The canterbury tales, p.153
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.153

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  yshent p ppl of shende v

  yshette p ppl of shette v shut ML 560+

  yshorn p ppl of shere v

  yshrive(n) p ppl of shrive v

  yslawe p ppl of sle(e) v slain, killed Kn 943+

  ysonge p ppl of singe v

  yspoken p ppl of speke v

  ysprad, yspred p ppl of sprede v

  yspreind p ppl of springe v (2)

  ystorve p ppl of sterve v dead

  yswonke p ppl of swinke v

  yswore, ysworn p ppl of swere v sworn Kn 1132+

  ytake(n) p ppl of take v

  yto(o)ld p ppl of telle v

  ytukked p ppl (see also tukked) with gown tucked up Sum 1737

  ywonne p ppl of winne v

  ywoxen p ppl of wexe v

  ywrite(n) p ppl of write v

  ywroght p ppl of werke v (1) made WB 117; worked GP 196, Th 864; created Mch 1324

  1 his shoures soote its sweet showers

  3 veine sap-vessel licour liquid, sap

  4 Of which vertu by whose power

  5 Zephirus the West Wind eek also

  6 Inspired blown on, breathed life into holt and heeth wood and field

  7 croppes buds, shoots yonge sonne new sun (n.)

  8 Has completed its half course in Aries (n.)

  9 foweles birds

  11 corages hearts, spirits

  13 palmeres pilgrims (n.) strondes shores, countries

  14 ferne halwes distant shrines kouthe renowned, famous

  17 blisful martyr blessed martyr (St Thomas Becket) (n.)

  18 holpen helped seeke ill

  21 wenden go

  22 corage spirit

  25 by aventure by chance yfalle fallen

  27 wolden intended to

  29 esed atte beste accommodated to our heart’s content

  31 everychon every one

  32 anon immediately

  33 made forward made an agreement

  34 theras where devise tell

  35 nathelees nevertheless

  36 pace proceed

  37 It seems reasonable to me

  40 degree rank

  41 array clothing

  44 fro from

  46 Trouthe loyalty, fidelity fredom magnanimity, generosity curteisye courtly behaviour

  47 werre war

  48 ferre further

  49 hethenesse heathen countries

  51 Alisaundre Alexandria (n.)

  52 the bord bigonne sat in the place of honour at the head of the table (n.)

  54 reised campaigned (n.)

  56 be been

  59 the Grete See the Mediterranean

  60 armee military expedition

  62 foghten fought

  63 listes jousts (n.) ay always

  66 Again against

  67 everemoore at all times soverein pris outstanding reputation

  68 though that he were worthy though he was doughty

  69 port bearing, manner

  70 vileinye discourtesy

  71 no maner wight any kind of person

  72 gentil noble

  75 fustian fustian, a kind of cloth (not necessarily coarse or poor) gipoun padded tunic worn under a coat of chain-mail (n.)

  76 bismotered stained habergeoun mail-coat (n.)

  77 was late ycome had recently come

  79 SQUIER squire (n.)

  80 lusty lively bacheler young man in knightly service

  81 crulle curly as they were leid in presse as if they had been put in a curling-press

  83 stature height of evene lengthe of moderate height

  84 wonderly wonderfully delivere agile, athletic

  85 chivachye cavalry expedition

  87 as of so litel space in so brief a period of time

  88 his lady grace his lady’s favour

  89 Embrouded embroidered meede meadow

  91 floitinge playing the flute

  95 endite write, compose

  96 Juste joust purtreye draw

  97 by nightertale at night

  100 carf carved

  101 YEMAN yeoman (n.)

  102 him liste (= listede) it pleased him

  103 coote tunic

  104 sheef sheaf pecok arwes peacock arrows kene sharp

  105 thriftily properly

  106 dresse prepare takel equipment yemanly as a yeoman does

  107 lowe trailing

  108 bar bore

  109 not-heed close-cropped head

  110 koude knew

  111 bracer arm guard used by archers

  112 bokeler small shield

  114 Harneised ornamented

  115 Cristofre an image of St Christopher shene bright

  116 bawdrik baldric, sash worn over the shoulder for carrying a horn

  117 forster forester (n.)

  119 simple and coy ingenuous and demure

  120 but only

  121 cleped called

  123 Entuned intoned

  124 fetisly elegantly

  125 After according to

  126 unknowe unknown

  127 At mete at meals withalle besides

  129 wette (= wetede) wetted, wet

  130 kepe take care

  131 fille fell

  132 lest pleasure, enjoyment

  133 over-lippe upper lip

  134 ferthing particle

  135 grece grease

  136 after hir mete she raughte she reached for her food

  137 desport pleasant behaviour, fun

  138 port manner

  139–40 And tried to imitate courtly behaviour, and to be dignified in manner

  141 holden digne of reverence considered worthy of respect

  147 rosted flessh roast meat wastel breed fine white bread

  148 soore bitterly

  149 yerde switch smerte severely

  150 conscience feeling

  151 wimpel wimple, headcloth covering the chin and sides of face pinched pleated

  152 tretis well-shaped, long

  154 sikerly assuredly

  155 spanne hand’s breadth

  156 undergrowe undergrown, short

  157 fetis elegant

  158 smal fine

  159 A set of beads (i.e. a rosary), adorned with large green ornamental beads (n.)

  161 crowned surmounted by the figure of a crown

  162 Amor vincit omnia Love conquers all (n.)

  164 chapeleine chaplain (n.)

  165 for the maistrye in the highest degree

  166 outridere agent of a monastery who rides out to administer its affairs (n.) venerye hunting

  168 deintee excellent

  170 Ginglen jingle cleere clearly

  172 Theras where kepere of the celle monk in charge of a monastic cell which is dependent on a larger monastery

  173 The Rule of St Maurus or of St Benedict (n.)

  174 somdel streit rather strict

  175 leet… pace allowed to go by

  176 And followed the custom of the modern world

  177 pulled plucked

  179 recchelees negligent

  180 til to waterlees without water

  182 thilke that

  184 What why wood mad

  185 Upon a book… to poure to pore over a book

  186 swinken labour

  187 Austin Augustine (n.) bit (= biddeth) bids

  189 prikasour huntsman

  190 Grehoundes greyhounds

  191 priking tracking

  192 lust pleasure

  193 seigh saw purfiled trimmed at the edge

  194 gris grey fur fineste of a lond finest in the country

  195 festne fasten

  196 curious elaborate

  197 love-knotte knot-shaped ornament gretter larger

  199 as as if

  200 in good point in good condition

  201 stepe prominent

  202 stemed glowed forneis of a leed furnace under a cauldron

  203 souple supple in greet estat in excellent condition

  204 prelat chu
rch dignitary

  205 forpined goost tormented soul (of dead person)

  206 roost roast

  207 palfrey saddle-horse

  208 FRERE friar wantowne jovial (with pun on ‘wanton’)

  209 limitour friar who begs within territorial limits (n.) solempne cheerful/dignified (punning)

  210 ordres foure four orders of friars (n.) kan knows

  211 daliaunce conversation

  216 frankeleins franklins, landowners overal everywhere

  219 curat parish priest

  220 was licenciat had an official licence from the bishop to preach or hear confession

  224 Theras he wiste to have where he knew he would have pitaunce donation, alms (n.)

  225 povre poor

  226 yshrive confessed

  227 make avaunt boast

  230 him soore smerte he may suffer greatly

  232 moote may

  233 tipet hanging part of a sleeve farsed stuffed

  234 yeven give

  235 murye sweet-sounding

  236 rote zither (n.)

  237 yeddinges songs bar outrely the pris surpassed everyone

  238 flour-de-lis fleur-de-lis, lily

  241 tappestere barmaid

  242 Bet better lazar leper beggestere beggar

  244 Acorded nat it was not fitting facultee profession

  247 deelen have dealings poraille poor people

  248 vitaille food

  249 overal everywhere

  251 vertuous virtuous

  252a ferme payment, rent

  252b haunt territory

  253 sho shoe

  256 His ‘perks’ were worth more than his regular income (n.)

  257 rage play, frolic whelpe puppy

  258 love-dayes meetings to settle disputes out of court (n.)

  261 maister MA (n.)

  262 double worstede heavy worsted cloth semicope short cloak

  263 rounded swelled out presse cupboard, closet

  264 lipsed lisped

  265 wantownesse affectation, conscious charm

  268 sterres stars

  269 cleped called

  271 mottelee cloth of mixed colour (n.)

  272 bevere of beaver fur

  273 fetisly neatly

  274 resons remarks, statements

  275 Constantly harping on the growth of his profits

  276 were kept should be protected (n.) for any thing at all costs

  278 eschaunge money-changing sheeldes écus (n.)

  279 his wit bisette used his head

  281 governaunce demeanour

  282 chevisaunce borrowing or lending money at interest, wheeler-dealing

  284 noot (= ne woot) do not know

  285 CLERK university student

  286 Who had long devoted himself to logic (n.)

  287 leene lean

  289 therto as well

  290 overeste uppermost courtepy short woollen jacket

  291 gete got benefice ecclesiastical living (n.)

  292 office secular employment (n.)

  293 him was levere have he preferred to have

  296 fithele fiddle sautrye psaltery (n.)

  298 cofre coffer, chest

  299 of… hente acquire from

  301 gan… preye prayed

  302 scoleye study

  303 moost cure greatest concern

  304 oo one

  305 in forme properly, with decorum

  306 quik pithy heigh sentence great wisdom

  307 Sowninge in consonant with

  309 SERGEANT OF THE LAWE serjeant at law, member of a superior order of barristers (n.)

  310 Parvis porch? of St Paul’s Cathedral in London (n.)

  314 assise assize court (n.)

  315 patente letters patent (n.) plein commissioun full authority (invested in an officer) (n.)

  316 For because of

  318 purchasour conveyancer, buyer of land

  319 fee simple unrestricted ownership (n.) in effect in fact, actually

  320 purchasing conveyancing infect invalidated, brought into question

  323 In termes in the correct jargon caas and doomes legal cases and judgments

  324 King William William the Conqueror (n.)

  325 endite draft, draw up thing legal document

  326 pinche at find fault with

  327 plein completely by roote by heart

  328 hoomly simply, plainly medlee coote a striped robe (n.)

  329 ceint belt barres smale thin bars of metal

  330 telle… tale give an account

  331 FRANKELEIN franklin (n.)

  332 daiesye daisy

  333 His temperament was sanguine (n.)

  334 by the morwe in the morning sop in win piece of bread dipped in wine (n.)

  335 wone custom

  336 Epicurus owene sone own son to Epicurus (n.)

  337 plein delit unalloyed pleasure

  340 Seint Julian patron saint of

  339 hospitality

  341 after oon of the same standard

  342 envined stocked with wine

  343 bake-mete pie, pastry dish

  344 plentevous plentiful

  345 snewed snowed

  347 After according to

  348 mete dinner soper supper

  349 partrich partridge muwe coop (for fattening poultry)

  350 breem bream luce pike stuwe fish-pond

  351–2 It was the worse for his cook if his sauce was not pungent and tasty geere utensils

  353 table dormaunt permanent, fixed-frame table (n.)

  355 He presided over court sessions (n.)

  356 knight of the shire Member of Parliament (n.)

  357 anlaas two-edged dagger gipser ornamental purse

  358 Heeng hung

  359 shirreve sheriff countour lawyer, pleader in court (n.)

  360 vavasour gentleman, landowner (n.)

  362 WEBBE weaver TAPICER tapestry-maker

  363 liveree uniform costume worn by members of a guild (n.)

  364 solempne important fraternitee fraternity, guild

  365 geere clothes apiked adorned

  366 chaped mounted, trimmed

  367 clene handsomely

  368 everydel in every respect

  369 burgeis citizen

  370 yeldehalle guildhall deis dais

  371 kan knows

  372 shaply fit

  373 catel property rente income

  375 elles… were they otherwise they would be

  377 vigilies vigil in church the night before an important religious occasion (n.)

  378 royalliche ybore carried like royalty

  379 for the nones for the occasion

  380 chiknes chickens marybones marrow-bones

  381 poudre-marchaunt tart tart flavouring powder galingale galingale (a spice)

  383 sethe boil broille grill

  384 mortreux thick soup, casserole dish

  386 mormal inflamed sore

  387 blankmanger dish of chopped chicken or fish boiled with rice, fricassee with the beste superbly

  388 woning fer by weste living far in the west

  389 For aught I woot for all I know Dertemouthe Dartmouth

  390 rouncy hackney (a kind of horse) as he kouthe as best he could (n.)

  391 falding coarse woollen cloth (g.)

  392 laas cord

  394 hewe complexion

  397 Fro Burdeuxward from the direction of Bordeaux (n.) chapman merchant sleep slept

  398 nice scrupulous took he no keep he did not bother about

  400 i.e. he drowned his prisoners

  401 craft to rekene skill in calculating

  402 him bisides near to him

  403 herberwe harbours moone position of the moon lodemenage navigational skills

  408 From Gotland to Cape Finisterre (n.)

  409 crike creek, inlet Britaigne Brittany

  411 PHYSIK medicine

  414 grounded learned

  415 kepte watched over a f
ul greet deel to a great extent

  416 houres hours of astrological significance (n.) magik natureel ‘white magic’ (g.)

  417 fortunen the ascendent choose a favourable ascendant (n.)

  418 images metal talismans (n.)

  420 see n. to GP 333

  421 humour bodily fluid (n.)

  422 practisour practitioner

  424 boote remedy

  426 drogges drugs, medicines letuaries potions

  427 to winne to profit

  428 newe to biginne to be created for the first time

  429–34 On these medical authorities, see n.

  435 mesurable moderate

  439 sangwin red (cloth) pers blue (cloth)

  440 taffata taffeta, shiny silk sendal a thin rich silk

  441 esy of dispence parsimonious

  442 that he wan in pestilence what he gained in time of plague

  443 cordial invigorating medicine

  445 biside near

  446 scathe a pity

  447 hadde swich an haunt was so expert in

  448 passed surpassed hem those

  450 offringe Offertory (n.)

  453 coverchiefs head cloths ground texture, material

  454 dorste swere dare swear

  456 hosen stockings

  457 streite tightly yteyd tied

  458 hewe complexion

  460 chirche-dore church-door (n.)

  461 Withouten besides compaignye relationships

  462 nedeth nat it is not necessary as nouthe at the moment

  464 straunge strem foreign river

  466 Seint Jame Santiago de Compostela (n.)

  467 koude muche of knew a lot about

  468 Gat-tothed was she her teeth were set wide apart

  469 amblere saddle-horse

  470 Ywimpled wearing a wimple

  471 bokeler small shield targe shield

  472 foot-mantel over-skirt coming down to the feet (to protect the dress in riding) large broad

  473 spores spurs

  474 carpe talk, gossip

  475 par chaunce as it happened

  476 koude knew the olde daunce all the old tricks

  477 of religioun in holy orders

  478 PERSOUN parson

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