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       Eldnium, p.31

           Enoch Pyle, Jr

  After a few moments spent catching his breath, Landon pushed himself to his feet and started toward the throne room’s main exit.

  “Boy,” a voice called from behind him.

  Landon turned to see Ah’ni standing in a sheepish way. “What?” Landon asked fiercely, angry with Ah’ni’s traitorous actions.

  “If I tells yous where to find the eldnium well, will yous search for mine brother?”

  “It’s been sixty years, Ah’ni,” Landon said. “What makes you believe he’s still alive?”

  “In just a few short hours,” Ah’ni explained, “yous’ve killed a shadowprey and sent the Seeker runnins scared.” The old man put his hand to his heart. “I believe.”

  Landon let down his guard. “I can’t make promises,” he answered. “I don’t know where my path will lead me.”

  “Fair enough,” Ah’ni answered, and he picked up a dagger and bow from one of the guard’s remains, along with a quiver of arrows that survived the blast. “Yous need something besides your hands. And yous should leaves through that door,” he said, pointing away from the main entrance. “Yous don’t needs a hundred angry villagers com’n after yous. This world has seens enough death.” And he handed Landon the weaponry, along with what looked to be a compass.

  Landon gave a short nod and turned to leave.

  “It’s North!” the old man called after him. “Jus’ follows the cold, and yous’ll find it!”

  Landon exited the throne room without looking back.

  The Frozen Compass

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