The canterbury tales, p.156
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.156

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  1888 diched surrounded by a trench

  1889 compas a circle

  1890 degrees steps (for sitting on) paas paces

  1891 o one

  1892 letted noght did not prevent

  1893 marbul marble

  1894 th’oposit the opposite point

  1895 place arena

  1896 space time

  1897 crafty man craftsman

  1898 ars-metrik arithmetic kan knows

  1899 purtreyour painter kerver carver

  1900 mete food

  1901 devise construct

  1905 Doon make had made auter altar

  1908 largely of gold a fother a good heap of gold

  1909 touret turret

  1913 Hath… doon wroght has had made

  1914 devise describe

  1915 kerving carving purtreitures paintings

  1916 contenance appearance

  1919 pitous pitiful

  1920 sikes sighs

  1921 waimentinge lamentation

  1924 hir covenantz assuren guarantee their promises

  1926 Bauderye Gaiety

  1927 Charmes Spells Lesinges Lies

  1928 Despense Expense Bisinesse Trouble

  1929 gooldes marigolds

  1931 caroles carols (round dances accompanied by singing)

  1932 Lust pleasure array adornment

  1934 By ordre in order

  1935 mo more

  1936 Citheroun see n.

  1938 purtreyinge painting

  1939 lustinesse pleasure

  1941 yore agon long ago

  1945 hardy fiers corage bold valiant spirit

  1946 caitif wretched

  1948 sleighte cleverness

  1949 holde champartie contend successfully

  1950 as hir lust as it pleases her gye govern

  1951 laas net

  1956 fleting floating

  1958 wawes waves

  1959 citole a stringed instrument, plucked with the fingers (n.)

  1961 wel smellinge beautifully scented

  1962 dowves doves flikeringe fluttering

  1966 bar bore kene sharp

  1970 brede breadth

  1971 estres interior

  1974 soverein principal

  1977 knarry gnarled

  1978 stubbes stumps

  1979 rumbel rumble swough sough, sighing sound

  1980 sholde bresten were going to break

  1981 under a bente at the bottom of a grassy slope

  1982 armipotente mighty in battle

  1983 burned burnished

  1984 streit narrow gastly terrible

  1985 rage blast of wind veze gust

  1986 rese shake

  1987 northren northern

  1990 athamant adamant (a mythical rock of great hardness)

  1991 Riveted crosswise and lengthwise

  1992 togh strong

  1993 piler pillar sustene hold up

  1994 tonne-greet as thick as a barrel

  1995 derke imagininge secret planning

  1996 compassinge conspiring

  1997 gleede coal

  1998 pikepurs pickpurse Drede Fear

  2000 shepne cowshed

  2001 mordring murdering

  2002 bibled blood-covered

  2003 Contek Strife

  2004 chirking creaking noises sory dismal

  2005 sleere slayer

  2006 heer hair

  2007 shode crown of the head

  2008 upright upwards

  2011 Woodnesse Madness

  2012 Outhees Outcry, Clamour Outrage Excess

  2013 caroine corpse ycorve cut

  2014 of qualm ystorve dead from plague

  2015 yraft seized

  2017 brent burned shippes hoppesteres dancing ships

  2018 hunte huntsman

  2019 freten gnaw right in the cradel in the very cradle

  2020 for al in spite of

  2021 infortune of Marte malign influence of Mars

  2022 over-riden with run over by

  2024 devisioun clan

  2025 barbour barber bochier butcher

  2026 stith anvil

  2027 depeinted painted

  2030 subtil twines threed fine thread of string

  2033 Al be that although

  2035 manasinge threatening figure stellar configuration

  2040 thogh I wolde even if I wanted to

  2041 carte war-chariot

  2042 as he were wood as if he were mad

  2044 been cleped are called scriptures writings

  2048 eet ate

  2049 pencel brush depeint depicted

  2050 redoutinge reverence

  2054 Depeinted painted

  2055 Of with

  2057 agreved angry

  2058 til to

  2059 lodesterre pole star

  2060 ferre further

  2062 Dane Daphne

  2064 highte was called

  2068 freten eat for that because

  2069 forther moor further on

  2072 wroghte him care and wo caused him hardship and sorrow

  2074 Which I do not care to call to mind

  2075 seet sat

  2077 undernethe beneath

  2078 sholde wanie soone was soon to wane

  2079 gaude grene yellowish green

  2083 travailling in labour

  2085 pitously pitifully gan she calle she called on

  2086 thow mayst best of alle you are best able to

  2087 lifly in a life-like manner

  2088 hewes colours

  2090 arrayed adorned

  2091 every del in their entirety

  2092 him liked it pleased him

  2093 stinte… of cease to speak of

  2097 The bataille to darreine to engage in combat

  2098 til to hir covenant their promise

  2100 at alle rightes in every respect

  2101 sikerly assuredly trowed believed

  2102 sithen since

  2103 knighthod of hir hond fighting ability

  2105 There was no company made up of such small numbers that was so noble

  2107 And would gladly have a distinguished reputation

  2108 been of that game participate

  2109 therto for it

  2110 fille befell

  2112 loveth paramours is in love

  2113 Were it whether it was

  2114 wilnen wish

  2116 were would be lusty fine

  2119 Som wol ben one wishes to be haubergeoun mail-coat

  2120 gipoun surcoat (n.)

  2121 a peire plates a set of plate armour

  2122 Pruce Prussian

  2125 There is no new fashion that isn’t an old one

  2127 Each one as he thought best

  2133 griffoun griffin (mythical beast with the body of a lion and head of an eagle)

  2134 kempe shaggy stoute menacing

  2135 grete massive brawnes muscles

  2137 gise custom

  2138 chaar chariot

  2139 boles bulls trais traces

  2140 cote-armure surcoat (g.) harnais armour

  2141 yelwe yellow

  2142 col-blak for old coal-black with age

  2143 kembd combed

  2144 for blak for blackness

  2145 wrethe circlet arm-greet as thick as one’s arm wighte weight

  2147 diamauntz diamonds

  2148 alauntz hunting dogs

  2149 mo more steer bullock

  2151 mosel muzzle

  2152 Colered with collars turrettes rings on a dog’s collar (by which a leash can be attached) filed rounde filed into a circle

  2153 route company

  2154 stoute valiant

  2156 Inde India

  2157 steede bay bay horse trapped covered with trappings

  2158 diapred of patterned weave

  2160 clooth of Tars Tharsian silk (?from Turkestan)

  2161 Couched ornamented

  2162 brend gold pure gold n
ewe ybete freshly hammered

  2163 mantelet short cloak

  2164 Bret-ful crammed full

  2165 yronne clustered

  2167 heigh prominent citrin brownish yellow, orange

  2168 sangwin ruddy

  2169 fraknes freckles yspreind sprinkled

  2170 somdel partly ymeind mixed

  2171 his looking caste gazed around

  2172 caste estimate

  2173 springe grow

  2174 thonderinge thundering

  2175 wered wore

  2176 lusty delightful

  2177 deduit pleasure

  2180 save except for

  2182 trusteth be assured

  2183 gadred assembled

  2185 part side

  2186 leopart leopard

  2187 alle and some one and all

  2189 prime 9 a.m. (g.) alight dismounted

  2192 inned provided with lodging at his degree according to his rank

  2193 festeth feasts dooth so gret labour makes such an effort

  2194 esen entertain

  2195 yet men wenen people still think

  2196 amenden improve on

  2198 meeste greatest

  2199 array splendour

  2203 moost felingly most sympathetically

  2205 liggen lie

  2207 th’effect the essentials thinketh me seems to me

  2208 if yow leste if it pleases you

  2211 it nere nat day it was not daylight

  2212 tho then

  2213 heigh corage solemn frame of mind

  2215 Citherea Venus (see n. to Kn


  2216 digne revered

  2217 a paas at walking speed

  2218 ther where

  2219 cheere expression

  2220 soor aching

  2223 gladere one who gladdens or cheers Citheron Mount Cithaeron in Greece (see n. to Kn


  2225 smerte painful

  2226 at to

  2229 biwreye reveal

  2230 confus confounded

  2231 But except

  2233 rewe have pity soore suffering

  2234 wysly surely

  2235 Emforth my might to the extent of my power

  2237 so provided that

  2238 kepe noght do not care yelpe boast

  2241 pris renown blowen proclaimed

  2245–6 see n.

  2247 So that so long as

  2248 thogh so be though it is the case

  2249 vertu power

  2252 auter altar wher wherever

  2253 beete kindle

  2257 rekke care

  2259 effect purport ende aim

  2260 Yif give blisful blessed

  2261 orisoun prayer

  2262 anon immediately

  2263 Very devoutly, with every formality

  2264 Al telle I nat although I do not relate

  2266 took understood

  2269 wiste knew boone prayer

  2271 The thridde hour inequal see n.

  2274 gan hie hastened

  2275 ladde led

  2277 clothes hangings

  2278 longen belong

  2279 meeth mead gise custom

  2281 Smokinge reeking with incense

  2282 debonaire meek

  2283 wessh washed

  2285 Unless in very general terms

  2287 were no charge would be no trouble

  2288 been at his large to be unencumbered (by the duty of narrating it)

  2289 untressed unplaited

  2290 ook cerial Turkey oak

  2291 meete fitting

  2292 gan… beete kindled

  2293 dide hir thinges performed her rites

  2295 pitous cheere pitiful expression

  2298 sene visible

  2301 woost know

  2302 As keep me fro preserve me from

  2303 Attheon Actaeon (see n. to Kn 2065) aboughte paid for

  2307 yet still

  2308 venerye hunting

  2311 compaignye of man sexual relations

  2312 sith ye may since you are able

  2313 tho those thre formes see n. to Kn 2297–9

  2315 soore deeply

  2319 That so that

  2320 bisy anxious

  2321 Be queint may be quenched

  2323 be shapen is ordained

  2324 nedes of necessity

  2330 a maide as a virgin

  2331 brenne burn clere brightly

  2333 queinte strange

  2334 queinte died

  2335 quiked kindled

  2336 agon extinguished

  2338 brondes firebrands

  2341 so soore agast so deeply afraid

  2342 gan to crye cried out

  2345 weep wept

  2346 gan appeere appeared

  2348 stint thin hevinesse put an end to your sorrow

  2350 write written

  2352 care sorrow

  2354 dwelle remain

  2356 henne hence

  2357 Thin aventure what is to happen to you

  2359 clateren clatter

  2360 made a vanisshinge vanished

  2366 th’effect the long and the short of it

  2367 houre of Mars see n. to Kn


  2370 payen pagan

  2371 pitous devout

  2373 stronge mighty

  2374 yholde considered as

  2377 hem fortunest control their destiny

  2381 thine your servants

  2382 rewe have pity on pine suffering

  2383 For for the sake of thilke the same

  2384 whilom brendest once burned

  2385 usedest enjoyed

  2388 thee… misfille it turned out badly for you

  2389 laas net

  2390 ligging lying

  2392 smerte bitter

  2393 unkonning ignorant, untutored

  2395 lives living

  2396 dooth me… endure causes me to suffer

  2397 Ne reccheth does not care wher whether fleete float

  2398 heete promises

  2399 moot must place arena

  2405 do bring it about

  2407 soverein principal

  2409 In thy plesaunce to please you craftes stronge mighty arts

  2413 finde provide

  2416 offensioun violation

  2417 shere shears

  2419 routhe pity

  2421 stint having ended (n.)

  2423 faste vigorously

  2424 him agaste was afraid

  2426 That so that gan… for to lighte illuminated

  2427 up yaf yielded up

  2428 haf raised

  2431 hauberk mail-coat

  2433 dim faint, muffled

  2436 unto his in is fare went to his lodging

  2437 fain glad fowel bird

  2439 graunting grant

  2441 armipotente mighty in battle

  2442 bisy concerned stente put an end to

  2444 aventures vicissitudes

  2447 elde age

  2448 usage experience

  2449 atrenne out-run atrede outwit

  2451 kinde nature

  2454 My (planetary) course, which makes such a wide revolution (n.)

  2455 woot knows

  2456 drenching drowning wan dark

  2457 cote hovel

  2460 groining grumbling privee secret

  2461 plein correccioun complete punishment

  2462 sign of the Leoun sign of Leo (in the zodiac) (n.)

  2463 ruine toppling, falling

  2465 minour miner (under walls)

  2466 slow killed

  2468 castes plots

  2469 loking (astrological) aspect

  2470 doon diligence take pains

  2472 hight promised

  2474 Bitwixe between moot must pees peace

  2475 complexioun temperament, character (as produced by the predominance of one of the four humours) (n.)

  2476 divisioun dissension
r />
  2477 aiel grandfather

  2478 lust desire

  2479 stinten cease speaking of

  2482 The grete effect the main point

  2484 lusty delightful

  2486 justen joust

  2488 by the cause because

  2492 harneis armour

  2494 route company

  2495 palfreys saddle-horses

  2496 devisinge workmanship

  2497 unkouth strange, exotic

  2498 goldsmithrye goldsmith’s work browding embroidering

  2499 testeres head-pieces, casques trappures trappings

  2500 Helmets inlaid with gold, mail-coats, surcoats (see n. to Kn 1016)

  2501 parementz rich clothing coursers battle-horses

  2502 of retenue in service

  2503 bokelinge buckling

  2504 Fitting shields with straps and fastening of thongs

  2505 Theras where nothing not at all

  2506 fomy frothing (at the mouth)

  2507 Gnawinge champing armurers armourers

  2510 thikke as they may goon as thickly crowded as they can walk

  2511 nakers kettle-drums

  2514 questioun discussion

  2515 Divininge of speculating about

  2518 balled bald thikke-herd thick-haired

  2519 he… he this one… that one

  2520 sparth battle-axe wighte weight

  2525 Held remained in

  2526 iliche equally

  2527 fet brought

  2528 set seated

  2530 preeseth crowd thiderward in that direction

  2532 heste command sentence judgement

  2534 ydo finished

  2538 were would be

  2540 emprise enterprise

  2541 shapen ensure

  2543 up upon

  2544 No maner shot no kind of arrow polax (short-handled) axe

  2546 stoke thrust

  2549 But o cours more than one charge

  2550 Foine let him fence were defend

  2551 at meschief defeated

  2554 abide remain

  2555 if so falle if it happens that chivetein leader

  2556 make opposite number

  2557 turneyinge tournament

  2558 spede yow give you success

  2560 Go now youre way proceed

  2562 mury stevene glad voice

  2564 wilneth desires

  2566 rit (= rideth) rides

  2567 By ordinaunce in due order large wide

  2568 sarge serge, coarse cloth

  2569 gan ride rode

  2573 Of all and sundry, according to their rank

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