The canterbury tales, p.149
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.149

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  sparwe n sparrow GP 626+

  spece n (see also espece) species, kind Kn 3013+

  speche n speech GP 307+; expression Mcp 205

  special adj (see also especial) special Pars 894+; particular Mel 1355, Pars 488; in ~ specially, in particular GP 444+; descende to the ~ get down to detail Mel 1355

  specially adv in particular GP 15+; in detail Sh 343+; specially Pars 894, 1044

  spede v (see also speede) prosper, further, assist GP 769+; accomplish Rv 4205+; be successful Mch 1632; hasten, hurry Mil 3649+; refl make haste, hurry Kn 1217, Mil 3562+; foule ysped come off badly Rv 4220; sg and pl imp speed; sg and pl past spedde; p ppl (y)sped

  spedily adv speedily Sh 252+

  speed sg and pl imp of spede v

  speede v (see also spede) be successful Phys 134

  speeke 3 sg pres subj of speke v

  speeke(n) pl past of speke v

  speere n sphere Fkl 1280+

  speke v speak, talk, say GP 142+; 3 sg pres subj speeke; 1–3 sg past spak; pl past speeke(n), speke; p ppl spoke(n), yspoken

  spere n spear GP 114+

  spette pl past of spitte v

  spice n spice Mch 1770+; species, kind Pars 83+

  spiced p ppl spiced Mil 3378; fastidious, over-scrupulous GP 526; swete ~ conscience see n. to WB 435

  spicerye n spices Kn 2935+

  spille v die, perish Mil 3278+; destroy, put to death WB 898, ML 857+; ruin WB 388+; waste Mcp 153; shed Pars 571; let fall Pars 965; p ppl spilt

  spitously adv sharply, vehemently Mil 3476; mercilessly WB 223

  spitte v spit Pard 421+; pl past spette, spitte

  spoke(n) p ppl of speke v

  spore n spur GP 473+

  sporne v stumble Rv 4280; spurn, kick Sq 616

  spousaille n wedding, marriage Cl 115+

  spouse v marry Cl 3+

  sprede v spread Kn 2903+; sg past spradde; p ppl (y)sprad, yspred

  spreind p ppl of pringe v (2)

  springe v (1) spring Kn 1871+; (of day) dawn, break GP 822+; grow, sprout Kn 2173+; spread abroad Kn 1437+; ~ of arise, originate from ML 889+; sg past sprang, sprong; p ppl spronge(n)

  springe v (2) sprinkle, scatter Kn 2169, ML 1183+; mingle ML 422; p ppl (y)spreind

  springing n source Cl 49; origin Pars 322

  sprong sg past of springe v (1)

  spronge(n) p ppl of springe v (1)

  squier n squire GP 79+

  staat n (see also esta(a)t) state GP 572

  stal sg past of stele v

  stalke n stalk Kn 1036+; piece of straw Rv 3919; uprights (of a ladder) Mil 3625

  stalke v steal, move stealthily Kn 1479+, refl Cl 525

  stande v (see also stonde) stand Mil 3677+; be, be the case Sh 114+; ~ in/on consist in Mch 2022, Pars 107+; 3 sg contr pres stant

  stape(n) p ppl advanced Mch 1514, NP 2821

  starf sg past of sterve v

  stark adj strong, robust Mch 1458; fierce Mk 2370

  stature n height GP 83; build Cl 257

  statut n statute, law GP 327+; obligation WB 198

  staves pl of staf n staves, sticks Kn 2510+

  stede n place Mel 1090; in ~ of instead of, in the place of GP 231+; stande in ~ avail Mel 1090

  stedefast adj steadfast Cl 564+

  sted(e)fastly adv steadfastly WB 947+; firmly, in earnest Cl 1094; resolutely SN 474

  sted(e)fastnesse n steadfastness, constancy Cl 699+

  steere n helm, rudder ML 448, 833

  steerne adj (see also sterne, stierne) severe, grim Cl 465

  stele v steal GP 562+; creep, move stealthily Mil 3786+, refl Pard 610; sg past stal; p ppl stole(n), stoln

  stente v (see also stinte) cease Kn 903+; end Kn 2442; stop Kn 1368; forbear Mk 2735; ~ of desist from Cl 734; sg past stente; p ppl stent

  stepe adj prominent GP 201, 753

  sterne adj (see also steerne, sti-erne) resolute, brave, bold Kn 2154, 2441; terrible Kn 2610

  sterre n star GP 268+; ~ of day the morning star ML 852

  sterte v (see also stirte) leap, spring Kn 952+; rush NP 3047; start (from sleep) Kn 1044+; plunge Kn 1514; escape WB 573; quiver Kn 1762; refl leap, spring Kn 1579; sg and pl past sterte; p ppl ystert

  sterve v die, perish Kn 1144+; sg past starf; pl past storven; p ppl ystorve

  stevene n (1) voice Kn 2562+; tongue Sq 150

  stevene n (2) appointment, rendezvous Kn 1524+

  stewe n (see also stive) brothel Pard 465

  stibourne adj obstinate, fierce WB 456, 637

  stierne adj (see also steerne, sterne) stern, severe Pars 170

  stif adj stiff Sum 2267; sturdy, powerful GP 673

  stike v stick, be embedded Rv 3877+; stab ML 430+; thrust Kn 1565; spear Pard 556; pierce Phys 211

  stikke n stick Kn 2934+; paling NP 2848

  stille adj quiet, silent Kn 2535, Cl 2+; still Mel 1219; undisturbed Cl 891, Fkl 1472+; secret Mel 1146

  stille adv quietly Kn 1003+; silently WB 1034, Cl 293; still Mil 3637, Rv 4199+; calmly ML 720; secretly Cl 1077; constantly Cl 580, Pard 725

  stille v calm, appease Mel 1487, 1514

  stinte v (see also stente) cease, come to an end ML 413+; stop, leave off Kn 2811+; stop, put an end to Kn 2348+; stand still Fri 1558; ~ of cease to speak of Kn 1334+; desist from, leave off Cl 703+; p ppl (y)stint

  stiropes n pl stirrups ML 1163+

  stirte v (see also sterte) leap, spring Mil 3824+; start (from sleep) Cl 1060; rush NP 3377; slip (in) Mch 2153; sg past stirte; pl past stirte(n); p ppl stirt

  stive n (see also stewe) brothel Fri 1332

  stiward n steward GP 579+

  stode(n) pl past of stonde v

  stole(n), stoln p ppl of stele v

  stomak n appetite Sum 1847; emotion, compassion Fri 1441

  stonde v (see also stande) stand GP 88+; stand still Fri 1541; be, be the case Kn 1322, Cl 346+; be left alone Sh 220; be on view (as a prize) Th 741; ~ again withstand Fri 1488; ~ at abide by GP 778+; ~ by make good, validate WB 1015+; ~ in consist in Pars 451; ~ (un)to submit to Mil 3830, Pars 60+; ~ in grace be in, enjoy (s.o’s) favour GP 88+; it stondeth nat aright matters are not well Mil 3426; sg past stood; pl past stode(n), stoode(n)

  stongen p ppl of stinge v

  stoon n stone GP 774+; jewel, precious stone GP 699+; ball, testicle NP 3448

  stoor n livestock GP 598+; hoard, store Sum 2159, Cl 17; telle ~ of set store by, take account of WB 203+

  storven pl past of sterve v

  storye n history, legend GP 709, Kn 859+; story Sq 655, NP 3211

  stot n farm-horse GP 615; bawd, whore Fri 1630

  stounde n time WB 286; while Rv 4007; moment Cl 1098; o ~ for an instant Kn 1212; in a ~ at one time Rv 3992; in a short while ML 1021

  stoupe v stoop Mch 2348+; bend down Fri 1560+

  stout adj strong, powerful GP 545; brave, valiant Kn 2154; menacing Kn 2134

  strange adj (see also straunge) distant, formal Sh 263

  straughte pl past of strecche v

  straunge adj (see also strange) foreign GP 13, 464, Kn 2718+; alien ML 700; stranger, of different family Cl 138, Mch 1440+; stranger, unknown Sq 89+; external, adventitious WB 1161; exotic Sq 67; make it ~ be fussy about Rv 3980; play hard to get, show reluctance Fkl 1223

  straungenesse n estrangement Sh 386; rarity Pars 414

  strawe v strew, cover the floor of Sq 613+

  strecche v stretch, extend Kn 2916, refl Mel 1825+; pl past straughte

  stree n straw Kn 2918+

  streem n (see also strem) stream Rv 3895+; river ML 23+; current GP 402; ray, beam Kn 1495+; pl stremes

  streight adv directly GP 671+; immediately Kn 1650; straight Mil 3316

  streine v constrain, force Cl 144, NP 3244+; clasp, squeeze Mch 1753; press, strain Pard 538

  streit adj narrow Kn 1984; strict, rigorous GP 174; confined, restricted in space Rv 4122; scanty Fri 1426+; his streite swerd his drawn sword NP 3357

  streite adv tightly GP 457; strictly, securely Mch 2129
  strem n (see also streem) stream, river GP 464; ray Mk 2754

  strenger comp adj stronger Pard 825+

  strengthe n strength GP 84+; force Kn 2399+; fortitude Pars 728; power Mk 2058

  strepe v strip Kn 1006+

  strete n street Kn 2902+

  strif n strife, dissension, quarrel Kn 1187+

  strive v strive, struggle Kn 1177+; vie, contend Kn 1038; sg past stroof

  striving n striving Sum 1998; strife, quarrelling Pard 550+

  strogle v (see also strugle) struggle Pard 829

  strokes pl of strook n

  strond n strand, shore ML 825+; country GP 13

  strong adj strong GP 239+; powerful, mighty Kn 2373+; flagrant, out-and-out Pard 789; brazen Mch 2367; ~ of strong in, well provided with Phys 4, 135; a ~ paas a tight corner, a difficult situation Mel 1445

  stroof sg past of strive v

  strook n stroke, blow Kn 1701+; pl strokes

  strugle v (see also strogle) struggle Mch 2374+

  studye n study GP 303+; reverie Kn 1530

  studye v study GP 184+; meditate Cl 5+; deliberate GP 841, Mch 1955; take pains Mel 1487; ~ to take thought for Pars 1090

  sturdy adj sturdy Sum 1754; rebellious WB 612; stern, harsh Cl 698, 1049; a ~ paas with determined strides, at a great rate Sum 2162

  subget n (see also subgit) subject Cl 482+

  subget adj subject Pars 263+

  subgit n (see also subget) subordinate Sum 1990

  subjeccioun n subjection ML 270+; suggestion Pars 351

  substa(u)nce n possessions, goods, wealth GP 489+; raw material, capacity NP 2803; substance, ‘that which under-lies phenomena’ (OED) (phil) Pard 539

  subtil adj slender, fine Kn 2030; cunningly made, intricate Kn 1054; skilful Kn 2049, Fkl 1141; cunning Phys 141+; subtle, clever Mil 3275, ML 213+; secret, covert Cl 737, Sq 285+; oblique, devious Mch 1767

  subtil(i)tee n (see also soutiltee) trickery Fri 1420+; cunning, treachery Cl 691, Sq 140+; cleverness, sagacity Sum 2290; skill NP 3319, CY 620+; lore, mumbo-jumbo CY 844

  subtilly adv (see also sotilly) cunningly, cleverly GP 610+; skilfully WB 499+; subtly Mel 1311; surreptitiously Mch 2003; artfully Mch 2274+; treacherously Sum 1995+; insidiously Pard 565

  suffisantly adv adequately Mel 1302+

  suffisa(u)nce n sufficiency, competence GP 490+; satisfaction, contentment NP 2839+; worldly ~ source of contentment in this world Cl 759

  suffisa(u)nt adj sufficient, adequate Kn 1631+; competent, capable Cl 960, Mch 1458+; satisfactory WB 910+; appropriate Mel 1032

  suffise v suffice, be adequate Rv 4125+; satisfy WB 1235; impers be enough Kn 1953+; suffiseth thee/him it is enough for you/him Mil 3549+; ~ unto satisfy Mch 1999

  suffra(u)nce n patience, forbearance Cl 1162, Fkl 788+; endurance Pars 1056; permission, licence Pars 625

  suffre v allow GP 649+; submit to Cl 537+; suffer, endure Kn 1219+; forbear Mel 1217+

  suggestioun n charge Mk 2417; prompting, temptation Pars 331+

  suite n (see also sute): of the same ~ of the same cloth Kn 2873

  superfluitee n superfluity, excess GP 436+; excess, extravagance Pard 471+

  suppose v believe, think (with a stronger emphasis on believing than in modE) Sum 1791+; imagine, conceive WB 786

  supposing(e) n supposition Mel 1402; assumption CY 873; belief, opinion; to my ~ as I believe Cl 1041

  suretee n (see also seuretee) certainty, assurance WB 903; security WB 911

  surplis n surplice Mil 3323+

  surquid(r)ye n presump-tuousness, over-ambition Pars 403; over-confidence Pars 1067

  suspecioun n suspicion ML 682+

  suspect n suspicion Phys 263; have in ~ be suspicious of Mel 1195+; be in ~ of be suspicious of Cl 905

  sustena(u)nce n means of subsistence, livelihood Co 4422; sustenance, nourishment Sum 1844+

  sustene v sustain, support Kn 1993+; endure ML 847+

  suster n (see also soster) sister Kn 871+

  sute n (see also suite): be of the same ~ match, be of the same cloth Mil 3242

  swa adv so (Northern form) Rv 4030+

  swain n servant Rv 4027; youth Th 724

  swal sg past of swelle v

  swappe v strike Cl 586, SN 366; drop Cl 1099; sg imp swap; sg past swapte

  swatte sg past of swete v

  sweete adj (see also swete) sweet GP 5+; alluring GP 265

  swelte v faint Mch 1776; grow faint Kn 1356, Mil 3703; sg past swelte

  swelwe v (see also swolwe) swallow Cl 1188

  swerd n sword GP 112+

  swere v swear GP 454+; althogh he hadde it sworn although he had sworn the contrary WB 640; sg past swoor; pl past swore(n); p ppl (y)swore, (y)sworn

  swering(e) n swearing Pard 631+

  swete adj (see also sweete) sweet Kn 2427+

  swete adv sweetly Mil 3305+

  swete v sweat Mil 3702+; sg past swatte

  swetnesse n sweetness Pri 555+

  swevene n dream Mk 2740+

  swich adj and pron such GP 3+

  swilk adj (see also slik) such (Northern form) Rv 4130+

  swin n swine GP 598; pig, hog ML 745+; boar Fkl 1254

  swink n labour, toil GP 188+

  swinke v labour, toil GP 186+; produce by labour SN 21; p ppl swonken, yswonke

  swithe adv quickly, with all speed ML 730+; as ~ at once, without delay, in a trice ML 637+;

  swive v lay, fuck Mil 3850+

  swogh n (see also swough n (2)) sigh Mil 3619

  swolwe v (see also swelwe) swallow Mel 1618+

  swonken p ppl of swinke v

  swoor sg past of swere v

  swo(o)te adj (see also soote) sweet Kn 2860+

  swore, sworn p ppl of swere v

  swore(n) pl past of swere v

  swough n (1) (see also swow) swoon WB 799+

  swough n (2) (see also swogh) sough, sighing sound Kn 1979

  swow n (see also swough n (1)) swoon Sq 476+

  swowne v faint Kn 913+

  swowning(e) n swoon, faint Cl 1080+

  sy sg past of se(e) v

  syen pl past of se(e) v

  taa v take (Northern form) Rv 4129+

  taak imp of take v

  taas n heap, pile Kn 1005+

  table n table GP 100+; (writing)-tablet Kn 1305, Sum 1741+; (astronomical) table Fkl 1273 (see n.); be at ~ be a lodger CY 1015; pl backgammon Fkl 900, Pars 793

  tail(l)age n tax, forced levy Pars 567, 752

  taille n tally, a scored wooden stick kept by a creditor as a record of sums owing GP 570, Sh 416 (see n.)

  take v take GP 34+; capture Kn 1866+; place Kn 1439; catch, surprise Mch 2268+; understand Kn 2266, WB 77+; give, hand over ML 717, Sh 294+; ~ at take to Kn 2226; refl devote o.s. to Th 795+; ~ (o’s) aventure take (o’s) chance, accept the risk Kn 1186, WB 1224; ~ for the beste adopt as the best course Kn 1847; ~ impressioun receive a mental image Mil 3613; 3 sg contr pres tath; sg and pl imp taak; pl imp taketh; sg past took; pl past toke(n), took, tooke(n); 1/3 sg past subj tooke; p ppl take(n), ytake(n)

  tale n tale GP 36+; speech, words Kn 1577+; reckoning, account WB 262; telle ~ of take account of NP 3118; give an account of GP 330

  tale v talk GP 772; speak, utter Pars 378

  talent n desire, inclination Pard 540, Mel 1249+; mood, passion ML 1137

  tappe n bung, stopper Rv 3890+

  tappestere n barmaid GP 241+

  tare n tare, weed (i.e. something worthless) Kn 1570+

  targe n shield GP 471+

  tartre n tartar GP 630+

  tarye v protract, prolong Kn 2820, Rv 3905; delay, hold up Mch 1696, Sq 73+; put off, keep waiting Sq 402, Mk 2273; delay, wait Mil 3409+

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