The canterbury tales, p.134
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       The Canterbury Tales, p.134

           Geoffrey Chaucer

  bare 2 sg past of bere v

  bareine adj barren, sterile Kn 1977+; destitute Kn 1244

  baren pl past of bere v

  barge n ship, boat GP 410+

  barm n arms, lap Cl 551, Sq 631+

  baronage n nobility, peers of the realm Kn 3096+

  barre n bar Kn 1075; ornamental metal strip GP 329, Pars 433

  bataille n battle Kn 879+

  bathe adj both (Northern form) Rv 4087+

  baude, bawde n procurer, pimp Fri 1339+

  bauderye, bawderye n gaiety Kn 1926; procuring, pimping Fri 1305

  Bayard ‘Dobbin’ (a traditional horse’s name, and thus used to designate any horse) Rv 4115+

  be, bee v be; ~ as ~ may however it may be Mk 2129, CY 935; 1 sg pres am, 2 sg pres art, 3 sg pres is; pl pres been, be(n), beth, are, arn; sg pres subj be; 1/3 sg past was; 2 sg past were; pl past were(n); 1/3 sg past subj were; sg imp be; pl imp beeth; p ppl been, be(n), ybe(n)

  bechen adj: ~ cole piece of charcoal made from beech-wood CY 1160+

  bede v offer Cl 360+

  bede(n) pl past of bidde v

  bedred(e) adj bedridden Sum 1769, Mch 1292

  been weak pl of bee n

  been inf, pl pres and p ppl of be v

  beer 1/3 sg past of bere v

  beere n bier Kn 2871+

  beest n (see also best) beast, animal Kn 1309+

  beete v kindle, light Kn 2253+; repair Rv 3927; relieve Pars 421; pl past betten

  beeth plimp of be v

  bekke v nod Pard 396+

  bely n (see also baly) belly Pard 534; bellows Pars 351

  ben pl pres and p ppl of be v

  bench n bench, seat WB 247; counting-table Sh 358; ~ of feet footstool Pars 589

  benedicite (e) (Latin) interj bless me, my goodness, heavens! Kn 1785+ (pronounced bèndistè, as a trisyllable)

  benefice n an ecclesiastical living GP 291+

  benigne adj gentle, gracious, kind GP 483+; mild Sq 52

  benisoun n blessing Mch 1365+

  berd n beard GP 270+; make (s.o’s) ~ get the better of, outwit (s.o.) Rv 4096, WB 361

  bere n bear Kn 1640+

  bere v bear, carry Kn 1422+; give birth to ML 722+; endure, suffer Cl 85+; refl to bear o.s., behave, perform GP 87, NP 2872+; ~ doun overbear, talk down Mil 3831+; ~ adoun overthrow Kn 2644; ~ on honde accuse (s.o. of ML 620+; maintain, assert WB 232; ~ wrong on honde make false assertions against WB 226; 3 sg pres bereth, contr berth; 1/3 sg past baar, bar, beer; 2 sg past bare; pl past baren; p ppl (y)bore, (y)boren, (y)born

  bering(e) n bearing, behaviour Mch 1604+

  bern (e) n barn Mil 3258+

  berye v bury Pard 405, 884

  best n (see also beest) beast, animal Kn 1976+; pl cattle, livestock Cl 201+

  beste superl adj best GP 252+; atte/at the ~ in the very best way, to (o’s) heart’s content GP 29+; with the ~ superbly GP 387, among the finest ML 76; for the ~ in everyone’s best interests, as the best plan GP 788+; (as) for thy/oure/his ~ in your/our/his best interests Sum 1986, Cl 1161, Sh 347

  bet comp adv better GP 242+; go ~ go quickly Pard 667; what wol ye ~ than wel what more do you want Mil 3370+; ~ than nevere is late better late than never CY 1410

  bete v beat Mil 3759, Rv 4308+; hammer, emboss Kn 979, Phys 14+; pl past bette(n); p ppl bet, bete(n), ybet, ybete(n)

  beth 3 pers pl pres and pl imp of be v

  bette(n) pl past of bete v

  betten pl past of beete v

  beye v (see also bye) buy Pard 845+; redeem WB 718, Cl 1153+; past boghte, boughte; p ppl boght, yboght

  bicam sg past of bicome

  bicause adv and conj because GP 174+

  bicome v become Fri 1644+; suit WB 603; sg past bicam

  bidde v direct, order GP 187, Mil 3228, WB 28+; tell GP 787+; ask, request Mch 1618+; pray Mil 3641, SN 140; compel, urge Sq 348+; ~ fare wel say goodbye Sh 320; 3 sg contr pres bit; sg past bad; pl past bede(n); p ppl bode

  bide v wait Kn 1576+; stay, remain Rv 4237, Co 4399+; sg past bood

  bifalle v befall, happen GP 19, Kn 1805+; faire yow ~ may you prosper Pars 68; sg past bifel, bifil; past subj bifelle; p ppl bifalle

  bifo(o)re, biforn prep before, in front of GP 100+; him ~ in front of him Kn 1634+; us ~ ahead of us CY 680

  bifore, biforn adv before Kn 1224+; in front, at the front GP 377+; beforehand Kn 1665+; earlier Kn 1148+; in readiness, ahead GP 572

  big adj strong GP 546+

  bigan 1/3 sg past of biginne v

  bigeten p ppl engendered Mk 1948+

  bigile v deceive, trick Mil 3300+

  biginne v begin GP 42+. Used as a weak auxiliary with an infinitive, as equivalent of a simple present or past tense: e.g. biginneth dawe dawns Mk 2682; bigan areste brought to a halt GP 827; bigan to goon went Kn 2271; bigonne they to rise they rose Mel 1043; 1/3 sg past bigan; 2 sg past bigonne; pl past bigonne; p ppl bigonne(n)

  bigo(o)n p ppl (see also wo-bigon) beset, overwhelmed; him is wo ~ he is overcome with sadness Mil 3372; cf. ML 918, Fkl 1316; wel ~ happy, in good spirits WB 606

  bihe(e)ste n promise ML 37+

  bihete v (see also bihote) promise Fkl 788+; sg past bihighte; pl past bihighten; p ppl bihight

  bihinde adv behind, in the rear ML 427+; at the back Mil 3239+; afterwards Mk 1988; left behind Pars 1010; to follow CY 1291

  bihinde prep behind Kn 1050+

  bihote v (see also bihete) promise Kn 1854

  bihove v impers be necessary Mel 1170+; be fitting Mel 1655, Pars 83+; bihoveth hire she needs Sq 602; bihoveth me I must Fkl 1359+

  bihovely adj necessary, appropriate Pars 107+

  bijape v trick, deceive Kn 1585+

  biknowe v confess ML 886+; acknowledge Kn 1556+; pl past biknewe

  bilde v (see also builde) build Mch 1279

  bile(e)ve v believe Mil 3162+

  bileve n belief, faith Fkl 1133+; creed Mil 3456

  bille n petition Mch 1971, Phys 166 (see n.) +; letter Mch 1937+; ~ of somonce summons Fri 1586

  binde v bind Kn 2414+; tie Rv 4060+; imprison Cl 1205; constrain Pars 686; sg past bond, boond; pl past bounde; p ppl bounden, ybounde(n)

  binime v take away (from) Pars 335+

  biquethe v bequeath Kn 2768+; p ppl biquethe

  bireve v take away Sum 2111+; take away from Kn 1361+; rob, deprive (of) ML 83, Sum 2059+; sg past birafte, birefte; p ppl biraft, bireved

  biseche v (see also biseke) beseech, entreat, ask Mil 3600+; sg and pl past bisoght(e), bisoughte

  bisege v besiege Mel 1099+

  biseke v (see also biseche) beseech, entreat, ask Kn 918+; ~ to entreat, beg Mel 1116+

  bisette v bestow Mil 3715; employ Mil 3299; spend Sum 1952+; fix Pars 366; dispose, manage Kn 3012; ~ (o’s) wit use (o’s) head GP 279; past bisette; p ppl biset

  biseye p ppl: ivel ~ of poor appearance Cl 965; richely ~ of splendid appearance Cl 984

  bishrewe v curse WB 844+

  biside adv in addition Kn 967+

  biside(s) prep beside, near GP 402+

  bisily adv diligently, carefully Kn 1883, Mil 3763+; earnestly GP 301, SN 342+; eagerly Rv 4006, ML 180+; intently ML 1095, Sq 88+

  bisinesse n activity, labour Mil 3643, Mel 1591+; activity, occupation Mil 3654+; business Sh 225; diligence Cl 1008+; endeavour GP 520, Fkl 827; attentiveness WB 933; tasks, duties Cl 1015, Mch 1904; concern Mel 1637; trouble, anxiety Kn 1928, WB 1196, Mch 1577+; do (o’s) ~ make an effort, do (o’s) best, give (o’s) attention to Kn 1007, Cl 592+; in his ~ occupied CY 1270

  bisoght(e), bisoughte past of biseche v

  bispet p ppl spat upon Pars 276+

  bistowe v bestow (in marriage) Rv 3981; employ WB 113; spend Sh 419+

  bisy adj busy GP 321+; diligent, assiduous Kn 2853+; active Kn 1491, Sh 318; concerned Kn 2442; solicitous, attentive Cl 603; earnest ML 188, Sum 1940; anxious, troubled Kn 2320, Cl 134+; ~ inow hard put Mch 1560

  bisy(e) v refl bestir o.s., exert o.s. WB 209+

  bit 3 sg contr pres
of bidde v

  bitake v entrust Cl 161+; consign Mil 3750+; sg past bitook

  bithenke, bithinke v imagine WB 772+; refl recollect, call to mind Co 4403, Mel 1445+ (with on, Pars 700); consider Pars 352; be bithoght of have thought of GP 767; sg past bithoghte; p ppl bithoght

  bitide v happen, befall, occur Mil 3450+; ~ what ~ come what may Th 874; sg past bitidde; p ppl bitid

  bitime(s) adv in good time Kn 2575+; promptly, straightway CY 913+

  bitok(e)ne v signify, symbolize WB 851+

  bitook sg past of bitake v

  bitrayse v betray Mk 2380+

  bitwix, bitwixe(n) prep between GP 277+

  biwail(l)e v bewail, lament ML 26+

  biwepe v weep for Pars 178+

  biwreye v reveal Kn 2229+; disclose WB 948+; betray WB 974+

  blame v find fault with Rv 3863, ML 106, Cl 78+; reproach ML 372; blame Mil 3181, WB 541+

  blede v bleed GP 145+; sg past bledde

  blende v blind Mil 3808, Mch 2113, CY 1077+; 3 sg pres blent; p ppl (y)blent

  blere v blear CY 730+; ~ (s.o’s) eye hoodwink s.o. Rv 3865+

  blesse v (see also blisse) bless Mil 3455, ML 1146+; wish blessings on Mil 3218; protect, guard Mil 3484, refl Mcp 321; make the sign of the cross over Cl 679; refl to cross o.s. Mil 3448+

  blew adj blue GP 564+

  blind adj blind Kn 1965+; dark CY 658

  blis n (see also blisse) joy, happiness NP 3166; festivity, ceremonial splendour ML 409; heavenly bliss ML 33+; worldes ~ worldly happiness NP 3200

  blisful adj blessed GP 17+; fortunate ML 726+; happy WB 220+; fine, splendid ML 403, NP 3197; lovely, beautiful Mil 3247+

  blisse n (see also blis) joy, happiness Kn 1230+; festivity, ceremonial splendour Kn 1684+; heavenly bliss Sum 1857+

  blisse v (see also blesse) bless Pard 474+; make the sign of the cross over Cl 552; refl cross o.s. ML 449

  blithe adj happy, glad, joyful GP 846+

  blive adv quickly, hastily Kn 2697+

  blondre v walk blindly CY 1414; act in the dark CY 670

  blowe(n) p ppl proclaimed Kn 2241; inflated SN 440

  boce n (see also boos) bulge Pars 423

  bode p ppl of bidde v

  body n body Kn 2283+; person Rv 4172+; my ~ myself, I, me ML 1185, WB 1061+

  boes 3 sg pres of bihove v impers (Northern form); him ~ he must Rv 4027

  boght p ppl of beye/bye v

  boghte past of beye/bye v

  boidekin n dagger Rv 3960+

  boiste n box, jar Pard 307+

  bokeler n small shield GP 112+

  bokes pl of book n

  boldely adv boldly WB 227+; vigorously Fri 1303+; insolently Pars 599; with assurance Sq 581; without delay Mil 3433, NP 3020

  bole n bull Kn 1699+; free ~ a bull free to roam with the herd Pars 898+

  bolt-upright adv flat on the back Rv 4266+

  bon n (see also boon) bone WB 511+; pl bones GP 546; dice (made of ivory) Pard 656

  bond sg past of binde v

  bonde n and adj bondsman, serf Fri 1660, Pars 149; subject (to) WB 378, Mk 2270; ~ of linage born in bondage Mel 1561

  bonde-folk n bondsmen, tenants Pars 754+

  bonde-men n pl customary tenants, bondsmen Pars 752+

  bood sg past of bide v

  book n book GP 185+; Bible ML 662+; pl bokes

  boold adj bold GP 458+; ~ of speche voluble GP 755

  boon n (see also bon) bone Kn 1177+; ivory NP 3399

  boond sg past of binde v

  boone n request Mch 1618+; prayer Kn 2269+

  boor n boar Kn 2070+; male pig Sum 1829; pl bores

  boos n (see also boce) boss Mil 3266

  boost n boast ML 401+; arrogance, pride Mk 2099, 2609, SN 441; crake ~ bluster Rv 4001

  boote n remedy GP 424+; good, benefit WB 472, Mel 993; salvation Pri 466; do ~ heal Sq 154

  boras n borax (used as ingredient of medicine for skin disease) GP 630; borax (used in alchemy in treating base metals) CY 790

  bord n board, plank Mil 3440; table GP 52, ML 430+; board, food CY 1017; biginne the ~ sit at the head of table GP 52; go to ~ lodge WB 528; holde to ~ keep as lodger Mil 3188; into shippes ~ on board a ship Mil 3585

  bore p ppl of bere v (see also boren, born, ybore(n), yborn) born Kn 1542+; carried Sq 178+; borne Mil 3831

  borel n (see also burel) coarse woollen cloth WB 356; ~ men laymen Mk 1955

  boren p ppl of bere v (see also bore, born, ybore(n), yborn) born WB 1153

  bores pl of boor n

  born p ppl of bere v (see also bore, boren, ybore(n), yborn) born Kn 1073+; borne, carried GP 87+; borne, given birth to Cl 444; borne man servant from birth Mch 1790

  borste pl past of breste v

  borwe n security, pledge; leye (o’s) feith to ~ pledge (o’s) word Kn 1622; have heer my feith to ~ I pledge my word Fkl 1234; surety, guarantor Mel 1807+; Seint John to ~ in farewell (lit ‘under the protection of St John’, an expression used in saying farewell) Sq 596

  borwe v borrow Co 4417+

  botel n bottle, flask Sum 1931+

  boterflye n butterfly Mch 2304+

  botme n bottom NP 3101+

  bounde pl past of binde v

  bounden p ppl of binde v

  bounte(e) n goodness, virtue WB 1160, Cl 157+; good Pars 525+; kindness Mch 1917, Mel 1189, Pars 466; worth, excellence Cl 415, Pri 457; generosity Pars 284+; prowess, valour Mk 2114

  bour n bedroom Mil 3367+; lady’s private room WB 300+

  bowe n bow GP 108+; dogge for the ~ hunting dog trained to track game wounded by archers Fri 1369, Mch 2014

  bowes pl of bowe n and also of bough n

  box n box-tree Kn 2922; boxwood NP 3398

  boy n servant (usually young) Pard 670; rascal, knave Fri 1322, 1563; boy Pri 562

  braide v (see also breide): ~ of swough suddenly recover consciousness WB 799

  brak sg past of breke v

  brast sg past of breste v

  braun, braw(e)n n muscle GP 546, NP 3455+; brawn, cooked meat Sum 1750+

  breche n (see also breech) breeches NP 3448

  brede n breadth, width Kn 1970+

  breech n (see also breche) breeches Pard 948+

  breek sg past and past subj of breke v

  breide v (see also braide) pull, snatch ML 837; recover consciousness, start Sq 477; ~ of sleep wake up suddenly Rv 4285; ~ out of (o’s) wit lose o’s senses Fkl 1027

  breke v break GP 551+; break out of Kn 1468+; break into Pars 879; put a stop to Mel 1043, Mk 1927, Pars 24; ~ forward break an agreement ML 40; ~ (o’s) day fail to pay punctually CY 1040; sg past brak, breek; past subj breek; p ppl broke(n)

  bren n bran Rv 4053+

  brend p ppl of brenne v pure, refined Kn 2162, 2896; burned NP 3365

  brenne v (see also brinne) burn Kn 2331+; sg past brende, brente; pl past brende(n); p ppl (y)brend, (y)brent

  brere n briar Kn 1532+

  breste v break Kn 1980+; burst Kn 2610+; sg pres brest; sg past brast; pl past borste, broste; p ppl brosten

  bret-ful adj brimful, crammed full GP 687+

  bretherhede n brotherhood Fri 1399+; guild, religious fraternity GP 511

  bribe v pilfer Co 4417; practise extortion Fri 1378

  brid n bird Kn 2929+; (as term of endearment) sweetheart Mil 3699+; (as term of disparagement) wretch, fiend Pars 195

  bright adj bright GP 104+; resplendent, glorious ML 841+; beautiful, fair Kn 1427+

  brighte adv brightly Kn 2425+

  brimstoon n brimstone, sulphur GP 629+

  brinne v (see also brenne) burn WB 52

  broche n (see also brooch) brooch Mil 3265

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