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           Erika Kocher
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A Day Out With Friends and Other Stories
A Day Out With Friends and Other Stories

  Erika Kocher

  Copyright 2010 Erika Kocher

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  Table of Contents

  A Day Out With Friends and Other Stories

  Table of Contents

  A Day Out With Friends

  Fire Dance

  Intertwined Souls

  About Erika Kocher

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  A Day Out With Friends

  Swimming, floating, and lying back in the air. Amelia drifts backwards while looking up at the sky. The big puffy clouds forming shapes of ice cream cones, unicorns, feminine symbols, and spray paint cans spraying pink green and blue across the sky. One of paint cans starts to come closer to her, closer and closer. The can sprays right into Amelia’s face

  ‘COUGH’ ‘COUGH’ “Jesus mother of cows! What the heck was that?” ‘COUGH’ ‘COUGH.’ Amelia falls over with a loud THUNK onto her bedroom floor.

  “Wakie, wakie, eggs and baconie!!!” yells the 10-year old. The pink skinned girl holds up a matching colored can of spray paint.

  “Sally? Did you seriously, spray me with that, while I was sleeping?” Amelia asks. “And what did I say about playing with the cans?”

  Sally tosses the paint can and it lands in Amelia’s lap. “Yep, you always say that the fumes wake you up better than any coffee and you promised we would go play today. So, you needed to get up”.

  Amelia stands up and runs after Sally sending her running out of the room screaming her lungs out. Amelia’s foot finds a sock and she slips and falls back to the ground with another thud. “This schizophrenia isn’t what it’s cracked up to be,” says Amelia. Sally runs around the corner before poking her back, giggling, and running off towards the smell of breakfast foods.

  Amelia walks out, rubbing her bum from the fall, into the kitchen. The blue and green skinned men are kissing against the kitchen counter as the eggs are sizzling in the pan.

  “Daddy! Your gonna burn the eggs!!!!” says Sally.

  “Oh crap!” says Amelia. She runs over to the stove and turns down the heat while stirring the over scrambled eggs.

  The green skinned man puts his green glasses on and looks in the pan. “Sorry Am.”

  “It’s fine, not that hungry since Sally gave me paint for breakfast”, says Amelia. “Are you guys at least ready to go now?”

  “Yeah, we can go now”, says Rick. “P.S. Monty initiated that one.”

  “I did not!” says Monty. His blue face has shades of purple around his cheeks.

  All three look at him and say, “Sure, you didn’t.”

  The group grabs their coats and walk down the stairs of the flat and out onto the streets of beautiful, and cold as hell, Portland.

  They make their way around the city until they find the perfect old and dirty alley. Amelia clears the way a little bit and sets up her makeshift artists nook. She positions Rick, Monty, and Sally around so that Monty and Rick and standing side by side with Rick’s arm around Monty’s waist and Sally standing with one foot on each of their shoulders and looking into the distance.

  “Sally, I need you too look more excited, like your looking at a huge parade that’s going by”, says Amelia as she works on spray painting bits of ribbon and confetti around the three.

  “Right!” says Sally. She smiles very wide with her white teeth taking up a third of her face. “How’s this?”

  “That’s good, now my evil plan to make your face stick like that can come to fruition”, says Amelia. “MWUAHAHAHAHA!! Now hold still.”

  Amelia sprays her design through her friends, letting the paint splatter on the wall to give it a more “street” style, as she liked to call it.

  After a few hours, Amelia says, “Ok, I think we got it.”

  “Good timing, thought my arm was gonna fall off,” says Monty.

  Rick helps Sally down from their shoulders. “Daddy!” says Sally. “Amelia did it, she made my face freeze up. I can’t stop smiling!” Sally’s face had frozen in place with the corners of her mouth almost touching her ears with how wide it was.

  Amelia laughs so hard that she drops to ground and starts to roll as the two shocked men start to fuss over Sally. “Oh god, sweetheart,” says Rick.

  “Don’t worry we can fix this … I think,” says Monty.

  After a few minutes, Amelia stands up and walks over to the three of them and grabs onto Sally’s cheeks, stretching them out far more than normal skin could before letting them go and having them snap back into place.

  “OW!” yells Sally

  “Yes, it hurt,” says Amelia. “But, it worked, didn’t it?

  Sally feels her face and does find she can move her mouth. “You’re a jerk, but thank you,” says Sally.

  “What the hell are you doing?” a man’s voice sound from down the alley. The four look down the alley and see six high school boys walking closer to them. “Well lookie here boys,” says the tallest of the boys. “It’s the crazy schizo, bitch I told ya about.” The boy had slicked black hair that was sculpted into short spikes off the top of his head and cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

  “Oh no, not him,” says Rick facepalming.

  “Just ignore them,” says Monty.

  The boys walk closer. “What’cha doin here, Schiz?” says Spikes. “Talking to the scribbles again?

  “Oh, it’s you Spikes,” says Amelia. “Wait a minute. Are those spikes bleached? Wow way to go Timberlake on the world. It’s about time you embraced you’re nineties prissiness through your style as well.”

  “Daddy, what prissiness?” asks Sally.

  Monty says, “Not now honey.”

  Some of the other high school boys start to chuckle at the remark. “Shut up, Schizo,” says Spikes. “Why don’t you just be a good girl and do what all the other crazy whores do in shit covered alleys?” The other boys run to surround Amelia and start coming closer, making her back up towards the wall where her artwork is drying. “No running today.”

  “Now!” yells Sally.

  The painting of Monty, Rick, and Sally lean off of the wall and yell and make ghost/monster noises at the boys. The boys all turn and run back down the alley with several wet trails following behind them. Spikes runs with them but his jeans are so loose and baggy that they fall down to around his ankles showing his, now more yellow than white, tighty whities.

  The four left behind just laugh and laugh as the little boys run down the streets yelling for their mommies.

  “Hey, thanks you guys,” says Amelia.

  Rick walks over to Amelia and pats her head. “No problem,” says Rick. “Besides you take care of us so we might as well return the favor.”

  The four friends leave the alley and make their way towards their favorite park, grabbing a milkshake on the way. They find a park bench and start watching passersby’s just as much as they are watching Amelia.

  Sally crawls up and onto Amelia’s lap and steals the last sip of milkshake and asks, “Am? Did we have fun today?”

  Amelia hugs sally to her chest and leans back on the bench. “Yeah,” she says. “Today was fun.”

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