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Seat of the soul, p.18
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       Seat Of The Soul, p.18

           Gary Zukav
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  Each time you feel negative, stop, acknowledge that you are, and discharge it consciously. Ask what you arc feeling and what is at the root of it. Go for the root of it in that instant and as you work to pull the root, simultaneously look at the positive side and remind yourself of the greater truth that there is something spiritually profound at work, that your life is no accident, that you are under contract.

  Be mindful of the words that you use and the actions that you live and who you are and how it is you use your power. In other words, as you say what you say, as you make commitments, as you form the power of your life, keep clear at all times that you are what you say you are, that you put your force behind what you say, and monitor that accordingly. If you are unaware of your intention, or if you suspect that you are operating from a second agenda, ask yourself, “What is really going on?” Check your motivations. That automatically engages guidance. You will not be alone in your assessment.

  Trust allows you to give. Giving is abundant. As you give so it shall be given to you. If you give with judgment, limitation and stinginess, that is what you will create in your life judgment, limitation and stinginess. What you say to others shall be done exactly unto you. That is the law of karma, and how you love and serve others shall be done exactly unto you. If you radiate love and compassion, you do receive it. If you radiate fear and suspicion and a sense of wishing to keep people at arm’s length, then negativity comes to you because that is what you are asking for.

  Trust allows the experience of bliss. When you trust that the Universe in each moment is providing for the needs of your soul, and that the guidance and assistance of your nonphysical guides and Teachers are always available to you, you are free to enjoy your interactions with others and to leave aside the heavier frequencies of manipulation and protectiveness. Awakened is a blissful state, not a painful one. It is blissful. It is fully balanced and lovingly harmonious. It is all of these things and more. The vertical path means clarity, not pain.

  Trust allows you to laugh. You can just as easily laugh and play while you grow as become serious and overwhelmed. Spiritual partners see from the perspective of the impersonal, and they help each other see from that perspective the meaning of their experiences. They can laugh at the richness and the beauty and the playfulness of the Universe. They enjoy each other. They see the frustrations of the wants of the personality for what they are, learnings, sometimes great learnings, for the soul.

  All of what you are doing in each day is creating what is appropriate and perfect. Apply consciousness to this process. That is trust. Although what you encounter and what you do in each moment is appropriate and perfect to the evolution of your soul, the shape of the experiences of your life is determined nonetheless by the choices that you make. It is you that chooses to linger in resentment, or to be consumed by anger, or enveloped in grief, or to release these lower-frequency currents of energy. Each choice that you make, to dwell in negativity or to take up residence in your heart, serves perfectly the evolution of your soul. All roads lead to home.

  If you choose anger, or grief, or resentment, or jealousy you will learn the lesson of love, but you will learn it through pain and trauma and a sense of loss. You will not evolve. This is not possible. You are on a quest for authentic power. You cannot give up this quest. Your only choice is whether you wish to have the quest consciously or unconsciously. You can choose through your responses to life’s difficulties to engage the full power of your soul. This is the conscious path to authentic empowerment.

  If you will eventually evolve beyond the Earth school, beyond the need for a personality and a body and the illusion in which fear and anger and insecurity appear to exist, why should you choose the vertical path?

  This is for you to decide. The path that you now walk is not unknown to the Universe. The pains and distresses and violence that you experience can be considered as signposts along the path that you have chosen. If you have chosen the path of learning through jealousy, for example, you will experience anxiety and fear of loss of what you think you cannot live without because these experiences are part of the path of learning through jealousy. They might be thought of as what that road looks like between mile twenty and mile thirty. If you choose the path of learning through anger, you will experience rejection and violence; if you choose the path of love, you will experience being loved by others, and so on, because the choice of a particular path is also the choice of particular types of experiences. You do not break new ground from the point of view of the Universe.

  Whether you continue the quest for external power, which now leads nowhere, or decide to build within yourself authentic power and align yourself with the evolutionary path that our species is now on determines the experiences that you will contribute to the evolution of your soul and to the soul of humankind. You contribute appropriately and perfectly to your evolution and to the evolution of others no matter what you choose. This is true. Yet why choose to learn unconsciously? Have you gained the sense of security and contentment and fulfillment that you seek in this way?

  What is it that you wish to contribute and to experience as our species, and as each of us individually, makes the evolutionary transition from the fivesensory perception of the Universe to the multisensory, from evolution through the fivesensory exploration of physical reality to evolution through responsible choice with the guidance and assistance of nonphysical guides and Teachers? Are you comfortable with the thought that the Universe is alien and dead and no more than your five senses can detect? How does your heart respond to the thought that the Universe is alive and compassionate and that with it and with other souls of great power and Light you learn through the process of cocreating the reality that you experience?

  Look at the probable futures that are unfolding before our world that is built upon the energy of the personality, and the probable futures that would unfold before a world that is built upon the energy of the soul. Which do you choose?

  Allow yourself to become aware of what you feel. Give yourself permission to choose the most positive behavior in each moment. As you discharge negative energy consciously and set your intentions according to what your heart tells you, as you challenge and release your fears and choose to heal, you align your personality with your soul and move toward becoming a being of the Light, fully whole and empowered and inwardly secure. Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity and love, all the gifts of the spirit, take root and bloom, and you draw to yourself the Universe’s greatest gift: human beings with open hearts.

  Rather than a soul in a body, become a body in a soul. Reach for your soul. Reach even farther. The impulse of creation and power authentic-the hourglass point between energy and matter: that is the seat of the soul. What does it mean to touch that place?

  It is exciting to come of age spiritually.



  Gary Zukav, Seat Of The Soul



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