The canterbury tales, p.157
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.157

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  2575 bitime in good time

  2576 prime9 a.m. (g.)

  2577 set seated riche splendidly

  2579 in degrees in tiers (of seats)

  2580 route crowd

  2582 parte party

  2584 selve same

  2586 hardy cheere bold expression

  2588 evene equal variacioun difference

  2592 worthinesse prowess estaat rank

  2593 So equally excellent were they, in everyone’s estimation

  2594 renges rows hem dresse take up their positions

  2595 rad read out

  2596 So that there should be no cheating as to their number

  2597 shet shut

  2598 Do… your devoir do your best

  2599 lefte left off priking riding

  2602 sadly firmly arest hook on the side of the breastplate on which the butt of the lance rested when ready for a charge

  2603 spore spur

  2605 shiveren shiver, break

  2606 herte-spoon midriff

  2609 to-hewen and to-shrede hew to pieces and cut to shreds

  2610 brest bursts

  2611 to-breste shatter

  2612 threste thrust

  2613 stomblen stumble

  2615 foineth fences tronchoun broken spear-shaft

  2616 hurtleth… adoun knocks down

  2617 sithe ytake afterwards captured

  2618 Maugree his heed in spite of all he can do

  2619 forward agreement

  2621 dooth hem… to reste makes them rest

  2622 if hem leste if it pleases them

  2623 Ful ofte a day many times in that day

  2624 wroght… wo done harm to

  2626 Galgopheye Gargaphia (in Greece)

  2627 whelp cub stole stolen

  2628 hunte hunter

  2630 Belmarye Benmarin (Morocco) fel fierce

  2631 wood mad

  2633 sleen kill

  2634 jalous fierce

  2638 gan hente seized

  2642 Unyolden without having surrendered ydrawen dragged

  2643 rescus rescue

  2644 born adoun overthrown

  2650 moste abide had to remain

  2651 composicioun agreement

  2656 Hoo stop

  2657 partie partial judge, partisan

  2661 heigh loudly

  2665 wanting lack

  2666 fille fell

  2667 ashamed disgraced

  2669 boone prayer

  2670 esed consoled

  2671 trompours trumpeters

  2673 Been in hir wele are in their element

  2674 stinteth cease

  2676 of his helm ydon taken off his helmet

  2677 courser swift horse

  2678 place arena

  2680 again towards freendlich friendly

  2681 in comune in general

  2683 cheere (source of) happiness

  2686 gan to turne turned

  2687 leep leapt foundred stumbled

  2688 taken keep be on his guard

  2689 pighte him pitched, fell pomel crown (n.)

  2691 to-brosten shattered

  2694 yborn carried

  2695 soor aching

  2696 Tho then corven cut

  2697 blive quickly

  2698 yet in memorye still conscious

  2699 cryinge after calling for

  2702 solempnitee pomp

  2703–4 Although this mishap had occurred, he didn’t want to dishearten them all

  2707 fain glad

  2709 Al although sore severely namely especially

  2710 thirled pierced

  2713 Fermacies purgatives save a decoction of herbs

  2714 wolde hir limes have wanted to preserve their limbs

  2719 disconfitinge defeat

  2720 justes joust tourneyinge tournament

  2722 aventure accident

  2724 Unyolden without having surrendered take captured

  2725 O one

  2726 haried dragged

  2728 yemen yeomen knaves fighters on foot

  2729 It was not counted as a disgrace for him

  2730 cowardye cowardice

  2731 leet crye had proclaimed

  2732 stinten put an end to

  2733 gree victory oo… oother the one… the other

  2735 after hir degree according to their rank

  2737 conveyed escorted

  2738 journee largely good day’s journey

  2739 the righte way by the direct route

  2741 endite write

  2745 clothered clotted for any lechecraft in spite of any medical treatment

  2746 bouk trunk (of the body)

  2747 veine-blood blood-letting

  2748 ventusinge cupping, drawing blood by the use of a cupping-glass

  2749–50 vertu expulsif natural faculty of expelling toxic matter from the body vertu… animal… natural see n. to Kn 2743–56

  2751 voiden evacuate

  2752 longes lungs

  2753 lacerte muscle

  2754 shent damaged

  2755 Him gaineth helps him gete save

  2757 to-brosten shattered

  2758 dominacioun power

  2759 ther where

  2760 physik medicine

  2761 This al and som this is the long and the short of it moot must

  2762 sendeth after sends for

  2765 Nat may cannot

  2766 point particle smerte bitter

  2768 goost spirit

  2770 Sin that since dure last

  2774 departing separation

  2777 axeth asks

  2779 withouten any compaignye without a companion

  2780 foo enemy

  2781 softe gently

  2786 And, as Jupiter may protect my soul

  2791 Fredom generosity art way of life

  2792 of my soule part concern for my soul

  2797 gentil noble

  2798 faille gan failed

  2801 And yet mooreover and that is not all

  2802 ago gone

  2804 soore suffering

  2806 Dusked darkened

  2807 yet still

  2809 ther to that place

  2811 nam no divinistre am no theologian

  2812 registre record, narrative

  2815 ther Mars his soule gye may Mars protect his soul

  2817 Shrighte shrieked

  2820 taryen forth the day waste the day

  2821 weep wept

  2824 for the moore part mostly

  2832 fressh newly

  2834 Cracchinge scratching renting tearing heer hair

  2836 gold inow plenty of gold

  2838 Saving except Egeus Aegeus

  2839 transmutacioun mutability

  2842 ensample example liknesse story, parable

  2844 in som degree to some extent

  2849 soore suffering

  2851 enhorte urge

  2852 hem reconforte take heart, be consoled

  2853 bisy cure diligent care

  2854 Caste deliberated

  2856 in his degree according to his rank

  2857 took conclusioun decided

  2858 theras where

  2860 selve same swoote sweet

  2862 compleinte lament

  2864 acomplice perform

  2865 leet… comaunde ordered

  2866 rewe row

  2867 colpons separate pieces brenne burn

  2870–71 ysent After a beere sent for a bier

  2873 of the same suite of the same cloth

  2875 laurer laurel

  2876 keene sharp

  2877 bare the visage with face uncovered

  2881 roreth of echoes with

  2883 flotry fluttering ruggy shaggy asshy sprinkled with ashes (as a sign of mourning)

  2884 ydropped sprinkled

  2885 passing othere of exceeding others in

  2886 rufulleste saddest

  2889 leet forth… bringe had brought forth

  2891 a
rmes heraldic arms

  2893 seten sat

  2895 Turkeis Turkish

  2896 brend pure

  2897 a paas at a footpace cheere expression

  2901 slakke slow

  2902 maister strete main street

  2903 sprad spread wonder amazingly

  2904 Right of the same of the very same (colour) ywrye covered

  2908 melk milk

  2911 gise custom

  2913 apparaillinge preparation

  2915 his its raughte reached

  2916 fadme of brede fathoms wide

  2918 stree straw lode load

  2920 highte were called

  2921 asp aspen holm holm-oak

  2922 chestain chestnut linde linden, lime

  2923 Mapul maple hasil hazel ew yew whippultree ?cornel-tree

  2925 ronnen ran

  2927 woneden dwelled

  2928 fawnes fauns amadrydes hamadryads, wood-nymphs

  2930 forfered in fright

  2931 agast afraid

  2932 wont accustomed

  2933 couched laid

  2934 cloven a-three split in three

  2935 spicerye spices

  2936 perrye jewellery

  2938 myrre myrrh savour smell

  2945 juels precious objects

  2948 vestimentz robes

  2950 as it were wood as if it were mad

  2951 route company

  2952 Thries three times

  2955 gonne crye cried out

  2958 lichewake wake, watch over a corpse yholde held

  2960 wake-pleyes funeral games

  2961 enoint anointed

  2962 baar him performed in no disjoint in no difficulty

  2967 certein a certain number of

  2968 stinted ended

  2970 parlement council

  2974 obeisaunce obedience

  2976 Had noble Palamon sent for

  2977 Unwist of unknown to

  2979 in hie in haste

  2981 hust hushed

  2982 abiden waited

  2984 sette rested lest desire

  2985 sad visage grave face siked stille sighed quietly

  2986 seide his wille spoke his mind

  2987 Firste Moevere see n.

  2989 th’effect the purpose entente wisdom

  2993 certein fixed

  2995 stabliced established

  2996 Certeine limited

  2998 pace pass

  2999–3000 Although they may well shorten those days. There is no need to cite written evidence

  3002 declaren my sentence make my meaning clear

  3005 but unless

  3006 diriveth derives his hool its whole

  3007 his its

  3008 cantel portion

  3010 corrumpable corruptible, subject to decay

  3011 purveiaunce providence

  3012 biset his ordinaunce ordered his plan

  3013 speces species progressiouns processes, developments

  3014 by successiouns successively, in succession

  3020 wasted destroyed

  3024 wexeth becomes

  3025 wende pass away

  3028 nedes of necessity termes states

  3030 page commoner

  3031 Som… som one… one

  3033 There’s no help for it – everything goes the same way

  3037 Turning back everything to its own source

  3039 heeragains in opposition to this on live alive

  3042 To make the best of what is unavoidable

  3043 eschue avoid

  3044 nameliche especially

  3045 gruccheth oght grumbles at all dooth folye acts foolishly

  3046 gye rule

  3049 siker sure

  3050 him himself

  3052 up yolden relinquished

  3053 appalled enfeebled

  3054 vasselage knightly prowess

  3058 hevinesse sorrow

  3060 with duetee as is due

  3064 Kan he him thank does he owe them thanks never a deel not at all

  3066 hir lustes… amende increase their own happiness

  3067 serye process

  3068 rede advise

  3075 ful assent whole-hearted opinion

  3076 th’avis the opinion parlement council

  3080 of youre grace graciously rewe take pity

  3082 accord agreement

  3083 Lat se show

  3088 moste been would have to be leveth believe

  3089 to passen right to go beyond justice

  3091 sermoning lecturing

  3094 Bitwixen between

  3095 matrimoigne matrimony

  3096 conseil council

  3100 deere aboght paid dearly for

  3101 wele prosperity

  3102 hele health

  3104 gentilly considerately

  3106 tene vexation, annoyance

  3110 route company

  3112 drawen to memorye recall

  3113 gentils well-born people

  3114 lough laughed So moot I gon as I live

  3115 unbokeled is the male the bag is unbuckled (i.e. we have made a start)

  3119 to quite with to requite

  3120 for dronken because of being drunk

  3121 unnethe with difficulty

  3122 avalen take off

  3123 abiden wait for

  3126 kan know for the nones for the occasion

  3129 leeve dear

  3131 werken thriftily proceed in a seemly fashion

  3134 a devel wey in the devil’s name

  3136 alle and some one and all

  3138 soun sound

  3139 misspeke speak amiss

  3140 Wite it blame it on

  3143 set the wrightes cappe made a fool of the carpenter

  3144 clappe noise

  3145 lewed coarse harlotrye dirty story

  3147 apeiren slander

  3148 And also to bring women into such repute

  3149 inow enough

  3150 agein in answer

  3152 cokewold cuckold

  3155 ayeins oon badde for every bad one

  3156 but if thow madde unless you are mad

  3161 As demen by believing

  3164 privetee secrets

  3165 foison abundance

  3166 There is no need to enquire about the rest

  3168 his wordes… forbere spare his language

  3170 M’athinketh I regret reherce repeat

  3171 wight person

  3172 Demeth noght do not believe

  3173 entente intention for because

  3174 be they bet whether they are better

  3175 falsen falsify

  3177 chese choose

  3179 storial historical toucheth gentillesse concerns noble behaviour

  3181 amis wrongly

  3185 Aviseth yow reflect

  3186 make ernest of game take a joke seriously

  3187 Oxenford Oxford

  3188 gnof churl, fellow gestes lodgers

  3189 held to bord boarded

  3190 povre scoler poor student

  3191 Had lerned art who had studied the arts course fantasye inclination

  3193 a certein of conclusions a certain number of principles

  3194 interrogacions investigations

  3196 droghte drought

  3199 cleped called hende courtly

  3200 derne love clandestine love solas fun

  3201 sleigh clever privee discreet

  3205 fetisly ydight elegantly garnished swoote sweet

  3207 licoris liquorice cetewale zedoary (a spice)

  3209 astrelabye astrolabe (n.) longinge for belonging to

  3210 augrim-stones counters used in arithmetic (n.)

  3211 couched placed

  3212 presse cupboard (n.) falding reed red cloth (g.)

  3213 sautrye psaltery (n.)

  3214 a-nightes at night

  3215 rong echoed

  3217 kinges note the name of a song (n.)

  3218 murye thro
te musical voice

  3220 frendes finding what his friends provided rente income

  3221 newe recently

  3224 narwe closely

  3226 And thought himself likely to be a cuckold

  3227 rude uneducated

  3228 wedde his similitude marry someone like himself

  3229 after hir estaat according to their condition in life

  3230 is… at debaat are at odds with each other

  3232 care sorrow

  3234 wesele weasel gent shapely

  3235 ceint belt barred al of silk striped with silk

  3236 barmecloth apron morne morning

  3237 lendes hips goore gore, inset panel in a skirt (to make it flare out)

  3238 broiden embroidered

  3241 voluper cap

  3242 of the same sute of matching, of the same cloth as

  3243 filet brood broad headband

  3244 likerous flirtatious

  3245 Ful smale ypulled plucked very finely

  3246 tho they slo sloe

  3247 blisful lovely

  3248 pere-jonette an early-ripening kind of pear

  3249 wether (male) sheep

  3251 perled with latoun decorated with pearl-shaped bits of brass

  3253 thenche imagine

  3254 popelote pet, darling

  3255 shining radiance

  3256 Tour Tower of London (the site of the principal London Mint) noble gold coin (g.) yforged newe freshly minted

  3257 yerne lively

  3258 swalwe swallow

  3259 make game frolic

  3260 dame mother

  3261 bragot drink made of ale and honey meeth mead

  3262 heeth heather

  3263 Winsing skittish joly frisky

  3264 upright as a bolt straight as an arrow

  3265 broche brooch loue coler low-cut collar

  3266 boos of a bokeler boss of a shield

  3268 primerole primrose, cowslip piggesnye darling, pet

  3269 leggen lay

  3273 Fil… to rage and pleye began to fool about and have fun

  3275 queinte clever

  3276 queinte crotch (n.)

  3277 Iwys for sure but if unless

  3278 derne secret lemman sweetheart spille die

  3279 haunche-bones thigh-bones

  3281 also as

  3282 trave frame in which a frisky horse is placed to be shod

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