The canterbury tales, p.137
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.137

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  deba(a)t n quarrel, dispute, strife WB 822, Fri 1288+; combat, war Kn 1754, ML 130; be at ~ fall out, quarrel Mil 3230

  debate v quarrel Pard 412; fight Th 868

  debonaire adj meek, gentle, mild, humble Kn 2282, NP 2871+

  debonairetee n mildness, gentleness Pars 540+; kindness, graciousness Mel 1621, 1820, Pars 467+

  declare v tell, relate Kn 2766+; explain, make clear Kn 3002, ML 572+; make known, reveal Kn 2356+; ~ of tell about Mch 1687

  declinacioun n declination, angular distance from the equinoctial, or celestial equator (astr) Fkl 1033 (see n.); hot ~ sun’s greatest distance north of the equinoctial, summer solstice Fkl 1246; ~ of Cancer summer solstice Mch 2223

  decre(e) n decree, law Kn 1167+; edict GP 640; canon law Pars 931; legislation Mk 2477

  dede n deed, act GP 742+; result Mel 1668; in ~ in reality, in fact GP 659, Mk 2321+; in action Mil 3591; with the ~ in doing so WB 70; in the act SN 157

  dede pl and weak sg of deed adj

  dedly adv to the death SN 476; as death, deathly ML 822

  deed adj dead GP 145+; to been ~ until death Kn 1343; pl and weak sg dede

  de(e)dly adj deadly Mel 1424+; deathly, death-like Kn 913+; dying, doomed Fkl 1040

  deef adj deaf GP 446+; pl deve

  deel n (see also del) part, bit; every ~ every bit CY 1269 (see also everyde(e)l); never a ~ not a bit, not at all Kn 3064+; a ful greet ~ to a great extent GP 415; by an hondred thousand ~ a hundred thousandth part Mcp 137

  deele v (see also dele) have dealings (with) GP 247

  deep adj deep Kn 3031+; mysterious Mel 1406; deep in mud Fri 1541; pl and weak sg depe

  deere adj dear; noble, honoured Kn 2260, SN 272; noble, precious Mil 3588, ML 237, WB 827

  deere adv dearly Kn 3100+

  dees n pl (see also dis) dice Pard 623; game of dice Sq 690+

  deeth n death Kn 964+; plague GP 605

  defame n (see also diffame) disgrace, dishonour Pard 612, Mk 2548

  defame v (see also diffame) disgrace Pars 645; accuse Pard 415; slander Mil 3147

  defaute n lack Pars 181+; fault, defect Sum 1810, Cl 1018+; offence, sin Pard 370+; wickedness Mk 2528

  defence n (see also defense) resistance WB 467

  defende v (see also deffende) defend, protect Mel 1027+; ward off Mel 1532; forbid WB 60, Sum 1834+; prohibit CY 1470; refl defend o.s. ML 933+

  defense n (see also defence) defence Mel 1533, 1537; stonde at ~ defend o.s. Cl 1195

  deffende v (see also defende) defend, protect Pars 758+; defend, excuse Pars 404, 584; forbid Pars 332+

  def(f)ye v reject, renounce Mil 3758, NP 3156; scorn Sh 402; defy NP 3171

  degree n step, tier Kn 1890+; rank, social condition GP 40, Kn 1434+; condition, state Kn 1841+; degree, th of a circle (astr) Sq 386+; in (o’s) ~ in order GP 744, Cl 263; in no ~ in no way Sq 198, Sh 171; in ech ~ in every way WB 404; after/at/in/to (o’s) ~ according to (o’s) rank Kn 2192, 2856, Mch 2027+; lord at alle degrees lord to the highest degree Mil 3724

  dei(g)ne v impers seem worthy, proper to (s.o.); (with negative and dative pronoun) to refuse (to do, scorn (the idea of doing Mk 2134, 2270, NP 3181

  deintee n delight, pleasure ML 139+; luxury, delicacy GP 346+; telle ~ of, holde ~ of set store by WB 208, Pars 477; have ~ of take pleasure in Fkl 681

  deintee adj excellent, choice GP 168; delightful Cl 1112+; (of food) delicious, sumptuous Sq 70+

  deintevous adj sumptuous, delicious Cl 265+

  deis n dais, platform GP 370+

  deitee n deity Pri 469; divine power Fkl 1047; thy/his ~ thee/him (of gods) CY 1469, Mcp 101

  dekne n deacon SN 547, Pars 891

  del n (see also deel) part, bit; every ~ every bit, everything, all Kn 2091, Mil 3744+; never(e) a ~ not a bit, not at all WB 561+

  dele v (see also deele) divide Sum 2249; have dealings (with) CY 1074; participate (in) Pars 907; have sexual intercourse (with) Pars 908

  deliberacioun n deliberation Mel 1029+; by ~ with, after deliberation Phys 139, Pars 355

  delicat adj delightful Cl 682; luxurious, fine Mch 1646, Pars 432; rich, choice Pars 828; sensual, voluptuous Cl 927, Mk 2471, Pars 835; sensitive Pars 688

  delice n pleasure, luxury Pard 547+

  deliciously adv delightfully Sq 79; luxuriously Mch 2025; sumptuously Pars 377

  delit n delight, pleasure GP 335+; sexual pleasure Fkl 1396+

  delitable adj delightful, pleasant Cl 62+

  delite v delight, take pleasure (in) Cl 997, Mel 1158, Mk 2470+; refl take pleasure in, enjoy Sum 2044+

  delivere v: ~ (fro/of/out of) save, rescue (from) ML 518+; release (from) Kn 1769+

  delivernesse n agility Mel 1165, Pars 452

  delve v dig (up) GP 536, Sq 638

  dema(u)nde n question ML 472, Mch 1870+

  deme v judge, decide Mil 3194, Mel 1030+; think, believe Kn 1881, Mil 3161, ML 1038+; order, direct Mel 1855; adjudge, rule Phys 199; sentence Sum 2024, Phys 271; express an opinion Sq 261; ~ to the badder ende adopt the worst interpretation Sq 224

  demoniak n madman Sum 2240, 2292

  depardieux (French) interj certainly, indeed! ML 39, Fri 1395

  departe v separate, divide Kn 1134+; break up WB 1049; wean Cl 618; single out Pars 355; depart Kn 3060, Pars 593

  departinge vbl n departure ML 293; separation Kn 2774; dividing Pars 425+

  depe pland weak sg of deep adj

  depe adv deeply GP 129+; far inside Mil 3442

  depeint(ed) p ppl depicted Kn 2049; painted Kn 2054; stained Pard 950

  dere v harm, injure Kn 1822+

  derk adj (see also dirk) dark Kn 2082+; obscure ML 481; secret, deceptive Kn 1995+; gloomy Fkl 844; inauspicious (astr) ML 304

  derne adj secretive, discreet Mil 3297; ~ love clandestine love, secret passion Mil 3200+

  descende v descend Rv 3984+; dismount Fkl 1242; ~ to the special get down to detail Mel 1355

  descharge v rid (s.o. of, get rid of Pars 360+

  descripcio(u)n n (see also discrip-cioun) definition Pars 741; design Kn 2053

  desdain, desdein n disdain, contempt SN 41+; take in ~ take offence (at) GP 789; have in ~ be offended with Fkl 700

  deserve v deserve Kn 964+; ~ unto deserve from (s.o.) CY 1352

  desherite v (see also disherite) dispossess Mel 1751

  deshonest adj (see also dishonest) dishonourable Pars 777

  desir(o)us adj desirous, eager Kn 1674+; ~ in armes keen in battle Sq 23

  deslavee adj unbridled, unrestrained Pars 629+

  desolat adj deserted, lonely Mch 1321; holden ~ socially shunned Pard 598; ~ of lacking, destitute of ML 131+; helpless WB 703

  desordeinee adj inordinate Pars 818+

  desordinat adj (see also disordi-nat) inordinate, excessive Pars 415+

  desordinaunce n (see also disord-inaunce) flouting of order Pars 267

  despeir n despair Kn 1245+

  despeire v refl (see also dispeire) despair Pars 698; p ppl

  despaired in despair Fkl 943+

  despence n (see also despense, dispence, dispense) means of subsistence, living ML 105

  despende v (see also dispende) spend Rv 3983+; pass (time) Mk 2310; waste Mel 931; dispense Pars 812; use Mch 1403

  despense n (see also despence, dispence, dispense) expense, expenditure Kn 1928+

  despise v despise ML 115+; revile, chide Mel 1019, Mk 2669+

  despit n disdain, malice, hostility Kn 941+; spite, defiance Kn 947, Sum 2154, Sq 650+; humiliation, insult Mil 3752+; resentment Sum 2061+; have in ~ to despise Sum 1876+; have ~ to resent WB 481; have ~ (to do to disdain, resist (doing Fkl 1395+; in ~ of in contempt of Pri 563+

  despit(o)us adj contemptuous, scornful GP 516, Pars 395+; disobedient, recalcitrant WB 761+; cruel, pitiless, fierce Kn 1777+

  despitously adv angrily, fiercely Kn 1124+; cruelly, violently ML 605+

  desport n (see also disport) recreation, amusement, pleasure Rv 4043+; pleasant or entertaining behav
iour GP 137

  destempred p ppl (see also distempre) unbalanced Pars 826

  destourbe v hinder, prevent Pars 340+

  destreine v (see also distreine) bind Pars 269; restrain Mcp 161; constrain Pars 104+; distress, torment Kn 1455, Fkl 820+

  destroye, destruye v destroy, ruin Kn 1330, Sum 1847+; harass, ruin Pard 858+

  dette n debt, obligation GP 280+; that which spouses owe to each other, sexual intercourse WB 130+

  deve pl of deef adj

  devel n devil Rv 3903+; a (twenty) ~ way/wey(e) in the devil’s name Mil 3134+

  devine v (see also divine) conjecture, guess Kn 2521, Sh 224; imagine, believe NP 3266

  devis n desire, pleasure GP 816; at point ~ to perfection, to a T Mil 3689+

  devise v imagine, conceive Kn 1254+; plan, contrive Kn 1844+; construct, make Kn 1901+; tell, say, describe GP 34+; talk Sq 261; direct, prescribe Kn 1416+; ~ of to think about Mch 1586; fressh for to ~ fresh, bright to see Kn 1048

  devisioun n (see also divisioun) division, clan Kn 2024

  devocioun n devotion, devoutness Kn 2371+; prayer Mil 3640

  devoir n duty ML 38, Pars 764; do (o’s) ~ do o’s best Kn 2598+

  deye v die Kn 3034+

  diffame n (see also defame) disgrace, dishonour Cl 730; reputation Cl 540

  diffame v (see also defame) slander, speak ill of Sum 2212

  diffye v reject, renounce Kn 1604, Mch 1310; scorn Sum 1928

  dighte v prepare, get ready Kn 1630, Cl 974+; clothe Kn 1041; garnish Mil 3205; deal with, have sexual intercourse with WB 398+; refl go Mk 1914+; p ppl (y)dight

  digne adj worthy GP 141+; suitable ML 778; honoured, revered, noble Kn 2216, ML 1175+; fine, proud GP 517+

  dignitee n worthiness, excellence Rv 4270+; dignity, rank Cl 470+

  diligence n diligence, industry Sum 1818+; eagerness Cl 1185; do ~ take pains, endeavour Kn 2470, SN 79+; do (o’s) ~ do (o’s) utmost Pri 539+

  dine v dine, eat dinner ML 1083+; eat for dinner Sum 1837

  dirk adj (see also derk) dark Fkl 1074+

  dis n pl (see also dees) dice Kn 1238+; dice-playing Co 4392+

  discipline n mortification of the flesh Pars 1055; teaching Pars 1052; science, craft CY 1253

  disclaundre v slander ML 674+

  discomfite, disconfite v defeat, rout Mel 1339+

  disconfiture n defeat Kn 1008+

  disconfort n dismay Kn 2010; grief, distress Fkl 896+

  discovere v reveal, disclose Mel 1141+; expose Mch 1942

  discrecioun n judgement, discernment Kn 1779+; have ~ to have reached the age of adult reasoning Mk 2632; by ~ in moderation WB 622, Pars 861

  discripcioun n (see also descripcioun) description Sq 580; definition Phys 117

  discrive v describe Sq 40+; ~ of write about Mch 1737

  disese n hardship, suffering, misfortune ML 616+; vexation Mcp 97; distress NP 2771

  disherite v (see also desherite) disinherit, dispossess Kn 2926+

  dishonest adj (see also deshonest) dishonourable, shameful Cl 876+; immodest, unchaste Mcp 214

  disjoint n difficulty, strait Kn 2962+

  disordinat adj (see also desordinat) inordinate, excessive Pars 422

  disordinaunce n (see also desord-inaunce) violation of order Pars 275, 277

  disparage v degrade, disgrace Rv 4271+

  dispeire v refl (see also despeire) despair Mch 1669; p ppl dispeired in despair Fkl 1084

  dispence n (see also despence, despense, dispense) expense, expenditure Kn 1882+; esy of ~ parsimonious GP 441; fre of ~ generous in spending Cl 1209+

  dispende v (see also despende) spend Pars 849; dispense, distribute Mel 1370; pass (time) Cl 1123

  dispense n (see also despence, despense, dispence): free of (o’s) ~ generous in spending Co 4388

  displesa(u)nt adj offensive Pars 544+

  displese v displease, be offensive to WB 128+

  disport n (see also desport) entertainment, amusement, pleasure GP 775+; solace, source of pleasure Mch 1332+; do ~ (with dat) entertain, cheer up Mch 1924

  disporte v refl amuse o.s. Mil 3660+

  dispose v resolve, make up o’s mind Cl 244, (with herte as obj) Fri 1659; direct, regulate Pars 336; wel disposed in good health Mcp 33; be disposed be of a mind to, intend Cl 639+

  disposicioun n power, disposal Kn 2364, Mel 1765+; disposition Kn 1378, Mel 1136; influence (of a planet) Kn 1087, WB 701

  dispreise v depreciate, disparage Mel 1071+

  disputisoun n debate, argument, controversy Mch 1474+

  dissimule v dissemble, pretend SN 466+

  distempre v (see also destempred) anger, upset Sum 2195+

  distreine v (see also destreine) hold fast, retain Mel 1215; torment, oppress Kn 1816, Pars 752

  divers adj diverse Rv 3857+; different Pars 489

  divine n theologian Kn 1323+

  divine v (see also devine) conjecture, speculate Kn 2515+

  divinitee n divinity SN 316+; theology, divine learning Fri 1512+

  divisioun n (see also devisioun) division, fragmentation Pars 1009+; dissension Kn 2476; distinction Kn 1780+

  do v do, perform, carry out GP 78+; act, behave Rv 3881+; place CY 899; bring about Kn 2405; do followed by an infinitive: to cause to happen or to be done, e.g. do fecche have fetched ML 662; ~ of remove Kn 2676; ~ up raise Mil 3801; ~ wey take away Mil 3287; stop SN 487; ~ no fors of attach no importance to, not to care about WB 1234, Fri 1512+; be negligent of Pars 721; for to doone a fit thing to do Pars 62; have do! have done! get it over! Mil 3728; pl imp dooth; sg past dide; pl past dide(n); p ppl do, ydo(n), (y)doon

  doctour n doctor GP 411; one of the Church Fathers, early Christian authorities on theology Fri 1648+

  doctrine n doctrine Pars 676+; teaching Pri 499+; advice, instruction Mel 1232+; edification Mel 935+; knowledge, wisdom Mel 1512

  doghter n daughter Kn 2064+; pl doghtren, doghtres

  doghty adj (see also doughty) bold, brave Sq 11+; excellent Sq 338

  doke n duck Mil 3576+

  domb adj dumb, speechless GP 774+

  dome n (see also doom) day of ~ Judgement Day Pars 118+

  domesman n judge Mk 2490+

  dominacioun n power, rule, control Kn 2758+

  dong(e) n dung GP 530+

  doom n (see also dome) judgement GP 323, Cl 1000+; swere in ~ take an oath in court Pard 636+; as to my ~ in my opinion Fkl 677+

  doon p ppl of do v

  dooth pl imp of do v

  dore n door GP 460+; out atte ~ out of doors Sum 1757+

  dorste sg past of durre v dared Rv 3932+; sometimes used as equivalent to pres subj dare GP 454, Mcp 277+

  dorste(n) pl past of durre v dared Mil 4009+; sometimes used as equivalent to pres subj dare NP 2918; ~ han swore could have sworn Cl 403

  dostow contr of dost thow

  dotard adj foolish, senile WB 291+

  dote v be/become a fool Mch 1441+

  doughty adj (see also doghty) bold, brave Mk 2312

  doute n doubt GP 487+; fear Pars 1023; apprehension Fkl 1096; danger Mch 1721; out of/withouten ~ doubtless, certainly GP 487, Kn 1322+; it is no ~ it is certain Sum 1712

  doute v fear, be afraid (of) Mel 1327+

  dowaire, dowere n dowry Cl 807, 848

  dowve n dove Kn 1962+

  drad p ppl of drede v

  dradde sg past of drede v

  dradden pl past subj of drede v

  draf n chaff Pars 35; ~-sek sack of chaff or rubbish Rv 4206

  drago(u)n n dragon WB 776+; mercury (alch) CY 1435 (see n.) +

  drasty adj crude, trashy Mel 923+

  dra(u)ghte n draught, drink GP 135+

  drawe v draw Kn 2547, Mch 1817+; drag Kn 944+; pull Fri 1560+; pull out Rv 3892; lead, attract GP 519+; carry Kn 1416; bring Mil 3112+; obtain Pars 549; derive CY 1440; drag behind a horse Pri 633; draw water Kn 1416; refl come, go Sq 252+; ~ cut draw lots GP 835+; ~ to approach Mil 3633; resort to Sh 27; ~ unto incline to, fall in with Cl 314; get near to Fkl 965; ~ in le
ad to Pars 1000; ~ (in)to memorye recall, call to mind Kn 2074, Mil 3112+; sg past drogh, drough, drow; p ppl (y)drawe, drawen

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