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       The Sphere: The Phantom of the West Rim, p.13

           Fandy Adams

  The tumult turned into echoing whisper like a buzz of bees. Almost all members of council considered what Siras said was reasonable especially them who was fought along with him in the past like Godfrey and the king himself. And Sahagin’s expression show that he admitted his argument, given that he himself was the former of Aesir, so he knows very well the character of his master.

  “Maybe he's waiting for the right moment, waiting for us to off guard.”

  “’Maybe’, looks like it just an assumption of someone who was vengeful on him.” Rovasiras speak loudly “So you don’t want to mobilize the royal forces just because your poor allegation, while our people in need of our help to save them from the invasion of Azgalor.”

  “I told you I was investigating it. We still don’t know who did it or what their purpose and I do not want to mobilize all forces to go to the west while Artharis are outside Lucretia and ready to devastate the capitol of the Kingdom." said Sahagin. “Beside you need more than indication to start off the war against Azgalor once more, that’s why we need the investigation to be completed.”

  “What if I had a proof? Will you mobilize royal forces to the west?”

  “Depends on what proof you’ve had.”

  From his sleeve Rovasiras took a Sphere. It had the hue of setting sun and no creature looked inside, only pattern like snowflake inside. Then with some magic he makes grow a wooden plinth on the middle of the chamber. It was look like a twisted dead tree and the top shaped like skinny old hand.

  Rovasiras put the orange Sphere and at once the wooden finger grabbed it. Dimness filled the whole chamber suddenly, nothing to see but the shadows of every person there.

  “The ghost record?” said Godfrey.

  “What he want to show us?”

  “I don’t know, but this dimness was bold than commonly. Definitely it was something that happened under the night.”

  “Keen eyes you have, sir.”

  “Not keen enough to supervise him till I don’t know what he had.” said Godfrey, as he waiting what will be shown under.

  Suddenly there was something like ghost came out of the darkness, dozen of them and their shape like a common peasant. They ran scared from the Phantoms who shot at them. All were surprised, all were shocked even Godfrey slightly moved from his seat to see it more clearly.

  “Take a good look my fellow noble. This is what happened to our peoples in the west.” said Rovasiras.

  “How did he get this?” asked Godfrey.

  “I do not know.” Cromlech also seemed surprised.

  “Only a sentinel could acquire something like this but I saw Sahagin have the same wonder like others. Look like he didn’t even know about this.” said Godfrey “Is he had connection with the Royal Sentinel?”

  “I doubt he had. We controlled almost half of the sentinel and the rest were under the person before him. Impossible if some sentinel made contact with him and gave such confidential record like this without our notice, or Sahagin.” said Cromlech. "There might be a third party who sent this to him."

  “Then they had sent it to the right person.”

  One green flash shot towards the throne. No worry or fear looks on the king’s face even calmly he saw the flash of light bolted to him. The energy shot just passed the king like wind, doesn’t hurt him at all. Then all the dimness lifted up and the light came again into the chamber.

  “That's the only evidence I had, but you can have it if it can makes you reconsider to send forces to the west.” Siras offered that orange Sphere to Sahagin.

  “I’ve seen enough.” said Sahagin coldly, hiding a bitter feeling of defeat in his cold face.

  Siras smiling at him for a moment, then he turned to stand in the middle of the chamber and look at the member of the council. “Honorable members of the council, the only reason I spoke to you here and insisted to send royal forces to the west is just because that’s where my home is. I lived and came from Namasse, I love my home and I love my people. If we don’t deploy our forces to stop Azgalor, it doesn’t take long until they got into my home and kill people I love, people I knew.” said Siras. “For God sake they’re your people too and they need you right now.”

  “And the only reason I insisted on keeping forces in the capitol is because Lucretia is the center of this Kingdom.”

  “Artharis just one man.” Rovasiras stated.

  “That 'One' was the one who defeat the Dark Lord and his armies. You don’t have idea how powerful he was, his summoning beasts is more than enough to ruin one tenth of this city.” said Sahagin. “I don’t blame you, maybe you still busy to had candlelight dinner with your girl at that time.”

  “Maybe I am, an indeed I don’t know how powerful he was. But one thing I know is our people in the west has been threatened and what you think now is just your own personal vendetta against him.”

  Both paused and no word spoken. But it seems they still continued to argue each other, not by word or speech but by eyes which staring cold each others.

  “I’m not sure if they were Azgalor.” said a girl who walked toward them. Her face covered by white veil but look glorious her appearance was and graceful. Her black hair tie with the string of pearls, and her eyes were so bright and beautiful. “I’m sorry for interrupting but in my opinion they don’t like any troops that we have known so far. I agree with General Sahagin, we should investigate this incident before we decide whether to send more troops to the west or not. After all, if we are wrong we will create an open war with Azgalor once again.”

  Sahagin just silent with the face as cold as ice, no gratitude was looks on his face for someone had stand beside him.

  “Forgive my indelicate manner Princess. I just want the best for the people of Ishtar.” said Siras bow respectfully in the presence of the Princess.

  “As I do, chancellor.” replied the princess. “I don’t want we closed our eyes from the suffering of our people in the west. I do wouldn’t wait while I know these incidents will befall to our people again.”

  “Thank you, Your Highness. Your attention is very meaningful to us, the west folk.”

  “Since you’re late, maybe you didn’t hear that I’ve already investigated it.” Sahagin interrupted, seemed he doesn’t really care whether the girl in front of him was a royalty or not.

  “With the vengeance inside you, could you wholeheartedly do an investigation on what happens in the west? While you more focused to deploy our troops to the Grimwood in search of silver-haired man. I heard a lot of them wounded by wild beast and poisoned by plants.”

  “I don’t mind if you want to take over the investigation?”

  “I don’t intend to take over or interfere on your investigation. Your job is to find the perpetrators behind this while what I wanted is to find hundreds of our people who missing in this mysterious incident.”

  “Want to save ‘people’? You're starting to sound like a politician.”

  The princess doesn’t heed what Sahagin has said. She just turned and walked down then she bowed before the King. “I came here, humbly before you Your Majesty, offering my service for this Kingdom and its people to find our poor civilians whom missing in this incident.”

  The Convention Chamber turned into silence. Sahagin stared at the princess with the look of disparage, for him she was nothing more than a little girl seek for attention from everyone. While Rovasiras glanced at all the faces on the top, they sat and looked at the king with deep thought as if waiting the supreme ruler to pronounce something. But after a moment in silence, yet no word has spoken from the king. He just stared at three peoples before him with keen eyes as if want to see inside their mind. And with great deliberation the king give his words.

  “This is the dark hour for our kingdom. After eight springs of peace the threat of war came again upon our peoples in the west. Silent war had enough gave them suffer and now the unknown menace shadowing them with fear. At the same time Artharis Sin has waiting before our gates, a great legend and hero
he was who for recent years became notorious for his crime and hunted by four nations in the Green Continent. I don’t know what his purpose here but I know the measure of his strength and power, for I too fight beside him against the Dark Lord, like Lord Godfrey and General Sahagin.”

  The king paused for a moment as if waiting all eyes and ears on him. Then he continued.

  “My daughter had reminded us why we’re here, why this chamber built. Our peoples in the west need us, protect them and find those who had missing shall be our first priority, without having to create potential conflict with other nations.” said King Virenas. “But, although her voice takes the initiative of my decision still we need someone with more experience and resources to accomplish this task. I submit that the investigation still remains under General Sahagin of the Shell but with annotation that he shall give full attention on this issue. As for Artharis we will focused to protect this city rather than hunt him down. Doubled the guard and stop the search on him, and I hope this time you want to put off your personal vendetta and would be my subject to command my old friend.”

  Sahagin bow his head though his eyes dauntlessly show his dissatisfaction before the king. Rovasiras just smiled, either politically he gained something or he just satisfied to see Sahagin unsatisfied. And the princess, there’s disappointment looks on her but she gave her credence on the king’s decision.

  “The Wisdom of Your Majesty was the best for the Kingdom of Ishtar and the peoples.” said princess as she bows respectfully to her father. Then three of them stepped back from the presence of the king.

  We move to other issues. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please steps forward! I want to hear a report about our cooperation with the Kingdom of Nagari due to the sky pirates of the east.


  The sun was climbing down into the west. The light pierced the clouds and sent forth a long yellow beam across the sky. The whole city was falling into pale gleam of gold but far there the Grimwood still looks haunted in grey shade of the hill.

  Princess Nivera stood in the sundeck waiting for the sunset. The warm light of the golden sun glimmered on her face but her eyes looks gloomy when looked at the royal palace in western hill.

  “That beauty always fascinated me.” said the voice behind her, and when she turned around she saw Rovasiras stood and smiled to her.

  “Pardon me?”

  “The sunset, they always fascinated me.”

  “Really, I thought you politician doesn’t have ‘something needed’ to enjoy this kind of beauty.”

  “Something needed? You mean heart?”

  “I think someone needs clean soul to see how beautiful the world is. Otherwise you just want to grab it rather than to preserve it.”

  “I even think that we just need eyes to enjoy this panoramic view. And we just need more constitution to preserve this world and humanity.”

  “You're a great politician Siras and few of good one I knew in Lodge.”

  “But not as good as you, for I didn’t see politics in you.”

  “Then what did you see?”

  “Peoples.” said Rovasiras. “You almost remind me when I was young, passionate in politic and have great desire to change the world, so spirited that it was like liquid flame flows through our vein.”

  “Then why you ended here? Why you become politician, become the arch enemy of yourself?”

  “Because I realized that’s not how the world works. How zealous we were eventually we will lose against those lazy bastards inside there. Our spirit and act mean nothing against idiot with rank and position. And so I do what I must, I’m here.” said Rovasiras “But if I look back nothing I have changed. Back then I am free to write and make critics but no one listened and my hand has no power to change anything. Now I have power but I limited by politics, my hand held a power as long I gave my hand to my colleagues. I just realized that I have failed, both as poor scholar and young politician. I couldn’t make the world better.”

  “I think no one could.”

  “You could.” said Siras.

  “What change I could do? You have seen it yourself. I lose against a general who less intention and willingness on this.”

  “Is that stopped you? You’re princess. You have power than any of us inside, not including the king of course. Yet, you have passion and spirit like I had before, I saw it in you.” said Siras. “You will be a good queen and great leader for our peoples, I can see it in you.”

  Suddenly someone came and whispered something to him. Siras just smiled and looked forward when heard it, seem it was just common political issue.

  “Tell him I’ll be right there.” said Siras to his aide then he turned to Princess. “I’m apologizes if I have to end our conversation. But if I could give you advice, follow your courage. Do whatever you think is right and if something messed up, you’re princess.”

  “Thank you.” said Princess.

  “Have a nice sunset my young lady.” Rovasiras smiled and bowed respectfully to Princess Nivera. Then he walked away.

  “Seemed not good inside?”

  A woman suddenly sat on the baluster beside her. Her face looks pretty and young but has matured as a woman. Sexy and slender body in a tight black outfit plus the odd sword slung at his hip, she appears as a skillful female warrior who survived through many battles. Her hair was bright red like a luster of ruby when the light of afternoon gleamed on her wavy red hair. And light-brown eyes that looks so sharp and bright as if able to see clearly all the nonsense of the man with just one glance.

  “You have heard it. My father didn’t grant my wish.” said Princess. “But I wouldn’t stop here. Siras was right I must follow my courage. I must do something.”

  “But the king rejected your wish because you have lack of experience and resources. Sahagin have four decades spent in service and battles, and great one. And he had more than enough resources to have his eyes and ears knew everything on the entire kingdom. While you, no we are, only knew about gossip and affair of nobles and council inside, their bad habits or their young mistress, who and where they are we knew much about them. That’s the kind of our Intel, not some serious mysterious incident in the far west.” said the woman.

  “Maybe I had lack of experience and resources. But I have resources with many experiences, you.” said Princess. “C’mon! I know you want to go.”

  “All right, but could you removes that Siren Sphere?! Just odd heard you with such voice. Even with that you still spoke with a lisp.”

  “At least I’m sounds mature with this voice.” said Princess.

  “Where we do start? For your information I couldn’t stalk someone at the level as Sahagin.”

  “Maybe this would help. It was record of the incident belong to that man. Sahagin has too much pride to even touch it, so I took it,” said Princess. “I believed many of council not much paid attention on this before. Maybe if you check it carefully you will find some clue about them.”

  “I will. Check one track of record not too difficult than the one Azuna gave me.”

  “What Azuna gave to you?”

  “Just Recall Sphere like this. It contains the design of 200-years-old castle. Azuna believed there’s something hidden inside. So he needs my help to check it.”

  “Really?” princess looked at Scarlett with excitement.

  “Don’t ever think to get involved in this. If Azuna works on something, it means huge and dangerous.”

  “I don’t. I want focused on this.” said princess, then she murmured. “If this finished then we went there.”

  “What did you say?”

  “Just think that you need a backup on this mission. You will about to search missing peoples, you can’t do this alone.”

  “But who? Do you want to ask help from them in the Shell or another agency? We will get in trouble if the king knew what we do. The only one we can trust to join us was Azuna but he continue his journey to the White Continent and unlikely back in near future, not even up
to the festival.”

  “Maybe we could ask him to help. I’m sure Grove had a lot skillful person to back you up on this mission and keep this secret.” said princess. “I will write a letter.”

  "No need formalities, I can ask him for myself.” said Scarlett while wearing her plastic veil.

  Chapter 12

  Intro Fight

  Like a fox, Scarlett leaped from one rooftop to another. Fearless and light-footed she was as if the air was common streets for her. She set foot on the Gargoyle, the stone demon which roosting at the top of the temple, swinging on the flagpoles on the building, floating under the glass bridge between two building and surprised those who revel in the Helvetia Top, the place of wealthy and glorious people in the Capital of Lucretia, to at last she stands at the top of building, staring Ishtar Grove which rose majestically before her.

  Meanwhile in the dorm, Rey have sat on his bed, he stared at his own palm. A whole day he tried to create a fireball and so far unsuccessful, all that happened was his hand covered by fire like his first attempt, or if not he’s unable to maintain its shape – a ball of fire that was always disappear, either by wind or extinguish itself before he could shot it.

  Now he tried again. Over his palm a flame ignited and gradually forming a fireball which blaze over his palm. Unexpectedly the fireball shot up suddenly and burned the fossils of four winged dragons hanging on the ceiling. He panicked and immediately took off his shirt to off the fire. Just less than half a minute the fire extinguished, but as a result the whole room was smoky and his shirt had burnt-holed.

  Aska opened the door and to his surprise he found his room full of smoke. His eyes explore every corner of the room. Nothing has changed except the fossil which he saw this morning was white now has filled by black smudges. And of course shirtless innocent-faced boys who hold his burned shirt.

  “What? How do you ...?”

  “I just ... fire, a Sphere." said Rey panicky.

  “Ah just forget it!” said Aska with sound of sigh.

  That spiky-haired boy changed the clothes in a flash and lay down on the mattress. Seemed he too exhausted until don’t care about what happened to his room, not even to open the window so the rest of the smoke will go out.

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