The canterbury tales, p.141
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.141

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  hed(d)e, heed n (see also heved) head GP 109+; (up)on (o’s) ~ on pain of death Kn 1344+; maugree (o’s) ~ in spite of all (one) can do, irrespective of (o’s) wishes Kn 1169+; after thin owene ~ according to your own judgement Mil 3528; putte forth his ~ show himself SN 312

  he(e)d(e) n heed; take ~ (of) pay attention to GP 303, Sum 1901+; be concerned for Mk 2388

  heeld sg past of holde v

  heele n (see also hele) health Sum 1946+; happiness, prosperity Kn 1271+

  heelp sg past of helpe v

  heeng sg past of hange v

  heep n heap Kn 944+; crowd, large number, multitude GP 575, Mch 2429+

  heer n hair GP 589+

  heeragains adv in opposition to this Kn 3039; in response to this Pars 668

  heerbiforn adv (see also her(e)biforn) previously Fkl 1535+

  heere v (see also here v) hear GP 169+; listen (to) Phys 173+

  heerof adv (see also hereof, herof) about this Pars 287

  heerto adv (see also herto) for this ML 243

  heeste n (see also heste) command WB 74

  heet sg past of hote v

  heete n (see also hete) heat CY 578, Pars 120+

  heete 1 sg pres and 3 sg pres subj of hote v

  heeth n heath GP 6+; heather Mil 3262

  heigh adj (see also hey, hy) high GP 316, WB 1167+; lofty, exalted Kn 2989, Pars 598+; great Kn 1798, 2913, ML 162+; prominent Kn 2167; solemn ML 675+; admirable, noble Kn 2537, WB 1160, Fkl 773+; severe ML 795, 963; ~ sentence great wisdom GP 306, Mch 1507, Mk 2748; ~ style elevated style Cl 18; in ~ and lo(u)gh in everything GP 817+; ~ and lough everybody ML 1142; an ~ up high, aloft Kn 1065+

  heigh(e) adv (see also hye) high Rv 4322+; loudly Kn 2661

  heighnesse n (see also heynesse) high rank Pars 190

  heire n (see also haire) hair-shirt Pars 1052+; ~ clowte haircloth Pard 736

  heit interj (see also hait) gee up! come on! Fri 1561

  helde v (see also holde) own, keep WB 272

  hele n (see also heele) health Kn 3102, Pars 831

  hele v (1) heal Kn 2706+

  hele v (2) conceal WB 950+

  help n help Kn 2400+; helper, supporter Pri 534, Mel 1104+

  helpe v help GP 258+; ~ of cure of GP 632; ther helpeth noght there’s no help for it Kn 3033; noght helpeth it it’s no use NP 2802; sg past heelp; p ppl holpe(n)

  hem acc and dat pl of 3 pers pron them GP 11+; refl themselves Kn 2594+

  hemself, hemselven 3 pers pl refl pron themselves WB 761+

  hende adj handsome WB 628; polite Fri 1286; courtly, affable (semi-ironically) Mil 3199+

  heng sg past of hange v

  henge pl past of hange v

  henne adv hence, from here Kn 2356+; thereafter Rv 3889

  hennesforth adv henceforth Sq 658+

  hente v seize, take hold of Kn 904+; take Kn 957, ML 1144+; take away, summon GP 698; catch Kn 1581, Mil 3347+; acquire, get GP 299; past hente; p ppl (y)hent

  heraud n herald Kn 1017+

  herbergage n lodgings Co 4329+; home Cl 201; accommodation NP 2989

  herberwe n lodgings, accommodation GP 765+; position Fkl 1035; shelter Pars 1031; harbours GP 403

  here (1) 3 pers sg fem pron, acc/dat (see also hir(e)(2)) her Kn 1421, ML 460+

  here (2) 3 pers pl poss pron (see also hir(e) (2)) their WB 44b

  here v (see also heere) hear Kn 914+; listen (to) WB 828+

  her(e)biforn adv (see also heer-biforn) previously Kn 1584+

  hereof adv (see also heerof, herof) about this Pars 984

  heres, heris n pl hair GP 555+

  herie v praise ML 872+; worship Mk 2229+

  heritage n inheritance ML 366+

  herke v listen (to) ML 425+

  herkne v listen (to), hear GP 788+; ~ after listen out for Sq 403

  herne n out-of-the-way place Fkl 1121+

  herof adv (see also heerof, hereof) of this, about this Mch 1683+

  hert n hart, stag Kn 1675+

  herte n heart GP 150+; ~-blood heart’s blood Kn 2006+; ~-roote the bottom of o’s heart WB 471; ~-spoon midriff Kn 2606

  hertely adv heartily, sincerely GP 762+

  hertly adj heartfelt, sincere Cl 176+

  herto adv (see also heerto) to this Mel 1291

  herupon adv on this point Sh 141; thereupon Cl 190

  heryinge vbl n praise, worship Pri 459+

  heste n (see also heeste) order, command, decree Kn 2532+; promise Fkl 1064

  hete n (see also heete) heat Phys 38+

  hete 1 sg pres of hote v

  hethenesse n heathen countries GP 49+

  heve v raise, lift Kn 2428, Pars 858+; heave GP 550+; sg past haf

  heved n (see also hed(d)e, heed) head Th 842+

  hevene n heaven(s) GP 519+; ~ king heaven’s king Mil 3464+

  hevinesse n sorrow, grief Kn 1454+; resentment, rancour Cl 432, Mel 1748; drowsiness Mcp 22; sluggishness Pars 686

  hevy adj heavy Mel 1214+; weighty, grave Mel 1022+; sorrowful, sad Fkl 822+; sluggish Pars 677+; to ~ or to hoot too heavy or too hot (to carry away) (provbl expression) Fri 1436

  hewe n colour, complexion GP 394+; appearance Fri 1622+

  hewed p ppl coloured Fkl 1245+

  hey n hay Mil 3262+; grass Mk 2172+

  hey adj (see also heigh, hy) high Mel 1819+; lofty Pars 469

  heynesse n (see also heighnesse) high rank, honour Pars 336+

  hide v hide, conceal Kn 1477+; be hidden Sq 141; 3 sg pres hideth, hit; sg past hidde; p ppl (y)hid

  hider adv hither GP 672+

  hiderward adv this way (to or toward the speaker) Sh 426+

  hidous adj hideous, dreadful Kn 1978+

  hie n haste Kn 2979+

  hie v hasten, hurry Kn 2274+, refl Sh 210+; bring quickly Sq 291

  hierde n herdsman GP 603; shepherd SN 192

  hight p ppl of hote v

  highte n height; on ~ aloft, on high Kn 2607+; aloud Kn 1784

  highte sg and pl past of hote v, used as present be called Kn 1557+

  him 3 pers masc pron, acc/dat sg him GP 284+; refl himself GP 87+

  himself, himselve(n) 3 pers sg masc refl pron himself GP 184+

  hindre adj hinder, rear Pars 424+

  hine n farm labourer GP 603, Pard 688

  hire n payment, wages GP 538+; sette to ~ farm out GP 507; quite youre ~ repay you WB 1008

  hir(e) (1) 3 pers sg fem pron (see also here pron (1)) (1) poss her GP 119+, (2) acc/dat her GP 163+; from her WB 967; for herself WB 210

  hir(e) (2) 3 pers pl pron, poss and gen (see also here pron (2)) their GP 32+; of them; ~ aller of them all GP 586; ~ bothe of both of them ML 221; ~ thankes willingly Kn 2114+

  hir(s) 3 pers pron, gen pl theirs Sum 1926

  hirself, hirselve(n) 3 pers sg fem refl pron herself Mil 3543+

  his 3 pers sg pron, poss and gen (1) masc his GP 55+; of him SN 138; ~ thankes willingly Kn 1626+; (2) neut its GP 8, Kn 1036+; pl hise

  hit 3 sg contr pres of hide v

  hold n (see also hold) possession Sq 167

  holde v (see also helde) hold GP 783, Kn 1949+; keep Kn 2098, Sum 2197+; keep to, remain in Kn 2525, ML 721+; retain Phys 182; bring to bay, check Mel 1326; remember Pard 438; regard, consider GP 141, WB 572+; refl keep o.s., remain Mel 1037+; consider o.s. Kn 1868+; ~ compaignye (with s.o.) keep (s.o.) company Fri 1521+; ~ (o’s) wey take (o’s) course, make (o’s) way Kn 1506+; be holde(n) be obliged WB 135, Mel 1703+; be obligated Kn 1307; 3 sg pres holdeth, halt; sg imp hoold; pl imp hoold, holdeth; sg past heeld; pl past helde(n); p ppl holde(n), yholde (Northern form halden)

  holour n lecher WB 254+; lover Pars 878

  holpe(n) p ppl of helpe v

  holwe adj hollow Kn 1363+; lean, hungry GP 289

  hom adv (see also hoom) home, homewards GP 400+

  homicide n murder Sum 2009+; murderer Mch 1994, Pard 893+

  homly adj domestic, belonging to o’s home Mch 1785+; homely, simple Sum 1843

  hond n hand GP 193+; of (o’s) ~ with respect to f
ighting ability Kn 2103, ML 579; holde up (o’s) ~ promise GP 783; bere on ~ accuse (s.o. of ML 620+; maintain, assert WB 232; bere wrong on ~ make false assertions WB 226; have in ~ have in (o’s) control WB 211+; have on ~ be occupied with WB 451+

  honeste adj honourable, noble, creditable, worthy of respect WB 1183+; proper, seemly GP 246+; beautiful, fine Mch 2028

  honestee n propriety, decorum, decency Fri 1267+; chastity, purity Phys 77+

  honestetee n honour Cl 422; decency Pars 429; beauty, pleasingness Pars 431+

  honestly adv with reverence SN 549+; suitably, properly Kn 1444, Sh 244; richly, finely Mch 2026

  honge v (see also hange) hang Kn 2410+

  honge(d) pl past of hange v

  hon(o)ure v honour, show respect to GP 50, Kn 2407+; celebrate Sum 1719

  hony n honey Kn 2908+

  hool adj whole, healthy GP 533+

  hool adv wholly Fkl 1450; soundly Mch 1538

  hoold n (see also hold) castle ML 507; house Mch 1306; possession WB 599, Fri 1607; have in ~ possess NP 2874

  hoold sg and pl imp of holde v

  hoolly adv wholly, entirely GP 599+; al ~ absolutely all Sum 2096

  hoom adv (see also hom) home, homewards Kn 1026+

  hoor adj hoary, white-haired Rv 3878+

  hoord n (see also hord) hoard, store Mil 3262+

  hoost n (1) host, army Kn 874+

  hoost(e) n (2) host, landlord GP 747+

  hoot adj hot GP 394+; pungent CY 887; ardent, lascivious GP 626; fresh, recent GP 687; difficult Mch 2126; pl and weak sg hote

  hoote adv (see also hote) hotly, passionately GP 97+

  hope v hope Mil 3725+; believe, fear Rv 4029

  hoper n hopper (of a mill) Rv 4036+

  hoppe v dance Rv 3876+

  hord n (see also hoord) hoard, store Co 4406+

  horrible adj horrible, frightful Kn 1451+; foul, heinous Pard 379+; hideous, loathsome ML 751+

  hors n horse GP 94+; as pl horses GP 74+

  hose n legging, stocking GP 456+; pl hosen, hoses

  hostelrye n inn GP 23+

  hostile(e)r n inn-keeper GP 241+; servant at an inn Pars 440

  hote pl and weak sg of hoot adj

  hote adv (see also hoote) hotly ML 586

  hote v be called WB 144; promise Kn 2398, 2472, ML 334, Cl 496+; his name was hoten his name was Rv 3941; 1 sg pres he(e)te; 3 sg pres subj heete; sg past heet; sg and pl past highte; p ppl hoten (= called); hight (= promised)

  housbondrye n household affairs Rv 4077, Mch 1380; thrifty housekeeping Mch 1296, NP 2828; household goods WB 288

  how that conj although Pars 631+

  humblesse n humility Kn 1781+

  humour n bodily fluid (one of four) determining a person’s physical ‘complexion’ (see n. to GP 333)

  hunte n hunter, huntsman Kn 1678+

  hy adj (see also heigh, hey) high Kn 897+; exalted Mk 2696; great Mch 1222, Mel 1876+; noble Mk 2645; holy Mch 1660; hye God great God WB 1173+; hye weye high road Kn 897; hye bord high table Sq 98; hyer hond upper hand GP 399

  hye adv (see also heigh(e)) high GP 271+; into high position Rv 3981

  ich 1 pers sg pron (see also ik) I Mil 3277+

  idel adj vain, empty Pars 740; thoughtless, frivolous Pard 638, Pars 165+; lazy, idle Kn 2505+; (as quasi-n) in ~ in vain Fkl 867, Pard 642+

  idelnesse n idleness Kn 1940+

  idolastre n idolater Mch 2298+

  ifeere adv together ML 394+

  ifinde v find Sq 470, Fkl 1153

  ihe(e)re v hear Mil 3176, Mch 2154

  ik I pers sg pron (see also ich) I Rv 3864+

  iknowe v know Fri 1370, Fkl 887

  il adj (see also ille) ill, unfortunate Rv 4174; unlucky Rv 4184

  iliche, ilike adv alike, equally Kn 2526+; unvaryingly Cl 602+

  ilik(e) adj like GP 592, Kn 1539; alike Kn 2734

  ilke adj same, very GP 64+

  ille adj (see also il) bad, incompetent Rv 4045

  illusioun n illusion, deception Fkl 1134+; do ~ deceive CY 673

  imaginacioun n fantasy, hallucination Mil 3612; assumption Kn 1094; ingenuity Sum 2218; scheming, craftiness NP 3217 (see n.)

  imagine v imagine Pars 693; deduce ML 889; plot Pars 448; wonder Cl 598

  impresse v become fixed Mch 1578+

  impressioun n effect on the mind or emotions Sq 371; take ~ receive a mental image Mil 3613+

  in n lodgings Kn 2436+; house, home Mil 3547+

  in prep in GP 3+ (spelled inne at the end of a relative clause); into Rv 4094; on, upon Mch 2137, Mk 2582+; for, because of Mel 977; against Pars 695

  indulgence n mercy Mel 1774; of ~ as a concession WB 84

  in-feere adv together ML 328+

  infortune n misfortune Mk 2401; malign influence (of a planet) Kn 2021

  inne prep (see in prep)

  inogh, inowe adj sufficient, adequate GP 373, Kn 1613+; plentiful, abundant, plenty of, lots of Kn 2836, WB 332+

  ino(u)gh, inowe n enough, sufficient Mil 3149, ML 872+

  ino(u)gh, inow(e) adv enough, sufficiently Kn 888+; very, extremely Cl 209, Mel 1836; copiously, a great deal Mch 1781; plentifully Mk 2045; wel ~ very well Mch 2344+; right ~ amply Kn 1233+; not but ~ quite enough CY 601; deere ~ a jane not worth a halfpenny Cl 999; deere ~ a leek not worth a leek CY 795

  inpacience n impatience Pars 276+; irritability Mel 1544; stubbornness Pars 391

  inpacient adj impatient, resentful Mel 1540+; stubborn Pars 401

  inportable adj unendurable Cl 1144+

  inpossible n impossibility WB 688+

  inpossible adj impossible Fkl 1549+

  inspire v (see also enspire) blow on, breathe life into GP 6

  into prep into GP 23+; on to Mil 3471; to GP 692, Pard 722+; toward ML 840, Fkl 863; to, until Mel 1233, SN 552

  inward adv in Rv 4079; inwardly Mel 1645+

  inwith prep within, in ML 797+

  ipocras n ‘a kind of cordial, made of red wine, spices, sugar, etc, strained through cloth bags’ (MED) Mch 1807, Pard 306

  iren n iron GP 500+; specifically, iron of an axe WB 906

  irous adj angry, irascible Sum 2014+

  is sg pres of be v is GP 4+; (in Northern speech) am Rv 4031+; art Rv 4089

  ivel adj bad, wicked Mil 3173+; as n evil Pri 632+

  ivel(e) adv ill, badly Mil 3715, Cl 460+; wickedly, badly Rv 4320+; little Kn 1127; ~ apaid dissatisfied, discontent Fri 1282+

  iwys adv indeed, surely, certainly Mil 3277+

  jalous adj jealous Kn 1840+; malicious Kn 1329

  jalousye n jealousy Kn 1299+; zeal, fervour Pars 539

  jane n a small Genoese coin (worth about a halfpenny) Th 735; deere inow a ~ not worth a halfpenny Cl 999

  jangle v chatter ML 774; chatter, gossip Sq 220+

  jangler(e) n gossip, tale-teller Mcp 343, 348; loudmouth, story-teller GP 560

  jangleresse n gossip Mel 1085; sharp-tongued woman, nagger, scold WB 638+

  jangles n pl idle chatter Fri 1407+

  jape n joke Mil 3390+; trick GP 705, WB 242+; (piece of) foolishness Sum 1961; delusion NP 3091

  jape v joke Fri 1513+; trick, deceive Kn 1729; mock Mch 1389

  japere n buffoon Pars 651+; trifler Pars 89

  japerye n jest Mch 1656; buffoonery Pars 651

  jet n (see also get) fashion GP 682

  jewel n (see also juel) jewel Cl 869; precious object, treasure Sq 341

  Jewerye n (see also Juerye) Jewish quarter Pri 489+

  jogelour n conjurer Fri 1467+

  joine v join Mk 2493+

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