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Maxwell Destination of Life & Death and Other Fable Stories
Destination of Life & Death and Other Fable Stories

  By Fred D. Hannah

  Copyright 2017 Fred Hannah

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  Maxwell Destination of Life & Death

  The Toys In The Bedroom

  Rachel & Fred The Great Escape

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  There comes a time when a person must stand for his or her beliefs to make their dreams come true, but sadly Maxwell is not the kind of person who doesn’t believe in faith or destiny. He believes dreams are nothing but dreams and a person should only try to do the minimum and not the maximum, as dreams are nothing but dreams. But one day, Maxwell is visited by a Guardian Angel who tells him that the Grimm Reaper of Death is coming to claim his life. Maxwell must decide and choose his faith rather live or die. Along with that, there are two other stories such as The Toys In The Bedroom and Rachel & Fred The Great Escape. Overall, these stories are design to be fun and enjoyable for kids of all ages.

  Maxwell Destination of Life & Death

  There comes a time when a person must stand for his or her beliefs to make their dreams come true, but sadly Maxwell is not the kind of person who doesn’t believe in faith or destiny. He believes dreams are nothing but dreams and a person should only try to do the minimum and not the maximum, as dreams are nothing but dreams.

  Maxwell is a kindhearted young man who doesn’t have the confidence to follow his dreams, but today Maxwell will meet with an unusual person who will change his future forever.

  It was early morning as Jamie the Angel came to visit Maxwell at his home. Jamie knocks on the front door, while Maxwell was getting ready to go to work.

  “Good morning!” said the Angel. “I am here to take you on your journey to sacred mountains beyond life.”

  “What are you talking about?” said Maxwell. “Who are you?”

  “Opps! My apologies,” said the Angel, “note to self. I need to try to be more direct, but anyway I am a Guardian Angel sent from Heaven to take you to sacred mountains beyond life.”

  “Guardian Angel?” said Maxwell. “Why? I don’t understand why you are here?”

  “The truth of the matter is... you are going to die today!” said the Angel.

  “I am going to die today!” said Maxwell. “I guess it was only a matter of time, but since have no real purpose. My dreams are nothing but dreams anyway.”

  “Dreams?” said the Angel. “Anyway, I have been sent here by the G. O. D himself to give you a chance to reclaim your life, but this is a one special ticket offer for a kindhearted mortal like yourself. All you have to do is travel up a mountain and collect your ticket.”

  “I don’t know?” said Maxwell. “What is the purpose, my life has no value or reason.”

  “Gees!” said the Angel. “You don’t care about your life! No matter hopefully we can change that attitude of yours around. Now follow me.”

  Jamie the Angel teleport Maxwell and herself to the sacred mountains beyond life, where Maxwell begins his adventure to collect his special ticket to keep his life.

  “Whoa!” said Maxwell. “How did we get here so fast?”

  “My apology!” said the Angel. “I teleported us here.”

  “Teleported!” said Maxwell. “How does that work? Unless you have super powers or maybe magical powers.”

  “Don’t think too much of my power!” said the Angel. “I have Angel abilities that give me special properties to teleport. No magic, no super power, it's just a special gift of mine, but anyway we are here.”

  “Is this the mountain you were talking about?” said Maxwell. “This mountain goes all the way into the sky.”

  “Yes!” said the Angel. “Now, listen up. You need to make all the way to the top. Try to be little joyful maybe a little open and also be careful. I forgot to mention that the Grim Reaper is here looking for you.”

  “The Grim Reaper!” said Maxwell. “You should have told me that earlier before we came here!”

  “I’m sorry!” said the Angel. “It slipped my mind, but anyway you should get going because the time is ticking and the Grim Reaper doesn’t waste any time searching for you.”

  Maxwell heads up the sacred mountain where quickly discovers pieces of the environment are trying to kill him.

  “Hey!” said the Angel. “How are things coming along?”

  “Are you joking?” said Maxwell. “Everywhere I walk or go piece rumble starts falling upon me and then there also fireballs, ice shards and lighting bolts coming from the sky trying to kill me!

  “You don’t say?” said the Angel. “I guess death, not going make things easy for you I guess. Right now, you only made it half way. You are going to need some help. Here eat this apple.”

  “You want me to eat this apple?” said Maxwell. “Okay, here goes (Maxwell eats the apple). Nothing happen.”

  “Of course not, silly?” said the Angel. “This apple doesn't work like that, but it did give levitation abilities along with mid-air dash ability, just like Delsin from Infamous Second Son. Don’t ask why I know that, but this should help you out.”

  “I have super powers?” said Maxwell. “How is that possible, unless this whole thing is not real.”

  “Real?” said the Angel. “Well, technically this is just a story written by an author from his computer, but that’s not really important. Right, now you need to get up to the top.”

  “You right! Here I go!” said Maxwell.

  Maxwell makes his way to the very top of the mountain, but before he can reach the top, he runs into death.

  “I am going to make it!” said Maxwell.

  “Is that so?” said Grim Reaper.

  “Oh, no!” said Maxwell. “Your're the Grim Reaper aren’t you?”

  “That’s right!” said Grim Reaper. “Tell me, Maxwell. How badly do you want to keep your life? If you want to live, then you have to jump your way thru my fire rings.”

  “Your fire rings don’t scare me!” said Maxwell. “I came all this way, and I am not going turn back. I can beat you if I believe in myself.”

  “Show me!” said Grim Reaper.

  Maxwell leaps over the Grim Reaper flaming rings and lands safely at the top of the mountain.

  “I’m still alive!” said Maxwell. “I did it!”

  “You did Maxwell!” said the Angel.

  “Congratulation!” said Grim Reaper.

  “Wait, what...what is going on here?” said Maxwell. “Was this all a test?”

  “A test?” said the Angel. “Well, kinda. You see death and I were sent here to help you build your beliefs in life. You can make your life whatever you want through belief, without belief there is no need for living. Your dreams are your values, and you can make your dreams become a reality through hard work, determination and a bit of confidence too.”

  “I see!” said Maxwell. “Now, I understand. Thank you!”

  “Your, welcome!” said the Angel. “Now, it's time to say farewell. I have to teleport you back home now, until next time we meet. Farewell, Maxwell.”

  The Toys In The Bedroom

  Sally Grayson is a seven-year-old girl who has a bedroom full of teddy bears. Her favorite teddy bear is known as Mr. Rogers a brown soft teddy bear with a red bow that she leaves on top of her bed. Mr. Rogers gets to lay out on the bed while the other Teddy Bears are lock inside a toy chest. Every day, when Sally leaves home for school, the other Teddy bear come to l
ife and attack Mr. Rogers as they break out from the toy chest.

  Sally gets ready to leave for school as she closes her bedroom door, the toys in her room come to life. The teddy bears make their way over to Sally bed as they climb to the top of the bed to remove Mr. Rogers from the bed.

  “This is not good!” said Mr. Rogers.

  “Mr. Rogers it's all over! Surrender!” said the Teddy Bear. “You cannot take us all on!”

  “We will see about that!” said Mr. Rogers.

  Mr. Rogers grabs a toy box that was hidden on top of the bed. Mr. Rogers opens the box and pulls out a TN-teddy launcher full of beanie babies.

  “Look out he has a beanie baby launcher!” said the Teddy Bear.

  “Take this!” said Mr. Rogers. “You want to play ruff! Okay!”

  “We are taking heavy casualties!” said the Teddy Bear. “We need to call in the Big Teddy.”

  The Teddy Bears pull back while Big Teddy climbs his way on the bed.

  “You give up?” said Mr. Rogers. “Stay, off my bed!”

  “Your bed?” said Big Teddy. “ I don’t think so; this is my bed now.”

  “Hey, Big Teddy!” said Mr. Rogers. “How are things going?”

  “Cut the small talk?” said Big Teddy. “Its time for you to leave.”

  “Can we talk about this?” said Mr. Rogers. “ I guess, not.”

  Big Teddy grabs Mr. Rogers and throws him around the bed as he gets ready to throws him off the bed and down into the trash box.

  “Farewell Mr. Rogers?” said Big Teddy.

  “Stop right there!” said Hero Bear.

  “A Beanie Baby?” said Big Teddy. “You must be joking. You think you can stop me?”

  “I cannot stop you!” said Hero Bear. “One Beanie Baby is not enough, but hundred Beanie Babies can put an end to you.”

  “A hundred, where?” said Big Teddy.

  “I will show you!” said Hero Bear. “Beanie Babies attack!”

  Beanie Babies suddenly appeared out from the bed and attacked Big Teddy ripping him into several pieces.

  “Whoa that was weird but awesome!” said Mr. Rogers. “Thanks, for the help.”

  “Don't thank me!” said Hero Bear. “We are just doing our job.”

  “Your job? What do you mean?” said Mr. Rogers.

  “Do you ever wonder why we toy come to life?” said Hero Bear. “It is because of Sally powerful mind and imagination; she has a gift to bring us to life through her willpower and happiness. If her happiness is taking away, her power fades, and that cause us to fade away as well.”

  “Happiness?” said Mr. Rogers. “ I don’t understand what you mean.”

  “A child toy is designed to bring happiness to a child!” said Hero Bear. “Since the begging of toy creation, we Beanie Babies protect the favorite toy of the household. Every two weeks, Sally finds a new favorite toy to place on this bed. You will end up being replaced shortly. So try not to get to conformable with your surroundings.”

  “No way!” said Mr. Rogers. “ I will always be Sally favorite toy.”

  Sally returns home and brings home a new toy.

  “This is the cutest Teddy Bear in the whole world!” said Sally. “I am going to place you right on top of my bed. I will see you later Cutie Bear.”

  “Hey! That’s my spot!” said Mr. Rogers.

  “Not anymore!” said Hero Bear.

  Rachel & Fred The Great Escape

  Rachel and Fred are two greatest thieves in the world, but the government found out about their hideout and arrests them both. They were both taken then to secure prison known as the Great Prison Wall. No one has ever escaped the Great Prison Wall before, but today Fred and Rachel were going to break out from the prison.

  Rachel is placed on the 22nd floor, and Fred is placed on the 32nd floor. Fred’s room was being tested for security; Fred waits for his room transfer from the block cells from the 32nd floor. The Headmaster comes to inform Fred there is no chance of him to escape. He leaves Fred alone with a guard.

  “The Infamous Fred and Rachel has finally been caught red-handed!” said the Headmaster. “Do you really think you can escape from the Great Prison Wall? Officer! Watch him! Make sure he doesn’t try anything funny until his room transfer is complete.”

  “Yes, sir!” said the Guard.

  “Hey, what is that over there?” said Fred.

  “Where?” said the Guard? “Oh, no! I can’t believe I fall for that.”

  The guards radio the Headmaster that Fred is on the run.

  “Boss are you there?” said the Guard.

  “Yes!” said the Headmaster. “What is it?”

  “Well let’s see, how do I say this?” said the Officer Guard. “Fred is on the run he has escaped.”

  “You idiot!” said the Headmaster. “Send out our ninjas, killer robots, and mutant killers after him at once!”

  “Yes, sir!” said the Guard.

  “Okay now that I am free, where do I go now?” said Fred. “ Do you know where I should go, author?

  Fred makes his way to the elevator down the hallway.

  “Okay!” said Fred. “So, I head down this hallway to the elevator?”

  Yes, Fred should make his way to the elevator.

  “Got it!” said Fred.

  “Freeze!” said the Officer.

  “Crap!” said Fred. “Sorry can’t do that I am the main character of the story!”

  “He didn’t freeze, what do we do now?” asked the Officer.

  “You Idiots!” said the Headmaster. “Shoot him!”

  “Roger that!” said the Officer.

  “Hey, author! What do I do now?” asked Fred.

  Fred gets up and runs through the gunfire as he uses the matrix to dodge all of the bullets.

  “Okay then! I will run through and avoid all of the bullets using the matrix!” said Fred.

  “No way!” said the Headmaster. “How did he do that?”

  “I guess he was using the matrix?” said the Officer.

  “You Idiots!” said the Headmaster. “After him!”

  “Hey, author! Where do I go now?” said Fred

  Now, Fred travels to the 22nd floor to recuse Rachel.

  “Oh, right! I have to save Rachel!” said Fred. “Do I head this way?”

  No. Fred heads to the right hallway and then climbs through the vent and sneak attack the guards that are guarding Rachel.

  “My bad. I got it!” said Fred. “Sneak attack!”

  “Fred!” said Rachel. “What took you so long to get here?

  “Well, I had to escape... never mind!” said Fred. “The author will tell you the rest. Right now, we need to escape.”

  “Okay then!” said Rachel. “What do we go?”

  “I don’t know!” said Fred.

  “Can you just ask the author of the story where to go?” said Rachel.

  “Right!” said Fred. “Hey, uh author can you help us out here. We don’t know where to go, and this is your story after all.”

  Fred and Rachel take the elevator down to the garage to escape outside to the backside area.

  “Thanks!” said Fred.

  “Alright let’s go!” said Rachel. “We need to get to the garage to escape outside to the backside area like the author said.

  “Don’t worry!” said Fred. “Everything is going to be fine.”

  “Stop right there!” said the Headmaster. “You two are completely surrounded! Give up now!”

  “Everything is going to be fine huh?” said Rachel.

  “I did not expect that!” said Fred. “Hey, author what should we do now?”

  Fred and Rachel search around in the elevator and locate a Pokeball and throws the Pokeball at the enemies as the Pokeball explodes and takes out all of the guards except for the Headmaster.

  “Really!” said Fred. “I don’t even see a Pokeball inside the elevator.”

  “It's right there!” said Rachel.

  “Okay!” said Fred.
“How did it get in here?”

  “Don’t question it!” said Rachel. “It's part of the story, now throw it!”

  “Right!” said Fred. “Take this!”

  “Take cover boys!” said the Headmaster. “They just throw a Pokeball.”

  “Wait a minute a Pokeball?” said the Officer. “Why is the Pokeball making that ticking noise? Oh, I see.”


  “Nice!” said Fred. “We did it!”

  “Think again!” said the Headmaster.

  “Rachel!” said Fred. “Can I get some help here?”

  “What should I do author?” asked Rachel.

  Rachel uses the Force and lifts the Headmaster into the air, as she throws him through the wall to outside.

  “Okay, I will give if a shot!” said Rachel. “Here goes!”

  “What’s happening?” said the Headmaster.

  “Rachel, you are using the power of the Force!” said Fred

  “Yep!” said Rachel. “Sorry, Headmaster, but I am going throw you through the wall now!”

  “I am going to take a guess and say that he is dead!” said Fred.

  With the Headmaster now dead, Rachel and Fred escape into a getaway car and leavening the prison for good, as Fred says a cool one liner.

  “I guess that’s are Q!” said Fred. “Hey, author where is the getaway car?”

  “It's over there!” said Rachel.

  “Alright then!” said Fred. “Time get out this place.”

  “Wait! Fred!” said Rachel. “You need to say an awesome one liner. The author told you to do that.”

  “I almost forgot!” said Fred. “Okay, how about this. Switch to GEICO, and you can save a ton of money on your car insurance.”

  “Really!” said Rachel. “I am not really sure that fits with our story, but okay. Let’s just go.”

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  Copyright Page

  Copyright 2017 Fred Hannah


  Published: February 23, 2017

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, copied in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise transmitted without written permission from the publisher. You must not circulate this book in any format.

  Author Biography

  Fred Hannah is a writer and storyteller studying Creative Writing to earn his degree in Creative Writing Entertainment BFA, at Full Sail University. Fred is a person driven by writing that is joyful and inventive on designing stories. Fred is currently, developing a screenplay for movie project known as the Deadzone. Fred was previously employed as Bakery Clerk at Sam’s Club for 3yrs until he moved to Schnucks. Fred is also a part-time Baker that is still employed at Schnucks Bakery. Fred previously
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