The canterbury tales, p.160
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.160

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  190 Paraventure perhaps

  191 clepe call

  196 drede doubt

  197 therbiforn beforehand

  198 write written

  203 atte fulle in full

  204 privee conseil confidential advisers

  205 of… pace pass over

  207 but he mighte have grace unless he had the good fortune

  208 space time

  209 He nas but deed he was as good as dead hie haste

  210 shapen devise

  212 argumenten argue casten deliberate

  213 forth… leiden produced

  214 abusioun deception

  219 By wey of reson on rational consideration

  221 hir bothe of both of them

  222 trowe believe fain gladly

  224 Mahoun Mohammed

  225 lese lose

  227 moot must hires hers chese choose

  228 hold… in pees cease

  229 recchelees negligent

  230 hath… in cure has in her power

  232 dilatacioun amplification

  233 tretis negotiation embassadrye diplomacy

  236 Maumetrye Mohammedanism

  242 noot do not know

  243 And adequate security provided for this

  246 waiten expect

  247 purveiaunce preparations

  249 shapen devised

  250 ordinaunce arrangements

  251 in a litel clause briefly

  252 heigh important

  253 shapen appointed

  255 inowe plenty of

  256 notified proclaimed

  259 Receive in gree may look favourably on spede this viage give prosperity to this undertaking

  263 hem dressen ready themselves (to go) alle and some one and all

  265 arist (= ariseth) rises dresseth hire prepares

  268 straunge foreign

  269 freendes kinsfolk

  272 han been yoore have long been so

  275 fostred up brought up

  276 soverein plesaunce chief delight

  277 out-taken except on-lofte above

  278 hir recomaundeth commends herself

  279 shal to must go to

  281 Barbre heathen

  283 starf died

  284 hestes commands

  285 no fors thogh I spille no matter if I die

  286 thraldom servitude penaunce suffering

  287 governaunce control

  289 Or before brende burned

  293 departinge departure

  294 wherso whether

  295 Firste Moeving Primum Mobile (n.) firmament sphere

  296 diurnal sweigh daily rotation crowdest drive

  297 est til occident east to west

  299 crowding driving force

  300 fiers viage dangerous voyage

  302 see n.

  304 derkest most inauspicious hous one of twelve segments into which astrologers divided the ecliptic or annual pathway of the sun (n.)

  305 atazir birth-sign (n.)

  306 unhappy unlucky pas steps, motion

  307 knittest thee are in conjunction received acceptable

  308 were wel would be in a good position weived removed

  310 philosophre astrologer

  312 eleccioun choice, on astrological grounds, of the proper time for some undertaking

  313 Namely especially

  314 roote… of a burthe position of the heavens at the time of birth (n.)

  315 lewed ignorant

  317 Solempnely in state every circumstance careful attention to propriety

  320 She strives to keep her composure

  323 welle source

  325 lete abandon

  326 conseil council

  328 in-feere together

  329 sette hir doun seated herself

  331 in point is is about to

  332 Alkaron Koran

  333 message Makomete messenger Mohammed

  334 hete promise

  335 rather sooner sterte depart

  336 Or before

  337 tiden betide of from

  338 thraldom servitude penaunce suffering

  339 drawe dragged

  340 reneyed renounced creaunce belief

  341 assuraunce pledge

  342 loore advice

  343 sauf safe

  346 wise way

  347 fonde sound out

  348 emprise enterprise

  349 devise relate

  351 feine us pretend

  352 lite little

  354 quite pay back

  357 lede bring

  360 femininitee woman’s shape

  362 confounde destroy

  366 chaced from deprived of

  368 servage servitude

  369 fordoon destroy

  370 so weilawey the while alas the day

  372 warie curse

  373 goon hir way go away

  376 reneye renounce lay law

  377 fonge receive

  379 Biseking beseeching

  380 moste might

  381 do my labour do my best

  382 at youre heste as you desire

  384 niste did not know

  387 solempne splendid

  388 sonde message

  391 again to meet

  393 prees throng

  394 ifeere together

  395 riche and gay richly and beautifully dressed

  396 also glad a cheere as glad a face

  399 A softe paas at a leisurely pace solempnely in state

  402 curius splendid

  403 oost company

  406 Caste planned

  413 stinte should cease

  416 hem dresse make their way

  417 In general in a body, without exception

  419 mo more

  420 boghte paid for

  422 spreind mingled

  424 fin end

  425 conseil advice sikernesse security

  426 Upon thy glade day in your prosperity

  427 unwar unexpected

  428 at o word in a word

  430 to-hewe hacked to pieces stiked stabbed bord table

  431 But it were except for

  434 wolde… lede wanted to rule

  437 asterted escaped

  438 foot-hoot straightaway

  439 sterelees rudderless

  440 lerne saille learn to sail

  441 againward back Itaille Italy

  443 vitaille food

  446 benignitee gentleness

  448 steere rudder, guide

  449 blisseth hire crosses herself pitous pitiful

  451 clere glorious weleful joyful auter altar

  452 Reed of red with

  453 wesshe washed

  455 drenchen drown

  456 trewe the faithful

  460 Flemere banisher him and here (every) man and woman

  461 Over whom your arms faithfully spread (i.e. who have been marked with the sign of the Cross)

  463 fleet (= fleteth) floats

  465 aventure lot

  466 sory wretched baite feed

  467 After… waite expect

  469 arrive touch land

  472 demaunde question

  474 Ther where knave servant

  475 with by frete eaten asterte (= astertede) escaped

  479 triacle remedy

  481 derk obscure

  483 Cannot have knowledge of his wise providence

  484 yslawe slain

  489 peple Ebraik the Hebrew people drenchinge drowning

  492 t’anoyen to disturb

  501 sanz faille without doubt

  503 loves loaves

  504 foison plenty

  507 hoold castle nempnen name

  508 wawe wave

  510 of al a tide during the whole ebb and flow of a tide

  512 constable governor doun is fare came down

  513 wrak wreck soghte searched

  514 care sorrow

  517 twinne sever

  519 A maner Latin corrup
t a kind of corrupt Latin

  520 algates nevertheless

  521 whan him liste no lenger seche when he did not wish to search any further

  523 sonde dispensation

  525 For foul ne fair on no account

  526 mazed bewildered

  527 forgat hir minde had lost her memory by hir trouthe on her honour

  529 routhe pity

  530 slouthe sloth

  534 payens pagans

  537 orisons prayers

  539 constablesse wife of a castle governor

  540 dorste route dared to make a move

  543 plages regions

  544 Walis Wales Cristianitee Christian people

  546 refut refuge

  548 in hir privetee secretly

  549 bigiled deceived

  552 But it were except

  556 the righte way the direct route

  558 pleyen take recreation romen roam

  560 yshette shut

  563 weex affrayed was alarmed soun sound

  566 wirche work

  568 weex abasshed of was disturbed by

  569 amounteth is the meaning of fare commotion

  572 And she explained our law to the extent that

  575 nothing not

  577 many wintres space for a period of many years

  579 worthy of his hond redoubtable in combat

  580 Again against

  582 waiteth lies in wait

  584 caste (= castede) plotted quite hir while pay her back

  586 hote hotly

  587 sholde spille would die

  588 But he… mighte if he could not ones once

  589 woweth woos

  591 for despit out of malice compassed planned

  593 waiteth whan watches for a time when

  596 forwaked worn out by wakefulness

  598 Sathanas of Satan

  599 Went stealthily to the bed

  600 kitte cut

  602 God yeve him meschaunce May God curse him

  605 despitously cruelly

  606 weep wept

  609 aweye gone

  613 herbiforn previously herd devise heard related

  614 gan agrise melted

  616 disese suffering misaventure misfortune

  617 lomb lamb

  618 stant (= standeth) stands

  620 Bereth hire on hond accuses her

  622 seyn say

  624 seyn seen

  627 he that Hermengild slow the one who killed Hermengild

  628–9 hath caught a gret motif Of was greatly impressed by

  630 Depper more deeply lere learn

  632 so weilawey alas

  633 starf died

  634 bond bound yet lith he (Satan) still lies

  636 but if unless kithe performs

  637 as swithe without delay

  642 Osanne Hosanna

  644 My socour be be my help

  645 seyn seen

  646 prees crowd

  647 him gat no grace he obtained no mercy

  649 bistad hard beset

  654 Haveth… routhe have pity

  656 mone plea

  662 do fecche have fetched

  664 us avise consider

  665 Whom we want to be our judge

  666 Evangiles the Gospels

  667 fet fetched anoon immediately

  668 in the mene-whiles meanwhile

  670 atones at a stroke as like

  671 broste burst

  673 in general audience in the hearing of everyone

  674 disclaundred slandered

  675 in heigh presence in solemn assembly

  677 agast afraid

  678 mazed bewildered

  679 drede of wreche fear of vengeance save except

  682 sely poor

  687 untrouthe treachery

  691 ful solempnely with great pomp

  692 shene radiant

  695 and namo alone

  697 brast atwo would break in two

  699 a despit an insult

  700 unto his make as his spouse

  701 Me list nat I do not want stree straw

  702 corn i.e. the best, most important, part (as opposed to ‘chaf’)

  703 What why royaltee magnificence

  704 gooth biforn comes first

  708 skile reasonable

  711 necessaries necessities plesinges sources of pleasure

  713 a lite a little

  714 As for the time on this occasion bet better

  715 gat begot knave boy

  717 took gave to kepe for protection

  718 Scotlondward towards Scotland foomen enemies

  720 goon with childe pregnant stille calmly

  721 halt keeps to

  722 beer gave birth to

  723 font-stoon font

  724 dooth forth come summons

  725 wroot wrote

  726 blisful tidinge happy event

  727 speedful expedient

  728 tath takes

  729 doon his avauntage win himself favour

  730 swithe with all speed

  733 sithe times

  737 moot bere must carry

  738 wol aught want (to send) anything

  742 me leste pleases me

  743 sadly heavily

  745 sleep as a swin slept like a pig

  748 direct directed, addressed

  751 fendlich fiendish

  752 hardy brave

  753 endure remain

  754 aventure chance

  756 everich wight everyone

  757 seyn seen

  758 soore bitter

  759 of with agein in reply

  760 the sonde of Crist what Christ sends

  761 loore teaching

  762 lust pleasure

  763 in thin ordinaunce at your disposal

  764 al be it whether it is

  768 prively secretly

  769 take given

  771 fulfild of filled with

  772 limes faltren ay limbs are constantly shaky

  773 biwreyest betray secrenesse secrets

  774 lorn destroyed janglest as chatter like

  775 array state

  776 Ther where

  777 conseil secret

  778 digne suitable

  781 enditen of write about traitorye treachery

  786 lighte dismounted

  789 wel his girdel underpighte padded out his belt well, filled his belly

  790 fnorteth snores in his gise in his own fashion

  792 Eft again

  795 heigh juise severe punishment

  796 suffren allow

  797 inwith within

  798 tide duration of a tide’s ebb and flow

  800 geere possessions

  801 crowde push

  803 goost spirit

  804 penaunce distress

  805 caste (= castede) determined on ordinaunce plan

  806 on morwe in the morning

  807 nexte quickest

  808 took gave

  809 pitous pitiful sey saw

  815 suffren allow spille die

  817 wo is me sorrow overcomes me

  823 ferthe fourth

  824 in good entente cheerfully

  825 stronde shore

  826 thy sonde what you send

  833 steere helm

  835 pitously compassionately

  837 coverchief head cloth breide pulled

  839 lulleth rocks

  842 Sooth true eggement instigation

  843 lorn ruined dampned condemned

  844 yrent torn

  845 blisful blessed

  847 sustene endure

  851 may maiden

  852 refut refuge sterre of day morning star

  853 Rewe have pity

  854 rewful pitiable person

  856 wroghtest committed

  857 spilt killed

  859 As lat let

  863 routhelees pitiless

  864 rist (= riseth) rises

  865 prees throng<
br />
  867 entente spirit

  868 blesseth hire crosses herself

  869 it is no drede without doubt

  870 space time

  871 necessaries necessities

  872 heried praised

  873 May almighty God see to the wind and weather

  875 driveth forth hir weye makes her way

  878 axeth asks

  879 gan… colde turned cold

  884 Up upon

  885 tormented tortured

  886 Moste biknowe had to confess plat bluntly

  888 wit reasoning

  889 gan springe originated

  890 knowe recognized

  892 noot (= ne woot) do not know

  893 Th’effect the essential point out of drede without doubt

  895 ligeaunce allegiance

  896 with meschaunce curse her

  901 fleteth drifts

  902 as liked Cristes sonde as was pleasing to Christ’s ordinance

  908 Have on… som minde remember

  909 eftsoone a second time

  910 In point to spille on the brink of death

  912 gauren on gaze at

  915 reneyed abjured creaunce faith

  917 Have sex with her, whether she liked it or not

  918 Wo… bigon overwhelmed with misery

  920 heelp helped

  921 strogeling struggling

  923 dreinte drowned

  924 unwemmed undefiled

  925 lust delight luxurye lechery

  926 faintest enfeeble

  927 shende destroy

  929 compleining lamentation

  930 werk the deed

  932 waike weak

  933 renegat renegade

  934 lengthe height

  935 maat helpless

  936 desolat destitute

  939 hardinesse bravery

  944 out of meschaunce from misfortune

  946 narwe narrow

  947 driving rushing

  951 shapen determined

  952 hevinesse sorrow

  953 stinte of cease speaking of but a throwe only for a short time

  959 leet sleen caused to be killed

  961 ordinaunce decree

  964 brennen burn

  966 shapen hem to wende prepare to go

  967 repaireth returns

  970 sit (= sitteth) sits

  972 nil seye will not speak

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