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Sonnets of Life
Sonnets of Life

  Evelyn Sagrado

  Copyright 2013 Evelyn Sagrado Rodziewicz

  This collection bears my sonnet compilation in the past years. It is based on my personal experiences, observation and summation of everyday life.

  Poetry has its amazing beauty that conveys meaning in a creative way. It has always been my way of expressing my thoughts and emotions towards certain things that affect me everyday.

  Few years of staying at home as fulltime housewife made me write. I’m not saying I’m good because I’m not. I haven’t tried publishing my writings before. But this first try might give me chance to see if I have future with it.

  I will appreciate it very much if someone would read my sonnets and comment about it. I’d be happy to know if you could at least find a poem that you would like in this collection.

  Table of Contents:

  The Sunset

  Scarlet Rose

  The Blow

  Greatest Love

  Little Hero

  Just Lost

  Turtle Friend

  Blue Sky

  One and thirty


  Warm Christmas

  Rain, Go away

  Full moon

  Lucky Girl

  Once Love

  Lady Madeleine

  Rivers End

  Amber Dear

  The Blind Man

  The Redhead

  Mama, I love You

  One Unhappy Day

  Be Home


  Crossing Roads

  The Sea

  The cover picture was taken during the sunset in the beautiful, little island where I live.

  The Sunset

  Your bright face sinks in the wide horizon

  Signalled the end of the day’s dominion

  The tips of your rays painted the clouds in the sky

  You display the magnificent colours up on high

  Nothing can dim your beauty, my setting sun

  You dictate the world that another day is gone

  The twilight is your way of saying goodnight

  Allow the people to rest and sleep tight

  Go then dear, light up the other side of the world

  Shed your power of life to behold

  The darkened sky is your way of saying goodbye

  Worry not for tomorrow never dies

  See you again for another day

  Seal it with a kiss of your astonishing beauty.

  Scarlet Rose

  Oh, Scarlet Rose, let not your beauty be faded away

  Hold it still ‘til the wind and rain moved to the sea

  Preserve a little fragrance for a brand new day

  Kiss the morning dew that freshen you up from agony

  Entangle not yourself from new bloom rivalries

  Make your petals fall in long lasting series

  Yield your brilliant colour with the gentle touch of the sun

  Shine enticingly to turn the head of every man

  Deliver your relinquished stance with pride and honour

  Pity the bee that knocks into your door

  Sharpen your thorns as shield from the trespassers

  Defend yourself instantly and heighten your gears

  Fear not! Your protector will come to the rescue

  Love him in return for he is true.

  The Blow

  The fierce wind strikes wildly on trees

  Whistle and hustle like a giant on his knees

  Blowing his might that forced the leaves to fall

  Shaking its balance of standing strong and tall

  The bananas surrendered easily lying flat on the ground

  The papayas desperately fell without a sound

  The avocados fought and tried to stand still

  Letting the fruits go shattered on the soil

  The guavas swayed like a swing in the air

  A toughie to break the branches that care

  The wisest of all, come the bamboo

  Blow from the left, blow from the right yet still on the go

  Delighted on the creaking and the rocking of its body

  Lived the moment that is hated by his company.

  Greatest Love

  Dare not test the mother’s love

  The confounded treasures of the world, she can grab

  She hesitates not picking up the stars for her child

  Even try to fight the ferocious beast that is so wild

  She can move the tall mountains to protect her son

  Knock down the mighty warriors in a blow of a hand

  She can dry up the sea to pave the way

  To remove obstacles for his smoothen journey

  She can conquer the powerful nations to rule as Queen of one

  Make her beloved offspring the sole Prince of her land

  She can wage multiple wars if anyone tried to harm

  Leaving no trace of regret to unveil her unmatched charm

  She’s willing to give up her life for his son’s happiness

  The unconditional love that no one can replace.

  Little Hero

  He is an ordinary little man

  Unluckily poor, uneducated and no conquered land

  Stumbled in the dark aspect of married life

  Betrayed and hurt by his beloved wife

  Left all alone feeling cold in vain

  Forced to bear the cries of five crying children

  Tempted to end life, the ultimate escape

  Brushed the thought aside, just went back to sleep

  Woke up in the morning with a smile of courage

  Held the children’s hands as if building a tough bridge

  Promised to live on life whatever it brings

  There’s hope deep down in the heart that still rings

  He’s one of a kind-hearted and loving father

  Able to fill in the pillar, that is missing forever.

  Just Lost

  Tears threatened to fall from heavy eyes

  Swallowed hardly to prevent the persistent cries

  Locked away in the world of promised happiness

  Sooner discovered her life in the dire mess

  She posed to continue whatever it takes

  The young dream floated like snowflakes

  Landed on the land of unworthy man

  Trampled and exposed to the fiery sun

  Bitterness yield but bears it all

  The years that passed had her fall

  She lived the breath whatever it has left

  Turned her eyes away from the tempted cliff

  She learned to control the bile back to its place

  Pasted a smile to conceal the trace.

  Turtle Friend

  Hey, little guy, where are you heading?

  Is it to the warm wide sea or to the nice spring?

  It could take a day or two with your speed

  Endurance and perseverance surely you have indeed

  Listen not to others’ destructive mockery

  Just walk with willing heart even slowly

  Hide under your back when harm attempted you

  Stop and smile when they pass and say adieu

  Just let them laugh at you for their greatness

  Be discouraged not, for you are also blessed

  You always reach your goal even to the far end

  Many admired your courage, my dear little friend

  You’re always get rewarded for the hard earned journey

  Be happy, not everybody can be this lucky.

  Blue Sky

  The birds freely flying up high

  Into the arms of the wide blue sky

  Cirrus passed by, blown by the wind

  Given no chance with his buddies to tr
igger rain

  He paved a way for a beautiful day

  Children running around love to play

  Your clandestine beauty warmth the cold soul

  Give peace and solitude every time we fall

  Your undaunted mighty and your splendour

  Has opened window to every close door

  Your vastness of yonder gives hope to lonely people

  Surround the inhabitants of earth so tall

  Your endless magnificent colour of blue

  A gesture of flickered light to start life anew.

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