The canterbury tales, p.154
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.154

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  483 wonder wonderfully

  485 ypreved proved to be ofte sithes many times

  486 cursen excommunicate (n.)

  487 out of doute doubtless

  488 aboute round about

  489 From the donations made at the Offertory and also from his own possessions

  490 suffisaunce sufficiency

  493 meschief affliction

  494 ferreste furthest muche and lite great and small

  495 staf staff

  496 yaf gave

  498 tho those

  499 figure metaphor, figure of speech therto in addition

  502 It is not surprising if a layman turns rusty

  503 take keep takes note

  504 shiten covered with shit

  507 He did not farm out his parish (n.)

  508 leet left encombred bogged down

  510 chaunterye see n.

  511 bretherhede guild, fraternity withholde retained

  513 miscarye suffer harm

  514 mercenarye hireling

  516 despitous scornful

  517 daungerous ne digne haughty or proud

  519 fairnesse gentleness

  520 bisinesse endeavour

  521 But unless

  522 Whatso whatever estat rank

  523 snibben rebuke, reprimand

  525 waited after looked for

  526 spiced conscience (over-)fastidiousness

  530 ylad carried fother cart-load

  531 swinkere labourer

  534 him gamed or smerte it pleased him or pained him

  536 thresshe thresh therto also dike make ditches delve dig

  537 wight person

  539 faire and wel conscientiously

  540 propre swink own labour (n.)

  541 tabard loose tunic (n.) mere mare

  544 namo no others

  545 stout strong, powerful for the nones indeed

  546 big strong brawn muscle

  547 overal ther everywhere that

  548 wrastlinge wrestling

  549 short-sholdred short in the upper arm knarre thick-set man

  550 heve of harre heave off its hinges

  551 renning run

  554 cop tip

  555 werte wart

  558 bokeler small shield

  559 fourneis furnace

  560 jangler loudmouth goliardeis ribald story-teller

  561 harlotries obscenities

  562 tollen collect a toll (n.)

  563 thombe of gold see n.

  564 blew blue

  567 MAUNCIPLE manciple (n.) temple Inn of Court

  568 achatours buyers of provisions

  569 byinge of vitaille buying food

  570 taille tally, a scored wooden stick kept by a creditor as a record of sums owed

  571 waited so in his achaat took such precautions in his purchasing

  572 ay biforn always ahead

  574 lewed uneducated pace surpass

  576 mo more

  577 of lawe expert learned in law curious skilled

  581 by his propre good off his own property

  582 but he were wood unless he was mad

  583 him list it pleased him

  586 sette hir aller cappe made fools of them all

  587 REVE reeve (n.) sclendre slender colerik irascible, choleric (n.)

  588 as neigh as ever he kan as closely as possible

  589 yshorn cut

  590 dokked cut short biforn in front

  593 gerner garner, granary binne bin (for grain)

  594 on him winne get the better of him

  595 wiste he he knew

  596 yeldinge yield

  597 neet cattle daierye dairy herd

  598 swin pigs stoor livestock pultrye poultry

  599 governinge control

  600 by his covenant according to his contract

  601 Sin that since

  602 bringe him in arrerage find him short in his accounts

  603 hierde herdsman hine servant

  604 sleighte trickery covine fraud

  605 adrad afraid

  606 woning dwelling-place

  607 yshadwed shadowed

  608 purchace acquire wealth

  609 astored stocked up

  611 lene lend

  612 yet in addition coote tunic

  613 mister trade

  615 stot farm-horse

  616 pomely dappled highte was called

  617 surcote (outer) coat pers blue (cloth)

  619 Northfolk Norfolk

  620 clepen call

  621 His gown was tucked up on all sides (over his girdle), like a friar’s

  622 hindreste rearmost

  623 SOMNOUR summoner (n.)

  624 a fir-reed cherubinnes face the fire-red face of a cherub (n.)

  625 saucefleem covered with pimples (as a result of a disease called ‘salt

  626 phlegm’) (n.)

  627 scaled scabby piled scrubby

  628 aferd afraid

  629 quiksilver mercury litarge lead monoxide brimstoon sulphur

  630 Boras borax ceruce white lead oille of tartre saturated solution of potassium carbonate

  632 him… helpen of cure him of whelkes pimples

  633 knobbes lumps

  636 as he were wood as if he were mad

  640 decre decree, edict

  643 clepen ‘Watte’ say ‘Walter’

  644 grope question

  645 Then he had used up all his learning

  646 Questio quid iuris The question is, what (point) of law (is relevant)

  647 gentil harlot noble rogue

  649 suffre allow

  650 concubin mistress

  651 atte fulle completely

  652 Secretly he could also cheat a dupe (n.)

  653 owher anywhere

  655 ercedekenes curs archdeacon’s excommunication (n.)

  656 But if unless

  661 assoilling absolution

  662 significavit see n.

  663 He had in his power, to do as he pleased

  664 gerles youngsters (of either sex) diocise diocese

  665 counseil private affairs was al hir reed was their exclusive adviser

  667 greet big ale-stake inn-sign (g.)

  668 him for himself

  670 Rouncival St Mary Roncevall (n.) comper intimate

  671 streight directly court of Rome papal court

  673 stif burdoun powerful bass accompaniment (see n. to GP 691)

  674 trompe trumpet

  676 smothe smoothly heeng hung strike of flex hank of flax

  677 By ounces in thin clusters

  678 overspradde spread over

  679 thinne thinly by colpons in hanks oon and oon one by one

  680 jolitee attractiveness

  681 trussed up bundled up walet bag

  682 Him thoughte it seemed to him al of the newe jet in the latest fashion

  683 Dischevelee bareheaded save except for

  684 glaringe staring

  685 vernicle pilgrim badge bearing an image of Christ’s face (n.)

  687 Bret-ful brimful from Rome al hoot fresh from Rome

  690 smothe smooth as it were late yshave as if it had just been shaved

  691 see n.

  694 male bag pilwe-beer pillow-case

  696 gobet fragment seil sail

  698 hente (= hentede) summoned

  699 latoun brass

  701 fond found

  702 persoun parson upon lond in the country

  703 Upon a day in one day

  704 tweye two

  706 made… his apes made fools of

  710 alderbest best of all offertorye offertory (anthem sung at Mass while people’s offerings are being collected)

  712 moste had to affile his tonge polish his speech

  713 koude knew how to

  714 murierly more sweetly

  715 in a clause briefly

  716 estaat social condition

  718 gentil noble

highte was called

  721 baren us behaved

  722 were… alight had alighted

  726 n’arette it nat do not attribute it to vileinye boorishness

  728 cheere behaviour

  729 proprely literally

  731 telle a tale after repeat a tale after

  732 moot reherce must repeat

  733 Everich a every if it be in his charge if it is in his power

  734 However coarsely or broadly he speaks

  735 untrewe inaccurately

  736 finde invent

  738 o one

  739 brode plainly, frankly

  740 ye woot you know

  742 mote be cosin to must be akin to, match

  744 Al have I if I have not

  746 wit intelligence

  747 Greet cheere made… us treated us very hospitably

  749 vitaille food

  750 us leste gave us pleasure

  752 marchal in an halle see n.

  753 stepe prominent

  755 Boold of his speche ready of speech

  757 therto in addition

  758 pleyen to joke

  764 murye pleasant

  765 Atones together herberwe lodgings

  766 doon yow mirthe entertain you wiste I how if I knew how

  767 And I have just thought of an entertainment

  768 doon yow ese amuse you

  770 quite yow youre mede reward you

  772 Ye shapen yow to talen you plan to talk (n.)

  775 disport amusement

  776 erst before

  777 yow liketh it pleases you

  780 Tomorwe tomorrow

  782 But ye be murye if you are not cheerful

  783 hoold up youre hondes promise

  784 Our decision didn’t have to be requested for long

  785 make it wis deliberate, hesitate

  786 avis deliberation

  787 voirdit opinion

  788 herkneth listen

  789 taak it nat… in desdein do not take offence at it

  791 shorte shorten

  793 To Caunterburyward towards Canterbury

  794 othere two another two

  795 aventures notable events whilom formerly

  796 berth him performs

  798 sentence serious meaning solaas pleasure, entertainment

  799 at oure aller cost at the expense of all of us

  803 goodly gladly

  807 vouchesauf agree

  809 shape me therfore get ready for it

  810 swore sworn

  811 preyden requested

  813 governour leader

  814 reportour reporter, recorder

  816 devis desire

  817 In heigh and lough in everything

  818 We been acorded to we agreed to

  819 fet anoon fetched immediately

  820 echon each one

  822 Amorwe next morning springe dawn, break

  823 was oure aller cok woke us all up (lit. was our cock)

  824 togidre together

  825 riden rode a litel moore than pas at little more than walking-pace

  826 watering of Seint Thomas St Thomas Watering (n.)

  827 bigan his hors areste brought his horse to a halt

  829 You know your agreement, if you remember it

  830 morwe-song morning-song acorde agree with each other

  832 As evere moot I so may I

  833 Whoso be whoever is

  835 draweth cut draw straws ferrer twinne go further

  838 acord agreement

  841 Ne studyeth noght don’t deliberate

  844 Whether it was by chance or fate or accident

  845 fil fell

  847 moste had to as was resoun as was right

  848 composicioun agreement

  853 Sin since

  857 murye cheere cheerful expression

  Iamque domos… etc. And now, after the fierce battles with the Scythian people, (Theseus approaches) his native land in his laurel-crowned (chariot)…

  859 Whilom once upon a time

  860 highte was called

  866 Femenye land of the Amazons

  867 ycleped called

  868 Ypolita Hippolyta

  870 solempnitee festivity

  873 Lete… ride leave… riding

  875 certes certainly if it nere if it were not

  879 for the nones on the occasion

  881 asseged besieged

  882 hardy brave

  885 moot… forbere must omit

  886 God woot God knows ere plough

  887 waike weak

  889 letten delay

  892 ther I lefte where I left off

  895 wele splendour mooste greatest

  896 war aware

  897 hye weye high road

  898 tweye and tweye two by two

  902 waimentinge lamentation

  903 stenten cease

  904 henten seized

  906 Perturben disturb

  909 misboden maltreated

  913 swowned fainted deedly cheere death-like face

  914 routhe a pity

  915 yeven given

  917 Noght greveth us we do not begrudge

  918 biseken beseech

  920 gentillesse graciousness

  924 caitives wretches

  926 Who guarantees prosperity to no social rank

  928 Clemence Clementia (the deified principle of mercy)

  930 sith since might power

  932 Cappaneus see n.

  933 starf died

  937 theraboute about that place

  938 yet now in addition

  940 Fulfild of filled with

  941 despit malice

  942 vileinye dishonour

  943 yslawe slain

  945 suffren allow by noon assent on no account

  946 ybrent burned

  947 houndes dogs in despit in spite

  948 respit delay

  949 fillen gruf fell on their faces pitously pitifully

  952 gentil noble courser charger, battle-horse sterte leaped

  953 pitous compassionate

  955 pitous sorrowful maat helpless

  957 up hente took up

  958 in ful good entente with great good will

  960 so ferforthly to such an extent that

  961 wreke avenge

  963 of Theseus yserved dealt with by Theseus

  965 right anoon straight away abood delay

  967 To Thebesward towards Thebes

  968 neer nearer

  972 sheene beautiful

  974 rit (= rideth) rides

  975 targe shield

  976 large broad

  978 penoun pennon

  979 ybete embossed

  980 wan overcame

  983 alighte dismounted

  984 theras he thoghte fighte where he planned to fight

  988 plein bataille open war

  990 sparre beam

  992 freendes kinsfolk

  993 tho the gise then the custom

  994 But it would be too long to recount

  995 waimentinge lamentation

  1000 entente intention

  1003 Stille quietly

  1004 as him leste as it pleased him

  1005 taas heap

  1006 strepe strip harneis armour wede clothing

  1007 The scavengers exerted themselves

  1008 disconfiture defeat

  1010 Thurgh-girt pierced through

  1011 ligginge by and by lying side by side

  1012 oon armes identical armour

  1015 quik alive

  1016 cote-armures outer tunics bearing heraldic arms (n.)

  1017 in special in particular

  1019 sustren sisters

  1021 softe gently

  1024 nolde no raunsoun did not want any ransom

  1027 laurer laurel

  1029 Terme of his lif for the rest of his life

  1030 tour tower

  1032 quite release

033 This thus

  1034 fil ones befell one day morwe morning

  1035 sene behold

  1038 For her complexion vied with the colour of the rose

  1039 noot (= ne woot) do not know finer purer, more radiant

  1040 wone custom

  1041 dight dressed

  1042 slogardye slothfulness

  1043 priketh stimulates gentil noble

  1044 sterte start

  1045 do thin observaunce pay tribute to the occasion

  1048 She was clothed (so that she was) beautiful to look upon

  1049 broided in a tresse braided in a plait

  1050 yerde yard

  1051 sonne-upriste sunrise

  1052 as hir liste as it pleased her

  1053 party parti-coloured

  1054 subtil intricate

  1055 hevenisshly in a heavenly manner

  1057 dongeoun keep-tower (n.)

  1058 Theras where

  1060 evene joinant immediately adjoining

  1061 pleyinge amusement

  1064 leve permission

  1065 an heigh up above

  1066 seigh saw

  1074 by aventure or cas by chance or accident

  1075 thikke of thickly set with

  1078 bleinte blenched, winced

  1079 stongen stung

  1080 up sterte leapt up

  1081 eileth ails

  1082 deedly death-like

  1083 cridestow did you cry out hath the doon offence has harmed you

  1087 aspect the relative position of one planet or sign to another at a particular time

  1088 constellacioun planetary conjunction

  1089 althogh we hadde it sworn even if we had sworn the contrary

  1091 mote must

  1092 again in answer

  1094 vein imaginacioun deluded assumption

  1096 thurghout through

  1097 my bane be be the death of me

  1099 Yond over there

  1101 noot (= ne woot) wher do not know whether

  1103 fil fell

  1108 be shape is determined

  1110 linage lineage, family

  1112 gan espye caught sight of

  1115 soore severely

  1117 pitously pitifully

  1119 yonder over there

  1120 but unless

  1121 at the leeste weye at least

  1122 I nam but deed I am as good as dead

  1123 tho those

  1124 Despitously angrily

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