The canterbury tales, p.163
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.163

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1349 atte nale at the ale-house

  1352 his duetee what was due to him

  1353 laude (due) praise

  1355 at his retenue in his service

  1359 of oon assent in league with each other

  1360 feined forged

  1361 chapitre ecclesiastical court

  1362 pile fleece

  1364 Have her struck out of our document

  1365 Thee thar you need travaille exert yourself

  1366 ther where

  1367 briberies swindles

  1369 nis there is no dogge for the bowe hunting dog trained to track game wounded by archers

  1372 avouter adulterer paramour lover

  1373 fruit of al his rente bulk of his income

  1374 sette al his entente was completely devoted

  1376 waiting on his pray watching out for his prey

  1377 ribibe hag (metaphorical use of ‘ribible’, a two-stringed fiddle)

  1378 Feininge inventing bribe practise extortion

  1379 Happed it chanced

  1380 gay well-dressed

  1382 courtepy short woollen jacket

  1383 frenges fringes

  1384 wel atake well met

  1386 shawe copse

  1387 Wiltow fer are you going far

  1390 reisen up collect

  1391 duetee dues

  1392 bailly bailiff (n.)

  1393 dorste nat did not dare

  1395 Depardieux by God

  1398 Of for

  1399 And also for brotherhood, if it pleases you

  1401 thee happe you chance

  1402 thin yours, at your service

  1403 Graunt mercy thank you

  1404 Everich each one leyth pledges

  1406 daliaunce chat

  1407 jangles idle chatter

  1408 wariangles shrikes (n.)

  1409 enquering upon asking about

  1411 yow seche look for you

  1415 departe separate wisse instruct

  1416 of… misse fail to find

  1420 subtiltee trickery

  1423 do ye you act

  1425 feithful tale true account

  1426 streite scanty

  1427 daungerous niggardly

  1431 Algate in any way sleighte cunning

  1432 dispence expenditure

  1434 so fare I I do the same

  1435 God it woot God knows

  1436 to hevy or to hoot too heavy or too hot (to carry away) (n.)

  1437 in conseil on the sly

  1438 conscience scruples

  1439 Nere min extorcioun were it not for my extortion

  1440 japes tricks shriven confessed

  1441 Stomak emotion

  1442 shrewe curse shrifte-fadres confessors

  1448 feend devil

  1449 purchasing gain

  1450 wite wher learn whether

  1451 My perks comprise my whole income (see n. to GP 256)

  1452 entente purpose

  1453 good profit rekkest nevere do not care

  1456 A ah

  1457 wende thought

  1459 figure… determinat fixed shape

  1460 in youre estat in your (true) state

  1466 no wonder thing not surprising

  1467 lousy jogelour lice-ridden conjurer

  1468 kan I moore craft I have greater skill

  1469 goon walk

  1470 In sondry shap in different forms in oon in the same way

  1472 able effective

  1476 prime 9a.m. (g.)

  1478 entende to pay attention to

  1479 oure wittes to declare to reveal our strategies

  1481 althogh I tolde hem thee even if I were to tell you them

  1482 for thow axest since you ask

  1483 For because

  1484 meenes agents

  1486 divers art various ways

  1488 stonden theragain withstand it

  1490 greve to harm 1494–5 be we suffred for to seke Upon we are allowed to attack unreste disturbance

  1499 Al be it although

  1500 wolde him hente wanted to get possession of him

  1502 erchebisshop archbishop

  1507 feine counterfeit

  1509 renably fluently

  1512 I attach no importance to your theology

  1513 o one jape joke

  1514 algates at any rate

  1516 there where lere learn

  1518 Be able to lecture on this topic from a professorial chair (n.)

  1520 blive quickly

  1526 Sathanas Satan, the devil

  1530 purchas profit

  1531 part share

  1534 parte share

  1535 fey faith

  1538 shoop him planned wende go

  1539 charged laden hey hay

  1541 Deep deep in mud stood stood still

  1543 Hait gee up spare ye for are you holding back because of

  1545 As sure as ever you were born

  1546 tholed suffered

  1548 pley joke

  1549 And he drew nearer to the devil, as if nothing was going on

  1550 rowned whispered

  1553 Hent take yeve given

  1554 caples horses

  1555 never a del not at all

  1558 stint stand still

  1559 thakketh pats croupe rump

  1560 stoupe lean forward (in order to pull better)

  1561 Heit gee up

  1562 handwerk handiwork

  1563 twight pulled liard grey

  1565 slow mire

  1568 carl fellow o one

  1569 viage enterprise

  1570 upon cariage in the way of carriage-service (g.)

  1572 roune whisper

  1573 woneth lives rebekke old woman (literally, the name of a stringed instrument)

  1574 hadde… as leef to lese would as soon lose

  1576 wood furious

  1579 for since

  1581 clappeth knocks

  1582 viritrate hag

  1586 of somonance a bille a writ of summons

  1587 Up peine of cursing on pain of excommunication

  1588 Tomorrow before the archdeacon

  1591 ne may cannot

  1594 But I be deed without dying so priketh it there is such a pain

  1595 libel written statement of charges (n.)

  1596 procuratour proctor, legal representative (n.)

  1597 thing charge opposen me lay to my charge

  1599 thee acquite let you off

  1600 lite little

  1602 Com of get a move on

  1607 min hoold my possession

  1609 Kithe show almesse charity

  1611 spilt ruined

  1616 cokewold cuckold

  1617 correccioun punishment

  1618 lixt lie

  1622 hewe appearance

  1629 but he wol if he will not

  1630 stot bawd

  1633 clooth piece of clothing

  1634 wrooth angry

  1637 privetee secrets

  1638 divinitee theology

  1641 To the place where summoners get their inheritance (i.e. what is coming to them)

  1643 alle and some one and all

  1644 leve allow

  1646 leiser leisure

  1647 After according to

  1649 agrise shudder

  1650 devise describe

  1651 winter years

  1655 temptour tempter Sathanas Satan, the devil

  1656 Herketh listen to beth war take warning

  1657 in his await in ambush

  1658 sle slay

  1660 The devil, who would like to enslave you

  1665 Somnour see n. to GP 623

  1666 wood angry

  1667 quook shook

  1668 o one

  1671 As suffreth me allow me

  1678 ladde led

  1681 inowe plenty

  1683 grace good fortune

  1685 Yis yes

  1686 Sathanas Satan, the devil<
br />
  1688 Brodder broader carrik type of large ship

  1690 ers arse

  1692 And in less than a minute (g. ‘furlong’)

  1694 drive rush

  1695 on a route in a throng

  1699 clapte… again closed up

  1706 of verray kinde by virtue of his profession

  1710 mersshy marshy

  1711 limitour friar (g.)

  1712 it is no doute it is certain

  1716 Excited urged

  1717 trentals sets of thirty masses (n.)

  1719 Theras where

  1721 yeve given

  1722 possessioners clerics endowed with a living (n.) mowen may

  1723 wele prosperity

  1724 penaunce purgatory

  1727 joly fine gay well-dressed

  1730 flessh-hook metal hook for lifting meat from a pot oules awls

  1731 brenne burn

  1733 seid al his entente spoken his mind

  1734 qui cum patre who with the Father (n.)

  1735 what hem leste what they pleased

  1737 scrippe small bag tipped metal-tipped ytukked with gown tucked up (n.)

  1738 poure gaze intently

  1739 mele ground corn

  1741 peire of tables set of writing-tables (n.)

  1742 pointel stylus fetisly elegantly

  1745 Ascaunces as if

  1746 reye rye

  1747 Goddes kechil a little cake given in charity trip piece

  1748 what yow list whatever pleases you chese choose

  1749 Goddes halfpeny halfpenny given in charity masse-peny penny for a mass

  1751 dagoun scrap blanket undyed woollen cloth

  1754 harlot servant

  1755 hostes man inn-servant (n.) baar carried

  1758 planed scraped

  1760 nifles trifling stories

  1761 lixt lie

  1763 spare hold back

  1768 goode man master of the house

  1769 Bedred bedridden

  1770 Deus hic God be here

  1771 softe quietly

  1772 yelde reward

  1774 mel meal

  1776 potente staff

  1777 softe gently

  1778 felawe companion was go walked had gone walking

  1780 shoop him planned

  1782 How han ye fare how have you been

  1784 soore hard

  1786 orisoun prayer

  1788 messe mass

  1790 after according to

  1793 Glosing see n. to ML 1180

  1794 lettre sleeth ‘the letter kills’ (n.)

  1798 yerd garden

  1801 hertely in all sincerity

  1803 narwe tightly

  1804 chirketh chirps

  1806 everydel entirely

  1810 God amende defautes may God correct (my) defects

  1811 Algates at any rate

  1814 yow greve take offence

  1815 throwe while

  1817 grope probe

  1818 shrift confession

  1819 Petres wordes… Poules Peter and Paul’s words, i.e. the New Testament

  1821 yelden give rente tribute

  1824 Chideth scold seinte Trinitee the holy Trinity

  1825 pissemire ant

  1827 wrye cover

  1829 boor male pig lith which lies

  1830 disport pleasure

  1831 no maner cas any circumstances

  1832 je vous dy I say to you

  1834 defended forbade

  1837 dine eat for dinner theraboute about it

  1838 je vous dy sanz doute I tell you truly

  1839 Have I nat… but if I have only capoun chicken

  1840 shivere sliver

  1843 suffisaunce sufficiency

  1845 fostring nourishment

  1846 penible conscientious

  1847 wake keep watch stomak appetite

  1849 yow my conseil shewe confide in you

  1850 but a fewe except to a few people

  1851 but o only one

  1852 wikes weeks

  1855 dortour dormitory

  1857 born to blisse carried to heaven

  1858 wisse guide

  1859 sextein sacristan (g.) fermerer infirmarer, friar in charge of the convent infirmary

  1861 lone gift

  1862 jubilee jubilee, 50th anniversary (n.)

  1863 covent convent (g.)

  1865 clatering clanging

  1866 Te deum see n.

  1868 of for

  1872 burel folke laymen althogh even if

  1874 dispence expenditure

  1876 We completely despise the pleasure of this world

  1877 diversly differently

  1878 guerdoun reward therby because of that

  1879 wol wants to

  1880 fatte fatten

  1881 fare live clooth clothing

  1882 Suffiseth are enough for

  1883 clennesse purity

  1884 Maketh brings it about

  1888 wombe stomach

  1890 witen know

  1892 leche healer

  1893 contemplaunce contemplation

  1894 in governaunce under his control

  1898 in no maner wise at all

  1902 If they who pray for the people are not sober

  1903 War take note of

  1904 deviseth relates

  1906 mendinantz mendicants sely poor

  1910 misericorde charity

  1916 out chaced expelled

  1920 maner glose kind of gloss

  1925 Whether it is more like our religious practice

  1926 hirs theirs swimmen wallow possessioun property

  1928 lewednesse sinfulness diffye scorn

  1929 Me thinketh it seems to me

  1930 as like

  1931 vinolent wine-filled spence pantry

  1933 Davit David

  1934 buf sound of a belch (n.)

  1935 foore footsteps

  1937 auditours hearers

  1938 at a sours in swift upward flight

  1941 eres ears

  1942 so mote I ride or go as I live

  1944 If you were not our brother (n.), you would not prosper

  1945 chapitre chapter, assembly of members of a religious house

  1946 heele health

  1947 welden have the use of

  1951 bet better

  1952 biset spent

  1953 al ago all gone

  1955 Why do you need to seek out different (orders of) friars

  1956 leche doctor

  1958 inconstance inconstancy confusioun ruin

  1959 Holde ye do you consider

  1961 jape piece of foolishness mite farthing

  1962 for we han to lite because we have too little

  1963 otes oats

  1964 grotes groats (g.)

  1966 nothing not at all

  1967 ferthing farthing

  1968 oned united

  1969 to-scatered dispersed

  1970 of by

  1978 for to wirche to do good works

  1980 If it be good whether it is a good thing

  1982 set (= setteth) sets

  1983 sely poor

  1986 as for thy beste in your own best interests

  1988 Touchinge concerning the wise the wise man

  1990 subgitz subordinates

  1992 eftsoones a second time

  1993 hire see n.

  1994 sleighly stealthily

  1995 subtilly treacherously

  1998 lemmans lovers

  2001 iwys truly

  2002 tret (= tredeth) treads fel fierce

  2008 lewed viker ignorant vicar persoun parson

  2010 is… executour of pride puts pride into action (n.)

  2014 might power

  2017 Whilom once irous potestat wrathful potentate

  2018 estat term of office

  2021 That oon one

  2024 deme sentence

  2027 happed it happened

  2028 ther where sho
lde deye was to die

  2029 wenden had be deed thought was dead

  2030 reed plan

  2037 dampned condemned algate in any case

  2038 nedes inevitably

  2042 dide do sleen hem had them killed

  2043 dronkelewe given to drink

  2044 And always took pleasure in wickedness

  2045 meinee household

  2049 record reputation

  2051 eighe eye

  2052 Awaiting on watching noot does not know

  2053 attemprely moderately

  2054 lesen lose

  2055 limes limbs

  2058 offence harm

  2061 for despit out of resentment

  2062 An hundred part a hundred times

  2064 Leet… fecche had fetched

  2067 streng string

  2068 slow killed

  2069 wheither have I do I have

  2074 Beth war beware

  2075 Placebo see n.

  2076 But if unless

  2079 Percien Persian

  2081 dreint drowned

  2082 Babiloine to winne to capture Babylon

  2085 so wel teche kan can teach so well (n.)

  2090 as just as is a squire as true as a (carpenter’s) square

  2092 dooth thee al to soore smerte causes you to suffer too deeply

  2093 shewe… confessioun make confession

  2095 be shriven been confessed

  2096 al hoolly absolutely all

  2098 But if me list unless it pleases me

  2100 muscle mussel

  2101 eise ease

  2102 reise erect

  2103 unnethe hardly fundement foundation (n.)

  2104 Parfourmed completed pavement paved floor

  2105 wones buildings

  2107 harwed harrowed (see n. to Mil 3512)

  2109 predicacioun preaching

  2111 bireve take away

  2113 sonne sun

  2114 werchen do good works

  2116 But since the time of Elijah or Elisha (n.)

  2117 of record recorded

  2120 At once he kneeled down

  2121 wex wel neigh wood became almost mad

  2128 took oure dame gave to the lady of the house lettre document

  2133 departe it share it out

  2135 professioun religious vows

  2136 cavelacioun quibbling

  2138 therwithal with that leyth places

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