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Seat of the soul, p.6
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       Seat Of The Soul, p.6

           Gary Zukav
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  Intuition serves inspiration. It is the sudden answer to a question. It is the meaning that takes form in the fog of confusion. It is the Light that comes to the darkness. It is the presence of the Divine.

  Intuition can be thought of as a type of wiring that can be used by various sources. One of these sources is the soul. Intuition is a walkie-talkie, so to speak, between the personality and the soul. This happens through the higher self.

  The higher self is the connecting link when the soul speaks to its personality. It is the dialogue between the personality and its immortal self. The personality-soul communication is the higher self experience, but the personality does not communicate with the fullness of its soul.

  All of the energy of the soul does not incarnate. To incarnate, the soul creates a personality from those parts of itself that it wants to heal in the physical environment and from those parts of itself that it lends to the process of healing in that lifetime.

  So powerful is the energy of the soul that it could not advance into a physical form without, literally, exploding that form. In the creation of a personality, the soul calibrates parts of itself, reduces parts of itself, to take on the human experience. Your higher self is that aspect of your soul that is in you, but it is not the fullness of your soul. It is a smaller soul self. Therefore, “higher self’ is another term for “soul”, yet the soul is more than the higher self.

  Picture a cup, a gallon and a water tank. The water tank is the soul. An aspect of the soul becomes a gallon. That gallon is still soul, but not the fullness of the soul. It is that part of the soul that is on mission, so to speak. The personality is the cup. The cup contacts the gallon, the higher self soul, but not the full-bodied water tank.

  Communication between the personality and its soul is an in-house intuitive process. It is a process that is organic to your own internal system. For example, decision making, which is your process, can be an intuitive process in which you pull data from your mind, your heart and your intuition, relying upon the guidance of your higher self. Each of these sources is part of your own system of energy. Your personality and your higher self are of your soul.

  Intuition also can permit the personality, through its higher self, to receive information from other souls of higher process, souls that are not its own soul. Sources of guidance other than your own higher self can come across on the same radio station, so to speak. This is not the same as an intuitive process. This is a process of receiving guidance through intuitive channels.

  Receiving information through intuitive channels is significantly different from receiving information through intuitive processes. Receiving information through intuitive processes is cooking at home. Receiving information through intuitive channels is ordering out.

  The guidance that the multisensory human receives through intuitive processes and through intuitive channels is as essential for his or her well-being and growth as sunshine and clean air. Through his or her intuition, the multisensory human comes to understand and to experience truth consciously.

  What is truth?

  Truth is that which does not contaminate you, but empowers you. Therefore, there are degrees of truth, but, generically, truth is that which can do no harm. It cannot harm.

  Higher self connecting to nonphysical teachers produces a level of truth that is true not just for you, but that would be true for anyone who came into contact with it. If you subtracted everything that is personal to you from the guidance that you receive through intuitive channels, there would remain a kernel of truth that would apply to others, or, at least, the presence of unconditional love, whereas much of the information that you receive through your own intuitive process will be effective only for you. This is the difference between personal truth and impersonal truth. They are both truth, but personal truth is yours, and impersonal truth belongs to all that is, to each person. We need truth to grow in the same way that we need vitamins, affection and love.

  At times, the truth that comes through intuitive processes or through intuitive channels can be contaminated with your own fear. Here is a place to apply your intellect. In other words, you might think that you are receiving a clear intuition, but if you examine it rationally, if you take it apart, you will be able to see that you are responding to an insecurity, just as the question “Does my experience with my wife support my suspicion?” would have allowed the husband to see that the origin of his emotional response was an insecurity rather than the energy dynamic with his wife. Answers that come through your intuitive processes or through intuitive channels may challenge what you would prefer to do. Your lower self, your personality, will not challenge, but rationalize.

  It is natural to ascend to a level where you can learn to distinguish between the sources of guidance that you receive. The idea of being guided by truth that is received intuitively appears unusual to the fivesensory personality. The psychology that has been constructed upon the experiences of the fivesensory personality does not even recognize intuition in the sense that it recognizes, and studies and seeks to understand, physical perception, affect and cognition. To the multisensory personality, it is unusual not to rely upon truths that it receives from its higher self and, through its higher self, from souls that are more advanced.

  The personality is never separate from its soul, and the soul and its personalities are continually assisted and guided with impersonal compassion and wisdom. This is so for both the fivesensory personality and for the multisensory personality, but the fivesensory personality is not aware of its soul or the guidance that it receives from its higher self and from more advanced souls. The multisensory personality is aware of its soul - it seeks to align itself with its soul, to become the physical embodiment of its higher self - and it consciously invokes and receives the loving assistance of its own soul and of other souls that assist it.


  The soul is not physical, yet it is the force field of your being. The higher self is not physical, yet it is the living template of the evolved human, the fully awakened personality. The experience of intuition cannot be explained in terms of the five senses, because it is the voice of the nonphysical world. Therefore, it is not possible to understand your soul or your higher self or your intuition without coming to terms with the existence of nonphysical reality.

  Knowing in the cognitive sense cannot produce proof of nonphysical reality any more that it can produce proof of God. Proof of nonphysical reality does not exist in the

  the rational mind seeks it. Therefore, when you ask from the perspective of the fivesensory personality, “Does nonphysical reality exist?” what you really are asking is, “If I cannot prove the existence of nonphysical reality, do I decide that it is nonsensical? Do I decide that there is no answer, or do I expand myself to the level at which the answer can be given?”

  When a mind asks a question that suggests a different level of truth, no matter what the question, expansion has always been the way of the scientist, the pursuer of truth. At one time in our evolution, for example, the question was asked, “Are there forms of life that are smaller than the eye can see?” From the fivesensory perception, the answer was, “No.” Someone did not accept that answer, and the microscope was invented. Then the question, “Do parts of nature exist that are smaller than what can be seen through a microscope?” was asked, and, again, from the perception the answer was, “No,” but we did not stop, and instead discovered, and developed a rich understanding of, atomic and subatomic phenomena. As we created the tools to see, that which was once considered nonexistent became existent, but we had to expand first. The challenge, and the task, for the advanced or expanding mind is to expand to a level at which questions that cannot be answered from within the accepted understanding of truth can be answered.

  What is nonphysical reality?

  Nonphysical reality is your home. You came from non physical reality, you will return to nonphysical reality, and the larger part of you currently resides in, and evolves in,
nonphysical reality. The same is true for each of the billions that lions of human beings upon this planet. Therefore, the majority of your interactions with other human beings occur in nonphysical reality. For example, when you think loving thoughts of someone who is close to you emotionally, such as a family member, you shift the quality of your consciousness, and this contributes to his or her energy system.

  If a daughter who harbors resentment toward her father, for example, evolves into a deeper understanding of her relationship with him, such as an understanding of the karmic role that he has played in activating within her a major lesson of love or responsibility, and if her intention to heal herself and her relationship with her father is deep and clear, do not think, even for an instant, that her father is not aware of this, even if she does not speak to him. He is not aware consciously, but his whole being feels what she is doing. His conscious mind may feel it through sudden moments of sentimentalism about things that he had not thought about before, or he may suddenly look at pictures of his daughter as a young child and feel a pull in his heart even though he is not consciously aware of why he is feeling what he is feeling or doing what he is doing.

  You participate in this form of data bank exchange, so to speak, with all the souls that you are close to, and, to some extent, with all the souls that touch your life. As you shift your data bank content and the information that you send to a soul, it is processed through his or her own Adak system. It is at that level that the cause and effect of your intentions, the way that you choose to shape your energy influences others.

  How does this happen?

  You are a system of Light, as are all beings. The frequency of your Light depends upon your consciousness. When you shift the level of your consciousness, you shift the frequency of your Light. If you choose to forgive someone who has wronged you, for example, rather than to hate that person, you shift the frequency of your Light. If you choose to feel affection, or kinship, with a person rather than distance or coldness, you shift the frequency of your Light.

  Emotions are currents of energy with different frequencies. Emotions that we think of as negative, such as hatred, envy, disdain and fear have a lower frequency, and less energy, than emotions that we think of as positive, such as affection, joy, love, and compassion. When you choose to replace a lower-frequency current of energy, such as anger, with a higher-frequency current, such as forgiveness, you raise the frequency of your Light. When you choose to allow higher-frequency currents of energy to run through your system, you experience more energy. When a person is despairing, for example, or anxious, he or she feels physically depleted because he or she has merged with an energy current of low frequency. A person in this situation becomes heavy and dull, whereas a joyous person abounds with energy, and feels buoyant, because he or she is running a higher-frequency current of energy through his or her system.

  Different thoughts create different emotions. Thoughts of vengeance, violence, and greed, or thoughts of using others, for example, create emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear. These are low-frequency currents of energy, and, therefore, they lower the frequency of your Light, or consciousness. Creative or loving or caring thoughts invoke high-frequency emotions, such as appreciation, forgiveness and joy, and raise the frequency of your system. If your thoughts are thoughts that draw low-frequency energy currents to you, your physical and emotional attitudes will deteriorate, and emotional or physical disease will follow, whereas thoughts that draw high-frequency energy currents to you create physical and emotional health.

  Lower-frequency systems pull energy from higher frequency systems. If you are unaware of your emotions and your thoughts, your frequency will be lowered by you will lose energy to-a system of lower frequency than your own. We say, for example, that a depressed person is “draining,” or that he or she “sucks up energy.” A system of sufficiently high frequency will soothe, or calm, or refresh you because of the effect of the quality of its Light upon your system. Such a system is “radiant.”

  By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life.

  “Light” represents consciousness. When we do not understand a thing, we say that we must “bring it to light.’ If we are confused, we say that our process “needs more light.” When a sudden idea reorders our thoughts, we sad that the “light came on,” and when a person is fully coconscious, we say that he or she is “enlightened.” When you release a negative thought, or a negative feeling, you release lower-frequency currents of energy from your system, and this, literally, allows an increase in the frequency of your consciousness.

  Thinking of the Universe in terms of light, frequencies, and energies of different frequencies-in the terms that have become familiar to us through the study of physical light-is not merely metaphorical. It is a natural and powerful way to think of the Universe because physical light is a reflection of nonphysical Light.

  Physical light is not the Light of your soul. Physical light travels at a certain velocity. It cannot go faster. The Light of your soul is instantaneous. There is no time between a daughter’s loving intention toward her father and the soul of her father understanding that intention. Instantaneousness, therefore, is very much a part of your life. In nonphysical reality, the decisions that you make in terms of how you choose to use your energy have effects that are instantaneous. They are one with who and what you are.

  Energies that emanate from your soul have instantaneousness to them. Energies that emanate from your personality follow the path of physical light. Fear, for example, is an experience of the personality. The soul can be confused and away from Light, but it does not experience fear. If the soul experiences an absence of Light from a part of itself, the personality will experience this absence of Light as fear. That fear is of the personality, and, therefore, of space and time. Unconditional love is of the soul, instantaneous, Universal, not bound.

  Just as visible light is one portion, like an octave, in a continuum of energy of graduated frequencies that extends below and above what the eye can see, the continuum of nonphysical Light extends below and above, so to speak, the frequency range in which the human exists. The human experience is a particular frequency range in the continuum of nonphysical Light in the same way that visible light is a particular frequency range in the continuum of physical light.

  Other intelligences inhabit other ranges of frequency. These forms of Life do not exist elsewhere from us. Just as infrared light, ultraviolet light, microwave light and many, many other frequencies and ranges of frequencies coexist with the visible light spectrum, but are invisible to us, the Life forms that are characterized by different frequency ranges of nonphysical Light coexist with us, but are invisible to us. In the place that you now sit exist many different beings, or groups of beings, each active and evolving in its own reality and in its own way. These realities commingle with yours in the same way that microwave radiation exists alongside of visible light, but is undetectable to the human eye.

  Our species is evolving from one frequency range in the spectrum of nonphysical Light into another, higher range of frequency. This is the evolution of the fivesensory personality into the multisensory personality. The multisensory personality is more radiant and energetic than the fivesensory personality. It is aware of the Light of its soul, and it is able to detect, and to communicate with, forms of Life that are invisible to the fivesensory person.

  The Universe is a hierarchy that has no bottom and no top. Between the levels of the hierarchy there is an understanding that higher perceptions can be a part of, and are encouraged to be a part of, the experience of lower plane spirits as they strive to expand their own awareness. Thus, there is always a higher level of assistance. You are involved in this process, although your personality is unaware of this, because it is done at the level of your s

  There is much that the fivesensory personality is unaware of, and much that even a fully empowered multisensory personality will not remember until, at the end of its life, it returns to nonphysical reality. You are not aware of the many lifetimes of the past and future personalities of your soul, for example, but the intensity of parts of your being derives directly from these lifetimes, just as do some of your relationships. If an aspect of your being manifests physically, such as the aspect of you-as-teacher, or you-as-warrior, then there are connected nonphysical aspects that are also active and participating in the teaching, or the warring, dynamic from the nonphysical realms of which you are a part and bonded to. The aspect of self that you bring to bear in a physical moment represents a force that is many, many times more significant and complex.

  Our nonphysical assistance comes from ranges of nonphysical Light that are higher in frequency than our own. The intelligences that assist and guide us, unconsciously in the case of the fivesensory personality, and consciously in the case of the multisensory personality, are of a higher rank in creation than we, and, therefore, can provide us with a quality of guidance and assistance that we cannot give to each other.

  The fivesensory personality associates rank within a hierarchy with graduated levels of worth, and it associates a lower rank within a hierarchy with less worth, less ability to control others, and more vulnerability. From the point of view of the Universe, all the ranks of creation are of equal value, all are precious. When seen through authentically empowered eyes, a being with a higher rank in creation is one that has more ability to see without obstruction, more ability to live in love arid wisdom, and more ability and desire to help others evolve into the same love and Light.

  Each human soul has both guides and Teachers. A guide is not a Teacher. Guides are what might be thought of as experts in certain fields that are called in for consultation. If you are writing a book, for example, or creating a project, or organizing an event, a guide that has the quality of warmth, or creativity, or insight that you wish to incorporate into your work is available to you.

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