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     Marigold Flowers: A Little Blue, p.1

       Garnet D Toritto & Garnet F Vaccaro
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Marigold Flowers: A Little Blue

Marigold Flowers

Garnet D. Toritto and Garnet F. Vaccaro

Copyright © 2017 Garnet D. Toritto
All rights reserved.
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Table of Contents
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About the authors

Chapter 1
Hi! My name is Marigold Flowers, I’m 11 and in sixth grade, I’m the only child of my parents, and this is my story. The story is totally unbelievable but totally true. I know because I have lived it. I guess I should start at the beginning—
Up until my 11th birthday, my life was totally normal. It wasn’t boring, but it was normal. However, if I am to be totally honest, although my life was normal, I wasn’t. (And yes, I realize that I used the word totally a lot just now.) Even before I turned 11, I was not quite your run-of-the-mill kid. First, there is my name, Marigold Flowers. And no, my parents weren’t trying to be ironic when they named me. My mom’s name is Marigold as is my grandmother’s and my great grandmother’s and my great-great grandmother’s to about five great grandmas. I know because my mom likes genealogy, which is looking into your ancestors and family history. It is actually pretty cool in a mom type of way. My dad is Philip Flowers; he is not named after anyone in his family. So that is how I became Marigold Flowers. I am like the 10th Marigold in a long line of Marigolds but the only one to have the last name Flowers.
My mom’s last name is Tagetes; she and my dad are divorced. But even when they were married she didn’t take his last name because she didn’t want to be a cliché, which is funny as her last name is the scientific name for a marigold flower. I also know that a marigold is part of the sunflower family. I did a science project on marigold flowers for school in fifth grade.
My parents divorced when I was nine. I thought the world was going to end and that life would suck because my family was broken, but you know what? It wasn’t the end of the world. It was hard and I wasn’t happy, but it actually made life better as time went on.
Now the second reason I am not a regular kid is that I am fast. I can outrun every one of my friends. I win every race. One day my cousin raced me on his bicycle, and I won! I mean … I am that fast and, well, he fell off his bike when he hit the curb but, still, I won fair and square.
The last reason for why I am not quite regular is that I understand animals. I don’t mean that they talk to me in a Dr. Dolittle way, or in how Harry Potter could talk to snakes. By the way, I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter—in my opinion they are the best books ever, but I digress. Isn’t that a cool word? My mom uses it a lot. It means you’ve gotten off topic … oops, did it again. So where was I? Oh, yes, I can understand animals. I just kind of know when they are happy, sad, scared, hungry, basically whatever they are feeling. This is actually a very useful skill, especially when taking care of my dog, Daisy, who is a boxer/pit bull mix. She is one beautiful dog and everyone, and I do mean everyone, loves her.
Oh, there is one other unique thing about me—my eyes. For the most part, I look pretty normal. My grandma says I have peaches and cream skin, which I think is kind of funny, but she tells me this is a good thing and I will appreciate it when I get older. I am tall for my age, but as my dad is 6 feet tall no one is surprised by it. It is also how my mom explains why I am able to run so fast. But my eyes are a different story. My mom says they are blue, and in some ways they are, but—and this is a big but—if you look closely at them they look like a whirlpool. The blue color is swirling around the pupil constantly in motion. I have never seen anyone else with eyes like mine except for my mom and my grandpa. This is an important fact to remember, my eyes are like my mom’s and grandpa’s. You’ll understand why as you read my story.
I am a summer baby; I was born on July 23rd, so I am a Leo. So a summer birthday means I turned 11 before sixth grade began, and it was a good thing that I wasn’t in school when everything started happening, I don’t know how I would have been able to focus on schoolwork otherwise.
So as I mentioned, my parents are divorced. I live with my mom in a tiny town called Graciouston. My mom moved us here after the divorce because her sister, my Aunt Poppie, lives here. The town is small compared to the city we used to live in, and everyone knows each other. This made it really hard to make friends when we first moved here, especially because I wasn’t even living in Graciouston when I started fifth grade. We were still in Empire City, living with my grandparents.
This is what happened—our house, which I loved, sold way faster than Mom anticipated, and we had to move before she was able to find us a house in Graciouston, so she put all our stuff in storage, and we lived with my grandparents for a while. Then Mom did find an apartment for us, but we couldn’t move into it until October. However, the Graciouston Middle School (GMS for short) said I could start fifth grade there anyway. So for the whole month of September Mom drove from Empire City to Graciouston every morning to bring me to school. It was the biggest pain in the you know what! But I did have the best fifth-grade teacher ever, and I am in the same grade as my cousins so that helped a bit.
So as you can imagine, I would have preferred to stay in our house in Empire City, but we had to sell it because of the divorce. So now I live close to my Aunt Poppie, Uncle Luis, and two cousins, Luna and Solé (pronounced so-lé). My cousins are twins and they are about three months younger than I am, but we are all in the same grade. They were born on September 27th. Solé was born first and he is always reminding Luna how he is three minutes older than she is. It can get quite irritating.
A neat thing about my cousins is that their names mean moon (Luna) and sun (Solé), and their last name is Starz. My aunt and uncle have a peculiar sense of humor according to my grandparents. But I kind of like it, especially as I am named after a flower.
My dad lives in Deerville with his new wife, Ivy, or as she likes to refer to herself, Dr. Ivy Hemlock Flowers (gag). So I have a stepmother who, to be honest, I really don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ivy, most of the time, well, maybe some of the time … actually not all that much anymore. When she was my dad’s girlfriend, I really liked her until every time I was with my dad she was there like a third wheel. Then they got engaged and well it just got worse from there, especially when my dad moved into her place in Deerville. Talk about feeling out of place. Her house is like a museum and everything needs to be just so. I feel like all we do when we are there is clean. Then they got married and I know this will sound creepy, but it feels like I am some kind of prize she won. I don’t know how to explain it, and when I tried telling my dad he told me I was being silly, which made me feel even worse about the whole thing.
On the bright side, Ivy’s schedule changed a few months ago, and so she is usually working on the days I am with my dad. My dad does freelance work, so his schedule is flexible, which means on his days he picks me up directly from school then brings me to my house so I can walk Daisy. Daisy used to love my dad, but something changed about the time my parents were getting divorced and now she does not like him. She growls and barks fiercely whenever he is around. I think she is mad at him for leaving my mom and me to be with Ivy who she does not like either. I think Ivy may actually be afraid of Daisy, which is fine by me as I don’t want her near my dog.
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