The canterbury tales, p.146
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.146

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  plein adv (1) completely, entirely GP 327

  plein adv (2) (see also plain) plainly GP 790+

  pleine v lament, bewail, be sorry Kn 1320+; express o’s unhappi-ness Cl 97, Fkl 1317; complain WB 387+, refl WB 336; ~ (up)on complain of Kn 1251+; make a complaint against Fri 1313, Phys 167

  pleinly adv (1) plainly GP 727+

  pleinly adv (2) fully Kn 1733+

  pleint(e) n lament, lamentation ML 66, Fkl 1029+

  plesa(u)nce n pleasure, delight Kn 1571+; desire, will Cl 305+; attentiveness, courtesy Sq 509, Mcp 157; complaisance Cl 792; in thy ~ to please you Kn 2409; do ~ give pleasure Mch 1563+; do a favour Mch 1612; serve, attend Cl 1111; do (a) service Fkl 1199+

  plesa(u)nt adj pleasant GP 222; pleasing, agreeable Cl 991, Mch 1621+; affable GP 138

  plese v please GP 610+; indulge in pleasure with Mch 1680; satisfy the demands of Cl 216

  pley n play, fun Kn 1125, Mil 3773+; play WB 558; game Cl 10+; games Kn 2964; joke Fri 1548; sooth ~ quade ~ a true joke is a bad joke Co 4357; amusement, sport Pard 627; (in sexual sense) Sh 117

  pleye v play GP 236+; joke GP 758, Kn 1127+; make sport Mk 2081; amuse o.s., have fun, take recreation, have a holiday GP 772, Kn 1195+ (also refl); (in a sexual sense) Mil 3273, Rv 3867+ (this sense sometimes latent in other quotations)

  pleying(e) vbl n amusement Kn 1061; love-play Mch 1854

  plight p ppl plucked WB 790; pulled Mk 2049

  plighte v pledge WB 1009+

  plighte past snatched, pulled ML 15

  plit n situation Pars 762; condition Mch 2335, Mel 1148+

  plowman n ploughman GP 529+

  plye v bend Cl 1169; mould Mch 1430

  poetrye n poetry Cl 33; pl poems Sq 206

  poinaunt adj piercing, stinging Pars 130+; sharp, pungent GP 352+

  point n point GP 114+; object Kn 1501; full-stop CY 1480; particle, fraction Kn 2766; detail NP 3022; state Pars 921; lace Mil 3322 (see n.); ~ for ~ every detail Cl 577; fro ~ to ~ in every detail Phys 150+; in good ~ in good condition GP 200; at ~ devis to perfection, to a T Mil 3689+; be in ~ to be on the point of ML 331+

  poke n bag Mil 3780+

  pomely adj dappled GP 616+

  pompous adj splendid, magnificent Mk 2471; arrogant, vainglorious Mk 2555

  poore adj (see also povre) poor WB 109+

  popinjay n (see also papejay, papinjay) popinjay, parrot Th 767

  port n bearing, manner GP 69, 138

  portehors n (portable) breviary Sh 131 (see n.) +

  pose n cold in the head Mcp 62; on the ~ suffering from a cold Rv 4152+

  positif adj customary, conventional Kn 1167 (~ lawe, the law specific to an individual society, as distinguished from the ‘natural law’ which governs human kind as a whole)

  possessioun n possession Kn 2242+; possessions, wealth WB 1147+

  potage n soup Pard 368+

  pothecarye n (see also apothec-arye) pharmacist, druggist Pard 852

  poudre n powder CY 760+

  poupe v (see also powpe) blow, toot Mcp 90

  poure v look closely, gaze Sum 1738, Mch 2112+; ~ upon gaze intently at WB 295+; pore over, study earnestly GP 185

  povereste superl adj (see also povrest) poorest Pard 449+

  povre adj (see also poore) poor GP 225+

  povreliche, povrely adv poorly, meanly Kn 1412, Cl 213+

  povrest superl adj (see also pov-ereste) poorest Cl 205

  powpe v (see also poupe) blow, toot NP 3399

  practik, praktike n practice WB 44d; practices, behaviour WB 187

  pray(e) n (see also preye) prey Kn 2015+

  praye v (see also preye) pray WB 826+; ask GP 725+

  prayere n (see also preyere) prayer Kn 2226+; request, entreaty Kn 1204+

  preche v preach GP 481+

  preci(o)us adj precious, valuable WB 338+; fastidious, refined Mch 1962; fastidious, hard to please WB 148

  predicacioun n preaching ML 1176+

  preef n (see also preeve, preve) test, trial Mcp 75; good ~ success CY 1379; with ivel ~ bad luck to you WB 247

  prees n crowd, throng ML 393+; danger, distress Mk 2137

  prees(s)e v crowd, throng Kn 2530+; ~ on urge WB 520

  preest n (see also prest) priest GP 501+

  preeve n (see also preef, preve) experience NP 2983; ~ demonstratif proof based on logic, demonstrative proof Sum 2272

  preeve v (see also preve, prove) prove Mch 1330

  preise v praise WB 294+; value, prize Mch 1854; to ~ to be praised Phys 42+

  preisinge vbl n praising, praise Pars 454+; honour, glory Pars 949

  prentis n apprentice Co 4365+

  prescience n prescience, foreknowledge Kn 1313+

  presence n presence Kn 927+; in ~ in company Cl 1207; in heigh ~ in solemn assembly ML 675

  presse n press, clamp GP 81; cupboard, closet GP 263, Mil 3212

  prest n (see also preest) priest ML 1166

  preve n (see also preef, preeve) test, trial Cl 787

  preve v (see also preeve, prove) prove GP 485+; test Cl 699+; find out Mel 1437; turn out Cl 1000, CY 645; succeed CY 1212; ~ wel be very evident Mch 2425

  preye n (see also pray(e)) prey Fri 1455+

  preye v (see also praye) pray GP 301+; ask, request, beg GP 811, Kn 1483+

  preyere n (see also prayere) prayer(s) GP 231, Mil 3587+; request Fri 1489+

  prike v (see also prikke) prick Mch 1635; urge, stimulate GP 11+; spur, ride Kn 2678+; pierce, stab Fri 1594; goad Cl 1038; thrust Rv 4231

  priking(e) vbl n riding, galloping Kn 2599+; tracking the hare GP 191 (?with pun on sexual sense of word)

  prikke n prick, sting Pars 468; stab, jab Kn 2606; point, condition ML 119+

  prikke v (see also prike) prick Mel 1326

  prime n 9 o’clock in the morning (see North, Chaucer’s Universe, pp. 110–11) Kn 2189+; ~ large fully 9 o’clock Sq 360; half wey ~ half-way between 6 and 9 a.m., 7.30 a.m. Rv 3906

  primer n a lay person’s devotional manual, also used as an elementary reading book Pri 517 (see n.) +

  pris n price GP 815; value WB 523+; renown, glory Kn 2241+; reputation GP 67; praise Cl 1026+; excellence Fkl 911; of ~ excellent Th 897; bere the ~ surpass everyone GP 237; holde in gret ~ esteem highly Fkl 934

  privee n privy, lavatory Mch 1954+

  privee adj secret Kn 2460+; private WB 620+; discreet, secretive Mil 3201+; intimate ML 204+; sly, furtive Pard 675; ~ man intimate, confidant Cl 519; ~ membres privy members, private parts Pars 425+

  privee adv privately WB 1114+

  prively adv secretly, privately GP 609+; inwardly Fkl 741

  privitee n personal affairs Kn 1411; secret(s) Mil 3164+; secrecy Mil 3623+; private, privacy Mil 3493+; private environment Co 4334; private parts Mk 2715; in hir ~ secretly ML 548

  proces n process Kn 2967+; narrative Sq 658; series of events Mk 2321

  professioun n profession, taking of vows on entering a religious order Sum 1925+

  profre v offer Kn 1415+; refl offer o.s. Mil 3289

  pronounce v announce Pard 335; tell CY 1299

  proporcioun n proportion Pars 9; proportionate reckoning Fkl 1286; part, portion CY 754

  propre adj own GP 540+; proper Pard 417+; handsome, good-looking Mil 3345; fine Rv 3972+; characteristic Sq 610+

  proprely adv correctly, properly Kn 1459+; literally GP 729; in particular Kn 2787; handsomely Mil 3320; characteristically WB 224, 1191

  propretee n attribute, characteristic Mel 1174+

  prove v (see also preeve, preve) prove Kn 3001+; ~ wel be very evident GP 547

  provost n chief magistrate Pri 616+

  prow n profit, benefit Pard 300+

  prye v pry Sum 1738+; gaze Mil 3458, CY 668

  publisse v make public, report Cl 415, 749

  pulle v pull Kn 1958+; pluck GP 177, Mil 3245+; ~ a finch cheat a dupe GP 652

  purchace, purchase v acquire, obtain Pars 742+; obtain, get CY 1405; provide ML 873; bring about Mel 1680+; acquire possessions, get rich GP 608

/>   purchas n profit (esp what one picks up in an irregular way) GP 256+

  purchasing vbl n gain, profit Fri 1449; conveyancing GP 320

  pure adj pure SN 48+; very Kn 1279

  pured p ppl refined, pure WB 143, Fkl 1560

  purge v purge NP 2953+; evacuate, discharge WB 134+

  purpos n purpose, proposal, resolution Kn 2542+; matter in hand ML 170+; come to ~ become relevant Sq 653; it cam him to ~ he decided Sq 606; be in ~ intend Rv 3978

  purpose v intend Fkl 1458, Mel 1055+, refl Mel 1834; resolve Cl 706

  purs n purse GP 656+; nether ~ balls, testicles WB 44b

  pursue v chase, pursue Pars 355; persecute Pars 526; sue Mel 1694

  purtreiture n picture, painting Kn 1915+

  purtreye v draw, paint GP 96; picture to o.s. Mch 1600

  purve(i)a(u)nce n foresight, providence, ordinance Kn 1252+; arrangements, preparations Mil 3566, ML 247+; provision WB 570, Pars 685

  purveye v provide WB 591+; prepare Pars 1003

  putte v put Kn 988+; suppose Mel 1477; 3 sg contr pres put

  quade adj bad; sooth pley ~ pley a true joke is a bad joke Co 4357; a thousand last ~ yeer a wagonload of misery (lit a thousand cartloads of bad years) Pri 438

  quake v quake, tremble Kn 1576, Mil 3614+; sg past quook; p ppl quaked

  quarter n quarter ML 798+; at ~ night a quarter of the way through the night, 9 p.m. Mil 3516

  queint p ppl of quenche v

  queinte n female genitals Mil 3276 (see n.), WB 332+

  queinte adj clever, subtle Mil 3275, Rv 4051+; ingenious, curious Mil 3605, Sq 234+; strange, odd Kn 1531+; elaborate, esoteric ML 1189, CY 752

  queinte past of quenche v

  queintise n cunning Pars 733; elaboration, elegance Pars 932

  quelle v kill, destroy Pard 854+

  quenche v quench Kn 2321+; be quenched, go out Kn 2334+; past queinte; p ppl (y)queint

  questioun n question Kn 1347+; discussion Kn 2514

  quik adj alive, living Kn 1015+; lively Sq 194; vigorous, pithy GP 306; quikkest busiest Fkl 1502

  quike v bring to life SN 481+; come to life Pars 235+; kindle Kn 2335, Fkl 1050+

  quit adj free Fkl 1363+

  quite v release, set free Kn 1032; repay, requite, pay back Mil 3119+; pay GP 770; pay for Mk 2374; refl acquit o.s., do o’s part Fkl 673

  quod past said GP 788+

  quook sg past of quake v

  rad p ppl of rede v

  radde sg past of rede v

  rafte sg past of reve v

  rage n rage Kn 2011+; blast of wind Kn 1985; anguish Fkl 836

  rage v play, banter, frolic GP 257, Mil 3273+ (with sexual connotations)

  ragerye n high spirits, playfulness WB 455, Mch 1847

  rakel adj hasty, rash Mcp 278+

  rasour n razor Kn 2417+

  rathe adv early Mil 3768+

  rather comp adv rather, sooner GP 487, Kn 1153, ML 335+

  raughte past of reche v reached Kn 2915, Mil 3696+; ~ after reached for GP 136

  raunceon, raunsoun n ransom Kn 1024+

  ravise, ravisshe v ravish, seduce Pri 469; carry off, carry away Sum 1676+; delight, enrapture Mch 1750+

  real adj regal, kingly Th 847, NP 3176+

  realtee n (see also royaltee) pomp, magnificence Cl 928

  reawme n (see also reme) realm Sh 116+

  recche v (see also rekke) care, mind Kn 1398+; ~ of care about, take notice of Mil 3772+; impers trouble, concern Cl 685; past roghte

  recchelees adj careless, negligent GP 179, ML 229+; inconsiderate, unresponsive Cl 488; heedless Mcp 279

  recchele(e)snesse n thoughtlessness, carelessness Pars 111+

  receit n formula CY 1353+

  receive v receive, accept ML 259+; received acceptable ML 307

  reconforte v comfort, console Mel 978; encourage Mel 1660; refl take heart, be consoled Kn 2852

  record n reputation, account Sum 2049; of ~ recorded, evidenced Sum 2117

  recorde v witness, bear witness (to), confirm Kn 1745, Mel 1079; impers remember GP 829

  red p ppl of rede v

  redde sg past of rede v

  redden pl past of rede v

  rede pl and weak sg of reed adj

  rede v read GP 709+; advise, suggest Kn 3068+; ~ of teach about Fri 1518; sg past radde, redde; pl past redden; p ppl rad, red

  redily adv promptly Kn 2276+

  redresse v amend, set right WB 696, Cl 431; restore Fkl 1436; refl direct o.s. Pars 1039

  reed n advice Mil 3527+; plan, course of action Kn 1216+; counsel, adviser GP 665

  reed adj red GP 90+; pl and weak sg rede

  refreine v curb, restrain Pars 294+; refl restrain o.s. Pars 382

  refresshinge vbl n refreshment Pars 78+

  reft p ppl of reve v

  refut n refuge ML 546+

  regard n: at ~ of in comparison with Pars 180+; in ~ of with respect to Pars 477; as to ~ of with reference to Pars 399

  regne n kingdom, realm Kn 866+; rule, sovereignty, power Kn 1624+

  regne v reign, rule ML 816+

  reherce, reherse v repeat, recount GP 732+; describe Fri 1296+; list, enumerate Pars 239+

  rein n rain GP 492+

  reine n rein Kn 904+

  reise v raise WB 705+; ~ up collect Fri 1390

  rejoise v rejoice Mel 989; refl rejoice, take pleasure Cl 145+

  rejoisinge vbl n joy, cause for rejoicing Mcp 246+

  rekene v (see also rekne) calculate GP 401; enumerate Kn 1933+; settle accounts, calculate Sh 78+; count, reckon WB 367; value Sq 427

  rekeninge vbl n account GP 600+; bill GP 760

  rekke v (see also recche) care, mind Kn 2257+; ~ of care about, take notice of CY 698+; impers trouble, concern; what rekketh me what do I care WB 53+

  rekne v (see also rekene) render an account ML 110; evaluate, consider ML 158

  rele(e)sse v release Mk 2177+; release, relinquish Fkl 1533; remit, forgive Fkl 1613+; discharge from ML 1069, Cl 153

  releve v recompense Rv 4182+; help, assist Mel 1490; rescue Pars 945

  religioun n religion SN 427; religious order, monastic life Mk 1944+; man of ~ man in holy orders GP 477

  religious adj in a religious order Mk 1960+

  reme n (see also reawme) realm NP 3136

  remembre v remember ML 1057; remind Fkl 1243; ~ (up)on/of remember Mch 1898, Fkl 1542, Pars 133+, refl Mch 1898+; impers: it remembreth me I remember WB 469

  remena(u)nt n rest, remainder GP 724+

  remeve, remewe, remoeve v remove Sq 181, Fkl 993+; move Fkl 1205

  rende v tear Kn 990+; split NP 3101; past rente; p ppl yrent

  reneye v renounce, abjure ML 340+

  renne v run GP 8, Kn 2868+; come quickly Kn 1761+; ~ in incur CY 905; ~ for run in favour of ML 125; sg past ran; pl past ronne(n); p ppl ronne, yronne(n)

  renovelle v renew Mel 1845+; be renewed Pars 1027

  rente n revenue, income GP 256+; toll, tribute ML 1142

  rente past of rende v

  repair n visiting, flocking of people WB 1224+

  repaire, repeire v return ML 967+; revert Sq 608; go, resort to NP 3220

  repente v repent Mel 1135+, refl ML 378+; impers: repented me I repented WB 632

  repleccioun n (see also replexion) repletion, surfeit NP 2837

  replenisse v replenish, fill Pars 920+

  replet adj: ~ of filled with Pard 489+

  replexion n (see also replecci-oun) repletion, surfeit NP 2923

  replye v: ~ again object to Mch 1609+

  repreeve n (see also repreve) reproof WB 16

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