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           Faidra-Foteini Petaniti
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  Aldus Green’s attitude had been the last nail in the coffin. Smug, arrogant, the child-killer walked free amongst them, a man of power with a mocking smile, extra-reserved for her.

  “Don’t let him pull you down, Vanessa. I’ve already dispatched a bunch of Undercovers to gather evidence for his connections to the crimes. He’ll face justice, and pay, I guarantee you that.”

  Tom Rosenberg’s words were nothing but empty promises, Vanessa knew. The man still loved her, and in all honesty, she did too. They were getting closer again, after their meeting with Henry. And the rumours were spreading once more.

  Vanessa Rehberg is nothing more than the High Counsellor’s bitch. Completely worthless. Anyone else would have been fired, punished for the Academy’s failure. But not Tom Rosenberg’s favourite.

  The cars’ tires screeched, and four figures started walking towards her, pulling her out of her disturbing thoughts. Despite her pain, Vanessa smiled. Her chance for revenge was here.

  “Quite the scenery you picked up, honey.”

  Beth shook her head at the sight of the empty building.

  “I didn’t even know that a house would cause me so much sorrow. I can’t stop thinking about this kids, you know? What are they doing, what are they feeling…”

  “I know what they are feeling, Beth. Rage. More than sadness and pain. Rage. For the people who caused all this mess, and remain un-punished.”

  “Don’t we all?”

  The words, surprisingly, came out of Priscilla’s mouth.

  “I haven’t really slept since the day of the final test.”

  “I think nobody has”, Peter said and hugged his wife tightly, his eyes staring straight at Vanessa’s black circles.

  “Is there something we can do?”

  Guido asked, but it wasn’t really a question. He knew very well that justice had to be served.

  Vanessa chuckled.

  “They kids are our Heroes, but we are the Heroes’ teachers. With or without an Academy. There is a plan, Guido. It’s dangerous, and highly illegal. But we owe it to this kids, and we owe it to ourselves. A chance of redemption. If you’re afraid, then go. I will not hold it against you.”

  Nobody moved from his spot. They were all in this together, from the very start. Vanessa smiled, a ray of light illuminating her bleak existence. Tonight, if only for one night, she would become her old-self once more. And bring hell along with it.

  “Listen carefully.”


  The Canton Tower-19th October, 200 A.D

  “Ok. See these guards over there? You’ll wait until they are exactly positioned in front of the main door… Yeah, the double glass ones with the cameras. The fucking main entrance. Seriously, just focusing a little bit on the task would help.”

  John was practically one second away from screaming on his PA. Trying to navigate Seb and Mike was proving more difficult than he’d ever thought it would.

  “Sorry John, it’s just a little difficult to focus with this thing stuck in our hoods, while pretending to be drunk. Don’t act like a baby, Ok?”

  Seb’s ironic answer didn’t help ease his frustration.

  “And I am not seeing you sir having your ass on the line, I am just seeing him and me acting like two drunk fools.”

  Mike. Bloody idiot.

  “Oh really Mike? Maybe I should just go home, since I am such a big burden? Maybe it would be more convenient for you, eh?”

  “Listen to me, you son of…”

  “Guys, is this really the most appropriate time to be fighting about the effectiveness of the plan? We all agreed to this. Stop acting like a bunch of hormone-driven idiots.”

  Amy had grabbed John’s PA, bringing order back to the team.

  “Ok, princess. Should we start now?”

  John coughed, regaining his control.

  “Yes. Start by taking it slow ok? Verbal provocations only. The more back-up they call upon you the better. When you can’t handle them anymore, just scream on your PAs and I will come to help you out. When Amy is done, then I’ll pick you up. Are we clear?”

  “Over and out, boss.”

  John sighted, prayed as hard as he could to every holy presence in Canton, and closed his eyes.

  Their magnificent, well-thought plan was devised by him and was fairly simple in essence.

  A diversion created by Seb and Mike in the main Tower entrance, allowing Amy to sneak in Aldus’ Green office, searching for any hidden documents, anything really, that proved his connection with the drug circle.

  The chances were very slim, but they were baffled, with no other leads to follow. The day of their operation had been a perfect pick, since everything within a ten meter perimeter of the Tower was closed down for the preparation of the 200th Canton Anniversary.

  No people to be found, other than a few guards.

  But now, as John concentrated hard, trying to determine the guards’ positions, he started having serious doubts about his “well-thought” plan.

  Too late to go back. Might as well reach the end without getting caught.

  The scene was rapidly unfolding in his mind’s eye.

  Mike and Sebastian were walking with their hoods on, slightly leaning left and right. The two guards positioned at the front entrance glanced at them. They looked drunk and doped, two hoodlums, nothing serious they couldn’t handle. Mike started leaning towards them. The right guard laughed, shaking his dead.

  “The Canton Tower’s main offices are off limits at that time, kid. For the likes of you, it’s off limits 24/7.”

  “Of you go, scum.”

  Suddenly the guard was pushed in the wall, so fast he didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

  “Who do you call a scum, dude? Do you even know who we are?”

  Mike grasped the taunting guard’s collar, his breath close to his face.

  “Do you know what we can do?”

  It happened instantly. The laughing guard took up his gun and pointed it at Seb’s head, shocked beyond words. But he was too slow and Mike was ready. He transformed and punch the laughing guard straight in his stomach.

  The man collapsed as the gun escaped his hands, with Mike kicking it out of reach. In that moment both of the kids let their hoods fall and looking at each other screamed.

  “For justice.”

  The taunting guard had just enough time to press the emergency button, requesting back-up before the two kids went berserk.


  “Ok. Every Tower guard is on its way to Mike and Seb. I think you are free to go, Princess.”

  Amy grew hesitant, looking at John with doubtful eyes.

  “Do you think they can handle them? I don’t want anyone getting killed because…”

  “Then you better stop talking and start acting.”

  Amy turned into smoke at once and within seconds, found herself in the 30th floor, where Aldus’ office was. She was actually familiar with the building, having visited her Uncle a few times as a kid. Hidden in the shadows, Amy looked out of the window.

  The guards tried their best to knock the boys down, but were no match for their Powers.

  “Amy turn right, now.”

  She turned and came face to face with a huge metal door, two cameras on the sides.

  “I am teleporting, John. Or the cameras will catch sign of me.”

  She didn’t have to worry about cameras once she was inside. All Counsellors’ offices were protected by the law of privacy, courtesy of Tom. The record of events in these rooms was strictly forbidden.

  “Be careful. I have difficulty seeing inside the room.”

  “With the first sign of trouble, I’m out. Promise.”

  Amy took a deep breath, and, within seconds, found herself staring directly at Green’s mahogany desk. Shaking badly, she moved with a cat’s light footsteps inside the room.

  At least I am alone.

  She opened every visible drawer. Documents of
all things possible, a lot of numbers and calculations, plans about Canton, nothing incriminating.


  Tapping and pushing in every corner, Amy’s eyes fell on a small compact safe door. She approached it cautiously, and knocked four times on the surrounding wall. A hollow sound was produced, and Amy realised the wall was fake. Exactly like her father’s old office.

  Ready or not, here I come.

  With a deep breath, Amy pushed herself, teleporting inside the wall’s secret space. And came face to face with an unbelievable sight.

  Vanessa Rehberg stood in front of her, with a bunch of papers in her hand, looking at Amy utterly speechless.

  “What are you doing here Vanessa? Are you insane? How did you even get in here? You don’t even have a Power to protect yourself.”

  It was enraging that she actually cared for Vanessa’s well-being, but it was good seeing an Instructor after so long.

  “I work here, Amy. I don’t need any Powers. Only pick-pocketing skills.”

  She winked at her and pulled a little silver key out of her pocket.

  “I couldn’t stay idle anymore. Aldus managed to break me, at least for a little while. Now I am back, and he is going to pay.”

  Amy lowered her head, terribly ashamed, but moved from Vanessa’s resolve.

  “Thanks, I guess. Did you find anything helpful then?”

  “Enough to throw Aldus Green in the Underground for centuries.”

  A satisfying grin was formed in Amy’s face.

  “Let’s get out of here, before they come for us. I don’t know how much Seb and Mike are going to last.”

  Vanessa’s mouth fell once again.

  “Wait, are you together? Are they the boys with the hoods causing the mess outside?”

  Amy scratched her head, embarrassed.

  “Yeah, our plan was pretty straight forward. So, is it just you or do I have to teleport another Instructor, too?”

  “I am the only one in the building. The others are waiting in the car, as my back-up.”

  “Well, then grab my hand. We are leaving.”

  Amy grabbed Vanessa’s arm, a little stronger than intended, and prepared herself for the take of… Nothing.

  I can’t teleport.

  “What the hell? I teleported just fine before.”

  Vanessa’s face was pale white.

  “My necklace.”

  “What about it?”

  “It’s a gift from my best friend. Who happens to be our last Negator.” Something clicked in Amy’s mind, and everything suddenly made sense.

  “That’s why John couldn’t trace you in this room. I thought maybe his mind couldn’t reach that far, but it was this thing all along. And if you drop it, Aldus will know that someone had been poking around. Fuck, we’ll just have to go on foot now.”

  “Amy, just go. I was a fool for forgetting the bloody thing in my neck. This is no time for heroism. Our lives are on the line.”

  Amy grabbed her arm, holding her tight.

  “What’s a better time for heroism if not now? You came here for us, for Val, when you had no reason to do so. We are going together. Two minds are better than one.”

  The two women walked in a fast pace, descending floor after floor, their thumbing feet the only sound in the empty Tower. A small slice of light was visible, and Amy realised that the back door was just around the corner.

  “Just a right turn now…”

  A bang on her head and Amy suddenly fell on her knees, grabbing her head, screaming in pain.

  Sweet God, not again.

  She tried to teleport swiftly, but an electric current caused her to fade in black, falling unconscious.

  “Seriously, that is the second time I am knocking you out so easily, Wyatt. In the end I’m going to start pity you. If you are not already dead by then.”

  Vanessa stood frozen in front of Alice Green and a dozen private security guards. Behind them a great number of what appeared to be private bodyguards, were holding Priscilla, Pete, Guido and Beth to the ground.

  “Vanessa, run while you still can. There are too many here. We were ambushed.”

  Beth earned a punch to the gut for her rebellious warning.


  Vanessa’s rage about her friend blinded her, and she attacked one of the guards, before Alice’s electricity made her fall on her knees.

  “Ok, guys round everyone up. Let’s go meet with their co-partners in the left side. Dad is going to be thrilled tonight.”


  We are going to pull this through. Just a little more.

  Mike took a good look of the remaining standing guards, Seb breathing heavily at his side. The men had tried their best to beat them, but with Mike’s and Seb’s Powers, it was an uneven match from the beginning.

  That’s it. The final blow.

  A scream pierced their ears, an agony cry coming straight from their PAs.

  “GUYS, RUN!”

  John’s voice was followed from a loud thumb and a painful moan. Then every single contact was gone. Mike turned around, determined to grab Seb and run for his life, only to find his friend on his knees, strangled by a glowing white cord.


  It was the last thing that came out of Mike’s mouth. The next thing he felt was a heavy object connecting with the back of his head, and his field of vision darkened.

  Why, you fuckers…

  He tried to fight back, but somehow his body mass was decreasing, his Power fading away. Mike opened his eyes for a second, and was greeted with a malicious green.

  “Sweet dreams, kid.”

  Then a fist connected with his chin, and Mike lost all consciousness.


  God, my head…

  John opened up his eyes slowly, his temples still pulsating, and the pain intensifying in his head. What had happened to cause him such an excruciating pain?

  Everything was going so well, with Amy heading back and the boys winning the fight. And then the sudden footsteps behind him.

  It’s a trap.

  John’s thought was as clear as the light of day, and he screamed for the guys to turn back, when someone creeped up on him, rendering him unconscious.

  And I didn’t sense a thing. Not until it was too late.

  John concentrated hard, but every single hint, every single presence was gone for his mind. Total emptiness. He tried to move his hands, but they were tightly tied. Cautiously, he took a peak of the fight scene.

  Alice Green and her father were talking to one other, looking nervously at the distance. Guards were all around them, regular Tower ones, and ones that looked like a part of a private guard.

  John turned his head slightly to the left, and tried hard not to scream with frustration. Mike and Sebastian were on their knees, tied with a weird glowing cord. Amy was next to them, also facing the ground, a weird white necklace hanging around her neck.

  Right next to Amy was Vanessa Rehberg. Not only her, but all the Instructors were lined there, side by side, tied up.

  How did we end up like this?

  Alice Green turned her head towards John, smiling.

  “Look Father, I think even the last one of them is awake now.”

  “It seems we have a full house here tonight, honey. Instructors and rebellious students alike. What Canton has come to, I wonder.”

  “Don’t forget stupid girls, who get burned twice.”

  Amy stared at Alice, her eyes filled with hatred.

  “When the night is done, so will you, Green. Remember my words.”

  A guard hit her straight in the gut, and Amy spat blood.

  “YOU FUCKING MONSTER. I’ll kill you.”

  Sebastian was out of control, maybe for the first time in his life, but, weirdly enough, wouldn’t run.

  Or can’t.

  Aldus laughed heartily, puffing his chest.

  “Who said chivalry is dead? There
are still gentlemen around us, it seems. Such a shame you are a bunch of idiots.”

  Vanessa stared at Aldus with two deadly eyes, and he gave her his brightest of smiles.

  “What’s wrong darling? You can’t handle a little slice of truth? You really thought I wasn’t going to find out about your little “plans”? I have eyes and ears everywhere. I knew you were poking around my office. You thought I was going to comply with your boyfriend’s “no cameras” policy? My cameras are all over the place.”

  Aldus turned his head and faced John.

  “And you, lad, the last son of the Lucas family, such a disappointment. I was mildly amused when my guards informed me of some shady individuals outside my mansion. A bunch of kids. I knew you were going to make your move, sooner or later. The fact that you all decided to be here on the same day, is just a happy coincidence for me.”

  “Shut up.”

  The words came out of Vanessa’s mouth, loud and clear.

  A look of disbelief was all over Aldus’ face.

  “What did you say to me?”

  “I said, shut the fuck up. I can’t listen to the disgusting voice of a killer a moment longer. You dare talk about disappointments? Look at yourself. At what you’ve became. You killed Valentine Stone. You destroyed Henry’s life. And those negating cords, you stole them from him, didn’t you? Or rather send your monkeys to do the job for you. You’re not even man enough to do it yourself.”

  Everyone held their breaths, as Aldus Green walked towards Vanessa, who looked at him defiantly. He kneeled in front of her, and slapped her once.

  The collective shouts and curses earned John and his companions a few hits from the guards. Aldus held Vanessa’s chin and turned her around, so their faces were centimetres from each other.

  “It’s true darling. I stole White’s weapons. And I gave the order for that whore to be killed. No one should even think of hurting my daughter and get away with it. I heard she exploded into a million pieces. Just like your friend Eva did.”

  Vanessa’s eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

  “You know, Vanessa, I never liked you. I never understood what Tom found in you. Almost four years together, wasn’t it? You are nothing but a filthy whore, who gained her position by opening her legs to the High Counsellor. I hope you were a great fuck, because that is the only way you were going to worth the trouble.”

  Vanessa’s tears were silently streaming down her face.

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