The canterbury tales, p.148
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.148

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  shaltow contr of shalt thow

  shame v make ashamed ML 101+

  shap n shape Kn 1889+; figure Mk 2254

  shape v create WB 139, Cl 903; contrive, devise Mil 3403, ML 210+; bring about, ensure Kn 2541, Mch 1632+; prepare ML 249, Mch 1408+; form Th 700+; decree, destine, ordain Kn 1225+; determine Kn 1108+; appoint, allot ML 253; direct Cl 783; refl set o.s., get ready, prepare GP 772+; determine, plan ML 142, Fri 1538+; take steps Mel 1607; sg past shoop; pl past shopen; p ppl shape(n), yshape(n)

  sharp adj sharp GP 114+; fierce, violent Kn 1287+; rough, jagged Kn 1978; unpleasant Co 4328

  sharp adv sharply Kn 2549+

  sharply adv peremptorily GP 523, Cl 1192+

  shave p ppl shaven GP 588+

  shawe n copse, wood Co 4367, Fri 1386

  shede v shed Mk 2257; fall Mk 2731; ~ (o’s) nature emit seminal fluid Pars 577; sg past shadde, shedde

  sheeld n shield Kn 2122+; écu GP278 (see n.), Sh 331 (see n.) +

  sheene adj (see also shene) beautiful Kn 972

  sheete v (see also shete) shoot Rv 3928

  shende v destroy, ruin Co 4410, ML 927+; injure, damage Kn 2754+; be (y)shent suffer, be punished Fri 1312, Pri 541; 3 sg contr pres shent; p ppl (y)shent

  shene adj (see also sheene) bright, shining GP 115+; beautiful, fair, radiant Kn 1068+

  shent 3 contr pres sg and p ppl of shende v

  shepne n (see also shipne) ship-pen, cattle-shed Kn 2000

  shere n shears, scissors Kn 2417+; pl sheres, sheris

  shere v shear Mk 2067; p ppl shore, yshorn

  sherte n shirt Kn 1566, WB 1186+

  shet p ppl of shette v

  shete v (see also sheete) shoot Pars 574+

  shette v shut, close Kn 2597, Mil 3499+; close, fasten up ML 1056, SN 517; sg and pl past shette; p ppl shet, yshette

  shewe v show Kn 2677+; explain, expound Kn 2536, Cl 90+; declare, express Phys 179, Pri 459; appear, seem Mel 1196; appear, be revealed Pars 330+; refl show o.s. CY 916+; ~ confessioun make confession Sum 2093

  shifte v apportion, distribute WB 104; assign SN 278

  shilde v prevent, forbid Mil 3427+; protect Mch 1787+

  shine n shin GP 386+

  shipman n sailor GP 388+

  shipne n (see also shepne) shippen, cattle-shed WB 871

  sho n (see also shoo) shoe GP 253+

  shode n crown of the head Kn 2007; parting (of hair) Mil 3316

  sholde 1/3 sg past of shal v

  sholde(n) pl past of shal v

  sholdest 2 sg past of shal v

  shoo n (see also sho) shoe Mil 3318+; pl shoes, shoon

  shoon sg past of shine v

  shoop sg past of shape v

  shopen pl past of shape v

  shore p ppl of shere v

  shorte v shorten GP 791+

  shortly adv briefly, in short GP 30+; quickly, in a short time Kn 2052, Mil 3636

  shot n missile, arrow Kn 2544, NP 3349

  shot-windowe n casement window Mil 3358+

  shour n shower Mil 3520+

  shove p ppl driven, moved away Fkl 1281

  shrewe n rascal, villain, wretch Rv 3907+; shrew Mch 1222+

  shrewe v curse WB 446+

  shrewed adj wicked WB 54+

  shrewednesse n wickedness, maliciousness WB 734+

  shrift(e) n confession Sum 1818+; profession of faith SN 277

  shrighte past shrieked, cried Kn 2817+

  shrive v refl and passive be confessed, make confession GP 226+; p ppl shriven, yshrive(n)

  shul pl pres and sg pres subj of shal v

  shulder n shoulder Kn 2163+; pl shuldres

  shulder-bo(o)n n shoulder-bone Pard 350+

  shulle(n), shuln pl pres of shal v

  sib adj related, of kin Mel 1375+

  side n side GP 112+; part SN 475

  sighte past of sike v

  signe n sign, token GP 226+; ‘one of the twelve equal dimensions of the zodiac’ (OED) Kn 2462+

  sik n sigh Kn 1920, Sq 498

  sik adj (see also seek) sick, ill GP 245+: for ~ for illness WB 394

  sike v sigh Kn 1540+; past sighte, siked

  siker adj sure Kn 3049+; safe Mch 1390+; steady Sum 2069; firm Mch 1708; dependable, reliable Mel 1374+

  siker adv surely WB 465+

  sikerlik, sikerly adv certainly, assuredly, for certain GP 137, Cl 184+

  sikernesse n security, stability ML 425+

  similitude n counterpart, equal Mil 3228, Sq 480; description SN 431

  simonye n simony, ‘the practice of buying or selling ecclesiastical preferments, benefices, or emoluments’ (OED) Fri 1309+

  sin prep and conj since GP 853+; ~ that since (the time when) GP 601+; since, because, seeing that Kn 1273+

  singe v sing GP 236+; crow Rv 4233; squeal, cry out Fri 1311+; 1/3 sg past sang, so(o)ng; 2 sg past songe; pl past songe(n); 3 sg past subj songe; p ppl songe(n), ysonge

  singuler adj single, individual CY 997, Pars 300; ~ persone private individual Mel 1435

  sinke v sink Kn 951+; sg past sank; p ppl sonken

  sire n master GP 355, WB 713+; father Rv 4246+

  sirurgien n surgeon Mel 1005+

  sit 3 sg contr pres of sitte v

  sith adv (see also sitthe) since, afterwards Rv 3893+

  sithe n time GP 485+; ofte ~ often Kn 1877+

  sithen adv afterwards Kn 2617+; ago: go(on) ~ many a day/many yeres long ago Kn 1521, Sq 536

  sith(en) (that) conj since Kn 930+

  sitte v sit GP 94+; befit, be suitable for (with dat) Mch 2315+; it sit wel it is befitting, right Mch 1277; ivele it sit it is improper, wrong Cl 460; 3 sg contr pres sit; sg past sat, seet; pl past seten; p ppl seten

  sitthe adv (see also sith) afterwards Mk 2723

  sixte adj sixth WB 45+

  skile n reason, justice Mel 1810; reasoning, argument Sq 205, Mel 1870; ~ (it) is/was it is/was reasonable, proper ML 708+

  skilful adj reasonable, rational ML 1038+

  skippe v skip, gambol Mil 3259; spring, leap Mch 1672, Fkl 1402+; pass Pars 361

  sklendre adj (see also sclendre) slender, slight Cl 1198+; scanty NP 2833

  slake v fail Cl 137; weaken, tire Cl 705+; abate Fkl 841; decrease Cl 802; relieve Cl 1107

  slakke adj slack Mch 1849; slow, tardy Kn 2901, Sh 413

  sle(e) v slay, kill GP 63+; pierce Kn 1118, Fkl 893+; destroy ML 301; extinguish Mk 2732; 3 sg pres sleeth; sg past slough, slow; pl past slowe; p ppl slawe(n), (y)slain, yslawe

  sleep sg past of slepe v

  sleepe pl past of slepe v

  sleigh adj (see also sly(e)) shrewd, clever Mil 3201; cunning, wily Rv 3940

  sleighly adv (see also slyly) secretly Kn 1444; cunningly, stealthily Sum 1994

  sleighte n (see also slighte) cunning, trickery GP 604+; trick, stratagem Mch 2126+; cleverness, intellectual ingenuity Kn 1948, Rv 4050+; ingenuity, skill Cl 1102

  slepe v sleep GP 10+; sg past sleep, slepte; pl past sleepe, slepen

  slepestow contr of slepest thow

  slewthe n (see also slouthe) sloth, laziness Pars 388

  slide v slide, slip (away) Cl 82+; pass away Fkl 924; 3 sg contr pres slit

  slighte n (see also sleighte) cunning, trickery Phys 131

  slik adj (see also swilk) such (Northern form) Rv 4170+

  slit 3 sg contr pres of slide v

  slogardye n slothfulness, laziness Kn 1042+

  slough n (see also slow) slough, mire NP 2798

  slough sg past of sle(e) v

  slouthe n (see also slewthe) sloth, laziness ML 530+

  slow n (see also slough) slough, mire Fri 1563+

  slow sg past of sle(e) v

  slowe pl past of sle(e) v

  sly(e) adj (see also sleigh) clever, cunning Sq 672+; wily, deceitful Mch 1786+; skilful Mch 1692, Sq 230; insidious, subtle SN 10; as n rogue Mil 3392

  slyly adv (see also sleighly) secretly, stealthily Pard 792+

  smal adj slender Mil 3234, WB 261, Cl 380+; narrow GP 329, NP 290
5; thin NP 3308; little, small GP 9+; trivial WB 952+; fine GP 158, Pars 197; weak, thin GP 688; high-pitched Mil 3360; lowly Mch 1625

  smal(e) adv finely Mil 3245+; little WB 592+; in close-fitting clothes Mil 3320

  smert adj stinging Kn 2225; bitter, keen, severe Kn 2392, 2766, Sq 480+; hot CY 768

  smert(e) n pain Mil 3813, Mk 2606+

  smerte adv sharply, severely GP 149, Cl 629, Pard 413

  smerte v impers give pain, hurt GP 230, 534, Mk 2713+; him/me ~ he/I suffer(ed) GP 230+; personal suffer, feel pain Sum 2092+; 3 sg pres subj smerte; past smerte

  smite v strike Kn 1220+; ~ of cut off Phys 226+; 3 sg contr pres smit; sg past smoot; p ppl smiten

  smok n smock, shift Mil 3238+

  smoot sg past of smite v

  snibbe v rebuke, reprimand GP 523+

  snowte n snout Sh 405+

  so adv so GP 55+; to such an extent GP 11+; in such a way GP 31+; such (a) GP 88, Kn 907+; ~ as as GP 39+; if ~ be/were, if ~ falle if it is/were the case Kn 1211+; in asseverations: ~ have I joye or blis on my hope of bliss WB 830; ~ moote I ride or go, ~ moot I goon as I live Sum 1942, Fkl 777; ~ thee’ch/thee’k/moot I thee as I may prosper Rv 3864, WB 361+; introducing a wish Mch 2253

  so (that) conj provided that Kn 2237, WB 125+

  sobre adj sober, grave, serious ML 97+; sober, temperate Sum 1902+

  socour n succour, help Kn 918+

  sodein adj sudden ML 421+

  sodeinliche, sodeinly adv suddenly Kn 1118+; without delay, directly Mch 1409, Mel 1009+

  sode(n) p ppl of sethe v

  softe adj soft GP 153+; weak, gentle Phys 101; a ~ paas slowly, calmly Mil 3760+

  softe adv gently Kn 1021+; quietly Kn 1773, Mil 3649+; unobtrusively Mil 3410; peacefully Sh 93; comfortably Mch 1947

  softely adv quietly Cl 323+; stealthily Rv 4058+; gently Sq 636; calmly Pri 672; slowly Th 886; tenderly SN 408; comfortably Pars 835

  soght p ppl of seke v

  soghte past of seke v

  soj(o)urne v stay, dwell ML 148+

  sola(a)s n comfort Pars 206+; pleasure, delight, fun Mil 3200+; entertainment GP 798; powers of entertaining Mil 3335; relief Th 782

  solempne adj sumptuous, splendid, ceremonious ML 387, Cl 1125, Sq 61; festive Sq 111; formal, ritual Pars 102+; important GP 364; cheerful/dignified (punning) GP 209

  solempnely adv ceremoniously, with pomp, splendidly ML 317+; imposingly, with dignity GP 274; earnestly SN 272

  solempnitee n ceremony, festivity, pomp Kn 870+; celebration Phys 244

  som adj and pron some GP 640+; ~… ~ one… another Kn 1255+; al and ~ the long and the short of it Kn 2761+; alle and some one and all Kn 2187+; pl som(m)e

  somdel adv somewhat, rather GP 174+; partly Kn 2170; in some degree Rv 3911

  somme n sum (of money) Fkl 1220+

  somnour n ‘an officer who summoned delinquents before the ecclesiastical courts’ (Skeat) GP 543+

  som(o)ne v summon Fri 1347+; encourage, invite Mel 1462, 2662

  somtime adv sometimes Mil 3332+; once, at one time GP 65+; at a certain time, occasionally Kn 1668; at some time, one day Kn 3024, ML 110+

  sond n sand Mil 3748+

  sonde n message ML 388+; messenger SN 525; sending Sh 219; what is sent, dispensation, ordinance ML 523+

  sondry adj various, different GP 14+

  sone n son GP 79+

  sone adv (see also soone) straightway Mil 3150, CY 1289

  songe 2 sg past, pl past, 3 sg past subj and p ppl of singe v

  songen pl past and p ppl of singe v

  sonken p ppl of sinke v

  sonne n sun GP 7+

  soone adv (see also sone) speedily, without delay Kn 1022+; straightway Pars 61; soon Kn 1467+

  so(o)ng 1/3 sg past of singe v

  soor adj severe, grievous Kn 1755+; painful, suffering Kn 2804; bitter ML 758; aching Kn 2220+

  soor(e) n suffering, torment Kn 1454+; disease Pard 358

  soore adv (see also sore) painfully GP 230+; severely Kn 1115+; bitterly GP 148+; deeply Kn 1518+; vigorously Rv 4229+; hard, earnestly Sum 1784+; seriously NP 3109; ill Cl 85

  soote adj (see also swo(o)te) sweet GP 1+

  sooth n (see also sothe) truth GP 284+

  sooth adj true Mil 3391+; truthful Sq 21; as adv truly Kn 1521+; pl sothe

  soothfastnesse n (see also sothfastnesse) truth Mel 1175+; truthfulness, loyalty Cl 934

  soothly adv truly GP 117+

  sop n piece of bread dipped in wine GP 334, Mch 1843

  sope(e)r n supper, evening meal GP 348, Fkl 1189+

  sophime n sophism, question of logic Cl 5; sophistry Sq 554

  sore adv (see also soore) painfully, severely Kn 1394+; bitterly WB 632; deeply Mil 3462+

  sort n (1) destiny, fate GP 844; casting of lots Pars 605

  sort n (2) sort, kind Rv 4044; company, band ML 141

  sorwe n sorrow Kn 951+; with ~ curse him Co 4412; bad luck to you WB 308; more’s the pity NP 3253

  sorwe v sorrow, grieve Kn 2652+

  sorweful adj sorrowful Kn 1070+

  sory adj painful Th 759; dismal Kn 2004+; sad, mournful Kn 2010+; sorry Mel 1879+; wretched ML 466+; ~ grace misfortune WB 746; with ~ grace bad luck to you/him Pard 717+; a ~ paas with dejected steps Mil 3741

  soster n (see also suster) sister Mil 3486

  sothe n (see also sooth) truth GP 845+; for ~ in truth GP 283+

  sothe pl of sooth adj

  sothfastnesse n (see also soothfastnesse) truth Cl 796+

  sotilly adv (see also subtilly) cleverly, skilfully WB 956

  soughte past of seke v

  souke v (see also sowke) suck Cl 450+

  soun n sound GP 674+

  soupe v eat supper Rv 4146+

  souple adj supple GP 203; compliant Mk 2500

  sourde v arise Pars 448+

  sours n source Cl 49; swift upward flight Sum 1938+

  south adj: ~ line the meridian, a notional line passing from north to south through the zenith (the point directly overhead any given location) Pars 2 (see n.)

  soutiltee n (see also subtil(i)tee) trick WB 576; skill CY 1371

  soverain, soverein n lord, sovereign Mel 1438+; superior CY 590

  soverain, soverein adj excellent, outstanding GP 67+; principal, greatest Kn 1974+; supreme ML 1089, Fkl 1552+; highest, total Cl 112; supreme, unqualified Phys 136, Mel 1078+; sovereign WB 1048+

  soverainetee, soverein(e)tee n supremacy, mastery WB 818, Cl 114+; lordly authority, rule Pars 774

  sovereinly adv pre-eminently NP 3362; handsomely Mel 1272

  sowdan n sultan ML 177+

  sowdanesse n sultaness ML 358+

  sowed p ppl sewn GP 685+

  sowke v (see also souke) suck Rv 4157; squeeze out Co 4416

  sowne v sound GP 565+; play (instrument) Sq 270; harp on GP 275; echo Sq 105; tend Mk 2158; ~ in(to) be consistent with, tend towards, conduce to GP 307, Sq 517+

  space n (see also espace) time GP 87, Kn 1896, Mil 3596+; while Kn 2982+; leisure, opportunity GP 35, Sq 493+; length ML 577; space, extent Rv 4124+; the metes ~ the course of the meal ML 1014; in time and ~ in due time SN 355; heeld the ~ followed the custom GP 176

  spak 1–3 sg past of speke v

  sparcle n (see also sparkle) spark Th 905

  spare v refrain, leave off GP 192+; hold back Fri 1543+; omit, fail Kn 1396+; spare, have mercy on WB 421+; save Mch 1297; refl hold (o.s.) aloof Rv 3966

  sparhauk(e) n sparrow-hawk Th 767+

  sparkle n (see also sparcle) spark Rv 3885

  sparre n rafter, beam Kn 990+

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