The canterbury tales, p.168
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.168

           Geoffrey Chaucer
644 veluettes pieces of velvet

  646 withoute on the outside

  648 tidives small birds, ?titmice

  649 pies magpies chide screech

  652 as now just now

  653 come eft to purpos becomes relevant again

  657 which that whom

  658 proces narrative

  662 wan captured

  664 to wif as wife

  666 Nadde he been holpen if he had not been helped

  671 chaar chariot

  672 the god Mercurius hous the mansion of the god Mercury (n.) slye clever, cunning

  673 thee wel yquit acquitted yourself well

  674 wit understanding

  676 feelingly sensitively I allowthe I applaud you

  677 As to my doom in my opinion

  678 peere equal

  679 yeve grant good chaunce good luck

  681 Because I take great pleasure in your speech

  683 hadde levere would rather

  686 possessioun wealth

  687 But if unless

  688 snibbed reprimanded yit shal shall in the future

  689 listeth nat entende does not want to pay any attention

  690 dees dice despende spend

  691 lese lose usage custom

  692 page peasant

  696 woost know

  698 biheste promise

  700 haveth me nat in desdein don’t be offended with me

  705 contraryen antagonize

  706 wittes abilities

  709 Britons Bretons

  710 aventures events

  711 Rymeyed rhymed

  713 redden read

  714 have … in remembraunce remember

  716 burel man uneducated man

  718 rude unpolished

  720 moot must

  721 sleep slept

  723 Colours stylistic embellishments (n.)

  724 mede meadow

  726 queinte strange

  727 feeleth knows

  730 dide his paine did his utmost

  731 in his beste wise as best he could

  732 emprise exploit

  733 wroghte performed

  734 oon the faireste under sonne the most beautiful in the world

  736 wel unnethes hardly dorste dared

  738 worthinesse noble qualities

  739 namely especially

  740 penaunce suffering

  741 prively inwardly fel of his acord came to an agreement with him

  747 maistrye dominance

  748 kithe show 751–2 Except that he would keep the title of authority, to preserve the honour of his rank

  754 sith since

  755 so large a reine so free a rein

  756 tweine two

  757 As in my gilt through any fault of mine outher either

  759 trouthe pledge breste may break

  761 o one saufly confidently

  762 everich each

  764 maistrye dominance

  768 of kinde by nature

  774 venquisseth conquers

  775 atteine achieve

  776 pleine complain

  777 so moot I gon as I live

  778 wherso ye wole or non whether you want to or not

  780 amis wrongly

  782 complexioun the balance of the bodily ‘humours’ (g.)

  784 wreken avenged

  785 After according to temperaunce modification, adaptation

  786 kan on knows about

  788 suffraunce patience, forbearance bihight promised

  789 wysly earnestly gan to swere swore

  790 defaute shortcoming

  798 acordeth to is in harmony with

  801 ther where

  802 solas delight

  803 but unless be been

  808 cleped called

  809 Shoop him determined

  811 worship honour, reputation

  812 lust pleasure

  814 stinte of cease speaking of

  817 siketh sighs

  818 hem liketh it pleases them

  819 pleineth laments

  820 destreineth torments

  821 set at noght counts as nothing

  822 hevy sorrowful

  823 Conforten comfort

  825 sleeth is killing

  827 bisinesse endeavour

  830 graven engrave

  833 resoun reasonableness

  834 hir their

  836 She cannot remain continually in such anguish

  840 hadde would have

  841 gan to slake was abating

  843 romen hire take a stroll

  844 derke fantasye gloomy imaginings

  847 faste by close by

  849 Hir to disporte to amuse herself

  850 barge boat seigh saw

  851 Seillinge sailing hem liste go they wanted to go

  852 parcel part

  856 warisshed cured hise its smerte severe

  860 quake tremble

  863 pitously pitifully

  864 sikes sighs

  865 purveiance providence

  866 certein governance unfaltering control

  867 In idel in vain

  871 a stable a steadfast one

  874 yfostred nourished

  875 anoyeth is harmful

  880 merk image

  881 chiertee love

  890 lete leave disputisoun debate

  892 sonken sunk

  895 disport source of pleasure

  896 disconfort source of distress

  897 shopen planned

  899 delitables delightful

  900 ches chess tables backgammon

  901 morwe-tide morning

  903 ordinance arrangements

  904 vitaille food purveiance preparations

  909 curiously skilfully

  910 Arrayed set out

  911 pris excellence

  912 But if unless

  914 lighte grow lighter

  915 but if unless

  920 alwey continually compleint lament mone lamentation

  923 she moste a time abide she had to wait a while

  924 slide pass away

  927 jolier of array more gaily clothed

  928 As to my doom in my opinion

  929 passing surpassing

  932 One of the handsomest men alive

  934 holden in gret pris highly esteemed

  935 sothe truth

  936 Unwiting of unknown to at al completely

  937 lusty gallant servant to Venus devotee of love

  940 aventure lot, fortune

  941 grevance sorrow

  942 He suffered intensely (n.)

  944 wreye reveal

  945 compleining lament

  946 nothing not at all

  948 roundels … virelayes short poems (n.)

  949 dorste dared

  950 langwisseth suffers

  954 biwreye reveal

  955 paraventure perhaps

  956 kepen hir observaunces practise their social customs

  959 wiste knew

  962 worship good repute

  963 of time yoore for a long time

  965 drough drew

  968 So that provided that glade gladden

  973 gerdon reward bresting breaking

  974 reweth have pity smerte bitter

  975 sleen slay

  976 grave buried

  977 leiser power

  978 do me deye cause me to die

  985 In word or deed, as far as I am capable of it

  991 pitously pitifully

  992 endelong along the length of

  994 So that they do not prevent the movements of ships or boats

  995 clene empty

  1001 bitide come about

  1003 deintee pleasure

  1006 soore siketh sighs bitterly

  1009 were an inpossible would be an impossibility

  11010 moot must

  1011 word speech

  1012 coome came

  1013 aleyes garden-walks

  1014 co
nclusioun outcome

  1016 his hewe its colour

  1017 th’orisonte the horizon reft deprived of

  1022 asterte escape

  1025 knowes knees

  1026 orisoun prayer

  1027 out of his wit he breide he lost his senses

  1029 pleint lament

  1031 governour keeper

  1033 declinacioun seasonal position in the sky (n.)

  1035 herberwe position

  1036 merciable merciful

  1037 lorn lost

  1039 but unless

  1040 dedly dying, doomed

  1041 if yow lest if it pleases you

  1043 voucheth sauf grant devise describe

  1044 holpe helped

  1045 shene bright

  1047 deitee divine power

  1050 quiked kindled lighted of illuminated by

  1051 bisily diligently

  1054 moore and lesse big and small

  1056 do min herte breste make my heart break

  1057 opposicioun see n.

  1058 the signe … of the Leoun the sign of Leo in the zodiac

  1059 As preyeth hire ask her

  1060 fadme fathoms overspringe may rise above

  1062 twaine two

  1064 Holdeth youre heste keep your promise

  1069 evene exactly

  1070 spring flood spring-tide

  1071 but she vouchesauf if she does not agree

  1074 dirke dark

  1080 swowne a swoon

  1082 penaunce suffering

  1084 Dispeired in despair

  1085 Lete leave

  1086 Chese he let him choose wher whether

  1087 heele health

  1091 lusty gallant

  1094 He was not at all suspicious

  1096 doute apprehension

  1097 noght entendeth to gives no thought to

  1098 maketh hir good cheere makes much of her

  1101 langour sickness furius intense

  1105 of from clerk university student

  1109 secree secret

  1111 withoute outwardly

  1112 arwe arrow

  1113 sursanure a wound healed outwardly but not inwardly

  1115 But unless come therby get at it

  1116 weep wept prively in private

  1119 likerous eager

  1120 curious abstruse, recondite

  1121 every halke … herne every nook and cranny

  1122 Particuler specialized

  1124 studye college say saw

  1125 magik naturel ‘white’ magic (g.) felawe companion

  1127 Al were he although he was craft subject, discipline

  1130 mansiouns see n.

  1134 Ne suffreth does not allow

  1138 warisshed cured

  1139 siker sure

  1140 apparences illusions

  1141 tregetoures conjurers

  1144 barge boat

  1149 lim mortar

  1150 voided removed

  1155 above in addition

  1159 yvoided removed

  1161 wowke week

  1162 were would be

  1163 nedes holden hir biheste necessarily keep her promise

  1165 What why

  1168 up stirte leaped up

  1169 is he fare he went

  1170 lissed relieved

  1174 thriftily politely grette (= gretede) greeted

  1178 entente mind

  1179 of about

  1180 dawes days

  1183 Doun … lighte dismounted

  1187 arrayed equipped

  1189 sopeer supper

  1195 voided removed

  1196 fauconers falconers river river-bank

  1199 swich plesaunce such a service

  1205 remoeved moved

  1207 theras where

  1208 seten sat

  1218 mote must

  1219 tretee negotiation

  1220 gerdoun reward

  1223 made it straunge showed reluctance

  1230 ful drive concluded knit agreed

  1233 tarye delay

  1234 have heer my feith to borwe I pledge my word

  1235 him leste it pleased him

  1238 penaunce suffering lisse respite

  1240 righte way direct route

  1241 biside in addition

  1242 been descended dismounted

  1243 me remembre remind me

  1245 wax grew hewed lik latoun coloured like brass

  1246 hote declinacioun summer solstice (n.)

  1247 burned burnished

  1248 lighte (= lightede) descended

  1251 yerd garden

  1253 bugle horn drinking-horn

  1254 brawen brawn, cooked meat tusked swin boar

  1255 Nowel ‘Noel’, a cry of joy uttered on the day of Christ’s birth (dies natalis)

  1256 in al that evere he kan to the best of his ability

  1257 Dooth … cheere and reverence offers hospitality and honour

  1261 routhe pity

  1262 spedde him that he kan made as much haste as he could

  1263 waite watch for conclusioun successful result

  1265 apparence illusion jogelrye conjuring trick

  1266 ne kan do not know

  1267 wene think

  1271 japes tricks

  1273 tables Tolletanes (astronomical) tables made in Toledo (n.)

  1275 collect … expans yeris computations of the changes of a planet’s position over periods of varying length (n.)

  1276 rootes positions of the heavens at specific moments in time (used as a basis for astrological calculations) (n.) geris equipment

  1277 centris … argumentz see n.

  1278 proporcionels see n. convenientz suitable

  1279 equacions see n.

  1280 eighte speere eighth sphere wirking calculation

  1281 shove driven

  1282 thilke fixe Aries the first point of Aries (n.)

  1284 kalkuled calculated

  1286 proporcioun proportionate reckoning

  1288 face one of the three parts of ten degrees into which each sign of the zodiac was divided (n.) terme a subdivision of a sign of the zodiac defining a period within which the influence of a planet is increased (n.)

  1291 observaunces procedures

  1295 wike or tweye week or two

  1298 Wher whether fare amis fail

  1299 Awaiteth … on waits for

  1302 fil fell

  1305 holpen fro helped out of cares colde anguish

  1308 anon-right at once

  1309 dredful fearful cheere expression

  1310 Salued greeted soverain sovereign

  1313 lothest most reluctant

  1314 disese suffering

  1317 pleine express my unhappiness

  1318 You kill me, guiltless, with true suffering

  1320 Aviseth yow take thought

  1324 chalange claim of right by right

  1327 bihighten promised

  1328 plighten pledged

  1333 do done

  1334 vouchesauf agree

  1336 quik alive

  1337 lith lies

  1338 been aweye are gone

  1340 nas there was not

  1341 wende thought

  1342 happe come about

  1347 unnethe with difficulty go walk

  1355 on thee … I pleine I complain of you

  1356 unwar unexpectedly

  1357 socour help

  1359 chese choose

  1360 have I levere lese I prefer to lose

  1363 quit free

  1366 doon trespas do wrong

  1370 doghtren daughters for t’areste to be seized

  1371 despit humiliation

  1376 maidenhede virginity

  1377 been stirt leaped

  1378 dreinte drowned

  1379 The people of Messene caused to be sought out

  1383 with a good entente cheerfully

  1384 Chees chose

  1385 To be robbed of
their virginity

  1388 heet who was called

  1391 hente (= hentede) seized

  1393 arace tear away

  1394 selve same

  1400 birafte deprived

  1402 skipte jumped

  1404 dide should do vileinye dishonour

  1406 oppressed raped

  1407 Of by

  1408 name reputation

  1411 Gawle Gaul

  1417 at the leeste way at least

  1419 What why

  1422 bet better

  1430 slowe slew for swich maner cas because of a situation of this sort

  1436 redressed restored

  1441 suffre allow

  1442 which a what a

  1450 hool wholly yeve given

  1457 pleined lamented

  1461 weep wept

  1466 reherce repeat

  1467 cheere expression

  1468 devise tell

  1469 oght ellis anything else

  1470 as wys as surely

  1471 and even if

  1472 lat slepen that is stille let what is quiet, sleep (n.)

  1473 paraunter perchance yet today even now

  1474 youre trouthe holden keep your word

  1476 I would rather be run through with a sword

  1477 verray true

  1478 But if ye sholde than that you should not

  1480 brast … to wepe burst into tears

  1483 aventure occurrence

  1485 And do not show any sorrow

  1486 demen believe gesse suspect

  1487 cleped called

  1492 He did not want to tell anyone of his intention

  1493 heep multitude

  1494 lewed stupid

  1495 in jupartye at risk

  1496 upon hire crye condemn her

  1497 yow semeth it seems to you

  1498 demeth judge

  1501 Of aventure by chance

  1502 quikkest busiest

  1503 boun to about to forth right directly

  1504 hight promised

  1505 to the gardinward on the way to the garden

  1508 of aventure or grace by chance or good fortune

  1510 whiderward whither, where

  1514 on this cas at this situation

  1519 So looth him was so hateful was it to him that

  1520 routhe pity

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