The canterbury tales, p.165
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.165

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  691 wend believed subtiltee treachery

  693 sad visage unmoved expression

  696 fain gladly

  698 sturdy harsh

  700 sturdinesse sternness

  703 stinte of leave off

  705 of… slake desist from

  706 fulliche fully

  708 waiteth watches to see

  709 of corage in spirit

  711 ay oon always the same

  714 penible devoted

  716 There was only one will, for what Walter desired

  718 fil turned out

  719 for no worldly unreste in spite of any worldly vexation

  721 in effect in substance

  722 sclaundre evil report spradde spread

  724 For because

  727 ere ear

  730 diffame disgrace

  732 mordrere murderer

  733 for ernest ne for game on no account

  734 of… stente desist from

  735 His mind was completely set on tempting his wife

  737 subtil secret

  738 message messenger

  739 bulles papal documents (n.)

  743 contrefete forge

  745 lete leave

  747 stinte put an end to

  749 publissed made public

  750 rude common no wonder not surprising

  751 Wenden believed

  753 deme think wo sorrowful

  754 ilike sad unvaryingly steadfast

  757 Abidinge awaiting

  759 As her true source of contentment in this world

  761 in special particularly

  762 sheweth explains

  765 preyde requested

  774 at day set on the appointed day

  776 riche array splendid finery

  778 Arrayed adorned toward in preparation for

  779 clere glittering

  782 cheere demeanour

  783 shaping directing

  785 Among al this meanwhile after according to

  787 outreste preve ultimate test

  788 experience demonstration, proof loore knowledgec

  791 boistously bluntly sentence decision

  792 plesance complaisance

  796 sothfastnesse truth

  797 avise consider

  801 cryen complain

  802 slake decrease

  805 cominge by the weye on her way here

  806 voide vacate

  807 dowere dowry

  811 evene calm, steady rede advise

  812 aventure chance

  817 it is no nay there is no denying it

  818 I never considered myself at all worthy

  819 chambrere chambermaid

  822 And as surely as he may give my soul bliss

  824 youre worthinesse your honour

  828 nobleye noble condition

  831 Foryelde it yow to repay you for it

  834 of a child from childhood

  837 maidenhede virginity

  838 it is no drede without doubt

  839 shilde forbid

  840 to make as spouse

  842 wele happiness

  846 whilom once

  848 In so far as you offer me such dowry

  855 sooth is seid it is said with truth algate at any rate

  856 on me in my case

  858 for noon adversitee in spite of any adversity

  859 To dien in the cas though death were the result

  861 in hool entente wholeheartedly

  862 place house

  863 Ye dide me strepe you had me undressed wede garment

  864 cladden clothed

  867 restore give back

  870 Inwith within saufly confidently

  873 fain gladly

  875 smoklees without a smock

  876 dishoneste shameful

  879 seyn seen

  883 in gerdoun of as recompense for

  884 noght again I bere I don’t carry back

  885 As vouchethsauf grant mede recompense

  886 were wear

  887 wrye cover

  892 unnethes with difficulty

  896 is she fare she went

  903 Shoop created lives living

  904 out of doute without doubt

  905 Was evere in suspect of was always suspicious of

  907–8 That when the lord had accomplished his desire, it would seem to him a dishonour

  909 alighte descend

  910 voiden send away

  911 Agains to meet

  913 cote tunic

  916 rude coarse moore of age of greater age

  917 fele many

  922 hir was doon offence injury had been done to her

  924 contenance behaviour

  926 goost spirit

  927 delicat voluptuous

  928 semblant of realtee display of magnificence

  930 pridelees without pride

  933 endite write

  934 soothfastnesse truth

  935 but a lite very little

  936 him acquite behave

  938 but it be falle of newe unless it is of recent occurrence

  940 fame up sprong news spread abroad

  941 alle and some one and all

  942 kouth made known

  944 seyn seen

  946 shoop devised

  948 sely innocent

  950 swollen puffed-up

  952 grette (= gretede) greeted

  953 outrely entirely

  955 really royally

  958 Have his estat should be treated according to his rank sitting seating, place at table

  959 devise contrive

  960 suffisant capable

  961 arraye in ordinance put in order

  962 After my lust according to my wishes

  963 That every arrangement of this sort was in your hands

  965 ivel biseye of poor appearance

  966 Do thow thy devoir do your best

  969 in my degree according to my social station

  970 feinting flagging

  971 no wele ne no wo any joy or sorrow

  972 stente cease

  974 dighte get ready

  976 peined hire made an effortc

  977 chambreres chambermaids

  978 faste busily

  979 servisable willing to serve

  981 undren mid-morning (g.) gan… alighte dismounted

  984 richely biseye of splendid appearance

  985 at erst for the first time

  986 him leste it pleased him

  994 governance conduct

  995 unsad unstable

  996 undiscreet undiscerning vane weather-vane

  997 rumbul rumour

  998 wexe wax

  999 clapping noisy chatter deere inow a jane not worth a halfpenny

  1000 doom judgement ivele preveth is found wanting

  1001 on… leveth trusts in

  1002 sadde serious

  1004 noveltee novelty

  1007 me dresse turn

  1008 bisinesse diligence

  1010 apertinent appropriate

  1011 abaist of embarrassed by

  1012 rude coarse somdel partly to-rent torn

  1013 yate gate is went went

  1015 dooth forth hir bisinesse continues to perform her tasks

  1017 konningly skilfully

  1021 koude was capable of

  1023 stente ceased

  1026 hir pris amende improve on her praise

  1030 in his pley jokingly

  1036 Plesance inogh an abundance of pleasure

  1037 biseke entreat

  1038 prike goad

  1039 mo others

  1040 norissinge upbringing

  1041 to my supposinge as I believe

  1043 povre poorly

  1045 cheere expression

  1047 sad steadfast

  1048 Continuinge maintaining

  1049 sturdy stern gan… dresse disposed

  1050 rewen take pity

  1052 agast afraid ivele apaied di

  1057 gan… kesse kissed

  1058 And she, for amazement, did not take it in

  1060 ferde behaved stirt (= stirted) started

  1061 mazednesse bewilderment abreide recovered

  1067 disposed intended

  1071 lorn lost

  1072 ootherweys otherwise

  1076 sleen kill

  1077 stille secretly

  1079 aswowne in a swoon

  1085 hir their heres hair

  1086 which what

  1089 saved preserved

  1090 rekke care

  1092 No fors no matter pace may depart

  1098 doon yow kept caused you to be preserved stounde moment

  1099 swapte dropped

  1100 swough swoon sadly firmly, tightly

  1102 sleighte ingenuity

  1103 gonne arace prised loose

  1106 Unnethe with difficulty abide remain

  1107 hir gladeth comforts her slaketh relieves

  1108 abaised confused

  1109 hir joye and feste maketh makes much of her

  1110 caught again hir contenaunce recovered her composure

  1111 dooth… plesaunce attends to

  1112 cheere happiness

  1113 ifeere together

  1114 hir their say saw

  1116 rude coarse

  1123 murthe merriment dispende pass

  1124 welkne sky

  1125 solempne sumptuous

  1126 costage expense

  1130 richely splendidly

  1135 heritage inheritance

  1136 fader father’s

  1138 Al although

  1140 olde times yore times gone by

  1144 inportable unendurable

  1148 enditeth writes

  1151 Receiven… in gree accept willingly sent (= sendeth) sends

  1152 For it is very reasonable that he should test what he created

  1153 boghte redeemed

  1154 pistel Epistle

  1155 alday constantly drede doubt

  1156 suffreth allows excercise training

  1160 freletee frailty

  1161 governance government

  1162 suffrance forbearance

  1164 were would be

  1166 put to swiche assayes put to the trial in this way

  1167 alayes alloys

  1168 at eye to the eye

  1169 breste atwo break in two plye bend

  1170 for the Wives love of Bathe for love of the Wife of Bath

  1171 secte sex

  1172 maistrye dominance scathe a pity

  1174 glade yow make you glad

  1175 stinte of cease to speak of ernestful serious

  1176 L’envoy the epilogue

  1178 atones together

  1179 in open audience publicly

  1180 hardy rash

  1188 swelwe swallow entraille entrails

  1190 at the countretaille in reply

  1191 bidaffed made a fool of, cowed

  1192 governaille mastery

  1193 Emprenteth impress

  1194 may availle may be of use

  1195 You viragoes, defend yourselves

  1196 camaille camel

  1197 suffreth allow

  1199 egre fierce Inde India

  1200 clappeth clack away consaille counsel

  1202 maille chain mail

  1203 arwes arrows crabbed spiteful

  1204 aventaille piece of chain mail protecting neck and upper chest

  1205 rede advise binde imprison

  1206 couche cower

  1207 in presence in company

  1208 apparaille clothes

  1209 dispence expenditure

  1210 do thy travaille exert yourself

  1211 as light as leef on linde as light-hearted as a leaf on the tree

  1212 care grieve wringe wring his hands

  1212c Me were levere I would rather

  1214 inogh in plenty on even and amorwe night and morning

  1216 trowe believe

  1217 it fareth so this is the case

  1219 feend devil ycoupled wedded

  1220 overmacche be more than a match for

  1221 What why reherce in special recount in detail

  1222 at al in every respect

  1225 passing excessive

  1226 unbounden at liberty thee prosper

  1227 eft again

  1229 Assaye whoso wol let whoever wishes, make trial

  1231 moore greater

  1232 shilde forbid

  1236 Wiflees wifeless rive stab

  1239 cursednesse perversity, ‘cussedness’v

  1243 soore suffering

  1244 telle may can say

  1245 Whilom once

  1249 delit pleasure

  1251 seculer laymen

  1254 corage desire

  1257 T’espyen to seek to discover

  1262 bond bound

  1264 esy comfortable clene pure

  1269 hoor white-haired

  1271 feir fair one

  1273 solas pleasure

  1276 nis but is nothing but

  1277 it sit wel it is befitting

  1279 brotil brittle bilde build

  1280 wene sikernesse expect security

  1282 areest restraint

  1284 ordinat orderly

  1287 buxom obedient

  1288 ententif eager

  1289 hool healthy make spouse

  1290 wele or wo joy or sorrow

  1292 bedrede bedridden sterve dies

  1295 What force what does it matter liste lie wants to lie

  1296 housbondrye thrifty housekeeping

  1297 dispence expenditure

  1302 knave servant

  1303–4 bet better waiteth ay After thy good is always out for your property

  1306 Ful lightly very easily cokewold cuckold

  1307 sentence maxim

  1309 kepe notice

  1312 hardily certainly

  1313 rentes revenues comune right to use common land

  1314 moebles movable property

  1318 thee list it pleases you paraventure perhaps

  1320 shent ruined

  1321 desolat deserted, lonely

  1324 ywroght created

  1326 bely-naked stark naked

  1330 preeve prove

  1332 terrestre earthly disport solace

  1333 buxom obedient

  1335 O one

  1336 wele prosperity

  1342 swinke labour

  1343 good property never a del not a bit

  1344 lust pleases

  1348 murye happy

  1350 halt (= holdeth) him considers himself

  1355 sikernesse security

  1357 So that provided that after his wives reed in accordance with his wife’s advice

  1361 rede advise

  1362 rede read

  1364 Boond tied

  1365 benisoun blessing

  1368 slow killed

  1374 Of by enhaunced elevated

  1375 gree superlatif superlative degree

  1377 Suffre put up with bit (= biddeth) bids

  1380 housbondrye household affairs

  1383 wirche act

  1388 thee prosper

  1389 jape jest

  1390 siker weye safe way

  1394 inwith in

  1395 lusty pleasant

  1398 effect gist

  1399 sad serious

  1400 hoor white-haired

  1401 my pittes brinke the edge of my grave

  1403 folily despended used wantonly

  1408 shapeth prepare

  1409 abide wait

  1410 fonde t’espyen try to discover

  1414 me beste were to allyen it would be best for me to ally myself

  1416 in no manere at all

  1418 fein gladly

  1419 pik pike pikerel young pike

  1420 boef beef veel veal

  1422 benestraw refuse of bean plants (after the beans have been picked
) greet coarse

  1424 They are so good at telling you tall stories (n.)

  1425 broken harm mischief-making (n.)

  1427 sondry diverse

  1428 A woman trained in many schools is half learned

  1429 gye guide

  1430 plye mould

  1435 avoutrye adultery

  1437 geten beget

  1438 were me levere I would rather

  1440 straunge a stranger’s

  1441 dote nat am not a fool woot know

  1444 page serving-boy

  1448 leveful lawful

  1450 paramour romantic passion

  1451 eschue avoid

  1452 yelde pay

  1454 meschief affliction

  1457 avaunt boast

  1458 stark strong suffisaunt capable

  1462 blosmeth blossoms ywoxen be has grown

  1463 blosmy tree tree in blossom

  1466 laurer laurel-tree

  1473 alday constantly

  1475 fil befell

  1480 axe ask

  1481 sapience wisdom

  1483 weiven fro forsake

  1489 So wysly as surely as

  1491 motif proposition

  1492 court-man courtier

  1494 in ful greet degree in very high position

  1496 debat strife

  1497 contraried contradicted

  1498 kan knows

  1499 holde it ferme and stable support it

  1500 or ellis thing semblable or else something similar

  1504 conseil advice passe surpass, be better than wit understanding

  1507 So heigh sentence such lofty wisdom holily piously

  1508 conferme everydeel endorse completely

  1512 halt (= holdeth) him considers himself wel apaid very satisfied

  1513 heigh corage noble desire

  1514 stapen advanced

  1515 fader father’s

  1516 You have plenty of spirit

  1519 ay stille all the while silent

  1524 him… avise consider

  1525 catel property

  1531 avisement reflection

  1532 assent opinion

  1533 Wher whether dronkelewe a drunkard

  1534 ootherweys in some other way

  1535 chidester scold

  1536 mannissh wood virago-like

  1538 hool soundly

  1539 devise imagine

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