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       Do Or Die, p.1

           E.R. Baine
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Do Or Die






  Copyright 2013. E.R. Baine

  Cover Art by [email protected]

  Images provided by

  Edited by Word Vagabond:

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people, it is however DRM FREE. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return it and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. To obtain permission to excerpt portions of the text, please contact the author at [email protected] This book contains Mature Language and Mature Content. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  This publication is part of the Dark Lens Galaxy Collection serialization.

  Print ISSN: 2306-1642., 2nd Edition

  Written and Copyrighted by E.R. Baine, a.k.a. Chunksie.

  All characters in this book are fiction and figments of the author’s imagination.

  Author’s Note

  No matter the places I have been, South Carolina, Venezuela, Panama City or Manhattan, my heart always makes its way back to Trinidad. This novella in the first in the series titled Surreal Blue Rogue Agent. I will be writing several series in the coming years and I hope you enjoy reading them. This book is dedicated to my loving family and friends who have supported me in this great adventure of becoming a published author, and to Chunksie Entertainment that has allowed me to reach a much further audience than I could ever imagine.


  DISCLAIMER: This is not a two people meeting for the first time and falling in love, coming of age story but an episodic paranormal/fantasy and romantic saga. Also may contain scenes depicting homosexuality.

  About Do Or Die, Book 1: 

  Nothing to lose, everything to gain…

  Multi-Billionaire Russian tycoon Viktor Mackmillian and his family are enjoying a peaceful vacation on the small, sunny Caribbean island of Trinidad. But when his wife Audrianna is kidnapped he becomes a man on a deadly mission. He has turned to the vicious werewolf pack he has long cut off all ties with for help…but for a price that Viktor is loath to accept.

  For a love that holds no bounds, and bares all wounds…Viktor will forsake his life by the light of the full moon.

  A new, paranormal, sci-fi romance saga…

  Mature Content, Mature Language, Erotic Scenes 18+


  Viktor Maxckmillian - Russian Ambassador to Trinidad in the futuristic fantasy Earth world. He is Audrianna's husband and owner of a Multinational Corporation called Maxckcom International, were-bear with mystical powers.

  Audrianna Maxckmillian - Wife of Viktor Maxckmillian, were-fox and member of the Werewolf pack of Harlem ruled by Xin Xing. She is also the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Maxckcom International.

  Lincoln Huntington - Audrianna's aide and confident and ex-Marine. He also has a bionic arm and both his legs are bionic.

  Matsenêste King - Viktor's aide, former Navy Seal and close confidant of Lincoln and Audrianna.

  Xin Xing - Leader of the Harlem Werewolf Pack and extreme fighter. Commanding fire is his special ability.

  Dr. Eli - Scientist.

  Kelly Payne - Master interrogator for Viktor's Maxckcom International black-market dealings. Has the ability to get into people's head. Martial artist weapons expert.

  Elyzabel - Audrianna's personal assistant, and Kelly's fiancé.

  Hell's Embrace - Viktor's magical club he uses to fight in battle.

  Brighton Darksmith - A smith dedicated to creating weaponry infused with magical powers. Occupation referred to as "The Darksmith".

  Grigori - Man servant to Viktor, comes from a long line of family members who steadfastly serve the Maxckmillian lineage.

  Farther Arie John - Chaplain-in-residence at the local New York estate church belonging to the Maxckmillian's.



  Table of Contents













  Follow Me! 



  Audrianna looked out at the expanse of the surrounding hills and was awed by the beauty of the tropical rainforest. Trinidad was truly a beautiful place. A few feet from her was a steep cliff face that gave way to a ravine. She heard the sound of running water at the bottom, a few yards below. The mellow morning enchanted her, and the whistling birds raised her spirit and put her mind at ease.

  She hugged herself in the purple fur coat she wore. Naked underneath, her black skin was starting to bear goose-bumps. She shivered. Hearing the crunch of forest leaves, she turned to look at the person who had intruded on her space. Viktor Maxckmillian, the Russian Junior Ambassador from the local embassy. She had known him for years before he received the post.

  His approach was purposeful as he emerged from the canopy of trees. He wore slacks but no top, only an overcoat. He was both strong and tall, a well-chiseled male specimen. His jet-black hair was long and flowing, past his shoulders. The ends were tipped with grey, though he was barely over twenty.  Audrianna bit her lower lip against the impassioned feeling inside her that his stare wrought.

  “You didn’t have to follow me,” Audrianna yelled at him from a few feet away, scowling as he quirked a brow at her, never hesitating in his approach.

  “I’m not going to disappear on you again.” He stood inches from her now. “It wouldn’t make any sense now that you know who I am and where I live.”

  He gazed at her, a lazy smile on his face. “I’m not taking any chances, especially where you’re concerned.”

  Audrianna shrugged, nonchalant.

  “Have you an answer for my proposal?”

  She shrugged again.

  Her eyes diverted sideways. She did not witness the twinge of sadness that flashed across Viktor’s features. His expression soon gave way to one of pique, and then arrogant anger. He reached for her, gripping the fur on either side, and swung her so that she tilted backward, arching her body over the cliff.

  Shocked, Audrianna clung onto him, her body exposed. She looked at him determinedly, meeting an equally determined expression.


  “No!” He ground out. “Now, you listen to me. Everything I have worked for, everything that I have sacrificed, has been for this.” He pushed her closer to the edge and she cried out. “You are in possession of me, woman, and I own you. Your hesitation impugns us both. There is no going back on this. I warned you before, if all that is left for us is the depths of hell, then we embrace hell- together.”

  “Alright, yes.” Audrianna glanced down at the steep drop below. “Yes, I’ll marry you. Just please calm down.”

  Viktor yanked her forward into his arms and hugged her tightly to him. “Dammit Audrey, you drive me to hysterics.” Both their breaths were ragged.

  Audrianna placed a hand on his pectoral, her naked body mashed against his. “I think you came to me partly insane.”

  Viktor smiled. “You’re driving me over the edge.”

  “That is not funny.” She listen
ed to his erratic heartbeat, watching her hand rise up and down with each breath he took.

  Viktor heard the smile in her voice and looked down at her, turning her face up to him with the crook of his finger. The top of her head barely met his chest.

  “You’re not going to apologize to me, are you?” Audrianna asked.

  “Apologize? For what?”

  Audrianna feigned exasperation. “For coercing me to accept your marriage proposal.  You threatened to throw me off the side of a cliff.”

  “Sweetheart,” Viktor was unapologetically emphatic. “I make most of my millions from men who feel their lives threatened unless they give in to my demands; I’m not going to stop at my v’wife.”

  She laughed at the way his accent sometimes affected his pronunciation whenever he became emotional.

  Viktor twirled her round and lowered her to the ground. Audrianna screamed in delight. He straddled her, their pelvises aligned. He entwined her hand in his. “This is it Audrey, we did it, you and me.”

  The purple fur coat lay open on the ground. Viktor seemed mesmerized by the sight of their hands locked together. Their union felt irrevocably right. He had never been incredibly confident about any other triumph.

  His eyes moved from their engaged hands to the play of light refracted by his studded ruby, emerald and sapphire ring, that danced on Audrianna’s stomach.

  “Are you listening to me?” Audrianna asked.

  Viktor looked up into her eyes and Audrianna’s voice caught, witnessing the passionate emotion she saw there.

  “No,” Viktor said right before he took her mouth in a breathless, passionate, all-consuming kiss that left no room for discourse.

  Viktor’s other hand cupped her breast, pinching her nipple until it grew hard. She whimpered. Audrianna slipped her hand over his firm chest. She caressed his shoulders, the back of his neck. Viktor moved his other hand down to the apex of her thighs and fingered her clit gently. She groaned. He pressed harder. She squeezed her thigh over his hand. He trailed a hot row of kisses from her lips, down the center of her chest. His tongue laved her other nipple, and she gasped.

  His mouth trailed lower until it landed on her opening. He suckled between her parted legs until she was wet and ready for him. She writhed and arched up to meet him.

  “Ohh, Viktor. Please hurry!” Audrianna begged.

  With a hand on each side he pushed himself up to look down at her. “Say it, plead with me again.” He unzipped his trousers and unleashed his cock.

  Audrianna stared down at him; it was obvious he already wanted her so bad.  She felt herself blush.

  “Mmmm.” Audrianna lifted both arms around his head, tangling her fingers in his hair, pulling him close. “Viktor, please,” she whispered softly in his ear, her eyes closed. “Fuck me… hard.” She felt so embarrassed by what she had said, defying her demure self, that she covered her face with both hands.

  Viktor growled, burying his head in the crook of her shoulder. His heart rejoiced, and his cock felt taut.  He struggled not to cum. Holding her at the waist, he rolled backward, bringing her with him. He lifted her up.

  Audrianna had the view of the surrounding hills before she looked down.  The top of Viktor’s head was at the edge of the cliff. She caught a jaw-dropping glimpse of the bottom of the ravine before he entered her and Audrianna had no other impulse than to look into his eyes.

  She was mesmerized by his intense gaze. She felt him thrust inside her. She shuddered with each slick feel of movement and throbbed around him.

  “Move, baby, move.”

  Audrianna, staring down at him, pushed up on his chest. His look of need for her only emboldened her to take the lead in their sexcapade. She moved up and down his length, rocking her hips. His hands on both her buttocks, he supported her motion.

  His thrusts matched her momentum until the ecstatic sexual pleasure reached crescendo, and she convulsed around him, squeezing him. He groaned, climaxing inside her.

  Audrianna collapsed on his chest. Her soft panting mellowed as she drifted into a languid peace. Moments passed and she felt him still inside her, start to push into her again. She gave a breezy laugh. Her eyes popped open and she gazed at the surrounding tropical rainforest and thought,

  How insane is this?



  “Xin, is the target in sight?”

  Xin inhaled sharply, fighting off a sneer that threatened to crack his quiet exterior. “Xie xie,” Xin replied softly over the phone. He couldn’t believe that Victor’s harsh undertone had the power to stick needles into his composure. Nothing got past Xin’s thick skin. “Tag him!”  The commander’s response was curt.

  Xin clapped the cellphone shut and tapped it against his pursed lips. Sitting on a folding chair, off-center of the sparsely furnished room, he eyed the last of the exiting thugs with mild interest. Xin hailed him, inclining his head to encourage him to come near. The man hesitated, glanced back at the troop, and then quickly stepped forward to be addressed by his superior.

  The man who hailed him had short black hair and wore dark glasses. He wore a dark grey suit and a metallic tie with an engraved silver tie clip that fastened to a crisp, plum-colored shirt.   

  Bending over, listening closely to what the mysterious Asian man had to say, he did not realize that this man was a figure only he could see.

  Xin, using his thumb to hold the cell phone to his palm, extended his four fingers to stab the man through the protective black army gear in his lower abdomen.

   “No, look at me, look at me,” Xin said as he coaxed the man’s attention from the sudden pain in his side to look into his eyes as he inserted the small phone into his flesh. “You’re fine. You feel no pain,” he told him. Xin used his fingers to slowly push the cell phone deeper into the man’s side before he removed his coarse hand and the gash quickly healed, leaving a contused wound.

  Xin covered the spot by pulling the man’s jacket over the area and smiled. “Now, hurry along before they realize you’re gone.”

  The man swallowed hard as he slowly gained his bearings coming out from under the strong trance. He felt sick as though he wanted to throw up, but he couldn’t fathom the reason. He shrugged it off as just the intensity of the job at hand; for protecting the subject from attack would not be easy. He inhaled to calm himself. As he left the room, he almost gagged on the saliva that had accumulated in his mouth. He covered his mouth, coughing to clear his throat, and was shocked to see a spattering of blood in the palm of his hand. This confused him even further.

  “Hey! Roger!” Looking up from his bloodied hand, he saw his teammate waving to him from the entrance.

  I’m fine. No pain no gain, he thought as he rushed to meet up with the rest of the group. He ignored the slight twinge he felt in the side of his lower abdomen as he ran.

  * * *

  “How’s your arm.” Mat looked at Lincoln as he flexed his right arm open and closed. They both stood at the back of the group of men that would be engaged in battling Audrianna’s abductors.

  “Not a problem.” Lincoln whispered back. A triple amputee, Lincoln wore special high quality bionic prosthetics that were grafted in aesthetically pleasing synthetic skin. His arm and legs looked and mimicked natural limbs. He had forsaken an integral doctor’s visit to fix a categorical malfunction in his arm to be present for his Boss’s meeting.

  Cory Broderick, the commander in charge of the operation, was in front of the group giving a briefing. The two aides listened in quietly. Corey finished the briefing and Lincoln called the officers to attention.

  “I can’t stress this hard enough guys,” Lincoln circled the men seated in the room dressed in military fatigue. “This is a “No Fire” operation until specified otherwise. Understood?”

  The men nodded emphatically in response.

  “Good.” Lincoln nodded in Broderick’s direction.

  Broderick looked over at Mr. Maxckmillian w
ho was at the time taking a private call.

  “The receiver has been placed,” Viktor heard Xin say. He sighed as he disconnected the line on his cell and gazed at the members of his wife’s security team. His eyebrow rose at Lincoln Huntington, his wife’s personal aide, who was now in charge of the rescue mission to save her from the abductors.

   “Zat it?” he asked in his heavily laden Russian accent.

  Lincoln’s reply was equally terse. “For the CPA meeting, for now- yes. We will act as soon as we have her coordinates.”

  “Khoroshiy.” Viktor Maxckmillian swiveled the black ergonomic chair around to face the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that overlooked the coastal city of Port-of-Spain. They had an all encompassing view of the of the Gulf of Paria. The slashing, ominous waves, coupled with the encroaching mass of blackness in the sky that gave way to sparse strips of white light that barely touched the oceanic surface spoke of treacherous weather.

  Viktor’s act was as much of a dismissal as the group expected, and the fifteen military-trained men began leaving the regional office of Maxckcom International, located in the Eric Williams Financial Complex. As their steps receded, Viktor heard one steady, assured foot land beside his desk.

  “That there be devil’s weather.” Matsenêstse King, Viktor’s blond-haired, green-eyed Texan aide muttered under his breath. Mat had sharp, strong features and a square jaw that relaxed into an easy smile far too often. His hair was tapered short and neat.

  Viktor’s eyes slanted to his right. Hearing the door slam behind him, he turned his chair around. His dark blue eyes were guarded.

  Lincoln stood by the door, clutching the knob. Viktor released a harsh sigh. “Something else…” Victor paused to think of the right words, “on your mind?” His eyebrow raised in query.

  Lincoln released his tense grip on the knob to approach the thick, wide glass desk. He came closer, to stand before Viktor. Viktor relaxed in his seat and arched backward, casually folding his arms over his broad chest. He looked up at Lincoln’s massive six-foot four-inch frame, whose shadow eclipsed Viktor’s body. Lincoln’s honey-colored eyes bored through Viktor’s. Lincoln’s strong jaw tensed. “Is there any phone call so important that you could ignore a briefing about your own wife’s kidnapping?”

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