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       The Sphere: The Phantom of the West Rim, p.8

           Fandy Adams

  His eyes widen in shock. “What?! Can you get this off?! It’s dangerous.”

  “Don’t take it seriously, it only do a little blast, much like firecracker or fireworks, well maybe more if you madly store all your energy. But don’t worry the game has safety standard, the grass on the field designed to absorb energy and magic. So no matter how great your magic is it will become less destructive.” said Freeya “Also you have to remember the grass will makes the magic has a time limit, about 15-20 seconds, after that, nothing will left from our magic. That’s why Gruff’s ice melted and Thorn’s tendril withered after few seconds. Among the three Spheres I gave to you looks like the Gremlin was the only one will affected by time limit. The object you touch will become fireworks for 20 seconds, after that it will be normal again.”

  “Still you have to careful with this.” said Freeya. “Last season we have a kid who used this and accidentally stores all his energy to everything he wore. And when we tried to bring him to medical room he slipped down and … bam.” said Freeya exaggeratedly.

  “Are you real?”

  “Relax. Not as bad as it sounds. The kid I told you about, he was fine and now he became a successful motivator.”


  “Actually not that wow, I made up the last part. The important thing is he was fine, though he was hospitalized for a month after the incident.” said Freeya casually, “Just focus on Armatridon and Spider, they’re very useful on the field.”

  “Okay I'll try.” said Rey look hesitated.

  Freeya slapped Rey. “No doubt, be confident. Do you understand?!”

  “I understand.” replied Rey.

  “I didn’t hear you.”

  “I got it!” exclaimed him.

  “Good. That’s the spirit.”

  Freeya then slapped him once again.

  “What's that for?”

  “I don’t know. It just feels right.” answered Freeya. “Come on! We have a game to win.”

  They both ran together and immediately get into their position. The whistle blows again. Apu get the first ball and he passed to Riff. He was great and strong in the field, and like a messenger of old he ran and kept the ball with his life. Break through all opponents before him and deflected their magic, and burn every trap on his path. Then strongly he throws the ball towards the ring, however, just when the ball about to score a flash of green flame shoots the ball and repelled it away to the center of the field. And without expected the ball fall into Rey, he jumped and caught it. A second he stood undecided either passed it to his teammates or ran with it, and when he tried to run, someone tackled him and seized the ball. He was Soren, no guard was about him and he swiftly ran forward to make score. However there’s something weird about him. Rey like caught a glimpse of light in him, and suddenly he was thrown away as if there’s some energy blast him.

  People rose from their seat and to the field their eyes pointed. Even little kids doesn’t want to miss something, they jump or hold on adult’s shoulder only to see what happened. The game paused for a moment. Those on the field looked at Soren and wondered what has happened to him, but then their eyes looked in wonder to the new kids who still lied after being tackled, some even freaked on him.

  “Are you all right?” asked the referee.

  “I’m okay.” said Soren. He was still shocked and walked with a limp. Then he turned and looked at Rey with grudge but wondered.

  On the other side Freeya helped Rey to stand. “Did you use the Gremlin and blow up the ball?” asked Freeya stared keenly at him.

  “Y-yes, maybe.” said Rey with doubt.

  “Good job. That’s what I called game.” Freeya laughed.


  Aska and Headmaster walked down on the corridor. On their left there were large glass windows which show the green field of the Grove Stadium. The game has paused for now, at least that was on their glance. Also they heard no yells or shouts of excitement from the crowd, only a buzz of their voices. Looking at the field Aska just remembered that he had to play today but the top-notch of the Grove had invited him to speak, put him aside would be worse than treated one table for all team for his absence in this game.

  “Did you really want him to be a student here?”

  “That’s the best thing we can do for now and while he stays here he’s yours to finance.”

  “What? Are you kidding?”

  “Of course I am, you should look at your faces.” said Headmaster laughed. “I’ll take care of that while he here and your job was to take care of him. And I thought it was fine if you take him a walk and maybe helping you find something worth of florin.”

  “No problem. I could do something free of charge like that.”

  Headmaster then looked out of the window. At the moment the game has paused, few peoples between two teams gathered on the field and argued each other with Rey among them. “Wow, that’s really a heck of alien spacesuit. Is that him?”

  “For the mother elephant! It’s him.”

  Aska tried to ran but headmaster grasping his collar first. Suddenly everything flashed as if the view before his eyes glitching and in a sudden white floor corridor turned into stretching green field where both teams still argued each other. Aska now found himself on the seating with headmaster beside him. Some peoples looked at them both and someone offered a snack to headmaster.

  “Seem your friend had done something very extreme and unexpected. How did he could get there anyway?”

  “I don’t know. How should I know?”

  “You’re on the team right? Why you weren’t on the field right now?” said Headmaster innocently.

  “Yeah wonder why?” said Aska with his eyes pointed to headmaster.


  The sun rode to the west and sinking at the roof of the stadium. The shadow of the western edge of the stadium grew long and shaded half of the field with afternoon breeze blew fresh. But the field seemed got heat up as the tense between two teams rising. Etherion team stated that what had been done by Rey by blasting a ball was violation and he must be sent off. On the other side Freeya and his fellow teammates defend him, argue that there’s no rule that prohibit anyone to use Gremlin to blast off the ball. Grump and Light almost get a fight with three people from Etherion team if only Koda wasn’t halted them. That big guy may looks like a stupid but he was wise enough to know what’s appropriate and not on the field, though his wisdom wasn’t last long because at the end he punched one of them with his big hand.

  The fight settled immediately as the whistle blows long. The referee was mad and threatened to send off all of them if they don’t get back to their position in less than a minute. In addition he decided not to give sanction to Rey in exchange he must put off the Gremlin Sphere on his hand and he stated that he will remove whoever blew the ball next time.

  The game starts again. All players of both teams cast their magic to the fullest, tackling the opponent and seized the ball, and sometimes they used their magic to shoot the ball in the air to prevent it to get into the ring. On the seating everyone like saw the battle goes rage upon the green field, all flame burst like rocket, a grassy square whirled and turned into yellow sand trap, and they saw one of them had trapped on ice sphere. But even as the game got very though, peoples get entertained by some new kid who madly jumping high on the field as if he was on the huge trampoline.

  “Where did you found this kid?” asked Light.

  “From that birdhead’s room, he’s interesting isn’t it?”

  “More like mad for me.” replied Light.

  Suddenly as he is in the air, he caught the ball by luck and failed the opponent to score. Then after 2-3 times sprang high he managed to land in the grass.

  “Run!” shouted Freeya to Rey.

  He ran immediately with ball in his hand, only few meters between him and the red line. But suddenly someone crashes him from behind. The ball was slipped off his hand and bounce on the ground, and a hand swiftly seized it.
It was Soren again, with the ball in his hand he jumped over him and swiftly ran like wind.

  Rey tried to get up but his back and waist was like broken or something, and he hardly breathe with that. Without expected, as he got up one of the Sphere in his hand glowing and suddenly, like they were alive, the ground beneath him rose to surround him and then sealing him inside the big orb of dirt.

  On the other side of the field Soren almost reached the red line and there’s only Koda left to stop him. For Soren that guy just brainless muscle, a big guy with lack intelligence and only rely on his big hand. A magic he prepared for him but suddenly he saw that big guy gazed in dread, not to him but something behind him, and immediately he get away as if he doesn’t care whether he will makes score or not.

  Soren turned around and to his surprise he saw a big ball rolling toward him. He ran swiftly but that thing rolling faster than his pace to at last the big ball got him and leveled him to the ground.

  All peoples stood up, cried and shouted. The top scorer of Etherion team now fell with his face to the ground. Meanwhile the big ball kept rolling and rolling endlessly until it hit the wall and broke like vase slammed hard.

  Everyone fell in silence and they felt anxious. Hundred of eyes turned to the side, it seems they’re more interested to see who’s inside the big ball and how he is rather than Soren who now trying to get up in pain. Then everyone cheered as they saw Rey rose upon the shards, and they gave applause for him.

  “Hahaha, I told you this would be interesting.” said headmaster look excited with the game.

  On the contrary Aska feels worry for him and how he was on the field. He knew that boy just got lucky to made this far.

  “You’re right that boy was a madness.” said Freeya look amazed.

  Rey then stood, confused and very dizzy, and he shakes his head trying to gain his consciousness. Rolling inside the dirt orb was very bad idea – at least that’s what on his mind. He walked with loopy stagger like a drunken chicken and the entire stadium burst out laughing when he loses his balance and fall. Then Koda helped him, grabbed him in the collar and lifted him like lifting a small cat.


  “Good evening sir!” greeted Eorin to headmaster.

  “Good evening Ms. Gardnierre.” replied headmaster.

  Eorin then turned to Aska, “Don’t you have to being on the field now? Why you’re just sitting here? You lame duck!” said Eorin scolding him.

  “Why don’t you ask this old man? I don’t have duck shape anyway.” said Aska.

  “How was the game?”

  “It goes well. But set your eyes to our big guy and see who’s on his hand now.”

  Eorin then look out for Koda. Far there she saw that big guy stood at the edge of the field holding someone with a hand like hold a small cat and shaking him. From the distance she felt something familiar about the little guy in the big hand and it didn’t take long time for her to realize who he is.

  “Is that … Rey? How he got in there?” asked Eorin wondered but at the same time she felt funny when looked them.

  “I just wanted to ask you same thing about that? Is it you who last with him?”

  “Yeah, but he was in your room when I left him.”


  Time pressing and the game getting more constrict. Now the Zephyr Team has left seven points to Etherion and their strike just failed as Light trapped by some twisting vines. He trying to escape but the more he tried the more it entrapped him as if it wants to drag him down to the earth. No way he will fell in such cheap trick, and so with the last strength he throw the ball up into the high air and hope one of his teammates got it first.

  Thorn smiled when he saw the ball flew high in the air. Then he slammed down a little seed to the ground and with his magic a huge beanstalk suddenly growing up rapidly – just a second and it already had meters of length. Thorn running up over the beanstalk with one hand down like he was commanded it to get him into the ball. Neither fears nor worry to fell looked on him, instead he run into the ball with full confident and spirits.

  Suddenly, on the other side of the field, with accidental reflex Koda threw the boy in his hand straight up to the ball which floating in the air. That big guy precisely threw him till he easily caught the ball but Thorn seems never lack any of senses. He jumped down and grabbed the tip of the beanstalk, and pulled it to curve downward. He smirked and released his grip. Strongly the beanstalk swung like a giant whip towards Rey. Yet, at the critical moment, when he looked at it with fear, something strange happened on him. He felt strange sense of numbness on his entire body as though some magic have petrifying him.

  “Ooohhh!!!” Everyone shouted and rose as they saw the beanstalk whipped him. Hard enough he was thrown till he bumped on the girl in VIP seat.

  However, beyond what have happened, from the ball was shoot high to the air by Light till Rey was whipped by giant beanstalk, no one expected that the ball which slipped off from Rey’s hand will flew into small ring and make scores. Freeya looked up and shouted in joy as he saw five points added on the board for the Zephyr Winds.

  Everyone cheered and give them applause. For the first time they see the game that’s very unique and at the same time tickle their very own heart to laugh. However the crowded voice and boisterous cheers wasn’t able to get through his consciousness as Rey began to fainting.

  Chapter 8

  A Place Called Peace

  “He's awake! Hey birdhead, your cousin awake!” cried Freeya.

  Rey awake and found himself in the bed. There, Eorin and Aska sat looking at him. Freeya stood behind them with a girl who had neck-length hair. She looks lovely and friendly, this is the first time they met but the girl cheerfully smiled and waving a hand to him. He also saw Gruff and Grumb standing next to the door and playing on something.

  “Are you all right?”

  “What happened?”

  “You're thrown to the seats.” replied Aska “You’re okay now?”

  “I’m okay, just bit dizzy.” replied him while holding his head “How’s the game?”

  “Well, we lose. Even if you still hold there and scoring crazy again we would still lose for sure.” answered Freeya. But he smiled as if this defeat feels sweet for them all. “But I must admit that this is the best match I’ve ever played. You did very well on the field and gave so much fun to everyone so we didn’t looks like a lemon on the grass. We lost but pride and dignity still on ours.”

  “Thanks.” said Grumb.

  “For what?”

  “For give new spirits on this team.” said Gruff.

  “And mostly for what you did to Soren.” Grumb added.

  “And the best thing is you gave a bruise on Leona’s head.” said the short-haired girl with joy and excitement.

  “Leona whom?” asked Rey.

  Not yet had his question answered, she immediately hugged him and shook him as though she want to do happy dancing with him. “Let me hug someone who had my revenge.”

  Rey was surprised, didn’t know what to do. For the first time he’s being hugged by a girl even Asti – the only girl who closest to him never did that, the most intimate things ever done by Asti to him was just strong clinch on the neck.

  Freeya shaking his head and waving his hands, give him a sign to do nothing but abide. Seemed it wasn’t a wise thing if he answered her with disallowance especially he already seen what had been done by Eorin to Aska. Both Spheria and Earth seemed have same thing in common that their men sank their knees before the girls, so he thought.

  “Oh I forgot, my name is Flo and you ...”


  “Nice to meet you Rey. Where did you come from? What's your favorite food?” asked Flo.

  “I ...”

  “Is this the first time you ever visit Lucretia? Are you now shared a room with Aska? Tell me what’s your favorite music?” asked Flo blurted.

  “That's ...”

  “You actually want to
ask or interrogate him?” asked Freeya.

  “Shut up! It’s not your business. Just go and shoot the bird out there.”

  “It’s dark now. All the birds were on their bed.”

  “Actually they never had a sleep, they just rest. If you pay attention they never had their eyes shut, always half opened … or it was half closed.” said Gruff.

  “You’re wrong, they’re sleep like us.” said Grumb.

  “No they’re just shut their eyes down like you always did in calculus class.”

  “They’re sleep.”

  “No, resting.”



  “Don’t mind about them! They both always like this, only on the field they could tag along.” said Flo. “So Rey, do you have a time tomorrow?”

  “Well, I…”

  In that room they talked and joked as if they had spent many years of togetherness with him, whereas they have just knew him for hours. Flo offered to give him a tour in this Grove, that girl said he would show many interesting places inside Grove, including the secret one that no one know even for the teachers. While Freeya who has always looks casual on both style and manner said that he would put Rey in the team, and spoke very casually when he said that he will throw him to the aquarium with two barracudas inside if he refuse. The brothers invite him to their anti group, the ‘anti-Veranda’ group which currently only consists of two members, three if Rey joined, wonder what had been done by this girl named Veranda to both of them till they create anti-group of her. Later Eorin and Flo were teasing them both.

  Somehow he felt like he was being at home, get together and share with the people he loved. He smiles just by looking at their doings and laugh when he seen the shirts which had logo of their anti-group – a beautiful face within circle-backslash printed on their white T-shirts.

  “Come on guys! He needs a break now.” said Aska.

  “Well, can’t we talk for a while?!” Flo pleaded.

  “No, he's more need voice of tranquil than your shrill.”

  “You wait and see!”

  “Just go!” said Aska pushing Flo out of the door.

  Rey sat on the bed, he felt tired and sore on the entire body which he got from the game. Then he sighed and turned his face to the window. And suddenly he rose to the window with eyes widened as he saw something outside, even with all things he through, from hunted down by three-headed dragon and beasts to a great city that has never been known by any knowledge of him, yet what he saw now beyond his thought about this world. Many times he rubbed his eyes to make sure that it was real, that his eyes weren’t lying to him. And there, among the stars and grey clouds, two moons rise beyond the dusk. The white crescent was familiar with the one he always saw at the moony night of his world, glowing white with a pockmarked surface. However in the darkest side of the crescent there luminous spots which formed hexagonal pattern like a glowing snowflake. Wonder what lied there, but it seemed there’s civilization built on the dead cold surface of the moon, whether it’s still exist or maybe have ruined. But most to his amazement was the crimson moon hanging above the crescent. It was twice larger and contrast to the white one which had pockmarked surface the crimson moon’s surface filled with abstract line as though there was some great celestial being scratched it all over the surface. The moon was full now, glowing red like a ruby but the hue of blood seemed doesn’t came from the last light of sunset, for it was far above the horizon.

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