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Embers curse prime wolf, p.4
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       Ember's Curse (Prime Wolf), p.4

           Gena D. Lutz
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  The large white wolf began to pace back and forth in front of me, but it wasn't my wolf he was testing or warning. It was Nathan's.

  "Cousin, it's me. Calm down," he said with his hands out in front of him. Cautiously, I watched him back up and away from us. "Please don't hurt Ember. She is on our side, one of the good guys."

  Nathan was worried about Collin hurting me. From where I stood, it looked like he was the one about to get his head ripped off, and no matter how hot the strange white wolf was, I couldn't let that happen. Wait a minute...did I call him a hot wolf? There was definitely something wrong with me.

  I leapt, shifting in the air, and landed in front of Collin. By the time my feet hit the ground, I was kneeling, bare assed, in-between them. Shit, I had forgotten to concentrate on my clothes. Collin shifted back as well and before I knew what was happening, he picked me up and nudged me behind him.

  "What the hell is your problem?" I asked. My hands rested in-between a pair of well-defined shoulders. I swallowed hard. He didn't respond to my question. He just kept focusing on Nathan's every move.

  Then the obvious hit me. It pummeled me right in the gut. I knew exactly what was happening to us, and with that realization, I knew Nathan wasn't safe.

  "Nathan, you need to back out of here slowly. Don't make eye contact with either one of us. He perceives you as a threat to me."

  I inched my way around Collin’s tense body. He was seconds from attacking Nathan so I had to stay calm and not rile him up any more than he already was.

  "Collin won't be himself for a little while. But don't worry," I said, looking behind me into those exquisite eyes, "this is how all the male wolves act when they first meet their heartmate."

  "I don't understand. It's like he's wacked out of his mind."

  I pulled my gaze from Collin’s and answered Nathan as calmly as possible. "He'll be fine. It would be best if you leave us alone though. I need to soothe his beast. The wolf is just protecting his mate."

  Nathan nodded and backed out slowly. "I'll go keep an eye on Harper."

  "Good idea." I agreed.

  After Nathan left, I was able to let out the breath I was holding. Collin’s muscles loosened under my touch and he grabbed my face tenderly in his hands.

  "Tell me why I just had an overwhelming urge to rip out my cousin’s eyes for just daring to lay them on you?"

  I didn't know where to begin. I grew up hearing the tales of my great-grandparents, Naomi and Landon, and the curse that claimed their female descendants. I was at least a little bit prepared for the small chance of this happening to me, but he wouldn't have a clue.

  Collin’s eyebrows scrunched together; he looked confused. I needed to do the memory echo as soon as possible. The sooner he had my memories, the sooner things would fall into place for him.

  Engaging the echo was easy. It took only a simple kiss to begin the process. The claiming, on the other hand, from what I'd heard, could be quite painful.

  "I need you to trust me," I said, putting my hands on his face, mimicking his.

  He looked at me with the utmost trust. Me, a wolf who used to be cold to any man’s touch. It was odd to think that, because of him, I would never have to live in that nothingness again. I looked back into his eyes with the same confidence and slowly leaned in toward him.

  I gave his plump lips a tiny flick of my tongue at first and then pulled away, just a tease. His eyes were closed and his lips glistened from where my tongue had just been. Fire shot through my body and every sensitive spot started to tingle right before he attacked.

  Strong, warm arms wrapped around my waist. Collin lifted me up against his bare body and I wrapped my legs around his hips. Our mouths warred with each other, our tongues fought like sparring swords.

  As the echo began to overtake us, I quickly learned why my ancestors gave this magic its name. We held each other tight, as our whole lives played out in our minds. The vivid pictures ran through me first and then bounced over to him. I received his memories in return immediately after, reminding me of a tennis match. Images of Collin running across an expansive green meadow filled with yellow daisies, as a cub, bombarded me. He stood out like a sore thumb amongst his littermates, as the only white wolf. Time fast-forwarded and I was witness to his first fight. Standing on firm legs, Collin, as an adolescent wolf, faced three bullies. They were the same age as him but not nearly as imposing. The win stained his pale fur red. His pack was proud to have such a skilled warrior, but all Collin could feel was remorse for the wolves he came close to killing.

  The flickering scenes were almost too much to handle. I watched as Collin took his first steps, woke up in a cold sweat because of a horrible nightmare, and even witnessed his first kiss. I could have lived without seeing that part.

  It only took about a minute to finish the transfer. When the swamp of images ceased, we fell to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. We barely had a second to regain our wits before the claiming took hold of us.

  My wrist started to pulse and a piercing pain began to wrap around it. Collin dragged me into his lap and yelled out in frustration. I could read his mind now and he wasn't worried about the same burning pain that was slowly wrapping itself around his wrist at all. He was actually being tormented by the agony I had to endure. I grabbed his hand and held it out before both of us. We watched as red vines swirled in random patterns around each one of our arms. Then finally, as abruptly as the pain came, it vanished. In its wake, it left a permanent branding on our skin. From this day forward, we would be linked. We had just been bound together for the rest of our days by our minds, bodies, and even the very breath that kept us alive.

  "Ember..." Collin whispered, as he pushed the sweaty strands of hair out of my face with a shaky hand. "You're mine now. From this day and all that follow, no one will ever hurt you again."

  I looked down at the floor embarrassed. He saw everything, and that meant he was aware of Tommy and his high handedness with me. It also meant that Collin knew about the Alpha wolf he and Sylvia planned to marry me off to.

  Collin’s soft lips arched into a frown and his brows soon followed suit. A growl erupted from his lips and he shook his head at me.

  "Your Alpha’s plans have now been changed," he spat the words out with distaste. "I will challenge any wolf who tries to come between us."

  I leaned in and rested my hand on my heartmate’s chest. It was hard and chiseled, and made it really difficult for me to concentrate. His heart was thrumming frantically under my light touch. I sent him soothing thoughts of our first kiss, only minutes old, to try to calm him.

  "Tommy is my burden to bare, my love."

  Collin pulled in a breath to protest my words, but I silenced him with a finger to his lips.

  "Shhh, calm down."

  I gave his pouty lips a quick peck and ran my fingers over the small scar by his left temple. "It's my duty to follow protocol."

  "Yes...I'm aware," he said stubbornly.

  I slowly rose up off the floor and pulled Collin with me. For the longest time, we just stood a couple feet apart, face to face. It was our first good look at each other. I traced my eyes over his short, dark brown hair. I noticed how it curled at the very ends and poked at the corner of his eyes. It softened his strong male features and gave a boyish, playful air to him. His nose was long and straight and I spied another small scar right underneath it. The scar stopped at the very tip of his full kissable lips. He saw where my eyes had focused and slowly poked his tongue out and licked them. I had to force myself not to watch his playful show, and believe me...that wasn't easy.

  "You are the most exquisite creature I have every laid my eyes upon," he said, pulling me into his tender embrace. His nose nuzzled up against my ear and I almost purred with pleasure. "I will respect your wishes and follow your clan’s rules, but keep this one thing in mind," Collin said with a hushed whisper, and a skilled hand that traveled the length of my body. His soft fingertips traced the inside of my thigh and the fe
ather light touch stopped right before they breached the core of me. "If anyone lays a finger on you, all bets are off. It will then become my burden to bear and I will tear them open to the bone."

  I collapsed against him. I was in no condition to argue. At this point, I would agree with anything this man asked of me so I nodded into his heaving chest.

  Collin threw me over his shoulder and marched down the hall in search of, what I prayed was somewhere private. When we finally reached the guest room, he slammed the door. He tossed me to the bed and looked me over. "I don't know how gentle I can be," he said, with heat blazing from his eyes. He gazed at my naked body displayed before him like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and slowly shook his head. "I want to take all of you at holding back."

  I chuckled at his eagerness and slowly opened my legs for him, giving an unhindered view of me. "I suggest you do a little less talking and a lot more doing…" Before I could finish my comment, Collin leapt onto the bed and settled his head in between my legs.

  I looked down at his handsome face nestled there and my clit throbbed for him to take a taste. The first swipe of his velvet tongue made me buck my hips, but Collin was ready for it. He wrapped his arms around my legs and made me take more of his sweet torture. I could feel a buildup of pleasure deep inside of me, with no clue of what it was; I tried to push him away.

  You’re about to cum for me, my heart. Just relax and let it happen, said Collin’s voice in my head. I was briefly startled by his intrusion but followed his instruction. And thank God, I did. He started concentrating on one spot in particular, rubbing over it continuously with his silk tongue, moving it in short quick flicks. The sweet buildup increased until it shattered inside me, radiating out in short waves.

  With a satisfied grin and a final lick to my sensitive clit, Collin slowly stalked up my body.

  "You look so damn beautiful when you cum," he said, leaning in to take my nipple into his mouth. His fingers found my entry and he began to push two of them inside of me, stretching me, and then there was that wonderful pleasure again.

  Not so fast this time, his voice echoed in my head. I want to be deep inside of you for this one.

  I tucked my leg around his for leverage and pushed against his massive chest. His look of surprise and then approval was priceless, as I settled on top of him.

  "You didn't see that one coming did you, oh great mind reader," I said playfully.

  I reached down between us and wrapped a firm hand around his cock. My hand couldn't reach completely around it and when I began to stroke it downward it took ages to reach its base...he was huge. I looked up at him nervously. He looked back with concern; he could tell that I was a little bit frightened by the size.

  "Don't worry, Love. My body was made just for you. I will fit perfectly. There's no way we could hurt each other."

  With a trust only born from true love, I believed him. Nervously, I pushed myself up and settled over his large head. I slowly lowered myself onto it, one inch at a time. I felt like I was being stretched to capacity but I kept working my way down. When I was close to fully rooting him inside of me, he wrapped his long fingers around my waist. With a moan, he started pumping himself in and out of me. The friction we made together was delicious and I watched my Alpha male melt in pleasure underneath me. I could feel myself nearing the edge so I rode him even harder.

  I'm close, he whispered in my mind.

  I know, was my answer. I fell on top of him, barely able to hold myself up, as I came all over is hard length. My channel pulsing around him was his undoing and after a few more long thrusts, he followed me over the edge.

  Chapter 6

  I awoke feeling more alive than I had ever felt before. The cool sheets under my skin were soft as I slid my legs over them. The air that filled my lungs tasted sweet, sweeter than the ripest peach to ever breech my lips, and I owed it all to the man who lovingly held me cradled in his arms.

  "You better be careful, Ember. You’re going to give me a complex," Collin chuckled into my hair.

  "Get out of my head, you brute," I said, nudging him in the side with a sharp elbow. “My privacy is a must. Don't go picking apart my every thought."

  Collin claimed my mouth with a deep, passionate kiss. I almost forgot about his little invasion...almost. "I'm serious. We have to learn to respect each other’s privacy," I said, spearing him with a tense glare. "No poking around unless we have to, or are invited to."

  Collin rolled out of bed and stretched out his tan, chiseled body. He looked at me mischievously. "Alright…I can handle that. But one thing..." he said with a twinkle in his green eyes. "I can poke around anytime during our love making...with your body and your mind."

  I threw a pillow at him and pulled the covers over my head to hide my blush. I could hear his smug laughter all the way in the bathroom. He just thinks he's all that, I thought to myself.

  "I sure do," he yelled back at me.

  "Collin!" I shrieked.


  What am I going to do with that man? I pondered on the thought for less than a second and came up with...everything.

  I heard the shower turn on right about the same time as Collin started singing loudly and out of tune. It was perfect. I would never think of the song, ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ the same again.

  I pushed the covers off of me and poured my tired body out of bed. It was still daylight outside, but not for much longer. I needed to get freshened up and ready for when Harper, hopefully, awoke.

  I walked into the bathroom. It was full of steam from Collin’s shower and smelled like Irish Spring. I stood in front of the fogged up mirror and wiped it down with a hand towel. I looked at my reflection with wonderment. It was really happening. My soul was truly coming fully alive from the claiming. The same nose sat on my face. My hair was messy but still dark brown. My eyes on the other hand had changed. Instead of an endless dark brown, my eyes now shone their true color. They were the color they would have been if not for Alexandra's curse. My eyes were a light hazel. They reminded me of the round champagne marbles I use to play with as a child. I loved them and everything they represented. A single tear of joy trickled down my cheek.

  "I'm not allowed to check for myself, Beautiful. So please tell me what's wrong."

  I didn't hear the shower turn off, so I was surprised to see Collin standing behind me. He had a gentle look on his face and a pesky towel hiding all his yumminess from me.

  "I'm fine, Collin, all happy tears. Check for yourself," I invited, giving him permission to delve into my thoughts. He went quiet for a moment and then he saw. He saw the emptiness I had lived with all my life and the joy and fulfillment he brought into it now.

  His face lit up and he puffed out his chest proudly. "It's my job to make you happy," he said cheerfully, “it's good to know I'm doing it right." Collin smacked my bare ass. It made a soft cracking sound and left a light hand imprint.

  "Hey!" I said turning away to hide the tempting target. "That hurt a little." He picked me up and set me in the shower. "Hurry your sexy ass up. We have shit to do."

  I pulled the curtain shut and turned on the water without argument. He was right. I wish I could bask in the honeymoon stage for a little while longer, but it wouldn't be right. There were a ton of questions piling up and I needed to start uncovering some answers. Harper would be waking soon and I wanted to be there the moment she did. If for no other reason than to make sure she didn't wake up alone.


  I peeked out the window and watched the sun’s deadly rays slowly sink into the horizon. Harper's eyes began to flutter and she made a small choking sound as she inhaled her first gulp of evening air.

  "I'm glad you decided to come back to us," I said with a relieved sigh. I walked over to the bed and settled in next to her. Harper was very pale and when she finally opened her eyes, they were filmed over. It was hard to see her irises through the milky white hue that blanketed them like a sheet of ice. It looked like she had cataract
s. She was in pretty bad shape but at least she was awake. I had come so close to losing her. Goosebumps formed on my arms just thinking about how close it really was.

  "I brought you some breakfast," I said holding up a bag of blood. Her scary eyes followed its every move. I pressed it up against her lips. The hungry vampire’s chapped mouth opened stiffly and long white fangs extracted. She punctured the plastic sack with a quick strike and began to feed. Harper took long, greedy swallows and then pushed the empty container away when she finished.

  "I'm feeling much better...thank you," she said pushing herself up. Her body moved a little feebly as she leaned against the headboard.

  She was already starting to look a lot more herself. Her eyes were almost back to their normal green color, thank God. The dead stare was beginning to creep me out.

  I relaxed my tense shoulders. The hard part was over. She really was going to be all right.

  "Do you remember what happened at the apartment?" I asked gently. I wiped a cool rag over her forehead to clean off the dried blood. I didn't want to be insensitive by pelting her with tons of questions so soon, but it couldn't be put off.

  "How is she?" Nathan asked, coming into the room. Collin was right on his heels.

  "I'm right here, Mongrel. You can address your questions to me." Harper winked at Nathan as she said it and I watched the worry melt off his face.

  "As you can see, she is fine. She was just about to tell me what happened."

  Have you told her about us yet? Collin asked me through our connection.

  Not yet, there hasn't been enough time, I quickly sent back.

  "Unfortunately, I don't remember everything," Harper said, rubbing at her eyes. "I can tell you this much," she said confidently, "it was a werewolf and a vampire that attacked me...and the werewolf was an Alpha."

  This had just gotten really bad. I didn't doubt that she could tell if the werewolf who attacked her was an Alpha or not. She could smell power from miles away. If she was right and we had a group of wolves and vamps working together, well then that spelled trouble. There were hunters in my territory...ahem... I meant Tommy's territory, and we had to chase them out. As for the ones responsible for injuring Harper, they would be handled by me personally.

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