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           Faidra-Foteini Petaniti
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  “When Tom finds out about this, he is going to kill you.”

  “We’ll have to wait and see about that, don’t we honey? He’ll be here shorty.”

  “You called Tom Rosenberg? Here?”

  Amy’s surprised and alarmed voice broke the tension.

  Aldus looked at her indifferently.

  “Yes, I did. And I am pretty sure he is going to be really happy, seeing his faithful Instructors and chosen students in an attempt to frame an innocent man for a crime he didn’t commit. Right after the attempt on his daughter’s life.”

  “Tom will never fall for this. We have found the evidence that connect you…”

  “Oh you mean the fake papers I planted in my office in order to fool you? Alice, dear will you be kind enough to dispose of them?”

  Alice took the documents in her hand and with a flash of electricity, burned them to crisp.

  Vanessa cursed between her teeth.

  The screeching of the car tires made everyone turn their heads. Tom literally sprung out of the car and ran towards the gathered, halting his step as he came closer.

  He tried to approach the prisoners, but the guards stopped him immediately.

  “What? If you just let me pass through, that would be great. Aldus, what is going on here? Care to enlighten me as to why my officials are wounded and tied-up?”

  Aldus stopped Tom with a protective move of his arm.

  “Don’t come any closer, Tom. These people, they tried to defile my office, in order to frame me about crimes I didn’t commit. After the attempt of my daughter’s life, they tried to hurt me too. I had to defend myself. Do you realise what a bunch of snakes were hidden inside your office?”

  “Why didn’t you call the officials then? And did you really have to hurt them this bad? And where the hell did you find Henry’s cords?”

  Aldus’ face changed. He turned his back on Tom and looked at his prisoners.

  “Now you tell those guards of yours to step down, and untie everyone. And then, maybe, we can talk about what happened tonight.”

  Tom’s threatening voice was enough for the guards to falter. But Aldus still stood his ground.

  “Well you see, Tom, I could do that…”

  He turned swiftly, abruptly, and punched the High Counsellor right in the face. Tom didn’t fall, but stood his ground instead and kicked Aldus Green straight in the stomach. No matter what people thought, he was no pushover.

  Alice Green screamed and attacked Tom with a current, powerful enough to send him flying. He fell flat on the ground, breathing heavily.

  Vanessa’s face was turned to stone. Tom was still alive, but another electric shock would kill him. The weapons of all the guards were directed straight at his face, with Aldus Green coming directly above his head, blood trickling from his mouth.

  “Who would have thought you still have it in you, Tom. I thought that bitch had completely destroyed you. There is still a little courage left in you. And you were smart once. Even though I always thought your brother is ten times the man you are.”

  He wiped his chin with the back of his hand, and turned to face his daughter.

  “It’s high time someone else took charge around here. Alice, my dear, finish him.”

  Alice Green waved her arms above her head, creating a beautiful, deadly electrical current.

  “Nothing personal.”

  Her electricity flew past the guards, heading directly at Tom’s vulnerable torso. A dark figure moved swiftly like a shadow, placing herself between the High Counsellor and the current running straight at him. Val waved her arms, her own blue aura countering Alice’s attack.

  Screams pierced the silence of the night, screams of joy from the prisoners, panic from the guards. And one single desperation scream from Alice Green’s mouth.


  “Apparently not.”

  Val raised her arm and Alice’s chest gave in to the pressure of her Power, flying straight over the prisoner’s heads, ending up with her back against the cold, hard floor.

  A few guards moved towards the fallen girl, but Aldus stood still, his eyes glued to the still-breathing Rosenberg. And Val. His daughter was too young to understand, but he knew exactly why Valentine Stone was glowing bright in the night, her body’s outline painted in a light-blue colour.

  “They told me you died. And my men never lie to me. How? How can you still be alive?” he snarled at her, his face red.

  Val smirked.

  “Mediums don’t die that easily, Aldus.”

  The guards were already raising their guns against her, but they were slow and scared. The Power flew out of Val’s body, transforming itself into two flexible, whip-like lines.

  The girl lashed against the six guards, hitting their weapons, cutting them in half. The guards who still got a chance to shoot were countered by Val’s protective outline shield. The aura surged through her body, and she felt invincible, fighting her enemies, while listening to the cheers of her friends.

  The last two guards run away scared, under Aldus surprised shouts. He slowly stepped backwards, trying to reach his wounded daughter who was now beginning to recover.

  Not so fast.

  “You are not getting away that easily, Aldus. Not a man with so many crimes on his record as yourself.”

  Val’s palm produced an energy wave, which light up her whole face and body. It was then than John saw. Two massive figures approaching Val, hidden from the Tower’s shadow.

  “Valentine, look out! Behind you!”

  John screamed, but it was already too late. Val turned, her energy still in her hand, and Toby punched her right in the gut, shouting with pleasure. The girl doubled up from pain, losing all momentum. The next punch found her straight in the ribs, and Val fell on her knees, screaming.

  “You shouldn’t have messed with us in the first place, Valentine.”

  Toby’s fists were raised once again, looming threateningly over Val’s head…

  Henry’s staff connected with his lower jaw, the crackling sound of breaking bone filling the air. A second swift hit on the head and the boy fell on his back, screaming and crying.


  The collective shouts of the Instructors was heard, their faces full of excitement. Expect Vanessa’s. She just stared at the man, her mouth forming a round O.

  “You know this guy?” Mike asked, and Peter nodded.

  Henry apparently was oblivious to the shouts, because he headed straight for Val, helping her stand up from the ground.

  “Is that what I taught you, Valentine? To be beaten by a mindless goon?”

  “Just what the fuck you think you’re doing here?”

  “Making sure you’re staying alive.”


  Henry shook his head.

  “Now it’s not the right time for small talk. He’s running away.”

  He pointed at Aldus running towards the left side of the Tower, in an attempt to escape his fate.

  “Henry, untie the others. I’m going after him. No way is this fucker escaping…”

  Val’s sentence was cut in half, a thunderbolt grazing her left chin.

  “The fuck…”

  Alice was already standing up, obviously ready for a fight.

  “Why don’t you sit there, and wait until your father’s monkeys save you, Alice?”

  “No-one has to save me. I will kill you with my own hands.”

  She charged against Val with all her strength. The electricity was burning bright, making Val’s skin crawl, but there was no avoiding it. She stood her ground, covering herself with her blue shield, and unleashed a destructive projection of her Power, which clashed with Alice’s current.

  The Powers nullified themselves and a thousand sparks, like festive fireworks filled the air. Val pushed Alice hard, and the girl hit the ground once again, crying. She got up immediately, and with eyes full of malice, starting running towar
ds her father.

  Not this time, bitch.

  “Go, kid. Don’t let her get away this time.”

  Val run towards her childhood enemy, ready to end this tale of revenge once and for all.


  15. Revenge

  “Oh my God, Henry, it’s so good to see you.”

  Beth was hugging him warmly. It felt good to be back indeed. His head turned towards the four young faces who looked at him, mesmerized.

  “So, let me do a little bit of guesswork here. Amy, Sebastian, Mike and…”

  He took a good look at the handsome guy with the glasses and the attitude.


  They all nodded, their mouths hanging open.

  “So here’s what we’re going to do. Aldus tries to escape, and he probably has back-up. We need to hurry. But…”

  His hand caught Amy’s arm before she teleported, stopping her right on her tracks.

  “We’re stop acting like hot-headed fools, and stay together. Understood?”

  Amy sulked, but nodded in agreement. One head injury was enough for a life time.

  “What about Valentine? Can at least follow her and say, help her, if she needs to?”

  John the knight.

  Henry turned his head and looked at a wounded and pretty shaken Tom. Vanessa was at his side, his head on her lap, trying to make contact with her cell phone. Her tries were in vain, since Aldus had closed down any local communication lines. They were on their own.

  “John, you’ll stay with High Counsellor Rosenberg. You are the only one who can protect him right now. The Instructors are coming with me, and so are you three.”

  “Henry…” Pete’s worried voice was heard behind him.

  “We have a problem.”

  The black vans appeared around their corner, their tires screeching from the braking force. At least ten enormous black vehicles, with huge double doors which opened rather hastily, violently. Ribbons came out of every single van, until there were more than hundred people facing them directly. Some were laughing, armed to the brim, some were screaming wildly. In front of them was Aldus Green, shouting orders.

  “Ok. No panic. No stress. Deep breaths…”


  “I’m trying to think!”

  “Can you please look behind you?”

  He followed Sebastian’s finger, gazing in the distance. And he saw them. There were people, many people, coming directly at them, all dressed and black and white.

  No. Not ordinary people. Heroes.

  “How? Aldus has cut down…”

  “All communications, I know. But not our PAs. They are my specialty. Unstoppable.”

  Amy hugged him so tight, the poor fellow looked like he would burst from joy. Henry laughed despite of himself.

  He looked in front of him, to the shouting Ribbons, still oblivious to their fate.

  “Kids, let’s get to it.”


  Fires were shot. Ribbons with melee weapons and knives took up the front, thrusting and kicking at the kids. Armed private guards were shouting orders. But they were no match for the Academy.

  A full blown attack was launched from the students and the Ribbons realised after a short while, how badly outnumbered they were.

  “Be careful with the white shiny cords. They are absorbing your Powers. When you see one of those, leave them to me.”

  Henry was their main leader, already catching quite a few eyes.

  “Who’s the handsome guy, Seb?” asked Mandy in between her hits.

  “Henry White, the last of the Negators. Val’s friend or something similar. He came after her.”

  “Val is alive?” said Mandy, surprised.

  A Ribbon tried to take advantage of her, and received a straight face punch for his insolence.

  “Why the hell didn’t you mention that in the first place?”

  “Mandy, we have a lot on our hands right now, ok. We’ll talk about it later. Now, focus. Aldus Green wants to get away.”

  Aldus’ face was pale, and he was shaking from fear. Very few of his army was now still standing, and they wouldn’t hold much longer. He stumbled backwards, right into one of the vans.

  “He’s mine.”

  Vanessa appeared between Seb and Mike. Her stare was lethal. She grabbed Sebastian’s waist, holding on to him tight.

  “Take me there.”

  Mike gave him a frightened look. Seb could only comply with her words. “Yes, ma’am.”


  Aldus stood right in front of the vehicle, ready to abort mission. He didn’t care about the Ribbons, he didn’t even care about his stupid daughter, who had managed to piss off Aurelia’s medium. She had to get herself out of this alone.

  The only thing he did regret was not killing that idiot Rosenberg and his little cocksucker. It would have been a pleasure to witness Vanessa’s face, when her lover’s brains were all over the floor.

  Aldus never heard the footsteps behind him, pre-occupied with his wishful thinking. He turned around to take a good final look in the battlefield, when Vanessa’s merciless punch found him right under his jaw, a hit that made him spit teeth all over the ground.

  “You’re not going anywhere, Aldus.”

  She struck again, harder this time, in his unprotected belly, a hit that stopped his breath and made him double up in half, falling on his knees.

  “You… you… whore.”

  Vanessa looked at him with hate and a tiny bit of pity.

  “I hope you’ll have a nice time in the Underground, Aldus.”


  Amy punched and kicked indiscriminately, her hormones out of control. Her enemies were an endless sea of faces, and sometimes, she would see her father or brother amongst. She kicked those few poor bastards extra hard.

  She looked over the hill and saw Mike and Mandy annihilating a bunch of full-armoured guards.

  That bastards get all the action and I am left here with the small fries.

  And there were not so many of them left too. Everyone was either on the ground, or slowly falling back, in order to save their lives.

  Amy pushed the Quick-Call for John’s PA.

  “Amy, hi.”

  “Is everything alright, John? Is he alright?”

  Small pause.

  “We’re fine over here. We are protected and our Instructors just joined us.”

  “What about Val?”

  “She is pursuing Alice, Amy. She is fine and Alice is pretty hurt. I think she is going to be alright.”

  “John… I can see Mike a little further front, but I can’t see Sebastian.”

  Her heart was beating fast and loud from fear. If something were to happen...

  “He is fine. Just helping Vanessa destroy Aldus Green. Doing a pretty good job, too.”

  A perfect smile of satisfaction formed in Amy’s face. She hoped the bastard would rot for what he did to all of them. Vanessa and her uncle, mostly.

  “I guess they won’t be denying a little bit of help. Then I am checking out on Val.”

  Her plan was unravelled in front of her. First, Sebastian. Then, Val.

  Amy grinned wildly. It was a good day after all.


  Val was short of breath in the opening of Tower’s Observatory, with Alice standing a few meters away. She had been trying to escape all along, finally realising that there was nowhere to run.

  Their little cat and mouse game was over. Alice had tried to confuse Val, by chasing her direction, bursting into the Tower instead of running straight to her father. They had been exchanging hits for a number of floors as they run the huge staircase, until Alice opened up the Observatory’s door and hurdled herself in.

  She stood at the rail’s edge, wounded, completely out of breath and looked at Val with hatred, but also a flicker of fear. Even the stubborn Alice Green could feel that Val had finally won.

  “There is nowhere to run anymore, Al
ice. Just surrender, or I’ll have to drug you to the Underground myself.”

  “The hell if I let you drug me anywhere, you bitch. You have no right… Someone pathetic, a coward like you, being Aurelia’s medium. It’s outraging!”

  “A coward because I didn’t want to hurt people? Because I am not a sadistic piece of shit like yourself?”

  Val screamed the last part at her face, her careful steps slowly covering the distance between her and Alice.

  Just a little more.

  Alice smirked.

  “That’s what you never understood Val. What I always tried to teach you, without success. The only real power in this world is manipulation. You think you will impose yourself with love? Kindness? Heroism? No-one respects you for those traits. Fear is the only thing that counts.”

  “And yet I am still standing. And you are ready to fall. No matter what you say, Alice, your methods have failed you. My friends are down there, fighting for me. Even your own father left you behind. You are alone.”

  Alice’s eyes clouded and her smirk was gone. The face of utter sorrow was one Val had never witnessed before.

  “My dad…left me.”

  Val took the last few steps towards the Observatory’s edge.

  “Step down, Alice. There is nowhere to run anymore.”

  “There is one place, however.”

  Alice spoke absent-mindedly, seemingly to herself. She turned her back on Val, and took one last step on the ledge, her feet practically dangling over the edge.

  “Not so nice meeting you, Val.”

  She let her body fall, pulled by gravity.

  Val run quickly towards the flying girl, her whips already extending from her hands. She was going to catch Alice and bring her to the Underground, where she belonged.

  You’re not dying without facing justice, you bitch.

  She unleased her Power and caught a hold of Alice flying body, pulling her up with all her weight. And then she felt it. It came in a matter of seconds, but Val witnessed it in slow motion, just like a man facing his last agonising moments.

  Alice’s electricity surged through Val’s aura whips. It run with incredible speed, passing through the girl’s Power, heading straight for her body.

  I am going down but you’re coming with me.

  That’s what the current hitting Val’s body said.

  Alice Green’s last stand.

  The pain of electrocution was excruciating, magnified by Val’s own Power waves. She let go of Alice’s body, but it was already too late. Her seizures were uncontrollable. Death was unavoidable.

  Two hands were on her, protecting her from the destructive effects of Alice’s Power. Val felt her own body closing down, her aura disappearing. She was empty. But alive.

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