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Seat of the soul, p.13
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       Seat Of The Soul, p.13

           Gary Zukav
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  The nature of a group soul can be seen through its manifestations. The nature of dolphin soul, for example, is expressed through dolphins. The same is true for our species. The nature of the soul of humankind can be seen through the nature of human beings.

  The dolphin soul is leaving the Earth, that is, the dolphin species is becoming extinct. The dolphins are beaching themselves. They are creating diseases within themselves. This is their way of refusing to continue to live upon the Earth. They feel that they cannot fulfill the purpose for which they are born. Therefore, they are leaving. Their deaths are not suicides because they are not frightened. They are exhausted.

  The dolphin soul manifests itself-dolphins are born to bring love and life and creativity to the oceans. They manifest to form a bridge of joy and love and intelligence between the aquatic kingdom and the human kingdom. This they cannot do. Our species reaches toward the dolphin soul only with brutality.

  The dolphin spirit-how it suffers! This is a time of great sorrow. It is a time to look soberly and deeply upon the values and behaviors that result from the perception of power as external. It is a time to grieve with the dolphin soul, to offer comfort to it.

  If you wish to offer comfort to the dolphin soul, image from the heart of the dolphin consciousness that your energies are moving below deep warm clear soothing water. As you feel yourself emerging into the aquatic kingdom, let yourself begin to radiate your thoughts to these fellow creatures that share our planetary home. Image that you are sending them love as they continue their evolution and leave the Earth school, that you grieve with them and yet you know that, like you, they are immortal. Send these thoughts. Let them know they are not leaving without human beings understanding. Let them hear you say, “I am one who understands.”

  Can you do that?

  It will make their grieving journey of value.

  There is more than one avenue from which individual souls are formed. Part of the chain of evolution within our global village is the process of this advancement from kingdom to kingdom to kingdom, but if a soul that has not been before upon our planet chooses the human experience, it would not be necessary for that soul to move through kingdom evolution. It would, indeed, pick up the situation within the physical environment that is most appropriate for it.

  There are souls that have never had the human experience. When we speak of souls entering the physical arena to heal, to balance their energy, to pay their karmic debts, we are speaking of the evolution of Life as we know it upon our Earth. We are not speaking of other galaxies, or of Life on other levels that are not physical as we know them. The experience of physical-ness is not always necessary to certain advances. If it is, it is encouraged.

  There comes a point when the physical-ness experience no longer serves the soul’s awareness, and, therefore, the soul chooses to learn in the nonphysical realm. It may choose to learn, for example, through the task of becoming a nonphysical guide. Each individual human soul is a micro of the macro that is the soul of the human species, but the soul of humankind is not a micro of a macro. In other words, there is no larger spiritual human soul beyond the soul of humanity. Beyond that comes the experience of master, the experience of moving into advanced levels of Light that is no longer specific to human.

  Our nonphysical Teachers are from these levels of Light. Therefore, it is not appropriate to consider them from the dynamic of the personal. Rather, it is more appropriate to think of them as impersonal consciousnesses, which is that which they are, from realms that cannot be understood in human terms. They do not, for example, have the splintered personality aspects that we have. They do not have shadow sides, so to speak. Does an Angel have a soul? An Angel is its soul, its full soul.

  That is the difference between that which is whole and in union and that which is growing into it. Duality only exists in certain levels, and not in others. Duality is a dynamic of learning. It is its own rhythm and tension and does not exist beyond another level of learning and development. You are existing in duality and your on physical Teachers are not.

  This is not their home, so to speak. They are teachers to our plane. They are free to teach in our plane without being of our plane. Your nonphysical Teacher does not become of this plane when it counsels you any more than a parent becomes an infant in order to teach its infant. It is not necessary. That level of evolution is assumed in the presence of the parent. It is simply the natural dynamic of evolution.

  We are destined to evolve beyond the nature of duality. Duality is that which is understood in time and space. As you evolve beyond that, and also when you leave your physical body and journey home to your nonphysical plane of reality, you will not exist in dualism, and that sense of the wrathful, or sorrowful, or fearful self that you think of as present to you now will evaporate. It has no power in the realm beyond duality where there exists the perfection of all that is. When you leave your physical form, you will join the nonphysical level of reality that is appropriate to your vibrational frequency at the time that you leave your incarnation.

  Where do advanced human souls go?

  There are many forms of Life that exist as advancements of this one. There are literally millions of options. There is life in numerous galaxies. There are millions, indeed, billions of other life-filled planets. There is not one planet that lacks a level of active consciousness, some of which is akin to our human form, and some of which does not come close to our form, but remains consciousness as we understand the term.

  There exists a realm that the religious language of the West would call the Angelic kingdom. This is a range of beings of numerous frequencies and qualities of consciousness, many of whom guide and interact with us upon the Earth. This realm is indeed balanced with other forces, but it cannot be understood in human terms. Evolution continues in that realm, although there is that perception that our words “harmony” and “perfect-ness” would address. An Angel might be thought of as a force of consciousness that has evolved into an appropriate teaching modality for the planetary village called Earth, but may also have been a part of the evolution of other galaxies and Life forms there.

  An Angel’s home, so to speak, is that kingdom, the Angelic kingdom, and the range of nonphysical Life forms that exist within and lower than and beyond that vibrational sphere. Angels continue evolution, as do other members of that realm, as do those consciousnesses that we would recognize as masters, such as those after whom religions have been named upon our Earth. That evolution continues, but there is perfect-ness rather than the experience of fusing consciousness with matter that occurs within our Earth school.

  Does the law of karma apply to nonphysical beings?

  The law of karma is universal in the sense that there is not a Life form that is not responsible for its energy, but karma cannot be understood in terms of nonphysical dimensions in the same way that we understand it. An Angel does not have the barriers that we have. An Angel sees something, for example, and we do not. The difference is a barrier. An Angel does not have our barriers, and so it cannot create the karma that we do. It has a level of sight and knowledge that prevents certain actions from happening simply because of the depth of knowingness that is of its rank in creation.

  The great law of karma works because an Angel still has will, but an Angel is armed with a great deal more than the limitation that characterizes the human experience. An Angel does not fear death. It has no physical-ness. It is only that it is immortal. It is with all that is. It has no doubt. It sees and lives in Light, so the ingredients that create karma for the human experience are not part of its personal reality. Although an Angel has will, the circumstances cannot be described in which that will might bend in the wrong way, if there were such a thing, or in a negative way. In one sense, an Angel can be considered to have evolved beyond the need to be tested, and, therefore, for it, there is no karma.

  Other levels also exist, such as the level in which disincarnate spirits are bound close to their physical-ness in the immediate
environment of the Earth arena. These spirits do not pursue the journey back to their higher selves, but remain bound with their nonphysical individual states close to the Earth.

  Imagine that your personality, your characteristics, and part of your nonphysical self wish to remain intact and not proceed on their evolution. The process of the soul discharging the aspects of personality does not happen. A combustion and congestion occurs within the energy system. Usually this happens when a soul cannot accept that it must move on and release a particular incarnation. In some instances, a soul holds on to a personality because that personality was particularly successful or powerful in its lifetime.

  The congestion in the process of evolution that occurs produces the phenomena that we refer to as evil spirits, ghosts, or possessions. These spirits choose to remain Earthbound, within the Earth’s auric field. Are they evil? They are negative, yes, but evil is another issue. Do they encourage negativity? Yes, but that is part of the law of attraction; their own energy is drawn to like forces of energy, or like forces of weakness. Within this realm, these spirits can create additional negative karma by pursuing malevolence.

  Therefore, it is possible to speak of evolving beyond karma, as the Buddha’s do. They are referring to the karma of the Earth where there is always this circumstance of choice between how you want to learn, which path shall you choose. The Buddhas refer to the Earth, to the human experience and how it is set up, which is with free will, choice, placed between faith and doubt, good and evil, between the choices and dualisms that our species has created. It is that karma that they are referring to, not the karmic patterns that cease to be once you, as a soul, no longer require learning in the world of duality. Even though Angels have will they do not accumulate karma as we think of it. It is not part of their dimension. Yet they have will. The law of karma as we understand it is the law of karma for physical matter and spirit, not for spirit.

  Many realms that are nonphysical are not Angelic. In addition to the realm of disincarnate human beings that are bound close to the Earth, for example, there is the Devic community of our Nature kingdoms. There are numerous, numerous realms of nonphysical life. Beyond the Angelic realm are realms upon realms of intelligence that we would think of as God.

  Within the human species there exist degrees of soul consciousness. Not all humans are equally aware of their souls. Therefore, do all human beings have equal potential?

  Yes and no. This question is complex. It cannot be answered simply because among souls that are on the same frequency band, such as those within the Earth school, there is a common quality of consciousness, yet there is a difference between their ranges of consciousness. An individual that is not quite as expanded in his or her awareness is not equal in the sense that we usually mean equal to someone of greater awareness. There is an inequality. Yet it is not an inequality that remains unequal. It is just a temporary level of momentum in the flow of evolution.

  A soul has no beginning and no end, and yet some souls are older than other souls. Both are true. All souls come directly from the Godhead, and yet there is no single way that souls are formed individually. Both are true. Understanding the soul becomes paradoxical only if you apply a type of thinking that holds the notion of beginning.

  All that is can form itself into individual droplets of consciousness. Because you are part of all that is, you have literally always been, yet there was the instant when that individual energy current that is you was formed. Consider that the ocean is God. It has always been. Now reach in and grab a cup full of water. In that instant, the cup becomes individual, but it has always been, has it not? This is the case with your soul. There was the instant when you became a cup of energy, but it was of an immortal original Being.

  You have always been because what it is that you are is God, or Divine Intelligence, but God takes on individual forms, droplets, reducing its power to small particles of individual consciousness. It is a massive reduction of power, yet the power is as full in that droplet as it is in the whole. It is as immortal and as creative and as expressive but in its tinier form its energy is reduced appropriately to its form. As that little form grows in power, in selfhood, in its own consciousness of self, it becomes larger and more Godlike. Then it becomes God.

  This is a process that parallels the process of your personality, which is of your soul, expanding into your higher self, and thereby coming into the full power of your soul incarnate. It also parallels the process of your personality and higher self reentering the fullness of your soul when you leave the Earth. As an individual soul, you remain an individual soul. You are both individual and one with all that is.

  The individual unit of evolution is the soul. This perception is new to us because, as a species, we have not before been aware of the existence of the soul. In our religious thoughts we acknowledge what we call the soul, but we have not, until now, taken it seriously enough to consider what the existence of the soul means in terms of everyday experience, in terms of the joys and pains and sorrows and fulfillments that make a human life.

  We have not turned our attention to the needs of the soul. We have not considered what is required by the soul in order to be healthy. We have not studied the soul, or sought to help it attain what is necessary to its evolution and its health. Because we have been fivesensory, we have focused upon the body and the personality. We have developed an extensive knowledge of the physical apparatus that the soul assumes when it incarnates. We know of amino acids, neurotransmitters, chromosomes, and enzymes, but we do not know of the soul. We do not know how these physical functions serve the soul, or are affected by it.

  We seek to cure dysfunctions of the body by controlling its environment at the molecular level. In other words, our approach to healing is based upon the perception of power as external. This type of healing can be helpful to the body, but it does not, and cannot, heal at the level of the soul.

  Consider that those who are trained in this way are accustomed to learning about Life through the study of dead matter. They seek to learn of Life through the study of carcasses and corpses. Through the study of that which does not have spirit, how can they see spirit? Even as such minds look out into this vast galaxy, they cannot see Life because they are convinced that the entire galaxy does not have Life, except as they see it and identify it, so the Life forms and the brothers and sisters that we have on other galaxies remain hidden, and will remain hidden until the basic premise that Life is and permeates all that is, that there is only Life, becomes the principle of what we call science. Then we will explore the physics of the soul. Then we will study Life with Life and not dead matter and not try to breathe intelligence and purpose into it by taking apart in our laboratories human forms and animal forms. This will be seen someday as a very primitive form of learning because there is no consciousness there.

  The body is the instrument of the soul. If the piano player is sick, does it help to repair his or her piano? What an instrument produces depends not only upon the state of the instrument, but also upon the musician. If the musician plays the blues, or soars with joy, the instrument follows. Even a tuned and polished instrument cannot soar with joy if the musician chooses sadness or grief. In the case of your soul and body, the instrument becomes the blues, or soars with joy. If the musician becomes consumed with grief, or anger, or sadness, the instrument disintegrates. In some cases, a broken instrument can be repaired, but a repair at that level cannot cure what caused the breakdown.

  After several years of marriage to a willful partner, an acquaintance of mine found herself suffocating in the relationship, unable to express her deepest desires and her creativity. One winter morning her husband’s jeep, which was parked on their steep driveway, broke loose and rolled over her, crushing her pelvic area. Surgery and chemicals healed her hips and eased the pain of her body, but can surgery mend the damage that is done when a woman’s creativity-represented, in this case, by her pelvic area, her reproductive capability, the physical symbol of her femin
ine creativity-is crushed by the uncontrolled macho masculinity of her husband-represented, in this case, by a runaway jeep? Can chemicals ease the pain of a suffering soul?

  Is it chance that one person develops heart disease, while another develops cancer? Even though disease states have correlations to factors of diet, exercise, lifestyle, and heredity, these correlations cannot mask the fact that life, for some people, is a heartbreak, while others allow themselves to be consumed, to be eaten alive, by the negative experiences of their lives. Can by-pass surgery or chemotherapy heal that?

  Are the numerous ways that physical dysfunctions occur without meaning? Health for some people is a matter of the heart, for others a matter of what they can digest or eliminate in the course of their lives, for others a matter of the head, and for others a matter of being able to hear, or to see, or to move through their lives flexibly, or to stand on their own, or literally to handle the experiences of their lives. These are the issues that must be addressed directly and openly and honestly in the creation of health.

  This does not mean that it is inappropriate to care for the body, or to see a physician in times of illness. Even though the physical is not as real, so to speak, as the nonphysical, it is, nonetheless, the lowest, densest projection of spiritual matter, and, therefore, it must be honored. It must be honored. The body needs rest, and it needs care, but behind every aspect of the health or illness of the body is the energy of the soul.

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