The canterbury tales, p.152
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.152

           Geoffrey Chaucer
whils conj (see also whiles) while CY 1139+

  whit adj white GP 90+; fair Mch 2144

  whoso pron whoever Mil 3176, WB 76+

  wid adj wide GP 28+

  wide adv widely Fri 1524+

  widwe n widow GP 253+

  wif n woman GP 445, 449, Phys 71+; wife Kn 932+; landlady CY 1015

  wifhod(e) n wifehood, wifeliness ML 76+; the married state WB 149

  wiflees adj wifeless Mch 1236, 1248

  wifly adj wifely Cl 429+

  wight n person GP 71+; creature Mil 3484, Rv 4236+; supernatural being Mil 3479; any ~ anyone Kn 1425+; every ~ everybody GP 842+; no ~ no one GP 280+; a litel ~ for a short time Rv 4283

  wight adj agile, swift Rv 4086; strong Mk 2267

  wighte n weight Kn 2145+

  wike n (see also wowke) week Kn 1539+

  wiket n wicket-gate Mch 2045+

  wikke(d) adj wicked Kn 1580+; evil, bad Kn 1087+; wretched ML 118; bad, poor Rv 4201

  wil n (see also wille) will Kn 1104+; desire, inclination Rv 3877+; wish, pleasure, will WB 897+; intention, determination Cl 509

  wil 1/3 sg and pl pres of wille v

  wilde fir n destructive fire, conflagration Rv 4172+; inflammable material used in warfare WB 373; artificial flames (reference to some kind of flambéing process) Pars 445

  wilfully adv willingly, voluntarily Pard 441, Mel 1422+; purposely Mel 1236

  wilfulnesse n self-will, wilfulness Kn 3057; determination, resolution Mel 1361+

  wille n (see also wil) will Kn 2536+; desire, inclination Kn 1317+; wish, pleasure, will Kn 2387+

  wille v wish, desire, want GP 276, Kn 889, 2107, WB 307, Cl 721, Pri 653, NP 3251+; wish, be willing to GP 805, Kn 1416, ML 857+; (as an auxiliary used to form the future tense) will GP 42+; (with ellipsis of verb of motion) will go Fri 1387, Sq 617+; have a mind to Th 868; intend GP 27, Mch 1405; is liable to, is capable of Mk 1911. Special uses of wolde: (1) in describing habitual actions: would, used to GP 144+; (2) in formation of future in the past: would GP 813, Kn 954+; (3) modal uses: in conditional sentences (expressed or implied): would GP 374, Kn 876+; meaning ‘would like to’ GP 766, Kn 2242+; meaning ‘would like (that)’ Rv 3962, Pard 952+; meaning ‘were to’ Kn 1473+; meaning ‘were willing to’ Mch 2341+; meaning ‘could wish’ ML 161+; (as/so) wolde God would to God (that) WB 37+; 1/3 sg pres wil, wol(e); 2 sg pres wilt, wolt; pl pres wil, wol(e), wolen; imp wille; 1/3 sg past wolde; 2 sg past woldest; pl past wolde(n); p ppl wold

  wilne v desire, wish Kn 1609+

  wiltow contr of wilt thow

  win n wine GP 334+

  winde v twist, turn WB 1102; wrap up Cl 583; envelop, enfold SN 42; wind Rv 3953; refl weave about CY 980; p ppl wounde

  winke v shut (o’s) eyes NP 3306+; wink, summon by a glance Sq 348

  winne v gain, acquire, get GP 442+; obtain, win Kn 1486+; win Kn 891+; profit, make a profit GP 427, Fri 1421+; capture GP 51, Sum 2082+; conquer, overcome Kn 980, Mk 2359+; ~ on get the better of GP 594; for al this world to ~ even to gain the whole world WB 961; sg past wan; p ppl wonne(n), ywonne

  winning n gain(s), profit GP 275+

  winter n winter Mch 2140+; year ML 197, WB 600+

  wirche v (see also werche, werke v (1)) work Mil 3430+; perform Mil 3308, ML 566; act Mch 1383; do good works Sum 1978

  wirking(e) n (see also werking(e)) behaviour WB 698, Cl 495+; calculation Fkl 1280

  wis adj wise GP 68+; make it ~ deliberate, hesitate GP 785; pl the wise wise men, the wise Mil 3598+

  wise n fashion, manner, way Kn 1338+; in every maner(e) ~ in every respect Cl 605, Sh 245+; in alle ~, in alle maner ~ at all costs Sh 61, 346; in no maner ~ in any way, at all Sum 1898; in which manere ~ in what way Phys 279

  wisely adv wisely, sagely Kn 2851+

  wisse v guide, instruct WB 1008+

  wist p ppl of wite v (1)

  wiste sg past of wite v (1)

  wisten pl past of wite v (1)

  wit n (see also witte) intellectual capacity, understanding GP 746, Mil 3227+; intelligence, cleverness GP 279, 574, Sum 2291+; cunning WB 400+; ingenuity Kn 2195; mind Kn 1456+; reason Mil 3135, ML 609+; reasoning ML 888; wisdom Mch 2245, Pard 326+; display of wisdom Rv 3901; strategy, course of action Cl 459, Fri 1479; opinion WB 41+; took his ~ derived his opinion ML 10; as fer as I have ~ as far as my understanding holds Fkl 985; pl mental faculties, reason Mil 3559+; five ~ five senses Mel 1424+

  wite v (1) know GP 224, 389, Kn 1260+; find out, learn Fri 1450+; 1/3 sg pres wo(o)t; 2 sg pres woost; pl pres woot, wite(n); sg past wiste; pl past wisten; p ppl wist

  wite v (2) blame (on) Mil 3140+; ~ of blame for Mk 2670

  with prep with GP 31+; by GP 511, Kn 2018, 2022, ML 475+

  withal(le) adv besides, in addition, moreover GP 127+

  withdrawe v remove, take away CY 1423, Pars 802+; withhold WB 617, Pars 377+; go away Pars 449; refl remove o.s. Pars 143+

  withholde v retain, maintain GP 511; retain, engage (s.o’s services) Mel 1012, 2423; hold back Mk 1996+; keep Pars 1041; keep in bondage SN 345; p ppl withholde(n)

  withinne prep in, within Kn 1300+; adv inside, inwardly Mil 3240, WB 943

  withoute adv outside Kn 1888+

  withoute(n) prep without GP 343+; besides GP 461 withseye v gainsay GP 805, Pars 507+; deny SN 447+

  withstonde v withstand, resist Fri 1497+; 3 sg pres withstand-eth; p ppl withstonden

  witing vbl n knowledge Kn 1611+

  witingly adv knowingly, consciously Pars 401+

  witnesse v bear witness (to) Mel 1459+; take as witness SN 277; ~ on (s.o.) take (s.o.) as witness/as an example WB 951+

  witte n (see also wit) understanding, intellectual capacity Fri 1480

  wive v take a wife Cl 140+

  wlatsom adj loathsome Mk 2624, NP 3053

  wo n grief, sorrow Kn 919+; distress, misery, affliction Kn 1030+; lamentation Kn 900, Mk 2492+; pain SN 521; ~ was this king/knight this king/knight was sorrowful ML 757, WB 913+; ~ is me sorrow overcomes me ML 817; ~ was his cook it was the worse for his cook GP 351; ~ were us we should be in a miserable situation Cl 139; do/werke ~ inflict misery on, do harm to Kn 2072, 2624, Fri 1310+; make ~ lament Rv 4200+

  wo-bigon adj (see also bigo(o)n) overwhelmed with suffering/sorrow Mil 3658

  wode n wood Kn 1422+

  wol 1/3 sg and pl pres of wille v

  wold p ppl of wille v

  wolde 1/3 sg past of wille v

  wolde(n) pl past of wille v woldest 2 sg past of wille v

  wole 1/3 sg pres of wille v

  wole(n) pl pres of wille v

  wolle n wool Mil 3249+

  wolt 2 sg pres of wille v

  woltow contr of wolt thow

  wombe n stomach Rv 4290+; womb Cl 877+

  wommanhede n womanliness Kn 1748, ML 851+

  wommanly adj womanly Kn 3083+

  wonder n wonder GP 502+; astonishment, wonderment Cl 1058+; puzzlement Sq 199; miracle Pri 673, SN 359; marvel ML 182, Mch 2123; ~ is/was it is/was wonderful Sh 23, Th 692+

  wonder adj wonderful, wondrous Kn 2073, ML 1045+

  wonder adv wonderfully, exceedingly, very GP 483, Kn 1654+

  wonderly adv wonderfully GP 84+

  wondre v wonder, marvel Kn 1445, Cl 335+; ~ (up)on wonder about, marvel at Cl 358, Sq 258+

  wone n custom GP 335+

  wone v live, dwell GP 388, Kn 2927+; live, exist SN 332

  wones pl of woon n

  wonne(n) p ppl of winne v

  wont p ppl accustomed Kn 1195+

  wood adj mad, insane GP 184+; furious, raging Kn 1329+; angry Mil 3394, WB 664+

  woodnesse n madness Kn 2011+

  wook sg past of wake v

  woon n place Th 801; pl wones buildings Sum 2105

  woost 2 sg pres of wite v (1)

  woot 1/3 sg pres and pl pres of wite v (1)

  wopen p ppl of wepe v

  word n word GP 304+; speech, utterance GP 856, Kn 1112+; at o ~ in a word ML 428+; ~ and ende from beginning to end Mk 2721

ld n world GP 176+; the population NP 3345; worldes (gen) used as equivalent to adj ‘worldly’ NP 3200

  worm n worm Cl 880+; grub WB 376, 560; serpent Phys 280; reptile Pard 355

  wors(e) comp adj (see also werse) worse Kn 1224, Pars 614+

  wors(e) comp adv (see also wers(e)) worse Co 4350+

  worship n honour Kn 1904+; dignity, good repute Fkl 962+; credit Sh 13+; source of credit Mel 1485; veneration Pri 654

  worshipe v honour, respect Cl 166; honour, venerate Kn 2251, Pri 511+

  worshipful adj honourable, noble Kn 1435, Mel 1765+; deserving of respect Cl 401+

  wortes n pl greens, herbs Cl 226+

  worthinesse n excellence, nobility, worth GP 50+; prowess Kn 2592; dignity, reverence Sum 2260; youre ~ your honour Cl 824

  worthy adj noble, excellent, full of worth GP 43+; respectable, of dignity, of good standing GP 217+; many uses are deliberately ambiguous as to which of these two meanings is uppermost: e.g. GP 243, 269, Mch 1246+; redoubtable GP 47, ML 579, Mk 2249+; worthy, suitable GP 579+

  wostow contr of woost thow

  wowe v woo Mil 3372+

  wowke n (see also wike) week Fkl 1161

  woxe(n) p ppl of wexe v

  wrastle v wrestle GP 548, Kn 2961+

  wrathe v (see also wratthe) anger, provoke Mcp 80+

  wratthe n wrath, anger Pars 335+

  wratthe v refl (see also wrathe) become angry Pars 1013

  wraw(e) adj angry Mcp 46; peevish Pars 677

  wrecche n wretch Kn 931+; exile SN 58; miser Mel 1603

  wrecche, wrecched adj wretched Kn 921+

  wrecchednesse n wretchedness, misery ML 941+; wickedness, folly Rv 3897, Fkl 1271+; baseness, base act Fkl 1523; vile/contemptible things Mcp 171, Pars 34

  wreche n vengeance ML 679+

  wreke v avenge, revenge Kn 961, WB 809+; wreak, give vent to Mk 2597; refl avenge o.s., take vengeance Sq 454, Pard 857+; p ppl wreke(n)

  wreye v reveal Mil 3503, Fkl 944; betray Mil 3507

  wrighte n worker in wood, carpenter GP 614, Mil 3143

  wringe v pinch WB 942, Mch 1553; wring (the hands) ML 606, Cl 1212; wring out Th 776; sg past wrong

  write v write GP 96+; proclaim, indicate Rv 3869; 3 sg contr pres writ; sg past wroot; pl past writen; past subj write; p ppl write(n), ywrite(n)

  wroght p ppl of werke v (1) worked GP 367+; painted Kn 1919; made Kn 1983+; created Mk 2008+; fashioned Kn 2497

  wroghte sg past of werke v (1)

  wrong sg past of wringe v

  wroot sg past of write v

  wrooth adj angry GP 451, Kn 1179+; pl and weak sg wrothe

  wroughte sg past of werke v (1)

  wrye v (1) cover Kn 2904, Sum 1827+; p ppl ywrye

  wrye v (2) ~ awey(ward) turn away Mil 3283, Mcp 262

  wys adv certainly, surely Kn 2786, Fkl 1470+

  wys(e)ly adv assuredly, for sure Rv 3994, Mch 2114; earnestly Fkl 789; heavily Rv 4162; (in oaths and asseverations) as ~ as as surely as, inasmuch as Kn 2234; (al)so ~ (may s.o.) surely (do ML 1061+

  Regular (weak) p ppl forms beginning with y have not generally been entered; they should be sought under their second letter in the main entry for the verb (e.g. ydight under dighte v).

  yaf sg and pl past of yeve v

  yate n gate Cl 1013+

  yave(n) pl past of yeve v

  ybe(n) p ppl of be v been Mch 2401+

  ybet, ybete(n) p ppl of bete v beaten Mil 3759+; hammered, embossed Kn 979+

  yblent p ppl of blende v

  yboght p ppl of beye/bye v

  ybore(n), yborn p ppl of bere v (see also bore, boren, born) born Kn 1019, Cl 158+; borne, carried GP 378+; borne, given birth to Cl 443

  ybounde(n) p ppl of binde v

  ybrend, ybrent p ppl of brenne v burned Kn 946+

  yclad p ppl of clothe v

  ycome(n) p ppl of come v

  ycorve(n) p ppl of kerve v

  ydo, ydo(o)n p ppl of do v done Kn 1025+; finished, over Kn 2534, WB 574+; performed SN 386; placed CY 899; of ~ taken off Kn 2676

  ydriven p ppl of drive v

  ydronke p ppl of drinke v

  ye 2 pers pron (nom pl) you GP 780+

  ye adv yea, yes Mil 3455+

  yede sg past of go v went CY 1141; came CY 1281

  yeer n (see also yer) year GP 347+; as pl years GP 82+

  yeerd n (see also yerd(e) n (1)) enclosure, yard NP 2847+

  yelde v pay WB 130+; reward Sum 1772, 2177; give back, restore Phys 189, Mel 1292; give Sum 1821, Pars 378+; relinquish, give up Kn 3052, Cl 843; deliver up WB 912; p ppl yolden

  yelle v shout Kn 2672: yell NP 3389

  yeman n yeoman, ‘a servant or attendant in a royal or noble household,… ranking between a sergeant and a groom or between a squire and a page’ (OED) GP 101, Fri 1380+; servant or attendant on an (ecclesiastical) official Fri 1524, CY 562+; ‘a man holding a small landed estate; a freeholder under the rank of a gentleman; hence vaguely, a commoner or countryman of respectable standing’ (OED) Mil 3270; men of the above rank serving in battle Kn 2509, 2728

  yer n (see also yeer) year Kn 1458+

  yerd(e) n (1) (see also yeerd) yard, garden Sum 1798, Fkl 1251; enclosure, yard NP 2951+

  yerde n (2) stick, rod GP 149, Pars 670+; staff Kn 1387; under youre ~ under your authority Cl 22; under the ~ in tutelage Sh 97; yard Kn 1050

  yerne adv eagerly WB 993; busily Pard 398

  yet adv and conj (see also yit) yet GP 70+; still Kn 2307+; always Pard 425; in addition, besides GP 612, Kn 2005+; moreover Mch 2246+; ~today even now Fkl 1473; ~ now in addition Kn 938, 1156

  yeve v (see also yive) give GP 223+; grant Mch 2377, Pars 442+; ~ again return Mil 3773; ~ up utter Mch 2364; sg past yaf; pl past yaf, yave(n); p ppl yeve(n)

  yfalle(n) p ppl of falle v fallen GP 25, Mil 3460; ~ in occurring in Pard 496; thing ~ occurrence CY 1043

  yfet p ppl of fecche v

  yfounde p ppl of finde v

  ygeten p ppl of gete v

  ygo(n) p ppl of go v

  ygrave p ppl of grave v

  ygrounde p ppl of grinde v

  yhent p ppl of hente v

  yholde p ppl of holde v held Kn 2958; considered Kn 2374+; hir wey ~ taken her course Mch 1932

  yif sg and pl imp of yive v

  yifte n gift Kn 2198+

  yis adv yes Mil 3369+

  yit adv (see also yet) yet Cl 120; in the future Fkl 688; then NP 3408; as ~ still Cl 120; so far Fkl 1577

  yive v (see also yeve) give GP 225+; sg and pl imp yif

  yknowe(n) p ppl of iknowe and knowe v

  ykorven p ppl of kerve v

  ylad p ppl of lede v

  ylaft p ppl of leve v (1)

  yleid p ppl of leye v

  ymaad, ymaked p ppl of make v

  ymet(te) p ppl of meete v

  yolden p ppl of yelde v

  yond adv yonder, over there Kn 1099+; far away Cl 1199

  yong adj young GP 7+

  yo(o)re adv for a long time Rv 4230+; formerly, before ML 174+; long ago Rv 3897+; of time ~ for a long time Fkl 963; times ~ times gone by Cl 1140; ~ ago(on) long ago Kn 1813+

  your(e) poss pron your GP 804+; absol yours CY 1248

  yow 2 pers pl pron, acc/dat you GP 34+

  ypocrisye n hypocrisy Pard 410+

  ypocrite n hypocrite Sq 514+

  yqueint p ppl of quenche v

  yraft p ppl of reve v

  yrent p ppl of rende v

  yronne(n) p ppl of renne v run GP 8+; clustered Kn 2165

  ysene p ppl of se(e) v

  yset p ppl of sette v

  yseyn p ppl of se(e) v

  yshape(n) p ppl of shape v

  yshave p ppl shaved, shaven GP 690+

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