The canterbury tales, p.142
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.142

           Geoffrey Chaucer
jolif, joly adj spirited, gallant Mil 3339+; lively Rv 4155, WB 456+; gay, cheerful Mil 3671+; fine, handsome, beautiful Mil 3316, Rv 3931, WB 860+; frisky, lively Mil 3263, Pard 453; lusty, randy Mil 3355+; jovial, pleasure-loving Sum 1727; noble, fair CY 583; my ~ body my own self, my fine person ML 1185, Sh 423

  jolitee n pleasure WB 470+; fun, gaiety CY 600; festivity Sq 278, 344; sport Kn 1807; love, sexual desire Th 843; attractiveness, handsomeness GP 680, Mcp 197

  joly adj see jolif

  jolynesse n gaiety Sq 289; gallantry, spirit WB 926

  jubbe n jar, container for liquid Mil 3628+

  juel n (see also jewel) precious object Kn 2945

  Juerye n (see also Jewerye) Jewish quarter Pri 551

  juge n judge GP 814+; umpire Kn 1712+

  jug(g)e v judge Phys 228+

  jug(g)ement n judgement GP 778, ML 1038+; power, jurisdiction Mel 1753; order ML 688

  juise n (see also juwise) punishment ML 795

  jupartye n risk, danger Fkl 1495+

  juste v joust, tilt in a tournament GP 96+

  justice, justise n justice Mel 1409+; judge GP 314, ML 665+; jurisdiction Pard 587

  juwise n (see also juise) sentence, punishment Kn 1739

  kaitif n (see also caitif) wretch Pars 214; captive Pars 471; as adj miserable, wretched Pars 344

  kan 1/3 sg and pl pres of konne v

  kanst 2 sg pres of konne v

  kanstow contr of kanst thow

  keene adj (see also kene) sharp Kn 2876; brave Mk 2249

  keep n (see also kepe): take ~ take note GP 503+; be on o’s guard Kn 2688; take ~ of concern o.s., bother about GP 398+; pay attention to Pard 352; take ( in Cl 1058; take ~ upon observe, take ( in Mch 2398

  kembe v comb Kn 2143+

  kemelin n (see also kimelin) trough (used in cooking or brewing) Mil 3548

  kene adj (see also keene) sharp GP 104+; strong Mch 1759

  kepe n (see also keep): take ~ (of/to) take note (of), pay attention (to), be careful Mch 1309+; concern o.s., bother about WB 214+

  kepe v keep GP 852+; observe, honour WB 710+; take care GP 130; take care of, look after GP 593, ML 717+; protect, preserve Kn 2302+; save WB 1056; watch over GP 415; guard, keep confined WB 360, Mcp 144+; care, wish Kn 2238+; govern, rule ML 577+; refl govern o.s., behave Phys 106+; ~ of care about Sh 403; ~ (o’s) tonge guard o’s tongue Mcp 315+; ~ fro guard against ML 454+; abstain from Mch 1640; refl guard o.s. against NP 3116+

  kepere n guardian Kn 2328+; keeper, monk in charge of a monastic cell GP 172

  keping(e) vbl n keeping, preserving Mel 1639+; guarding Mil 3851+; protection Mel 1302+

  kerve v cut Kn 2013, 2696, Sq 158+; carve GP 100+; sg past carf; p ppl corven, ycorve(n), ykorven

  kerver(e) n carver Kn 1899+

  kesse v (see also kisse) kiss Cl 1057, Sq 350; sg past keste

  kid p ppl of kithe v

  kike v gaze Mil 3445+

  kimelin n (see also kemelin) trough (used in cooking or brewing) Mil 3621

  kinde n nature, natural character Kn 2451, WB 1149+; creation SN 41; family, birth WB 1101, SN 121+; sperm, sexual fluid Pars 965; by/of ~ by nature Fkl 768, NP 2952+; of propre ~ by their very nature Sq 610; by ~ customarily, normally CY 659; of ~ by virtue of (o’s) profession Sum 1706; by wey of ~ in the course of nature Pri 650+; sette hem in hir ~ classify them according to their nature CY 789

  kinde adj loving, affectionate, kind WB 823+; pleasant GP 647

  kindely adv by nature WB 402; kindly Sh 353

  kinrede n kindred Kn 1286+

  kirtel n jacket, tunic Mil 3321+

  kisse v (see also kesse) kiss Kn 1759, Mil 3284+; sg and pl past kiste; p ppl kist

  kit p ppl of kutte v

  kithe v show, display Fri 609+; perform ML 636+; p ppl kithed, kid

  kitte sg past of kutte v

  knave n boy ML 715+; servant Mil 3431+; commoner, someone low-born WB 1190, Pars 188; villain, rogue WB 253, Pars 433; fighter on foot Kn 2728

  kneding-trogh, -tub n kneading-trough Mil 3548+

  knee n (see also knowe) knee GP 391+; bifore the erchedeknes ~ before the archdeacon Fri 1588

  knitte v knit, tie, join, unite Kn 1128, Rv 4083+; agree Fkl 1230; refl attach o.s. Mel 1614; be in conjunction ML 307; p ppl knit

  knotte n knot GP 197+; nub, main point Sq 401+

  knowe n (see also knee) knee Fkl 1025+

  knowe v know GP 382+; be intimate with Pri 585; acknowledge Mk 2218+; ~ of know about Kn 1815+; ~ for know to be WB 320+; sg past knew(e); pl past knew, knewe(n); p ppl knowe(n), yknowe(n)

  knoweleche, knoweliche n knowledge Pars 75+; acquaintance Sh 30

  knoweleche, knoweliche v acknowledge Mel 1745+

  knowe(n) p ppl of knowe v

  knowing(e) vbl n knowledge Sq 301+

  konne v can, be able/capable, know how (to do GP 94, 652, WB 386, NP 2911+; know (about), understand, be versed in GP 110, 210, 476, Mil 3200+; know Mil 3126, WB 56+; learn Pri 540+; ~ on know about ML 47+; ~ red have a plan or suggestion Mch 1668; ~ no bettre reed know no better remedy Mk 2549; ~ (o’s) good know what is advantageous, have sense WB 231, ML 1169; ~ thank owe thanks Kn 3064; 1/3 sg and pl pres kan; 2 sg pres kanst; pl pres konne(n); sg pres subj konne; sg past koude, kouthe; pl past koude(n); p ppl koud, kouth

  konning(e) n ability, skill ML 1099, Sq 35+; intelligence, wisdom Mel 1739, Pars 399

  koud p ppl of konne v

  koude sg past of konne v

  koude(n) pl past of konne v

  kouth p ppl of konne and adj known Pars 766; made known Cl 942; renowned, famous GP 14

  kouthe sg past of konne v

  kutte v cut Pard 954+; past kitte; p ppl kutted, kit

  kyn pl of cow n

  laas n cord GP 392+; net Kn 1817+

  labour n labour Kn 2913+; do (o’s) ~ make an effort, do o’s best Kn 2193, ML 381+

  lad p ppl of lede v

  ladde sg and pl past of lede v

  lady n lady GP 839+; lady’s GP 88+

  laft p ppl of leve v (1)

  lafte sg and pl past of leve v (1)

  lak(ke) n lack, deficiency Mch 2271+; fault, failure Sum 2139; finde ~ find fault NP 2844; ~ of sacramentz failure to receive the sacraments Fri 1308; do that ~ commit that fault Mch 2199

  lakke v be lacking Kn 2280+; miss CY 1419; fail in CY 672; impers: me/him lakketh I/he lack(s) GP 756, Sum 2109+

  lampe n ‘? a lamp-shaped vessel similar in function to a bell-jar’ (MED) (alch) CY 764; ‘? vessel used for heating substances’ (MED) (alch) CY 802

  lang adj (see also long) long (Northern form) Rv 4175

  langour n illness, sickness Fkl 1101; suffering Mk 2407; languor Pars 723

  langwiss(h)e v suffer Mch 1867+

  lappe n lap, skirt GP 686+; sleeve SN 12; fold of a garment Cl 585

  large n: at (o’s) large at large, at liberty Kn 1283+; unrestricted, unencumbered Kn 2288

  large adj generous Mel 1760+; free Fkl 755; lavish, extravagant Sh 431+; large, broad, wide GP 472, Kn 886+; great Mch 1223+; ample Mil 3497; big GP 753+

  large adv fully Sq 360; broadly GP 734

  largely adv fully Pars 532; broadly Pars 804; ~ of gold a fother a good heap of gold Kn 1908; a journee ~ a good day’s journey Kn 2738

  largesse n generosity, liberality Sh 22+

  lasse n less Mil 3519+

  lasse comp adj (see also lesse) lesser Kn 1756+; shorter Pard 865; less WB 335+

  lasse comp adv less Pars 358+; the ~ the less Mel 1454+

  laste v last Kn 2557+; extend Cl 266; 3 sg contr pres last; sg and pl past laste, lasted

  lasting(e) pres ppl lasting, constant Kn 3072+

  lat sg and pl imp of lete v

  late adv late Rv 4196+; lately, recently GP 77+

  late v (see also lete) let (blood) Mil 3326+

  late(n) p ppl of lete v

  latoun n brass (an alloy of copper, tin and other metals) GP 699+

  latter comp adj latter NP 3205; later, more recent WB 765+

>   laude n praise, honour Fri 1353+

  laughe v laugh GP 474+; sg past lo(u)gh; pl past lough(e); p ppl laughen

  launcegay n light lance Th 752+

  launde n glade, clearing Kn 1691+

  laurer n laurel Kn 1027+

  laus adj (see also loos) loose Rv 4064

  laxatif n laxative, purgative Kn 2756+

  lay n (1) lay, song Fkl 710+

  lay n (2) law ML 376+

  laye v (see also legge, leye) lay Rv 4021+

  lazar n leper GP 242+

  lecchour n (see also lechour) lecher Fri 1371+

  leche n physician, healer Rv 3904+

  lechour n (see also lecchour) lecher WB 242+

  lede v lead Kn 1446+; bring ML 357+; carry GP 530+; rule ML 434+; 3 sg contr pres let; sg and pl past ladde; pl past ledde; p ppl (y)lad

  ledene n language, tongue Sq 435+

  leed n lead SN 406+; cauldron GP 202

  leef adj (see also lief) dear, precious CY 1467; beloved Mk 2052; desirable Pard 760; hadde as ~ as would as soon (do as Fri 1574; as n dear one, love NP 2879; pl and weak sg le(e)ve

  leefful adj (see also leveful) lawful Pars 41+

  leene adj (see also lene) lean, thin GP 287

  leep sg past of lepe v

  leere v (see also lere) learn (about) ML 181+

  lees n leash SN 19; renne in o ~ run on one leash Pars 387

  leest adv least Mk 2142, 2526

  leest(e) superl adj (see also leste) least Kn 1701+; least important Sh 46; at the ~ way/weye at least, at any rate Kn 1121, WB 73+; at the/atte ~ at least, at any rate Mil 3683, WB 73+; the meeste and the ~ the most and the least important Kn 2198+

  leet sg imp and 3 sg past of lete v

  leeve n (see also leve) leave, permission Sum 1823

  leeve pl and weak sg of leef, lief adj dear Kn 1136+; as n dear one Mil 3393

  leeve v (see also leve v (3)) believe Mel 1754

  legende n life-story (of saint) NP 3121, SN 25+; collection of lives ML 61; story Mil 3141, WB 686+

  legge v (see also laye, leye) lay Mil 3269, Rv 3937

  leid p ppl of leye v

  leide sg past of leye v

  leide(n) pl past of leye v

  lein p ppl of lie v (1)

  leiser n chance, opportunity Mil 3293+; power Fkl 977; time Kn 1188+; leisure WB 683+; by ~ without haste Mel 1031+

  leit n flame Pars 954; thonder-~ lightning Pars 839

  lemaille n (see also limaille) metal filings CY 1197

  lemman n lover, mistress, sweetheart Mil 3278+

  lendes n pl hips Mil 3237; buttocks Mil 3304

  lene adj (see also leene) lean, thin GP 591+

  lene v lend GP 611+; give Kn 3082

  lenger comp adj longer GP 821+

  lenger comp adv longer Kn 1576+; ever ~ the moore the longer, the more Cl 687+; ever ~ the wers the longer, the worse Rv 3872

  lengthe n length Kn 1970+; height GP 83, ML 934+

  leo(u)n n lion Kn 1598+; the sign of the ~ the sign of Leo in the zodiac Kn 2462, Fkl 1058

  lepe v leap, jump, spring Kn 2687+; bound Co 4378+; sg past leep

  lere v (see also leere) learn ML 630+

  lerne v learn GP 308+; study Mk 2309; teach CY 748+

  lerned adj learned, educated GP 480+

  lerninge n learning GP 300+; instruction SN 184; knowledge SN 353

  lese v lose Kn 1215+; p ppl lorn

  lesing n lie Kn 1927+; make a ~ tell a lie, practise deceit Mel 1067+

  lesing(e) vbl n losing, loss Kn 1707+; for ~ for fear of losing Mk 2560

  lesse comp adj (see also lasse) lesser ML 959+; less Mel 1498

  lest n (see also list and cf. lust) pleasure, enjoyment GP 132; desire Kn 2984; whim, fancy Cl 619

  lest 3 sg contr pres of leste v

  leste superl adj (see also leeste) least Mel 1324; at the/atte ~ at least Fkl 697; at any rate Fkl 1542

  leste v impers (see also liste, luste) please GP 750+ (e.g. yow lest it pleases you = you desire/choose); 3 sg contr pres lest; sg contr past leste; 3 sg pres subj leste

  let (1) 3 sg contr pres of lede v

  let (2) p ppl of lette v

  lete v (see also late v) let, allow GP 128+; leave GP 508, Kn 873+; leave off Mil 3311+; abandon ML 325+; let out Sum 2149+; lose SN 406+; with inf have ( done, cause to be done: e.g. leet crye had proclaimed Kn 2731; leetbringe had brought Kn 2889+; ~ do (with inf) to have done, cause to be done Sq 45+; (with inf) suppose one were to… WB 1141+; lat be leave off, give up Mil 3285+; lay aside GP 840+; lat (it) go(on) let it pass CY 1475; no matter WB 476; sg imp lat, leet; pl imp lat; sg past leet; pl past lete; p ppl late(n), lete

  lette v hinder, prevent (from) Kn 1892, WB 839+; delay Kn 889+; postpone NP 3084+; be hindered Mel 1401; ~ of hinder in (doing Mel 926, Sh 86; ~ of deprive of Mch 1677; refrain from Kn 1317; sg past lette(d); p ppl let

  lett(e)rure n learning Mk 2296; literacy Mk 2496+

  lettre n letter ML 728+; document Fri 1364, Sum 2128; writing Mk 2208, SN 202, Pars 1021

  letuarye n medicine, potion GP 426+

  leve n (see also leeve) leave, permission Kn 1064+; leave (to go) Kn 1217+

  leve pl and weak sg of leef, lief adj

  leve v (1) leave Kn 1614+; leave off, stop Co 4414, Cl 250+; omit, neglect GP 492+; abandon, renounce SN 287+; pl imp leveth; sg and pl past lafte, lefte; p ppl laft, left, ylaft

  leve v (2) grant, allow Fri 1644+

  leve v (3) (see also leeve) believe Kn 3088+; ~ on trust in Cl 1001; pl imp leveth

  leveful adj (see also leefful) lawful, legitimate Rv 3912+

  levere comp adj dearer Sq 572; me/him (etc.) was/were ~ I/he (etc.) would rather, would prefer GP 293+; have ~ prefer WB 168+; I hadde ~ I’d rather (have it) Mk 1893+; him/hir (etc.) had ~ he/she (etc.) would rather (have) Mil 3541+

  levesel n arbour of leaves Rv 4061; bunch of leaves used as a tavern sign Pars 411

  lewed adj uneducated, ignorant GP 574, ML 315+; stupid Mch 2275, Fkl 1494+; coarse, crude Mil 3145, Mch 2149+; lay Pard 392; ~ man layman GP 502+

  lewedly adv incompetently, stupidly ML 47+

  lewednesse n ignorance Sq 223; incompetence, stupidity Mel 921; sinfulness Sum 1928

  leye v (see also laye, legge) lay, place GP 81+; lay, wager Rv 4009+; lay out CY 783; refl lay o.s., lie Kn 1384+; ~ on set to work Kn 2558+; ~ forth produce ML 213; ~ adoun destroy Mk 2099+; sg past leide; pl past leide(n); p ppl (y)leid

  licence n permission, leave WB 855+

  liche adj (see also lik) like Sq 62

  licoris n (see also likoris) liquorice Mil 3207+

  licour n liquid, sap GP 3; liquor Pard 452

  lie v (1) (see also ligge) lie GP 538+; lodge, stay, spend the night GP 20+; ~ to wedde be a pledge, act as bail Kn 1218; 3 sg and pl pres lith; sg past lay; pl past layen; p ppl lein

  lie v (2) lie, tell a lie GP 763+; 2 sg pres lixt

  lief adj (see also leef) dear, beloved Cl 479+; prized, valued Sq 341; ~ were me I should like Sh 159; be him/hir ~ or looth whether he/she likes it or not Kn 1837+; ~ to gabbe fond of gossiping Mil 3510

  liege n (see also lige) vassal, subject ML 240

  lif n (see also live (dat)) life GP 71+; olde ~ old age Phys 72; his ~ in his life Mch 1731; evere his ~ all his life Mk 2179; (for/to) terme of (al) his ~ for the rest of his life Kn 1029, WB 644+; the terme of al thy ~ for the rest of your life WB 820; terme of alle hir lives all their lives long Fri 1331

  lige n (see also liege) vassal, subject Cl 67+

  lige adj liege (entitled to allegiance) WB 1037+; liege (owing allegiance) Cl 310

  ligge v (see also lie v (1)) lie Kn 1011+

  light adj light Kn 2120+; cheerful, merry, light-hearted Kn 1783, Mil 3671+; easy Mel 1040, CY 838

  lighte v (1) light WB 334+; light up, illuminate Kn 2426+; give light to Pars 1036; shine Pars 1037; sg past lighte

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