The canterbury tales, p.147
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.147

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  reprevable adj reprehensible, blameworthy Pard 632+

  repreve n (see also repreeve) shame, disgrace WB 84+; reproach Mch 2204+; reprimand Mch 2263; insult Pars 258

  repreve v blame, reprove Mel 1032+; insult, taunt Pars 623+; ~ of reproach with, reprove for WB 937+

  reprevinge vbl n reproach, taunting Pars 556+

  requere v ask of WB 1010+; request Mel 1737; ~ of ask for, request Mel 1683

  reso(u)n n reason Cl 25, Mel 979+; reason, argument ML 213+; explanation, account Mil 3844; reasonableness Fkl 833; what is right GP 37; remark, statement GP 274; as is/was ~ as is/was right GP 847, Sum 2277+; ~ was it was right Mch 1768; as fer as ~ fil as far as was reasonable Sq 570; by ~ with reason Pard 458+; by ~ of because of Mel 1023; by wey of ~ on rational consideration ML 219; according to reason, rationally Pars 707+

  resoune, resowne v resound, echo Kn 1278, Sq 413

  respit n delay Kn 948+; respite SN 543+

  reste n rest GP 820+; in/on/to ~ at rest GP 30, WB 428, Sq 379

  reste v rest Kn 2621+; refl rest o.s. Mch 1926; cease CY 859

  restreine v restrain Mel 1092+, refl restrain o.s. Mk 2606+; ~ of restrain from Mel 1492

  retenue n retinue Cl 270; of ~ in service Kn 2502; at his ~ in his service Fri 1355

  rethor n rhetorician, master of eloquence Sq 38+

  rethorik n rhetoric Fkl 719+; eloquence Cl 32

  reto(u)rne v return ML 986+

  reule n (see also rewle) rule Mel 1166+; (monastic) rule GP 173

  reule v (see also rule) rule GP 816+

  reve n reeve GP 542+

  reve v seize Kn 2015; take away Mk 2098, SN 376+; plunder, steal Pars 758; rob Rv 4011; deprive of Fkl 1017, Pars 561+; ravish WB 888; sg past rafte; p ppl reft, yraft

  revelour n reveller Co 4371+

  reverence n reverence, respect GP 141+; honour Pri 473; bere/do (a) ~ show respect, do honour (to) Kn 2531+; at ~ of in honour of SN 82+

  reverence v show respect (to) CY 631, Pars 403

  revers n reverse, contrary Sum 2056, NP 2977

  reward n regard, heed Mel 1259+; take litel/no ~ have little/no concern Mel 1371+

  rewe n row Kn 2866; by ~ in a row WB 506

  rewe v have pity Kn 1863+; be sorry Mil 3530+; do penance for CY 997; impers: (it) me reweth (of) I am sorry (for) Mil 3462+

  rewful adj (see also ruful) pitiable ML 854

  rewle n (see also reule) rule Pars 217

  ribaudye n ribaldry, obscenity Rv 3866+

  ribibe n hag Fri 1377 (metaphorical use of ‘ribible’; see next entry)

  ribible n (see also rubible) rebeck, two-stringed fiddle Co 4396

  riche adj rich GP 248+; splendid, sumptuous GP 296, Kn 2525+

  riche adv richly GP 609+; magnificently, splendidly Kn 2577+

  richesse n riches, wealth Kn 1255+

  ride v ride GP 27+; go on expeditions GP 45; mount (sexual sense) NP 3168; 3 sg contr pres rit; sg past rood; pl past riden; p ppl riden

  riding(e) vbl n riding Pars 432+; procession Co 4377

  right n right, justice Kn 3089+; (up) at alle rightes in every respect Kn 1852+

  right adv straight, directly Kn 1691+; just, exactly GP 257+; certainly GP 659+; very GP 288+; wholly GP 804; fully Cl 243; clearly Mil 3583; ~ naught not at all WB 582+; ~ tho at that very minute Cl 544; ~ anoon straight away Kn 965; ~ in the cradel in the very cradle Kn 2019; ~ of the same of the very same Kn 2904; (used as an intensifier before adverbial clauses) exactly, precisely, just GP 661, WB 791+

  rightful adj just Kn 1719+; rightful Pars 545; proper Pars 825

  rightwisnesse n righteousness Sum 1909+

  ringe v ring, sound, resound Kn 2359+; sg past rong

  riot n debauchery, dissipation Co 4392+

  riotour n profligate, debauchee Pard 661+

  riotous adj dissolute Co 4408; quarrelsome Mel 1087

  ripe adj ripe Rv 3875+; mature Cl 220+

  rise v rise GP 33+; 3 sg contr pres rist; sg and pl past roos; p ppl risen

  rit 3 sg contr pres of ride v

  rive v stab Mch 1236+

  river n river Kn 3024+; riverbank (used for hawking) Fkl 1196; hawking WB 884, Th 737

  robbour n robber Mk 2628+

  rode n complexion Mil 3317+

  rody adj ruddy, red Sq 385+

  rogh adj (see also rough, rowe) rough Mil 3738

  roghte past of recche v and rekke v

  rolle v (see also roule) roll GP 201, Kn 2614; revolve, turn over Sum 2217+

  romble v (see also rumble) make a rumbling noise Mk 2535

  rome v roam, wander about Kn 1065+, refl Fkl 843; make o’s way Mil 3694

  rong sg past of ringe v

  ronne(n) pl past and p ppl of renne v

  rood sg past of ride v

  roos sg and pl past of rise v

  rooste v roast GP 147+; sg past rosted; p ppl ro(o)sted

  roote n root GP 434+; foot (of mountain) Cl 58; position of the heavens at a specific moment in time (used as a basis for astrological calculations) ML 314 (see n.), Fkl 1276 (see n.)

  rore v roar Kn 2881+

  rosted sg past and p ppl of rooste v

  rote n rote; by ~ by heart GP 327+

  roten adj rotten Rv 3873+

  rough adj (see also rogh, rowe) rough Fri 1622

  roule v (see also rolle): ~ aboute roam, gad about WB 653

  round(e) adv loudly Pard 331; gently, easily Th 886

  roune v (see also rowne) whisper Fri 1572

  route n company, band, train GP 622, Kn 889+

  route v snore Mil 3647, Rv 4167+

  routhe n pity Kn 2392+; pitiful sight Cl 562; it was ~ it was pitiable Kn 914+; make ~ lament Rv 4200

  rowe adj (see also rogh, rough) rough, savage CY 861

  rowm adj roomy Rv 4126+

  rowne v (see also roune) whisper WB 241+; tell Th 835

  royaltee n (see also realtee) pomp, magnificence ML 418, 703

  rubible n (see also ribible) rebeck, two-stringed fiddle Mil 3331 (see n.)

  rude adj rough, coarse, uncultivated WB 1172, Cl 750+; uneducated Mil 3227

  rudeliche, rudely adv coarsely GP 734; untidily Cl 380

  ruful adj (see also rewful) sad Kn 2886

  ruine n toppling, falling Kn 2463, Mel 1564

  rule v (see also reule) rule Kn 1672; refl ~ after be guided by/according to Cl 327, Pars 592

  rumbel n (see also rumbul) rumble, murmur Kn 1979

  rumble v (see also romble) make a rumbling noise CY 1322

  rumbul n (see also rumbel) rumour Cl 997

  rym n rhyme ML 96, WB 1127+

  ryme v rhyme, versify Kn 1459+

  sad adj satiated, weary CY 877; steadfast, firm, settled, constant Cl 602, 754, 1047, Mcp 275+; unshaken, steady Cl 552, 693; sober, serious Cl 220, 237, 1002, Mch 1399+; dignified, grave Kn 2985, ML 135; sure, reliable Mcp 258

  sadly adv firmly, closely Kn 2602, Sum 2264; tightly Cl 1100; heavily ML 743; seriously, soberly Sh 76; steadfastly, resolutely Mel 1222, Pars 124

  sadnesse n steadfastness, constancy Cl 452; seriousness, soberness Mch 1591+

  sal 1/3 sg pres of shal v shall (Northern form) Rv 4043+

  sal armoniak n ammonium chloride CY 798+

  salewe, salue v salute, greet Kn 1492+

  salvacioun n (see also savacioun) salvation Mch 1677; preservation Mel 1171

  sangwyn adj sanguine (one of the four ‘complexions’) GP 333; ruddy Kn 2168; as n red (cloth) GP 439

  sapience n wisdom WB 1197+; pl kinds of intelligence SN 338

  sarmon n (see also sermon) sermon Mel 1044

  sauf adj (see also save) safe, secure ML 343+; saved Fri 1500; ~ your grace with respect Mel 1688

  saufly adv safely, confidently WB 878+

  saugh sg past of se(e) v

  sautrye n (see also sawtrye) psaltery, a kind of zither GP 296 (see n.) +

  savacioun n (see also salvacioun) salvation WB 621+

  save n a decoction of herbs Kn 2713, Sq 639

  save adj (s
ee also sauf): ~ your grace with respect Mel 1070+

  save v save Kn 2563+; protect Cl 441, Mel 1026+; preserve Cl 1089, Sq 531, Fkl 1478; keep Phys 200; ward off Pars 1047

  save prep except GP 683, Kn 1410+

  save conj except (that) WB 998+

  saving(e) prep except Kn 2838+; without prejudice to Mch 1766+

  savour n taste, savour Sum 2196+; smell, aroma Kn 2938, Sum 2226+

  savoure v taste WB 171+; relish Pars 829

  saw 1–3 sg past of se(e) v

  sawe n saw, saying Kn 1163+; speech Kn 1526, CY 691+

  sawe 1/3 sg and pl past of se(e) v

  sawtrye n (see also sautrye) psaltery, a kind of zither Mcp 268

  say 1/3 sg past of se(e) v

  saye v (see also seye) say, tell GP 70+

  sayen pl past of se(e) v

  sayn p ppl of se(e) v

  scape v scape Kn 1107+

  scarsitee n parsimony Mel 1600; scarcity CY 1393

  scarsly adv scarcely, with difficulty Sh 228+; frugally GP 583

  scathe n a pity GP 446, Cl 1172

  science n knowledge, learning GP 316+; craft, skill CY 721+; branch of learning Pri 476

  sclaundre n (evil) report Cl 722+; slander, disgrace Sh 183+

  sclaundre v slander CY 695+

  sclendre adj (see also sklendre) slender, thin GP 587

  scole n school Pri 495+; school, fashion GP 125, Mil 3329; ‘the schools’, university WB 528, Fri 1277, Sum 2186+; ~-termes school-terms, learned formulae Mch 1569; ~-matere questions for scholastic debate Fri 1272

  scoler n scholar GP 260+

  scoleye v study GP 302, WB 44f

  scrippe n small bag, knapsack Sum 1737+

  seche n (see also seke) seek, search for WB 909; explore ML 521; pursue CY 1442; was nat longe for to ~ didn’t have to be requested for long GP 784

  secree n secret, private affairs Mel 1141, Mk 2021+; secrets Fri 1341+; mystery CY 1447

  secree adj secret, secretive Mch 1937; secret, concealed Fkl 1109+; hidden, mysterious Sum 1871; discreet, close-mouthed, reticent WB 946+; private SN 178; ~ places private parts Pars 576

  secre(e)ly adv secretly Cl 763+; discreetly Mel 1143+

  secte n sect, faith Sq 17; sex Cl 1171

  seculer n layman NP 3450+

  seculer adj secular, lay Mch 1251+

  see n sea GP 276+

  se(e) v see GP 831+; watch over, protect ML 156+; inspect Sh 66; lat ~ show Kn 3083; let it be seen, let us see Mil 3116+; 1/3 sg past saugh, saw(e), say, seigh, sey, sy; 2 sg past saw; pl past sawe, say(en), sey, syen; p ppl sayn, se(e)ne, seighen, seye, ysene, (y)seyn

  seek adj (see also sik) sick, ill GP 18

  seet sg past of sitte v

  seeth sg past of sethe v

  seidestow contr of seidest thow

  seigh sg past of se(e) v

  seighen p ppl of se(e) v

  seil(l)e v sail Fkl 851+

  seind p ppl of senge v grilled NP 2845

  seinte adj holy Kn 1721, SN 553+; ~ Trinitee the holy Trinity Sum 1824

  seintuarye n sanctuary, church Pars 781; relic, sacred object Pard 953

  seke v (see also seche) seek, go in quest of GP 13+; search for WB 650+; explore, search ML 127+; examine, consult Co 4404, ML 60, NP 3136+; to seken to be sought for CY 874; ~ aboute find out, settle Pri 443; ~ after search for Kn 1266; ~ upon attack Fri 1494; to seken up and down however far one searched Kn 2587+; past so(u)ghte; p ppl soght

  selde adv seldom Kn 1539+

  self adj self-same Kn 2584+; very ML 115; weak sg selve

  sely adj simple, innocent, poor Mil 3404+; blessed WB 132

  semblable adj similar, like Mch 1500+

  sembla(u)nt n semblance, appearance Cl 928+; make ~ allow to appear Mel 1149; make a show (of), pretend Mel 1687+

  seme v seem, appear GP 39+; hem semed it seemed to them (that) Sq 56

  semely adj beautiful, lovely, handsome Kn 1960+; fine GP 751

  semely adv becomingly, properly GP 123, 136; pleasingly GP 151

  sende 3 sg past of sende v

  sene p ppl of se(e) v; as adj visible GP 134, Kn 2298+

  senge v singe WB 349; p ppl seind

  sengle adj single Mch 1667+

  sensualitee n bodily nature, the faculty governing the senses Pars 261+

  sent 3 sg contr pres of sende v

  sentence n sense, significance Mch 2288; (serious) meaning, subject, teaching GP 798+; subject Pri 563, NP 3214+; content, substance Phys 157, Mel 946+; judgement, decision Kn 2532+; opinion, way of thinking Kn 3002+; maxim, saying ML 113+; text Fri 1518; wisdom NP 3350; heigh ~ great wisdom GP 306, Mch 1507, Mk 2748

  sepulture n burial Kn 2854+; tomb Pard 558+

  serche v explore Mel 1407; scour WB 867

  sergeant n servant Cl 519+; city officer SN 361; ~ of the lawe serjeant at law, member of a superior order of barristers GP 309 (see n.)

  sermon n (see also sarmon) sermon Sum 1789; pl writings ML 87

  sermoning vbl n talk, speech Mil 3597+; lecturing Kn 3091

  servage n servitude, bondage Kn 1946+

  serve v serve GP 187+; deal with, act by Kn 963, Cl 640+; ~ of be of use for Mcp 339; served his entente furthered his purpose Sq 521

  servisable adj willing to serve, attentive GP 99+

  servitute n servitude Cl 798+

  seso(u)n n season GP 19+

  set p ppl of sette v seated Kn 2528+; set GP 132+; at day ~ on the appointed day Cl 774

  set 3 sg contr pres of sette v

  sete n seat Kn 2580+

  seten pl past and p ppl of sitte v

  sethe v boil, stew GP 383+; sg past seeth; p ppl sode(n)

  sette v set, place GP 132+; put GP 507+; seat GP 748+; arrange GP 815+; cast Cl 233; adorn Cl 382; estimate, value (at the rate of) Kn 1570, Mil 3756+; refl seat o.s. Kn 1541+; sette him up sat up Mil 3819; ~ cas put the case, assume for the sake of argument Mel 1491+; sette (o’s) entente (on) set (o’s) heart on, be completely devoted to Fri 1374+; pay attention (to), take care (to) Pars 314, 931; ~ (s.o’s) cappe make a fool of (s.o.) GP 586+; ~ (s.o’s) howve make (s.o.) look ridiculous, mock (s.o.) Rv 3911; ~ a-werk set to work Co 4337; yset in grounded in Cl 409; 3 sg contr pres set; sg past sette; pl past sette(n); p ppl (y)set

  seur adj sure Mel 1452+

  seuretee n (see also suretee) pledge, surety Kn 1604+; security ML 243+; safeguard, source of security Pard 937; confidence Pars 735

  sewe v follow Mel 1429+

  sextein n sexton or sacristan (officer of a religious house who looks after buildings, ornaments, vestments, etc) Sum 1859+

  sey sg past of se(e) v

  seye v (see also saye) say, tell GP 178+; be for to ~ mean, signify Mil 3605+

  seye p ppl of se(e) v

  seyn p ppl of se(e) v; inf of seye v

  seystow contr of seyest thow Kn 1125+

  seyth 3 sg pres of seye v

  shadde sg past of shede v

  shal v must, be obliged to GP 792, 853, Kn 1391+; (as an auxiliary used to form the future tense) shall, will Kn 2764, ML 98, WB 177+; (with ellipsis of verb of motion) shall/must go ML 279, Fri 1636+. Special uses of sholde: (1) in formation of future in the past: would GP 249, 689, Kn 2078, 2662, ML 587, Cl 247+; was to Cl 261, Mk 2701, NP 3142+; was about to Pri 658+; (2) modal uses: in conditional sentences (expressed or implied) would GP 648, Sum 1944, Fkl 775, Phys 145+; meaning ‘should, ought to’ GP 184, Mil 3454, Rv 3966, ML 44+; meaning ‘were to’ Kn 1170, Cl 245, Sq 40, Fkl 931, Pard 451+; meaning ‘was likely to’ GP 249; meaning ‘was about to’ Kn 1980; (in questions) should Kn 1967+; is likely to ML 337; 1/3 sg pres shal; 2 sg pres shalt; pl pres shal, shulle(n), shul(n); sg pres subj shul; 1/3 sg past sholde; 2 sg past shold-est; pl past sholde(n)

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