 putte suppose

  1481 sawe saying woodnesse madness

  1483 weiker weaker

  1484 flee avoid

  1485 worship source of credit noise quarrelling

  1486 grevaunce injury

  1487 studye take pains stille appease

  1491 sette I cas I put the case

  1492 of from

  1495 defautes faults

  1501 owen ought encline bow

  1503 vileins surly

  1504 betten beat

  1507 enforce yow try

  1509 pardurable permanent after that according to that which

  1511 troweth trust wel ynorisshed well brought up

  1512 doctrine wisdom wit understanding

  1514 attempreth restrains

  1516 to preise to be praised

  1523 corage inclination

  1524 repreve to blame

  1525 outrage crime

  1531 shrewednesse wickedness

  1532 defende ward off

  1533 anon immediately

  1535 putte swich attemperance practise such moderation

  1536 repreven… of blame for

  1538 seweth follows

  1540 wrooth of angry at toucheth him nat does not affect him

  1541 coupable blameworthy entremetteth him interferes

  1542 noise quarrel

  1543 outherwhile biten with sometimes bitten by

  1544 medleth him of interferes with

  1545 grief injury ny nearly

  1546 no mervaille no wonder

  1551 avanten him boast

  1553 ygeten acquired

  1554 temporel worldly

  1556 net-herdes cowherd’s chese choose

  1557 oon wol nat not one will

  1558 happy fortunate

  1559 wexe become

  1561 thralle enslaved bonde of linage born in bondage

  1564 ruine toppling

  1567 by kinde by nature burthe birth eten the almesse live on the charity

  1568 mishappy unfortunate

  1570 algates nevertheless

  1575 have yow behave bere yow conduct yourself

  1576 sokingly gradually, slowly

  1577 desiringe eager abandoneth him devotes himself

  1579 lightly easily

  1580 wexeth increases

  1584 defendeth forbids

  1585 falle unto happen to

  1590 tilien till

  1591 casteth him to no bisinesse applies himself to no labour

  1592 covenable suitable

  1593 versifiour poet by encheson of because of

  1596 werkinge work

  1599 scars parsimonious sparinge frugal fool-large spendthrift over-large too generous

  1600 scarsitee parsimony chincherye miserliness

  1603 chinche niggard

  1605 by mesure in moderation

  1607 propre property shapen hem take steps

  1608 flee shun

  1610 weldinge control

  1614 encheson reason

  1615 departen separate

  1618 swolweth swallows

  1620 kepe yow behave

  1621 debonairetee kindness

  1625 name reputation

  1630 the prophete David

  1631 holden considered

  1632 doon youre bisinesse make an effort

  1633 so that provided that

  1634 th’Apostle Paul

  1635 substance wealth

  1640 abide remain

  1641 gentil noble alle thinges left disregarding everything else

  1644 loos reputation

  1647 rekketh noght thogh does not care whether nis but is nothing but

  1649 moeve stir up

  1650 they ne suffisen noght werres to maintene they are not adequate to support war

  1651 algates always suff
isaunce a sufficiency

  1653 mo despendours more people to spend them

  1655 mowe may

  1656 lith lies

  1659 sholde fighte agein was to fight against

  1660 reconforted encouraged

  1667 outherwhile sometimes

  1668 aventurouse risky

  1670 in as muchel as a man may goodly as far as he possibly can

  1673 liketh yow nothing does not please you at all

  1674 conseil advice nede exigency

  1675 acorde be reconciled

  1676 wexen grow

  1677 debaat strife

  1680 purchacen bring about

  1681 worshipe honour

  1682 brige strife

  1683 ne requeren ne preyen me nat of do not ask or beg me for

  1684 meke me humble myself

  1686 hoomlinesse engendreth dispisinge familiarity breeds contempt

  1687 semblant a show

  1688 sauf youre grace with respect

  1689 syen saw

  1690 ne hadde nat muchel mistaken me would not greatly have erred

  1692 shrewednesse wickedness

  1694 pursue sue shuln shall

  1696 mishappe be unfortunate mistide have bad luck

  1700 witen know

  1703 repreve me of reprove me for holden obliged

  1711 konne be able to

  1713 discovered revealed

  1716 disese suffering

  1719 likinge pleasing

  1720 biseken him of entreat him for

  1722 of… youre assent with your consent

  1725 disposicioun power ordinaunce control

  1726 say saw delibered deliberated took avis took thought

  1731 goodly courteous

  1734 ravisshed enraptured

  1735 after the sawe according to the saying

  1737 requeren to request

  1739 science knowledge konninge wisdom

  1740 shrewes villains debonaire gentle

  1743 konne and mowen are able

  1744 like unto may please youre grete goodnesse your excellency

  1745 knowelichen acknowledge greved angered

  1746 so ferforth to such an extent

  1747 oblige bind

  1748 paraventure perhaps hevinesse resentment to usward towards us

  1749 enjoine impose on peine punishment

  1751 avisement thought desherited dispossessed

  1753 putte him al outrely should place himself entirely

  1754 Leeveth believe

  1756 might ne maistrye power or control

  1757 sithen since defendeth forbids

  1760 debonaire gentle large generous

  1761 nothing not at all

  1765 disposicioun power

  1766 youre noblesse your excellency limite appoint

  1767 obligacioun pledge

  1769 go again return

  1771 knowelechinge acknowledging lowely humbly trespas offence

  1772 requeringe requesting of for

  1774 indulgence mercy

  1777 conferme me resolve

  1780 goodly excellently

  1782 acorde yow be reconciled

  1783 kinde nature

  1784 messages messengers

  1788 bisinesse diligence

  1795 abide wait

  1798 trete of negotiate

  1799 shape hem prepare

  1801 trespassours offenders

  1804 yeldinge graces and thankinges giving thanks

  1805 shopen hem prepared

  1807 feith pledge borwes guarantors

  1810 skile reason

  1813 outrage crime

  1814 wite of yow learn from you

  1818 mistaken us done wrong agilt transgressed

  1820 debonairetee graciousness

  1823 bisekinge beseeching

  1825 strecchen hem stretch

  1826 dampnablely damnably

  1828 obligaciouns pledges plegges sureties

  1832 freined asked

  1840 after the sawe according to the saying

  1845 enforcen him try renovelle renew

  1846 loos reputation newed renewed

  1848 out of mesure immoderate

  1851 enjoine impose on peine punishment

  1852 trowe believe

  1853 putte it to execucioun carry it into effect

  1855 obeisance obedience deme order

  1858 caste yow decide

  1861 debonaire gentle appeiseth him lightly quickly grows calm

  1864 matere cause of for

  1868 to th’effect and entente that in order that

  1870 informaciouns advice

  1871 gan encline bowed

  1872 conformed him acquiesced

  1875 goodly kindly

  1876 unkonninge stupidity

  1877 misborn yow behaved wickedly trespased done wrong

  1882 outrely completely

  1886 free generous

  1891 feithful man true Christian

  1892 corpus Madrian see n.

  1893 hadde levere would rather

  1895 nothing not at all

  1897 knaves servants

  1898 clobbed staves knobbed staffs

  1902 encline bow

  1903 be so hardy is so bold as trespace do offence

  1904 raumpeth rages

  1905 wrek avenge

  1906 corpus bones God’s bones (n.)

  1909 shape destined

  1910 coward ape cowardly fool

  1911 overlad with browbeaten by

  1913 but if that unless

  1914 moot me dighte must go

  1917 do me sle make me kill

  1921 big strong

  1922 hire misdooth or seyth does wrong to her or insults her

  1923 passe awey fro pass on from

  1926 stant (= standeth) stands

  1927 brek nat do not interrupt

  1929 Wher shal I shall I

  1934 penaunt penitent goost ghost

  1936 sextein sacristan (g.) celerer cellarer (monk in charge of provisions in a monastery)

  1937 as to my doom in my opinion

  1939 povre poor novis novice

  1940 governour official, person of importance

  1941 brawnes muscles

  1942 wel-faringe good-looking

  1945 tredefoul hen-shagger, stud

  1946 leve licence

  1947 lust desire engendrure procreation

  1948 haddest would have

  1949 werestow do you wear cope monastic cowl

  1950 and if

  1952 shore shorn pan head

  1953 lorn ruined

  1954–5 I.e the religious orders have cornered the market in sex

  1955 borel men laymen

  1956 impes shoots

  1957 maketh brings it about sklendre thin

  1959 wole assaye want to make trial of

  1961 Venus paiementz the wages of Venus (i.e. sex)

  1962 lussheburghes coins of poor quality (n.)

  1963 pleye joke

  1966 doon al my diligence do my best

  1967 As far as is consistent with decency

  1970 seyn tell

  1974 maken us memorye remind us

  1976 degree social position

  1979 sixe feet see n. exametron hexameter

  1980 endited written

  1982 declaring explanation

  1984 biseke beseech

  1987 After hir ages according to their chronological positions

  1988 bifore first bihinde afterwards

  1990 De casibus virorum illustrium On the Fall of Famous Men

  1993 fillen fell

  1995 list wishes

  1998 ensamples exemplary anecdotes

  2001 dere harm

  2005 Sathanas Satan, the devil twinne escape

  2008 wroght created

  2010 welte (= weldede) governed saving except o one

  2012 misgovernaunce sin

  2014 meschaunce misfortune

  2015 anunci
at announced

  2016 nativitee birth

  2017 consecrat consecrated

  2020 hardinesse bravery

  2021 secree secret

  2022 slow killed

  2024 wepne weapons

  2025 to-rente tore to pieces

  2027 preye beg

  2028 conseil secret untrewe treacherously

  2029 gan biwreye betrayed

  2034 knit a brond tied a firebrand

  2035 cornes corn-crops

  2036 oliveris olive-trees

  2038 cheke jawbone

  2039 so thursted him he was so thirsty

  2040 ny lorn near dead

  2041 peine suffering

  2044 wang-tooth molar tooth welle water-spring

  2045 inogh plentifully

  2046 heelp helped

  2049 up plight pulled up

  2052 leef beloved

  2055 ciser cider

  2056 rasour razor shere scissors

  2060 He ruled over Israel

  2063 lemman mistress

  2065 foomen enemies

  2066 barm lap

  2067 She caused his hair to be clipped or shorn off

  2068 craft trick espyen watch

  2069 array state

  2070 faste tightly

  2074 querne mill

  2076 whilom former

  2078 wele prosperity art falle in have fallen into

  2079 caitif captive

  2082 array splendour

  2083 foul affray terrible commotion

  2084 pilers pillars

  2091 Beth war take warning

  2092 til to

  2093 wolde han secree fain would gladly keep secret

  2094 touche concerns limes limbs

  2096 laude praise

  2098 rafte took

  2099 leide the boost adoun destroyed the pride

  2100 briddes felle fierce birds

  2102 of from

  2104 frete devour

  2106 brak broke

  2109 grisly terrible anoon without delay

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