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           Gary Fish
City of Fire
City of Fire

  A cold eastern wind blew across the dry desert sand causing small wind devils to twirl and dance, reaching up to the sky then slowly disappearing into thin air. As the two men stood upon the rim of the valley they pulled their robes closer to their bodies trying to keep the cold wind and sand from beating against their faces. They gazed across the plains of Jordan searching for the cities, the cities that were the most majestic of that day, hidden in a valley lush with green pastures and pools of cool water nestled within the palm trees loaded with fruit. With their eyes slowly searching the horizon the silhouette of buildings and walls started to take shape. The shadows of the men grew longer as the sun slowly dipped into the sand dunes casting brilliant red and orange hues streaking through the sky and the desert sand swaying in the sunset.

  Vanon, wrapping his garment tightly around his nose and mouth barely leaving enough space for him to see out from beneath his head dressing, guarding his eyes and throat from the piercing sand and wind, quickly marched up and down the sand dunes toward the valley of the two cities, determined to reach the city by night fall.

  His companion Zira followed behind with halted steps allowing the winds to slow his steps down to a mere walk.

  Zira was a tower of a man with deep dark pools for eyes and long flowing hair, with strength that was greater than that of a hundred ordinary men, yet he did not have the same zeal to accomplish this assignment as Vanon did.

  Vanon’s face was fixed toward the city, with fire in his eyes, knowing that his mission was a mixture of hope and despair, Zira was not so sure.

  Vanon noticing that Zira was not beside him slowed his pace calling back to him, “ Hurry up we do not have much time. We must reach Lot before God’s great wrath comes down upon the cities.”

  Zira pushing his hair from his eyes slowly lifted his head staring passed Vanon toward the cities with contempt in his eyes and with an incensed voice Zira demanded,

  “ Why must we go into this wicked place to save Lot? Did he not choose this place and life style and leave his uncle for this perverted city. He evens sits at the gate of the city, proud of his position of honor, he is not worthy of the great One’s mercy.”

  Vanon turned quickly, his appearance grew tense, staring deeply into Zira’s eyes stated,

  “ Whom God shows mercy to is the Lord’s will. Did not God speak face to face with His friend Abraham and heard his plea for mercy on the righteous in that city. We are not to judge God’s mercy nor His judgments but as sons of the Most High, we must go and do as He commands. Brother do not forget what happened to the other angels who chose to defy the Mighty One” .

  Zira’s head dropped downward as he stood staring at the shifting sand remembering the horrific battle that took place eons before as Lucifer brought forth his army against God.

  Vanon reached out placing his hand upon the shoulder of his friend said,“ Come we have much to do before tomorrow”

  Palm trees and lilies accented the beauty of the landscape just outside the city. Pools of water begged each traveler and their burden of beast to stop, rest and taste of the cool refreshing clear waters of the deep wells of the valley. As the swirling winds shifted directions the aroma of the stores and the baking of fresh bread, quickly fill the nostrils of those passing by, tugging at the stomach enticing them to stop and break bread and have a cup of wine.

  As Vanon and Zira walked along the pathway toward the gate of the city, shadows of darkness engulfed them as the sun slowly settled for the day behind the high fortress walls that surrounded the great city of Sodom. Sodom’s reputation was well know for her beauty and her pleasures but also for her cruelty of strangers traveling through her gates. Many trade merchants traveled through the demanding desert just to reach her gate so they could trade their merchandise, whether it be fruit, beast or human, for a price all was for sale in Sodom.

  Within the gated walls stood many majestic buildings reaching high to the heavens, but even the beauty of the city could not defy the darkness of the spirit that filled the atmosphere of the streets.

  Music of the tambourine, harp and flute filled the air as the people of the city was closing shops for the day. The walkways and streets were littered with trash from the day’s market and people were still laughing and mingling in the shadows of the buildings.

  Darkness prevailed through out the city as the fallen ones, the wicked spirits of those who chose Lucifer instead of God in the great battle of the beginnings, went from place to place sowing their wickedness to the willing spirits of the city.

  As the beat of the music grew louder more and more people crowded together, men with men and women with women of all ages, yielding themselves over to the spirit of lust. Nothing seem to matter to them, as if they were in a frenzy, unable to control themselves doing all kinds of wickedness, openly defying God’s ways while unfortunate travelers and strangers became the target of the wickedness that poured out from the hearts of the people of Sodom.

  Vanon stood looking around the city not understanding how God’s creation would defile themselves this way.

  A shriek sounded in the spirit realm through out the city as fallen angels realized that God had sent His chosen warriors to bring judgment. A flash of light brighten the dark streets as the armor of Vanon and Zira appeared, great armor fashion just for them by their Master Creator, having on a breastplate of the Creator’s righteousness adorn with the glory of God’s creation, their sword drawn prepared to do battle with the fallen ones. The dark angels knew who these men were for they have done battle with them before at the time of the great chaos when Lucifer tried to over throw God’s kingdom and ultimately failed. These dark angels were no match for Vanon and Zira for they have tasted of the steel of their swords before and understood how mighty they were. The Dark Ones retreated back into the shadows of the night. Vanon and Zira’s appearance became that of simple travelers again.

  Lot saw the strangers from a distance and arose from his seat of honor at the gate of the city to greet them.

  My lords, he said, “please turn aside to your servants house. You can wash your feet and spent the night and break bread with us.

  “No, we will stay in the streets.” Vanon answered.

  But Lot insisted that they stay with him, knowing the dangers of the city. The daughters of Lot prepare a great feast for the strangers, listening to the messengers as they told Lot of Abraham’s prayers for him to be spared from God’s wrath. As Lot’s wife prepared a place for the strangers to sleep, the men of the city surrounded the house crying out to Lot.

  “Bring the strangers to us so we can have our way with them.”

  Lot hurried outside to try and reason with them.

  “ My friends do not do this wicked thing, these strangers are in my house under my protection. I will send out my two virgin daughters for you to do has you wish, but leave these men alone”.

  As the lust grew stronger in the souls of these men they shouted,

  “ Get out of the way Lot, you sit at the gate thinking you are someone great, but you mean nothing to us, do you think we will change our desires because of you. Now move or we will destroy you along with them.”

  The men were starting to beat Lot and break down the door when Vanon and Zira reached out and grabbed Lot, yanking him inside the house. Then the mighty power of the Lord came upon Vanon and as he raised his hands the men of the city were struck blind.

  Zira pulled Lot by the arm and asked, “ Do you have any more family in the city? Go and get them out of the city for God is going to destroy this place.” Lot ran out the back entrance pushing through the crowd as they yell to each other groping, stumbling trying to find their way around.

  Lot ran through the dark streets of the city trying to make sense of all th
e sayings of the angels tripped and fell on the loose gravel stones. As he slowly stood to his feet rubbing the sand from the cuts on his hands and knees, he realized that he had reached the house of his future sons-in-law. Lot hurried up the steps yelling and beating on the doors calling out to them to open up.

  “Who is it?” cried a voice from behind the door.

  Trying to catch his breath Lot shouted, “ It is Lot, open the door I must talk with you.” Lot gathering his thoughts tried to explain what the angels said, that they must leave the city because God was going to destroy it. As Lot was speaking to them they started to laugh and make fun of him, mocking

  “ Who is this God you speak of, we have not heard of Him before, old man you are drunk go back to your house,” Lot pleaded with them but they just pushed him out. Lot turned and sat down on the steps placing his head into his hands pondering what to do next. He slowly rose to his feet and headed toward his home.

  Daylight broke on the city. Vanon urged Lot saying, “Make haste, take your wife and daughters and leave this place. Lot hesitated, looking around his house, in a trance like manner, thinking about all he has done here and his life at the city gate. Suddenly the power of the Lord came upon the angels and they took hold of Lot and his family and forced them out of the city. Zira shouted,

  “ Flee for your life, don’t look back and don’t stop anywhere in the plains. Flee to the mountains or you will be destroyed.” Lot pleaded with them to let them go to a small city, the angels said go.

  By the time Lot reached Zoar, it was mid-day. Then the sky turned dark as night and a great noise rumbled through the land as the Lord rained fire from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah and God overthrew those cities and the plains.

  But Lot’s wife stopped and looked back over her shoulder to see the destruction of the cities, and as tears of sadness trickled down her cheek her countenance started to change and through her cries of help she slowly turned into a pillar of salt.

  Screams and sounds coming from the cities were so frightening that Lot and his daughters placed their hands over their ears running hard behind the angels, afraid to look back to see what had happen to his wife and the cities.

  Vanon and Zira watched with sorrow from a distance the smoke and fire coming up from the mass destruction of the cities. Lot and his daughters were now safe in a cave outside the small city.

  With their mission accomplished, the appearance of Vanon and Zira changed back into their angelic form and soared back to the throne room of God awaiting their next assignment.

  August 31, 2007 was a bright sunny day after the dreary fog slowly released its grip from the valleys and skyscrapers of the city. A cool breeze was blowing across the cheeks of two men as they stood upon the north banks of the bay gazing over the Golden Gate Bridge onto the city of San Francisco. With new assignments Vanon and Zira headed toward the city with great urgency knowing the time is short. be continued.

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