The canterbury tales, p.170
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.170

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  760 yow be so leef it is so desirable to yo

  762 fey faith

  764 nothing not at all

  765 ook oak-tree

  766 boghte again redeemed

  768 everich each

  771 Wel ny very nearly an eighte busshels the quantity of eight bushels

  775 sette hem sat hoord hoard

  777 taak kepe pay attention to

  778 wit understanding bourde joke

  781 lightly easily

  782 wende would have thought

  783 grace piece of good luck

  787 were would be

  789 stronge out-and-out

  790 doon us honge have us hanged

  792 wisely cunningly

  793 cut short straw

  796 swithe quickly

  797 prively secretly

  798 subtilly cunningly

  801 By common agreement wherever seems best to us

  802 fest fist

  804 fil fell

  810 woost know

  812 departed divided

  813 shape it bring it about

  815 Would I not have done you a good turn

  816 noot do not know

  819 be conseil be a secret shrewe villain

  823 biwreye betray

  824 tweye two

  826 set seated

  828 rive stab

  829 strogelest struggle

  833 lustes desires

  838 He often turns over in his mind

  842 trone throne

  844 feend devil

  847 For-why because

  848 leve permission

  849 outrely wholly entente intention

  852 pothecarye pharmacist, druggist

  853 preyed asked

  854 quelle kill

  855 hawe yard

  856 capouns chickens yslawe killed

  857 fain gladly wreke him take vengeance

  858 destroyed were ruining

  860 also as

  862 confiture concoction

  863 montaunce quantity corn of whete grain of wheat

  864 forlete lose

  865 sterve die

  866 a paas at walking-pace

  868 yhent taken

  869 sith afterwards

  874 shoop him planned swinke labour

  878 repaireth returns

  879 sermone speak

  880 cast plotted

  882 that oon one of them

  884 berye bury

  885 par cas by chance

  886 ther where

  888 storven died

  889–90 see n.

  893 homicides murderers

  897 luxurye lechery

  898 with vileinye shamefully

  899 of usage from habit

  901 wroghte created

  902 boghte redeemed

  903 unkinde ungrateful

  904 trespas wrong-doing

  905 ware yow fro guard against

  906 warice save

  907 So that provided that nobles gold coins (g.) sterlinges silver pennies

  908 spones spoons

  910 of youre wolle some of your wool

  913 assoille absolve

  914 clene innocent cler pure

  916 leche healer

  920 male bag

  925 anon at once

  927 wende go

  929 alwey newe and newe again and again

  931 everich each one

  932 mowe may suffisant competent

  934 For aventures in case of accidents

  935 Paraventure perhaps

  936 atwo in two

  937 which a seuretee what a safeguard

  941 rede advise

  942 envoluped steeped

  945 grote groat (g.)

  946 have I may I have

  947 so the’ch as I prosper

  948 breech breeches

  950 fundement arse, anus depeint stained

  951 fond found

  952 coilons testicles, balls

  953 seintuarye reliquary

  954 Lat kutte hem of have them cut off

  955 shrined enshrined hogges toord pig’s turd

  957 wrooth angry

  958 pleye joke

  961 lough laughed

  963 murye of cheere in a cheerful mood

  966 drawe thee neer come near

  968 riden rode

  1 whilom in former times

  4 compaignable sociable revelous fond of amusement

  5 dispence expense

  6 cheere attentive behaviour reverence respect

  8 contenaunces gestures

  9 shadwe shadow

  11 sely poor algate always

  12 arraye adorn

  13 worship credit

  14 jolily gaily

  15 noght may cannot paraventure perhaps

  16 Or else is not willing to bear such expense

  19 lene lend

  21 alday always repair crowd of visitors

  22 largesse generosity

  24 gestes guests

  26 a thritty winter about thirty years

  27 evere in oon constantly

  29 goode man master of the house

  30 hir… knoweliche their acquaintance

  35 o one

  36 cosinage kinship

  38 fowel bird of day at daybreak (n.)

  39 plesaunce pleasure

  42 dure last

  43 Free generous manly of dispence liberal in expenditure

  45 To give pleasure and to spend a lot of money

  46 leeste page lowliest servant

  47 after according to

  48 sith afterwards meinee household

  49 honeste decent, suitable

  51 fain glad

  54 Shoop him was preparing array effects

  55 fare go

  56 ware merchandise

  59 pleye amuse himself

  61 in alle wise at all costs

  62 devise tell

  63 as him list as he pleases

  65 officer see n.

  66 hir graunges their monastic farms (n.) bernes barns

  70 jubbe jar malvesye Malmsey wine

  71 vernage white Italian wine

  72 volatil wild-fowl ay always usage custom

  73 lete leave

  76 And seriously takes stock of his business affairs

  77 countour-hous counting-house

  79 thilke that same

  81 encressed were was worth more

  83 counting-bord table used for keeping accounts (n.)

  86 nolde did not want lette hinder

  88 sit (= sitteth) sits prime 9 a.m. (g.)

  91 thinges devotions

  93 ther where softe peacefully

  94 salueth greets

  95 maide girl

  96 Whom she can control and rule as she pleases

  97 under the yerde in tutelage

  99 eileth ails rathe early

  102 Except for an old enfeebled creature

  103 dare cower

  104 forme form, lair of a hare

  105 Were who was forstraught with tormented by

  107 oure goode man the master of the house

  108 laboured kept you busy

  110 lough laughed

  111 wex became

  114 it stant nat so such is not the case

  116 reawme realm

  117 lust pleasure pley game (in sexual sense)

  121 wende go

  123 care sorrow

  127 Fordo destroy

  128 meschief affliction

  130 anoy trouble

  131 portehors breviary (n.)

  132 for lief ne loth for fear nor favour (lit. for friend nor foe)

  133 conseil secret biwreye betray

  135–40 see n.

  137 for to gon even were I to go

  139 cosinage kinship

  140 affiance trust

  141 herupon on this point

  142 what hem liste what they pleased

  143 a space time

  147 al be h
e although he is

  151 clepe call

  154 sikerly assuredly

  155 professioun monastic vows

  159 Ful lief were me I should very much like

  160 abide hold off

  163 sit nat does not befit

  164 privetee private affairs

  166 shilde forbid for his grace by His grace

  172 greveth vexes nigardye meanness

  173 woot know

  176 Hardy brave therto free also generous

  177 buxom obedient abedde in bed

  179 arraye clothe

  180 A on

  181 frankes francs (n.)

  182 were me levere I would rather

  185 I nere but lost I would be ruined

  188 faille yow my thankes be lacking in gratitude to you

  191 what plesaunce whatever pleasure

  192 right as yow list devise just as it pleases you to direct

  193 but I do if I do not

  195 gentil noble

  197 routhe compassion

  199 fare gone

  200 care distress

  206 chilindre portable sun-dial (n.)

  209 jolif frisky pie magpie

  210 hem hie hurry

  213 countour counting-house

  216 caste calculate

  217 thinges business affairs

  218 have part on take

  219 Goddes sonde what God has sent

  222 elenge miserable

  223 go we let us go

  224 devine guess

  225 curious bisinesse complicated business

  226 chapmen merchants

  228 thrive prosper

  229 age old age

  230–31 We may well look cheerful and put up a good front, and take life as it comes

  232 estat (financial) condition in privetee secret

  233–4 pleye A pilgrimage see n.

  234 goon out of the weye retire from the public eye

  236 queinte strange t’avise me to reflect

  237 mote must

  238 hap chance chapmanhede trade

  241 biseke beseech

  242 buxom submissive

  243 good property curious careful

  244 honestly properly

  246 thrifty respectable

  247 array household fittings vitaille provisions

  248 faille run out of

  249 shette shut

  250 lette delay

  253 hem spedde hastened

  259 spede prosper gide guide

  261 Governeth yow… of regulate

  262 Atemprely moderately

  263 strange fare formal behaviour

  264 shilde protect care misfortune

  268 wol devise wish to prescribe

  270 preye ask

  271 wike week

  272 beye buy

  273 store stock

  275 faille… of fail to keep

  276 a mile-way by twenty minutes (the time taken to walk a mile)

  280 Graunt merci of thank you for cheere hospitality

  281 gentilly courteously

  283 sikerly certainly

  284 yow leste pleases you

  285 chaffare merchandise

  286 spare hold back

  288 plow plough

  289 creaunce obtain credit name (good) reputation

  290 But it is no joke to be without gold

  291 Repay it when it is within your means (to do so)

  292 After my might according to my ability

  293 fette fetched

  294 took gave

  295 lone loan

  296 Saving except

  297 rome stroll about

  300 To Flaundres-ward towards Flanders

  302 faste energetically

  303 nede business

  304 dees dice

  306 let (= ledeth) leads

  309 crowne tonsure yshave shaved

  310 knave servant

  311 Nor anyone else who was not very glad

  314 acorded agreed

  316 bolt-upright flat on her back

  317 parfourned put into effect

  318 mirthe pleasure

  320 bad the meinee ‘fare wel’ said goodbye to the household

  324 where him list wherever he pleased

  326 gan for to repaire returned

  327 maketh feste and cheere relaxes, enjoys himself

  329 make a chevissaunce raise a loan

  330 reconissaunce recognizance (n.)

  331 sheeld Flemish écus (n.)

  334 A certein a certain quantity of ladde carried

  336 chiertee love

  337 pleye amuse himself

  339 wite learn

  340 chaffare trade

  341 ifeere together

  342 him maketh feste and murye cheere makes much of him

  343 ful specially in detail

  344 graciously successfully

  345 al hool all of

  346 Except that he absolutely had to

  347 as for his beste in his best interests

  350 in heele safe and sound

  352 Of… misse lack

  353 For because

  356 took gave oure dame the lady of the house

  358 woot knows

  360 dwelle stay

  361 wol out of intends to leave

  365 war prudent

  366 Creanced borrowed money

  367 redy in hir hond in ready money

  368 gat of hem obtained from them

  369 papinjay parrot

  370 array state

  371 viage deal

  372 costage expenditure

  374 usage custom

  375 mirthe pleasure bisette spent

  376 cleerly completely

  378 al newe all over again

  379 maketh it… tough makes a performance of it

  381 wantownely sexily, provocatively again in return pleyde fooled around

  383 wroth angry

  384 althogh it be me looth though I am reluctant to be so

  386 manere straungenesse kind of estrangement

  390 heeld him ivele apaied was not very pleased

  400 afered frightened

  402 deffye scorn

  403 I don’t care a bit about his tokens

  405 ivel thedam bad luck

  406 wende thought

  408 prow benefit

  409 cosinage kinship bele cheere hospitality

  411 disjoint difficulty

  413 slakker tardier, slower to pay

  415 faille fall short

  416 taille tally (n.)

  419 nat on wast not on extravagances

  422 As be nat wrooth do not be cross

  423 You shall have my fine person as security

  426 maketh bettre cheere cheer up

  428 And that it would only be foolish to scold

  431 large extravagant

  432 bet better good wealth yeve… in charge order

  434 Tailling inough plenty of tallying (with a pun on ‘tailing’ and perhaps ‘tale-ing’)

  435 corpus dominus God’s body (n.)

  438 a thousand last quade yeer a wagon load of misery (lit. a thousand cartloads of bad years)

  439 jape trick

  440 I.e. the monk made a monkey out of the man

  442 in house

  443 passe over move on seke aboute find out

  444 route company

  446 as it hadde been as if he were maide girl

  448 So that provided that greve displease

  449 demen judge

  450 wolde were willing

  451 vouchesauf agree

  454 ysprad spread

  455 laude praise

  456 Parfourned celebrated

  457 bountee worth

  458 soukinge sucking

  459 heryinge praise

  462 the thee a maide alway still a virgin

  466 boote salvation

  468 unbrent unburned brenninge burning

  469 ravisedest ravished deitee deity
  470 Goost (Holy) Ghost in th’alighte descended into you

  471 Of whos vertu by whose power lighte illuminated

  472 Sapience Wisdom (n.)

  473 in thy reverence in honour of you

  476 science branch of learning

  479 getest obtain for

  481 konning ability waik weak blisful blessed

  485 unnethes with difficulty

  487 Gideth guide of yow about you

  489 Jewerye ghetto, Jewish quarter

  490 Sustened maintained

  491 lucre of vileinye shameful profit

  492 compaignye followers

  493 wende walk

  495 scole school

  497 an heep many

  499 Swich manere doctrine such kind of teaching

  503 clergeoun schoolboy

  504 was his wone was accustomed (to go)

  505 say saw

  506 hadde he in usage he was accustomed

  512 sely innocent soone lere learn quickly

  513 ay always

  514 stant (= standeth) stands

  515 For because to Crist dide reverence honoured Christ

  517 primer Book of Hours, used as an elementary reading book (n.)

  519 antiphoner see n.

  520 ner and ner nearer and nearer

  522 vers line koude knew

  523 was to seye meant

  525 gan he preye he asked

  528 construe explain

  529 knowes knees

  532 of about free gracious

  536 I am learning to sing the liturgy; I know very little Latin grammar (n.)

  539 do my diligence do my utmost

  540 konne learn is went has passed

  541 shent punished

  544 homward on the way home

  546 song sang

  549 To scoleward to school

  550 He was completely devoted to Christ’s mother

  551 Juerye Jewish quarter

  553 murily sweetly

  557 stinte of cease from

  558 foo enemy Sathanas Satan, the devil

  560 swal swelled Hebraik Hebraic

  561 honest creditable

  562 as him lest as it pleases him

  563 In youre despit in contempt of you sentence subject

  565 thennesforth thenceforth

  566 chace drive

  567 homicide murderer

  569 gan forby for to pace passed by

  570 hente seized faste tightly

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