The canterbury tales, p.169
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.169

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1522 That he would prefer to abstain from his desire

  1523 cherlissh churlish

  1524 franchise generosity gentillesse nobility

  1529 That he would rather be shamed – and that would be a pity

  1531 I have wel levere I much prefer

  1532 departe separate

  1534 Quit paid, fulfilled serement oath

  1537–8 plighte pledge repreve Of reproach for

  1546 is she fare she went

  1548 siker sure wel apaid pleased

  1550 What why endite write

  1557 forlorn wasted

  1560 pured refined, pure wighte weight

  1562 I cannot see that I am anything but ruined

  1563 nedes of necessity

  1566 But unless

  1571 soor aching cofre money-chest

  1574 of his gentillesse out of kindness

  1575 graunte him dayes of allow him time for

  1576 make avant boast

  1578 quit paid

  1580 Even if I were to go begging in nothing but my tunic

  1581 wolde ye vouchesauf if you would grant seuretee security

  1582 respiten grant a respite to

  1583 were I wel I would be in a good position

  1587 holden covenant kept the agreement

  1594 reherce repeat

  1598 als also

  1599 looth hir was reluctant she was

  1602 apparence illusion

  1606 This al and som this is the long and the short of it

  1608 dide gentilly til oother acted nobly towards the other

  1614 As if you had just arrived on earth (lit. crept out of the ground)

  1622 free generous

  3 Fulfild of filled with

  4 strong of well provided with

  8 wight creature

  9 soverein supreme

  13 When it pleases me. Who can imitate me

  14 bete hammer

  15 grave engrave

  17 Outher either

  19 formere creator

  20 vicaire-general deputy (n.)

  22 cure control

  24 axe ask

  25 been ful of oon acord are completely in harmony

  26 worship honour

  33 peinture colouring

  35 limes free beautiful limbs

  38 burned hete burnished heat

  42 to preise to be praised discrecioun discernment

  43 goost spirit

  46 attemperance moderation

  47 mesure restraint bering behaviour

  50 facound eloquence plein unadorned

  51 countrefeted affected

  52 after hir degree according to her position in society

  54 Sowninge in conducing to

  55 Shamefast modest

  56 in bisinesse active

  58 Bacchus had absolutely no control over her mouth

  59 dooth … encresse causes to increase

  60 gresse fat

  61 unconstreined unconstrained

  62 sik hir feined pretended to be sick

  64 treten of folye engage in foolish behaviour

  66 occasions of opportunities for daliaunces flirtations

  69 yoore for a long time

  70 loore practice

  71 woxen is has become

  72 olde lif old age

  73 han in governaunce have in your care

  74 Ne taketh … no displesaunce do not be displeased

  75 governinges authority

  77 honestee chastity

  78 freletee frailty

  79 wel inow very well the olde daunce all the old tricks

  82 slake tire

  83 forlaft abandoned

  84 likerousnesse unlicensed behaviour

  86 kepeth wel keep guard

  90 taketh kepe take note

  91 soverein pestilence the greatest evil

  92 bitrayseth betrays

  95 Youre yours charge responsibility surveaunce surveillance

  97 Beth war take care

  99 perisse perish

  100 abeye pay for

  102 to-rent torn in pieces

  103 ensample example

  106 kepte hirself governed herself

  109 longeth to befits

  110 bountevous virtuous

  111 out sprong spread

  112 bountee goodness

  115 Which is sorry at other men’s prosperity

  116 unheele misfortune

  118 upon a day one day

  120 manere custom

  124 avisinge him ful faste pondering deeply

  125 forby ther past the place where

  128 prively secretly

  129 for in spite of

  130 feend devil

  131 slighte cunning

  133 meede bribery

  134 speede be successful

  135 strong of well provided with

  136 Confermed securely established

  137 wiste knew

  140 was who was

  141 for subtil to be cunning

  143 secree wise secretly ensure give assurance

  145 lese lose

  146 assented agreed reed plan

  147 maked him gret cheere made much of him

  150 Fro point to point in every detail

  151 Parfourned put into effect ful subtilly very cunningly

  153 highte was called

  156 historial thing notable a well-known historical fact

  157 sentence substance sooth true

  158 gooth … faste aboute is earnestly intent on

  159 hasten hurry on

  162 consistorye law-court

  163 domes judgements

  164 a ful gret pas quickly

  166 As dooth me right give me justice bille petition (n.)

  167 pleine upon make a complaint against

  170 sooth true

  172 diffinitif conclusive

  173 Lat do him calle have him summoned

  174 al right full justice

  175 wite learn

  176 rad read out

  177 sentence content

  179 Sheweth declares

  182 expres again directly opposed to

  183 thral bondswoman, serf

  184 stole stolen

  186 so that provided that greve displease

  189 Yeld give back

  199 deme adjudge, rule

  200 save keep

  201 warde guardianship

  202 awarde determine

  207 sette him seated himself

  208 leet … calle had called

  209 asshen ashes

  211 stikinge piercing

  212 converte swerve

  215 bore born

  216 wherfore on any account

  218 endere ender (one who ends)

  224 sentence decision

  226 smiten of cut off

  227 say saw

  229 al the cas the whole event

  234 borste burst

  238 leiser time

  239 compleine a litel space lament a little while

  241 slow slew

  242 trespas offence

  244 solempnitee celebration

  245 aswowne in a swoon

  246 agon over

  252 softe gently

  255 hente seized

  257 yet still doom judgement

  260 in thraste thrust their way in

  263 suspect suspicion

  264 chalanging false accusation

  266 wisten knew

  267 For which therefore

  269 Theras where

  271 demed sentenced

  273 So preide made such entreaties

  274 hadde been bigiled would have been undone

  275 moore and lesse great and small

  276 consentant of accessory to

  279 degree social rank

  280–81 worm pangs (lit. serpent) agrise Of revolt from privee secret

  282 but except

  283 lewed uneducated lered educated

  284 noot
does not know

  285 rede advise conseil counsel

  287 as he were wood as if he was mad

  290 devise imagine

  292 Algate nevertheless sely innocent

  293 Alas, she paid too high a price for beauty

  294 alday constantly

  300 prow benefit

  303 passe over is no fors it does no harm to move on

  304 cors person

  305 urinals … jurdones glass vessels used by physicians (n.)

  306 ipocras cordials galiones medicines (n.)

  307 boiste box letuarye medicine

  309 theen prosper

  310 prelat prelate

  311 terme jargon, technical language

  312 erme grieve

  313 cardinacle see n.

  314 By corpus bones by God’s bones (n.) triacle medicinal potion

  315 corny tasting strongly of malt

  318 beel ami dear friend

  319 japes jokes

  321 ale-stake inn-sign (g.)

  324 ribaudye obscenity

  325 leere learn

  326 wit wisdom

  328 honeste proper

  330 peine me make an effort hautein loud

  331 round loudly

  332 kan al know everything

  333 theme text oon the same

  334 Avarice is the root of all evil

  335 pronounce announce whennes whence

  336 bulles papal edicts alle and some one and all

  337 The bishop seal on my ecclesiastical licence

  338 warente safeguard

  340 destourbe of hinder from

  343 patriarkes patriarchs, high-ranking bishops

  345 saffron season with saffron, add spice to predicacioun preaching

  346 stire incite

  348 Ycrammed crammed cloutes rags

  349 wenen believe

  350 latoun brass shulder-bon shoulder-bone

  352 tak of my wordes keep pay attention to my words

  355 worm snake ystonge stung

  358 pokkes pustules scabbe scab (a disease affecting sheep) soor disease

  360 Taak kepe pay attention to

  361 goodman householder oweth owns

  362 wike week

  365 stoor livestock

  368 Lat maken his potage have his soup made

  369 mistriste mistrust

  370 defaute sin

  372 mitein mitten, glove

  376 So that provided that grotes groats (g.)

  377 o one

  380 yshriven confessed

  382 cokewold cuckold

  386 a in

  387 assoille absolve

  389 gaude trick

  390 mark sum of money equivalent to

  392 lewed lay is doun set have sat down

  394 japes tricks

  395 peine I me I exert myself

  396 est and west in all directions bekke nod

  397 dowve dove berne barn

  398 yerne busily

  401 free generous

  403 entente aim

  405 rekke nevere do not care at all beried buried

  406 goon a-blakeberied go astray, go to perdition (lit. go picking blackberries)

  409 for plesance of in order to please

  410 been avanced win promotion

  412 noon oother weyes in no other way debate quarrel

  413 smerte sharply

  414 asterte escape

  415 defamed slandered

  416 trespased done offence

  420 In this way I pay back people who offend the likes of me

  421 hewe appearance

  423 devise describe

  424 coveitise covetousness

  427 again against

  430–31 twinne From forsake, renounce soore bitterly

  435 ensamples illustrative anecdotes

  437 lewed uneducated

  439 trowe ye do you think

  440 for because

  441 wilfully voluntarily

  446 idelly unprofitably

  447 countrefete imitate

  449 Even if it were given by the poorest peasant

  451 sterve die

  455 liking pleasure

  456 corny tasting strongly of malt

  458 by resoun with reason at youre liking to your liking

  461 wont accustomed

  463 whilom once

  464 haunteden folye indulged in dissipation

  465 hasard gambling stewes brothels

  466 giternes gitterns (lute-like instruments)

  467 dees dice

  468 over hir might more than their capacity

  472 othes oaths dampnable worthy of damnation

  473 grisly horrible

  474 to-tere tear to pieces

  475 rente tore

  476 lough laughed

  477 tombesteres female tumblers, acrobats

  478 Fetis elegant smale slender frutesteres female fruit-sellers

  479 wafereres wafer-sellers

  484 luxurye lechery

  485 unkindely unnaturally

  486 unwitingly unknowingly

  487 niste did not know

  488 soghte were to examine

  489 replet filled

  490 heste command

  491 sleen slay

  495 dronkelewe a drunkard

  496 woodnesse madness yfallen in occurring in shrewe villain

  497 Persevereth lasts

  499 confusioun ruin

  500 original cause

  503 Aboght paid for vileinye wickedness

  507 it is no drede there is no doubt

  510 Eet ate defended forbidden

  512 pleine complain

  513 wiste a man if a man knew

  515 mesurable moderate

  517 shorte throte short stretch of the gullet

  519 to-swinke labour away

  520 glotoun glutton deintee mete delicious food

  522 wombe stomach

  526 rede red (wine)

  527 privee latrine (n.)

  534 cod bag, belly

  535 donge dung

  536 soun sound

  537 finde provide for

  538 cokes cooks stampe pound

  539 see n.

  540 likerous talent gluttonous desire

  542 mary marrow noght nothing

  543 golet gullet soote sweetly

  545 by delit delightfully

  547 haunteth indulges in delices pleasures

  550 striving strife

  554 ay continually

  556 stiked swin stuck pig

  557 honest cure desire for decency

  558 sepulture grave

  561 conseil secret

  564 to selle for sale

  567 fumositee vapour

  569 weneth thinks

  574 soverein outstanding

  578 leere learn

  583 aviseth yow consider

  586 expresly explicitly

  587 Of win-yeving about giving wine justise jurisdiction

  590 defenden forbid hasardrye gambling

  591 lesinges lies

  592 forsweringes perjuries

  593 Blaspheme blasphemy wast waste

  594 catel property

  595 It is a disgrace and dishonour

  596 To be regarded as a common gambler

  598 yholden desolat socially shunned

  600 policye administration

  602 Yholde considered

  606 happede it befell par chaunce by chance

  610 stal him stole, went unobtrusively

  612 N’I wol nat nor will I defame dishonour

  615 me were levere I would prefer

  619 tretee negotiation

  624 therbiforn previously

  627 pley amusement

  628 Honeste seemly

  632 reprevable reprehensible

  633 at al completely

  637 swere in doom take an oath in court

  638 idel frivolous

  639 table tablet (n.)

  640 hestes com

  642 in idel in vain

  643 rather earlier (in the list) forbedeth forbids

  646 that those who

  648 forther over besides plat bluntly

  650 outrageous unrestrained

  653 chaunce number thrown at dice cink five treye three

  656 bicched bones cursed bones, i.e. dice

  658 dide died

  659 Lete leave off

  660 telle forth proceed to tell

  661 riotoures profligates

  662 erst er before prime 9 a.m. (g.) rong was rung

  663 Were set hem were seated

  664 clinke ring

  665 cors corpse

  666 knave servant

  667 Go bet go quickly

  668 heer forby past this place

  670 it nedeth never a del it is not necessary

  674 Fordronke blind drunk

  675 privee sly clepeth call

  677 smoot struck

  679 pestilence plague

  681 were would be

  683 everemoore always

  684 dame mother

  687 Henne from here

  688 hine farm labourer page peasant

  690 been avised take care

  694 by wey and eek by strete everywhere

  695 digne noble

  697 til to

  702 Togidres togetherhir trouthes plight pledged their word

  704 ybore born

  705 stirte leaped

  709 to-rente tore in pieces

  710 hente lay hold of

  713 povre poor

  714 grette (= gretede) greeted

  715 God yow se may God protect you

  717 carl knave with sory grace bad luck to you

  718 forwrapped wrapped up

  722 Inde India

  725 moot I han I must keep

  728 caitif wretch

  731 Leeve dear

  732 vanisshe waste away

  736 heire clowte hair-cloth

  738 welked withered

  740 vileinye discourtesy

  741 But he trespase unless he does wrong

  743 Agains in the presence of

  744 reed advice

  746 wolde would wish

  747 abide last

  748 wher wherever

  752 partest depart lightly easily

  755 espye spy

  756 abye pay for

  758 of his assent in league with him

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